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Uncovering America’s Amazon Obsession, State by State [2023 Data Survey]

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There’s nothing more exciting than placing an order on Amazon only to have it magically appear on your doorstep the very next day. Whether you’re in need of beauty products, baby clothes, or even tools, Amazon has become the go-to destination for all your shopping desires.

In this digital era, where the convenience of ordering virtually anything from the comfort of your home is just a click away, we started to wonder which states were embracing Amazon the most. To find out, we surveyed 3,200 online shoppers and asked them about their level of obsession with Amazon on a scale from 1 to 10, how much they spent last year on the Prime Day sale, and much more. 

Keep reading to find out which states can’t live without their daily dose of Amazon.

Key Findings

  • The average American spends $91.75 on Amazon purchases each month. Prime members spend $110 on Amazon each month versus non-members who only spend $38 per month. Tennessee residents spend more than any other state –– $124.22 per month on average. 
  • A quarter of Americans (25%) shop on Amazon once a week or more often and over half (51%) only buy Prime products when shopping on Amazon. 
  • Americans spend $117 on Prime Day on average with Prime Members and Gen Xers spending the most –– $124 and $148, respectively. 
  • A third of Americans (33%) think the dollar amount they’ve spent on Amazon this year is higher than what is currently in their savings account.
  • 34% of women would rather give up sex for a year than Amazon for a year.

Mapping Each State’s Love Affair With Amazon

U.S. heatmap showcasing the states most obsessed with Amazon
Image Credit: Upgraded Points

To find out which states are truly obsessed with Amazon, we asked participants to rate their level of Amazon addiction on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 representing the least addicted and 10 representing the most addicted.

Alabama emerged as the state with the highest percentage of passionate Amazon users, with 36.5% of respondents ranking their obsession between 7 and 10. North Carolina followed closely behind, with 34.7% of respondents sharing a similar level of devotion to the retailer.

Michigan and Tennessee both had 34% of respondents rating their Amazon obsession between 7 and 10, while Kansas and New Hampshire had 31.4% of respondents expressing their Amazon addiction with ratings between 7 and 10. These 6 states undeniably boast the most devoted Amazon shoppers. 

Taking a closer look at the bottom of the pack were states such as Florida, with 18.8% of respondents rating their Amazon addiction between 7 and 10, followed by Oregon, (12.2%), and Washington (11.8%).

In the early months of 2022, a significant development unfolded in Washington state as Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced the culmination of an investigation into Amazon’s price-fixing program, which prohibits third-party sellers from offering competitive prices on Amazon. As a result, Amazon decided to shut down this program nationwide. The revelation of such practices likely didn’t sit well with the residents of Washington, who may have developed a sense of dissatisfaction towards this retail giant.

When it comes to generational preferences, Gen Xers reign supreme. An impressive 33% of Gen X respondents confessed to shopping on Amazon at least once a week or more.

Our findings also reveal that Amazon Prime membership holds a strong appeal for many. 1 in 3 (33%) Amazon Prime members shop on Amazon once a week or more often. In contrast, only a mere 5% of non-members share the same level of shopping frequency. With perks like Prime Video access, free 2-day shipping on eligible products, and Whole Foods Market discounts — who could blame them?

Mapping Monthly Amazon Spending by State

U.S. heatmap showcasing which states spend the most each month on Amazon
Image Credit: Upgraded Points

It’s no surprise that Amazon has mastered the art of creating an effortless shopping experience. With its user-friendly interface, saved credit card and shipping information, and a wide variety of products, the e-commerce retailer has revolutionized online shopping. 

Naturally, we were curious to explore just how frequently Americans across different states were filling up their virtual shopping carts on this popular platform.

On average, we found that most Americans spend roughly $91.75 on Amazon each month, which amounts to $1,101 per year and a staggering $63,000 over the course of a lifetime. However, it’s the residents of Tennessee who take the crown for the highest Amazon expenditure — at $124.22 each month

Not far behind, we have the residents of Delaware ($114), Wisconsin ($113.66), and Iowa ($113.46), who also rank among the top monthly spenders on Amazon. 

An intriguing finding emerges when examining the relationship between the residents of Washington state and their Amazon habits. Despite having the lowest percentage of residents ranking their Amazon addiction between 7 and 10, they surprisingly rank fifth in terms of monthly Amazon expenditure, with an average of $112.06.

Conversely, states such as Indiana ($72.87), Minnesota ($68.86), and West Virginia ($56.10) demonstrate a more restrained approach to Amazon shopping with comparatively lower monthly spending.

Prime may be one way that lures shoppers to get their Amazon fix. Prime members spend $110 on Amazon each month versus non-members who only spend $38 per month on average. 

The Portrait of an Amazon Shopper

Infographic detailing Amazon shopper insights
Image Credit: Upgraded Points

Amazon Prime Day is like Christmas to most Americans with sales in generally every category. Americans spend $117 on Prime Day on average with Prime Members and Gen Xers spending the most –– $124 and $148, respectively. 

Prime memberships come at $14.99 per month or $139 per year with various subscription models available. Sharing an Amazon account is one way to save some change and it’s no wonder that 31% of Gen Zers choose to take advantage of their parents’ Prime membership for this reason. 

In terms of how often Amazon users make purchases, roughly 25% of Americans shop on Amazon once a week or more often. The convenience of online shopping has made Amazon a go-to destination for many with the average shopper having just over 2 items sitting in their Amazon cart on any given day. 

The verdict is in — Americans love shopping on Amazon for a few reasons, including its broad selection of merchandise (80.1%), free and fast shipping (61.8%), easy shipment tracking (60.7%), and free and easy returns (52.5%). There’s nothing better than scanning your return’s QR code at your local UPS store and being on your way.

When it comes to which products Amazon shoppers are shopping for the most, categories like electronics/tech (54.5%), clothing/accessories (48.1%), toiletries/personal care (41.5%), and kitchen/household essentials (40.5%) top the list. Who wouldn’t want a pack of toilet paper to discreetly show up on your doorstep every month?

What Would Americans Give Up To Keep Shopping on Amazon?

Infographic showcasing what Americans would sacrifice to keep shopping on Amazon
Image Credit: Upgraded Points

Amazon has become an integral part of many people’s lives, making it convenient to order groceries, watch movies, read books, and have your favorite products arrive straight at your door. However, being asked to part ways with Amazon could be the worst breakup of your life. To truly find out the lengths Americans would go to stay connected to their Amazon account, we asked them what they’d be willing to part with. 

Surprisingly, 34% of women expressed that they would rather forgo sex for an entire year than give up their beloved Amazon

Similarly, 26% of Americans stated that they would be willing to give up traveling for a year just to maintain their access to Amazon. Who needs Hawaii when you can get free 2-day shipping on an inflatable pool this summer?

Incredibly, a whopping 57% of Americans claimed they would prefer to abstain from alcohol for an entire year than go without the joy of shopping on Amazon, highlighting Americans’ reliance on the retailer.


To understand America’s Amazon addiction, we surveyed 3,200 U.S. online shoppers across multiple demographics and 44 states to understand the relationship between Amazon and its users. Our survey ran from May 2, 2023, to May 6, 2023. We didn’t include the following states due to insufficient survey respondents: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. 

Final Thoughts

Certain states have a deeper love affair with Amazon compared to others. States such as Alabama, North Carolina, and Michigan rate their Amazon obsession the highest while states such as Tennessee, Delaware, and Wisconsin spend the most on Amazon each month. 

According to our survey results, 1 in 5 Americans (20%) own a credit card that offers rewards on Amazon purchases. Make the most of your Amazon shopping experience by utilizing one of the best credit cards for Amazon purchases. These cards offer attractive perks such as cashback and other benefits, allowing you to shop wisely and maximize your savings!

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About Alex Miller

Founder and CEO of Upgraded Points, Alex is a leader in the industry and has earned and redeemed millions of points and miles. He frequently discusses the award travel industry with CNBC, Fox Business, The New York Times, and more.


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