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The 10 Best Electric, Portable Travel Kettles [2024]

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Amar Hussain
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Amar Hussain

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Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea on the move with your very own travel kettle. Compact, portable, and easy to use, these clever little appliances come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all designed to safely heat your water while you are away from home.

Things To Consider With Travel Kettles

Because not all travel kettles are equal, consider the following before you buy:


Travel Kettle Capacity
Some kettles have a compact but practical capacity of 0.5 liters. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Are you going solo or planning to travel with friends? The number of beverage cups you can make in a single boil will depend directly on the capacity of your travel kettle.

Some kettles have a compact but perfectly practical capacity of around 0.5 liters, which is just enough for a hot drink for 2, while others can hold as much as 1.7 liters of water, making them better suited to family camping trips or those who are planning on setting up a permanent hydration station on your travels.

Weight and Size

Travel Kettle Size
The smaller the kettle, the easier it will be to carry. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

If you are carrying your kettle in your backpack, you will want it to be as lightweight as possible. Collapsible and compact, some silicone and steel kettles weigh as little as 1 pound, while larger models may weigh considerably more.

The same rules apply when it comes to the physical size of your kettle. The smaller it is, the easier it will be to stash in your backpack.

Hot Tip: Some models are able to collapse almost flat, making them perfect for more remote adventures.

Boiling Time

The time it takes your kettle to boil should always factor into your final decision. Some kettles can heat up relatively quickly and provide you with a fresh brew in as few as 5 minutes, while others can take considerably longer.

For example, car kettles and those that work with 12V outputs can take up to 20 minutes to boil, so think about how quickly you will need your morning coffee before you buy.

Additional Features

Travel Kettle Features
Some travel kettles come with extra features. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Some travel kettles come complete with extra functions to make them more user-friendly. These could include auto shut-off features that prevent the kettle from boiling dry or a sensor that knows not to boil when the kettle is empty.

Hot Tip: You can also consider our guides to the best portable travel coffee makers and the best camping coffee pots and kettles.

The 10 Best Electric, Portable Travel Kettles

Enjoy hot drinks while you are traveling — from your office to your hotel room to even the campground — with any of these awesome travel kettles.

1. Great 4-Cup Travel Kettle

Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle

This high-quality travel kettle offers an effective and reliable way to boil water. With a manual on and off switch, it is easy to operate, and the unexposed heating element tucked away on the bottom allows you to safely place this kettle on any surface.

With a steam sensor for automatic shut-off, this kettle won’t get too hot to touch, and the BPA-free construction means it is totally safe for drinking water.

With the capacity to heat up to 17 ounces of water, this compact and highly capable camping kettle can heat enough water to make 4 cups of tea or coffee, and with minimalist good looks, it is an excellent choice for trendy travelers.

What We Like

  • This little kettle heats up quickly

What We Don’t Like

  • The lid is hinged at the side and not the back

2. Folding Travel Kettle for Easy Transport

Loutytou Ultrathin Upgraded Food Grade Silicone Travel

This awesome little travel kettle is made from food-grade, protective, PBA-free material and has a heavy-duty, stainless steel lid.

The ultra-thin design makes this perfect for use while traveling, and it folds flat with a foldable storage bag included. Easy to operate, it boils water in 3 to 5 minutes, and with a detachable power cord and handle, it is a great choice for carrying with you on the move.

What We Like

  • It has a dual-voltage option

What We Don’t Like

  • The travel case could be more durable

3. Portable With Anti-dry Protection

0.5L Portable Electric Kettle

With a 0.5-liter capacity, this compact kettle is a great choice for use when traveling. Made from 304 stainless steel, it offers 880 watts of power, and it only takes around 5 minutes to boil water.

Easy to operate and clean between uses, this kettle offers reliable heating while you are away from home, and the multi-function design means that it can even be used for heating milk or cooking noodles for a tasty snack in transit. With a cord-free serving design, this little kettle makes light work of hot drinks.

What We Like

  • Really well-made and super sturdy

What We Don’t Like

  • The lid is a bit tricky to open

4. Travel Kettle for Solo Adventurers

DCIGNA Electric Tea Kettle

This 0.5-liter travel kettle is lightweight and easy to carry. Offering 800 watts of power, it can boil water in under 5 minutes, and the design of this kettle makes it a great choice for boiling water, cooking eggs or noodles, heating milk, and heating liquids.

With an automatic shut-off, it won’t boil dry, and the high-quality, food-grade, stainless steel lining won’t affect the flavor of your food or water. Compact and incredibly portable, this is an awesome choice for road trips, business trips, camping trips, and so much more.

What We Like

  • Great looking and easy to operate

What We Don’t Like

  • The stainless steel is only on the inside

5. The Best-looking, Family-size Travel Kettle

Taylor Swoden Electric Kettle

This electric kettle features high-quality glass that is resistant to scratching and scuffing, making it an excellent choice for use while traveling.

The inner lining is made from 304 stainless steel for increased durability, and the mesh filter on the spout helps to reduce mineral deposits in your beverage.

With a 1.7-liter capacity and 1,500 watts of power, it can heat up in 5 to 9 minutes, and the drip-free pouring makes it safe to use even when fully boiled.

With a supercool blue LED light around the bottom, this kettle looks awesome and performs brilliantly, and with 360-degree rotation, you can accurately measure the water level when boiling.

What We Like

  • Looks supercool with its LED lights

What We Don’t Like

  • Larger than a lot of other travel kettles

6. Clever Collapsible Travel Kettle

Gootrades 0.7 L Portable Electric Travel Kettle

Compact and collapsible, this brilliant little travel kettle is an awesome alternative to a full-size kettle for use on the move.

Made from durable stainless steel and silicone, this kettle comes with a temperature adjustment button that lets you achieve the perfect heat for your beverage.

With the auto shut-off feature, you can be sure that your water never evaporates, and the boil-dry protection system is able to detect when the kettle is empty. With a rated voltage of 110-125V and 850 watts of power, this kettle is an excellent choice for travel.

What We Like

  • Collapses up small enough to fit in your purse

What We Don’t Like

  • It takes a while to boil fully

7. Easy To Store Silicone Travel Kettle

Check on Home Depot

Brentwood 0.8 Liter Collapsible-Travel Kettle

This powerful little travel kettle has been made with the needs of the traveling in mind. The collapsible design makes it compact enough to carry in your suitcase or backpack, and the high-quality silicone construction makes it durable enough to last for many miles of adventures.

With both the body and handle able to collapse for your convenience, it can be neatly stored away when not in use, and with a concealed heating element and a stainless steel hot plate, it offers exceptionally fast and reliable heating.

What We Like

  • Folds up small

What We Don’t Like

  • The plug doesn’t feel as high-quality as the rest of the kettle

8. The Best Travel Kettle for Keeping Water Warmer for Longer

UpdateClassic Portable Electric Kettle

This sleek little travel kettle is innovative and easy to use, with a stainless steel liner that will heat your liquids quickly and keep them warm for longer.

With a 1-touch, rapid heating switch, you can enjoy boiling water in 5 minutes, and the automatic power-off will switch the kettle off when it’s done.

The stainless steel heating plate and premium plastic kettle body offer durable heating on the go, and the temperature-resistant exterior ensures that it won’t burn your hands while you pour your favorite beverage.

What We Like

  • The sleek looks

What We Don’t Like

  • No temperature control

9. Basic Travel Kettle for Solo Travelers

Check on Walmart

Narita International Electric Hot Pot Water Kettle

This brilliant little kettle has a 1000W dual 120/240V voltage design, heats up fast despite its size, and is compact enough to carry around with you while you are away.

A durable and safe stainless steel body offers a 0.5-liter capacity, which is just enough for solo travelers. The concealed heating element ensures fast and efficient heating, and the automatic shut-off ensures that it never boils dry.

What We Like

  • Offers safe and superfast heating

What We Don’t Like

  • The auto shut-off can be a bit hit and miss

10. The Best Kettle for Heating Water in the Car

Spardar 12V Car Kettle Boiler

Boil water from the comfort of your car with this clever little travel kettle. Suitable for use with a 12V output, you can choose from the 80- or 120-watt modes to boil water in 16 or 20 minutes.

Made with double-layer 304 stainless steel, it has a vacuum-insulated, food-grade silicone surface that never feels hot to the touch, and the sealed rubber ring ensures that it won’t leak, even when placed upside down.

Perfect for use on road trips or when camping, this clever little kettle can be used for heating water, cooking noodles, or warming up your baby’s formula on the go.

What We Like

  • Perfect for a hot brew in your vehicle.

What We Don’t Like

  • The size is a little awkward for some standard cup holders

Final Thoughts

Whether you are fishing on your own or camping with the family, having access to your very own travel kettle makes it easy to enjoy a nice hot drink on the go.

With many made from durable stainless steel, with silicone exteriors and built-in safety features, these little kettles offer a practical and economical way to heat your water while you are away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel on a plane with an electric kettle?

Yes, you can travel on a plane with an electric kettle. However, if you put an electric kettle in your carry-on, you should take it out of your luggage and put it through the x-ray to security scan separately.

What size travel kettle should I look for?

Although it depends on your needs and what you are prepared to travel with, most travel kettles have a 0.5-liter capacity.

Can you get a 12V kettle?

Yes, 12V kettles do exist. Spardar manufactures an excellent 12V kettle that is perfect for use in your car or truck and offers a 0.35-liter capacity.

What voltage is a travel kettle?

The voltage of a travel kettle varies by manufacturer. Travel kettles are available in 12, 110, 120, 125, 220, and 240 volts.

Amar Hussain's image

About Amar Hussain

Amar is an avid traveler and tester of products. He has spent the last 13 years traveling all 7 continents and has put the products to the test on each of them. He has contributed to publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post, and more.


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