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Traveling the World? This is the Cost of a Date in 120 Cities [Data Study]

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Traveling with a partner to a faraway destination can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether it’s a city in the U.S. or another part of the world, each city has its own unique culture. Going on a date in a city you’re visiting can be a fun way to take in all that the city has to offer.

With that in mind, we conducted a study that found the cost of an upscale date in 120 cities throughout the world. Our analysis includes dinner, wine, tickets to the theater, drinks after dinner, and transportation for all of it. Read on to see our full results.

Map of the Cost of a Date in Cities Around the World

We created this interactive map that shows the cost of a date in 120 cities across the world. Are you planning a trip to any of these cities soon?

Hover over any of the locations on the map to learn more about the cost of a date in that city.

Analysis Methodology

Our study analyzed the cost of a fancy date in 120 cities throughout the world. Our initial idea came from the premise of 2 partners traveling together and wanting to go on a nice date in a new city. We selected cities from different countries and continents to get an idea of how different travel destinations and areas of the world compare.

To find the cost of a date, we used aggregated data from Expatistan and Numbeo, highly regarded sources of information for cities throughout the world. We looked at the price of a 3-course dinner including wine for 2 people, the cost of 2 of the best seats at the theater, the cost of 2 drinks at a bar, and the cost of transportation. After researching and analyzing the data, we ranked the cities from most expensive to least expensive for a date.

All local prices and currencies have been converted to U.S. dollars.

5 Most Expensive Cities

Below are the 5 most expensive cities to go on a date, according to our analysis. Interestingly, 4 out of the top 5 are cities in the United States. Generally, our study found U.S. cities had higher costs for food and for theater tickets than many other cities in the world.

1. New York, United States

New York City — the Big Apple — is consistently ranked as one of the most expensive cities to live in in the world. It’s also the most expensive if you’re traveling and looking to go on an upscale date. The total cost of a date for 2 people is $565.56, over $100 more than the second most expensive city.

A large reason for the high cost is the price of theater tickets. Known for Broadway and being an epicenter of culture, ticket prices in New York City are not cheap. They averaged just over $200 per ticket for some of the best seats available.

2. Boston, United States

Coming in at number 2 on our list of most expensive cities for a date is Boston, Massachusetts. Like New York, Boston had a high cost for good theater seats at $282 for a pair. In all, the average cost for the date is $424.88.

3. Zurich, Switzerland

The only international city making the top 5 of our rankings, the average price in Zurich is just below Boston at $424.88. Zurich has one of the highest costs of living in the world and its price for a date reflects that.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and one of the largest financial hubs in the world.

4. San Francisco, United States

Returning to the U.S., San Francisco came in as the fourth most expensive at $422.80. Also known for a high cost of living, San Fran had high costs for dinner, theater, and drinks after.

5. San Diego, United States

One of the surprises of the analysis, San Diego is the fifth most expensive city, according to our study. The cost of their theater tickets was the second-highest of any city at $289 for the pair resulting in a total date-nigh cost of $408.88.

5 Least Expensive Cities

While we wanted to showcase some of the most expensive cities in the world, we also wanted to highlight the least expensive. Below are the 5 least expensive cities for a fancy date.

1. Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt and is known for its history and culture. If you’re traveling there and wanting to go on a fancy date, it will cost you the least of any city on this list. The total price would be $64.38 — hundreds less than New York City, the most expensive on our list.

2. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is the largest city and also the capital of Serbia. With a population of over 1.23 million people, Belgrade is also known for its rich history. If you’re going on a date while visiting the city, it’s only going to cost you about $69.60.

3. Algiers, Algeria

Algiers came in as the third-cheapest city in our study. It’s the capital of Algeria and is located on the Mediterranean. Despite being a coastal town, a date there is only going to cost you $70.62.

4. Manila, Philippines

Manila has one of the highest populations of an urban area in the world at over 24 million people and has some of the highest population density on Earth. It’s also home to one of the oldest Chinatowns in the world. A date in Manila costs an average of $71.16.

5. Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis is the largest city and capital of Tunisia. Located on the Gulf of Tunis along the Mediterranean, in the city’s core is the Medina of Tunis, a World Heritage Site. Though rich with history and culture, Tunis is one of the cheapest cities for a date, costing only $71.86.

Final Thoughts

Depending on where you’re traveling, the culture — and the cost — can be quite different. Traveling with a partner and going on a date to a local restaurant, theater, and bar is a good way to experience different aspects of the city.

We hope this map and study of the cost of a date throughout the world helps give you a glimpse of what you might be paying the next time you’re traveling and want to have a night out with a partner.

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About Alex Miller

Founder and CEO of Upgraded Points, Alex is a leader in the industry and has earned and redeemed millions of points and miles. He frequently discusses the award travel industry with CNBC, Fox Business, The New York Times, and more.

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