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Maximize Your Earnings & Redemptions

Maximize Your Points Earnings

Earn Lots of Points

Our in-depth guides teach you to rack up mountains of points via strategic credit card decisions, leveraging loyalty programs, dining/shopping portals and much more.

Maximize Your Points Redemptions

Use Points For Max Value

Our experience shows that 95%+ of people redeem points for considerably less value than their true worth. Our team spends thousands of hours researching the best value redemptions!

Guides & Resources

It's All Here

From guides to speeding through the airport in record time to key information on airport lounges, passports & VISA's and how to avoid baggage fees, it's probably here!

The Express Guide to Points

Don't know where (or how) to get started with points & miles? That's why we created a 3 minute guide so you can get cut through the noise and finally get on the right track, today.

Behind The Scenes

Alex & Erin Miller

Upgraded Points was founded in 2016 by Alex Miller, with the support and (continued) help of his wife Erin.

This all would never have been possible without an incredible, ever-expanding team driven by a clear mission to help people leverage the true value of points and travel much more, for much less.

Meet the Team