Jobs & Careers

We’re currently looking for the following positions at UP:

1. Super Advanced Points Writers

We have a solid team of writers but we’re always looking to expand our talent so that Upgraded Points continues to grow.

Here’s what we’re looking for in a writer:

  • Must know the points industry very well. If your friends and family think you’re obsessed with points, this is a good sign for us 🙂
  • Must be detail orientated and willing to go above and beyond on any topic that is being written about. If you’ve read any of our articles, you’ll notice that when we write content about a topic, we go deep and leave no stone unturned.
  • Must be hyper-responsive when communicating as a team.

Interested? Send an email to (subject line: Advanced Points Writer – I’m Interested)

2. In-Depth Product Reviewers

  • We want to expand the number of travel product and service reviews. For example, see our Costco Travel article. Sites such as Expedia,, TripAdvisor all need extensive reviews to help travelers use them for maximum value. If you love the idea of writing these, we want to hear from you!

Interested? Send an email to (subject line: Writing Product Reviews – I’m Interested)

3. “Deal Alert” Writers

  • This is a new section that we’ll be launching soon and we’re looking for a writer who has a very flexible schedule, allowing them to post Deal Alerts as soon as they hit the market. These deals are only usually available for a few days at most, and that’s why this position requires as much time availability as possible!

Interested? Send an email to (subject line: Deal Alerts Writer – I’m Interested)

More Positions coming soon…

Thank you!

-Alex Miller
Founder of UP

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