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Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México [In-Depth Hotel Review]

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The Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México, opened in November 2022, making it one of the newest Four Seasons properties in the world. And it’s totally different from anything else you’ll find in Mexico, especially the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Closest to Manzanillo, the resort occupies a sprawling, 3,000-acre private nature reserve. This property’s incredible location and seclusion make it a tempting change of pace for luxury travelers tired of Cabo and Punta Mita. It feels truly like an immersive jungle escape, but with 6 miles of beachfront beauty (including swimmable beaches), an incredible golf course, and phenomenal service.

Excitement bubbled up within me as I boarded the plane with my wife and infant. The prospect of experiencing the property had been an endeavor months in the making, and now it was about to unfold.

I had lofty expectations when I first decided to book this stay, and even these were blown out of the water. Let’s get into the review!


We decided to visit Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México, during mid-January 2024, which was fantastic timing for us. Though I pay publicly available rates for most of my travel, I booked a travel-advisor rate for a 4-night stay that included breakfast.

I paid for the stay using the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card, which earned 3x points on our stay, as it counted as being in the travel bonus category.

The publicly available rates for our room type, the Cliffside Panoramic One-Bedroom Suite with Infinity Pool, were around $4,000 per night, including the 15% service charge, 3% state tax, and 16% VAT on both the room rate and service charge.

Hot Tip:

To access Four Seasons Preferred Partner rates, contact Upgraded Points’ Leigh Rowan to take advantage of extra perks (room upgrades, $100 credit, complimentary daily breakfast, and more) during your stay.


Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México, is perched on a pristine stretch of the Pacific coast, a sanctuary where the lush tropical rainforest meets the golden sands.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

The hotel is closest to Playa de Oro Airport (ZLO) in Manzanillo. There are direct flights to Manzanillo from major cities like Dallas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, and the 3,000-acre nature reserve with miles of private beach is a 50-minute drive from the airport.

Four Seasons Tamarindo location
Image Credit: Google Maps

The immersive beauty of the surroundings was a constant source of awe for us, with vibrant flora and fauna creating a captivating landscape.

Indeed, there’s an implicit expectation that you won’t leave the property. And you won’t need to!

We coordinated with the hotel to arrange a private Chevrolet Suburban chauffeur transfer to and from the hotel. While we brought our own car seat, the hotel is able to provide one.

Four Seasons Tamarindo airport chauffeur transfer
Airport chauffeur transfer.

After 35 minutes, we arrived at the entrance of the expansive nature reserve, and paradise awaited at the end of an additional 15-minute drive along scenic and windy roads.

Four Seasons Tamarindo nature reserve entrance

Other modes of transportation you can use to get here include a shared round-trip charter flight from Puerto Vallarta for around $1,200 per person, including ground transportation from the airport.

You can also book a 20-minute helicopter transfer from the airport to the resort’s helipad for that quintessential ultra-luxury experience.


Nestled in the heart of such natural beauty, Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México, promised an escape to paradise. As the resort came into view, I couldn’t help but marvel at its grandeur. Modern architecture combined with traditional Mexican design, as well as a seamless check-in process and warm welcome, set the tone for what would be an extraordinary stay.

Walking into the lobby, known as La Mansión, the transition from anticipation to reality was a sensory experience. The ambiance, the scent of tropical blooms, and the sound of the ocean waves crashing nearby created an immediate sense of tranquility.

The check-in was flawless. We were offered cold towels and a welcome drink made from tamarind and mezcal.

Four Seasons Tamarindo La Mansion lobby
La Mansión lobby.

La Mansión boasted incredible panoramic views of the beach, ocean, and rooms.

Four Seasons Tamarindo La Mansion ocean views
La Mansión ocean views.

There were also comfortable lounge seats to take in the beautiful views.

Four Seasons Tamarindo La Mansion ocean view seating
La Mansión ocean view seating.

To the right of La Mansión were a series of cliffside suites.

Four Seasons Tamarindo La Mansion view of rooms
La Mansión view of rooms.

And to the left of La Mansión were the beachfront suites and a few holes of the 18-hole golf course.

Four Seasons Tamarindo La Mansion beach views
La Mansión beach views.

Indeed, La Mansión was the true centerpiece of the Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México.

Four Seasons Tamarindo La Mansion birds eye view
La Mansión bird’s-eye view.



The Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México, has 3 different beaches we could go to during our visit:

  • Playa Tamarindo, a consistently swimmable beach
  • Playa Majahua, mostly for gorgeous sunset walks
  • Playa Dorada, an occasionally swimmable beach

Playa Tamarindo had a temporary beach club with a bar and small bites. The Four Seasons plans on constructing a permanent beach club here with a pool, full kitchen, and cocktail bar.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Playa Tamarindo temporary beach club
Playa Tamarindo beach club.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Playa Tamarindo sun loungers
Playa Tamarindo sun loungers.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Playa Tamarindo beach club
Playa Tamarindo beach club.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Playa Tamarindo beach club bar
Playa Tamarindo beach club bar.

Playa Majahua was underneath the main hotel directly in front of Sal.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Playa Majahua beach area
Playa Majahua beach area.

There were plenty of hammocks and sun loungers on the Playa Majahua beachfront.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Playa Majahua sun loungers and hammocks
Playa Majahua sun loungers and hammocks.

Playa Majahua was perfect for long walks on the beach, but it wasn’t a consistently swimmable beach.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Playa Majahua
Playa Majahua.

The last beach we visited was Playa Dorada, which was gorgeous without any crowds. It was accessible only by golf cart.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Playa Dorada
Playa Dorada.

Enjoying the sunset on any of these beaches was an incredible blessing.

Four Seasons Tamarindo sunset


We spent our days leisurely by the infinity pools, each providing a unique atmosphere.

The jaw-dropping infinity pools cascaded down from a cliffside with a family pool on the top, an adult pool toward the bottom, and a collection of private cabanas close to the ocean.

The adults-only pool offered a serene escape, while the family-friendly pool buzzed with energy, though it never got crowded.

The family pool was the largest on the property. It also featured a splash zone for kids.

Four Seasons Tamarindo family pool
Family pool.
Four Seasons Tamarindo family pool chairs
Family pool chairs.
Four Seasons Tamarindo family pool chairs
Family pool chairs.

The adults-only pool was closer to the ocean, just under the family pool.

Four Seasons Tamarindo adults only pool view
Adults-only pool view.
Four Seasons Tamarindo adults only pool
Adults-only pool.

Meanwhile, the 3 private cabanas were under the adults-only pool and could be rented for MX$3,000 ($175) per day. The rentals lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and included:

  • 1 television
  • 1 minibar
  • 2 sun loungers
  • 2 support tables
  • 1 pair of binoculars
  • Complimentary snacks
  • Cold towels with natural aloe
  • Pool amenities every hour
Four Seasons Tamarindo private cabanas
Private cabanas.
Four Seasons Tamarindo private cabanas view
Private cabana view.

There was also a premium cabana package priced at MX$5,500 ($32) that included a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne, 1 menu item (guacamole, crudites, ceviche, or aguachile), and 2 10-minute Theragun massages.

Fitness Center

The modern indoor fitness center designed by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak featured state-of-the-art equipment and was on the fifth floor of La Mansión (1 floor below the main lobby).

The well-equipped fitness center, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows framing the lush landscape, and the various sports facilities allowed for a perfect blend of wellness and recreation.

You could also book wellness classes ranging from spin to HIIT and aerobics.

It featured high-end equipment by Hoist, Peloton bikes, 4 Pilates reformers, and more.

Four Seasons Tamarindo fitness center
Fitness center.
Four Seasons Tamarindo fitness center Peloton bikes
Fitness center Peloton bikes.
Four Seasons Tamarindo fitness center cardio machines
Fitness center cardio machines.
Four Seasons Tamarindo fitness center resistance bands medicine balls kettlebells
Fitness center resistance bands and medicine balls kettlebells.
Four Seasons Tamarindo fitness center multi gym machine
Fitness center multi-workout machine.
Four Seasons Tamarindo fitness center Pilates reformers
Fitness center Pilates reformers.

In addition, there was a complimentary weekly activity calendar in the gym.

Four Seasons Tamarindo activities calendar
Activities calendar.

Other amenities available in the fitness center included a juice and refreshment bar.


The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, a haven of serenity tucked within the rainforest, offered an array of treatments inspired by ancient healing traditions. From volcanic stone massages to botanical facials, each experience was a journey to rejuvenation.

Four Seasons Tamarindo spa entrance
Spa entrance.
Four Seasons Tamarindo spa lobby
Spa lobby.
Four Seasons Tamarindo spa reception
Spa reception.

Other highlights included 2 couples’ suites where you could enjoy side-by-side treatments, a traditional Mexican temazcal (a kind of spiritual sauna), a boutique, an outdoor relaxation area with 2 plunge pools (1 warm and 1 cold), and lounge chairs.

Four Seasons Tamarindo spa boutique
Spa boutique.
Four Seasons Tamarindo spa lockers
Spa lockers.
Four Seasons Tamarindo spa vanities
Spa vanities.
Four Seasons Tamarindo spa amenities
Spa amenities.
Four Seasons Tamarindo spa toiletries
Spa toiletries.

There were 3 private shower facilities and a dry sauna and steam room.

Four Seasons Tamarindo spa showers
Spa showers.
Four Seasons Tamarindo spa dry sauna
Spa dry sauna.
Four Seasons Tamarindo spa steam room
Spa steam room.

While awaiting your treatment, you could relax on a day bed in the spa waiting room.

Four Seasons Tamarindo spa treatment waiting room
Spa treatment waiting room.

The outdoor relaxation area had 4 sun loungers and 2 plunge pools (1 cold and 1 warm).

Four Seasons Tamarindo spa outdoor relaxation area
Spa outdoor relaxation area.

There were 8 treatment cabins, each with its own relaxation area and dressing room championing indoor-outdoor living with showers that blended in with the lush greenery.

We booked a 60-minute massage and a 60-minute facial, which were both excellent.


The Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México, boasted a David Fleming-designed par 72, 18-hole golf course. The golf course had some of the most incredible views we had ever seen. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Four Seasons Tamarindo golf course
Golf course.
Four Seasons Tamarindo golf course
Golf course.
Four Seasons Tamarindo golf course
Golf course.
Four Seasons Tamarindo golf course
Golf course.
Four Seasons Tamarindo golf course
Golf course.

There was also a driving range and a golf clubhouse with equipment rentals, lounging areas, and golf carts.

Four Seasons Tamarindo driving range
Driving range.

Near the ninth hole was an exclusive area called Nueve that you could book for private dining experiences. It consisted of a palapa, several chairs and tables, and a grill.

Four Seasons Tamarindo golf course Nueve private dining palapa
Nueve private dining palapa.

Shopping Boutique

Adjacent to the main lobby at La Mansión, there was a large boutique with tons of unusual items.

Four Seasons Tamarindo shop
Shopping boutique.

Discovery Center

Behind La Mansión was the Discovery Center, which offered insights into the surrounding ecosystem.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Discovery Center displays
Discovery Center displays.

There were even fossils from the nearby area!

Four Seasons Tamarindo Discovery Center displays
Discovery Center displays.

We booked a property tour with the on-site biologist, which lasted around 2 hours. He drove us around the whole property by golf cart, teaching us about the vegetation and animals!

Four Seasons Tamarindo property tour with biologist
Property tour with the biologist.

Notably, we saw plenty of coatis around the property.

Four Seasons Tamarindo coatis

Rancho Ortega

Although we couldn’t visit because it was under construction, Rancho Ortega is a 35-acre working farm with chickens, agave plants, vegetables, fruits, and much more.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Rancho Ortega
Rancho Ortega.

Farmers there sustainably cultivate livestock and fresh crops like chickens, pomegranate, corn, cinnamon, banana, and guava to use in the restaurants.

Caramelo (Kids’ Club)

For families, the resort has thoughtfully curated kid-friendly amenities. From supervised activities at the children’s club to family-friendly dining options, every detail catered to the needs of families.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Caramelo entrance
Caramelo entrance.

Caramelo is the property’s year-round complimentary kids’ program, highlighting nature activities and providing educational puzzles, coloring books and arts, age-appropriate games, and other interactive activities like treasure hunts and traditional Mexican arts and crafts for kids 5 to 12.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Caramelo main room
Caramelo main room.

Best of all? Caramelo was open until 9 p.m., undoubtedly getting the nod from parents looking to enjoy a quiet dinner.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Caramelo bean bags
Caramelo bean bags.

Babysitting services are available, with the resort sitters certified by the American Red Cross in pediatric first aid. Rates are MX$977.50 (~$57) per hour (minimum 2 hours) plus transportation fee if after 11 p.m​.

Escondite (Teens’ Club)

Escondite for 13- to 17-year-olds, with an array of activities available, including foosball, air hockey, and billiards in the main room.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Escondite game room
Escondite game room.

It had a cinema with bean bags next to the main room and a similar nook for video games.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Escondite video game room
Escondite video game room.


Another useful amenity was the ATM, which was great if you forgot to bring cash and wanted to tip the staff.

Four Seasons Tamarindo ATM

Departures Lounge

We found the departures lounge next to the fitness center, an air-conditioned space where guests could go if they’d already checked out of their rooms and needed a comfortable place to stay before leaving the resort.

Four Seasons Tamarindo departure lounge
Departure lounge.

The lounge had plenty of seating, Nespresso coffee, snacks, and 2 desktop computers.

Four Seasons Tamarindo departure lounge seating
Departure lounge seating.

Cliffside Panoramic One-Bedroom Suite With Infinity Pool

Our room, suite 4122, was a private haven overlooking the Pacific, offering not just accommodation but a truly immersive experience. The attention to detail, from locally inspired decor to cutting-edge technology, created a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort.

We were booked in the Cliffside Panoramic One-Bedroom Suite with Infinity Pool, featuring nearly 1,600 square feet of combined indoor and outdoor space.

This suite had a maximum occupancy of 3 adults and 1 child, 2 adults and 2 children, or even 1 adult and 3 children. There was a comfortable signature Four Seasons king bed and a sofa bed.

The suite featured abundant sitting areas, quintessential luxury amenities like a private bar, Nespresso facilities, bathrobes, luxury toiletries from Le Labo, bathrobes, 2 TVs, and handmade Mexican crafts.

Living Room

The staff had laid out a few wonderful welcome amenities, including a bowl of fresh fruit (which was delicious) and a welcome note.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite living room
Living room.

The bar had several amenities on display, including the Nespresso coffee machine, a bottle of wine, artisanal honey, complimentary water and snacks, and tequila available for purchase.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite private bar
Private bar.

Snacks, coffee, and tea were in the drawers just below the bar.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite coffee and tea
Coffee and tea.

A full personal bar included various liquors, beers, soft drinks, and bottles of Champagne.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite personal bar
Personal bar.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite glassware

There were other snacks for purchase, too.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite snacks

We loved this signature welcome amenity of an edible chocolate tree with tamarind candy! This was actually delicious, and I confess that the only thing left of it by the end of our stay was the inedible stone base.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite bar chocolate tamarind tree welcome amenity
Chocolate tamarind tree welcome amenity.

There was also a margarita kit available for purchase on the desk.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite margarita kit for purchase
Margarita kit for purchase.


We were treated to an incredibly comfortable and plush signature Four Seasons bed.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite bed

We utilized the in-room iPad and chat to make any service requests, which was extremely convenient.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite in room iPad
In-room iPad.

Our room also had a sitting area with lounge chairs and a coffee table facing the Pacific Ocean through the soaring floor-to-ceiling windows.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite floor to ceiling windows and views
Floor-to-ceiling windows and views.

Because we were visiting with our infant baby, the Four Seasons team had prepared special amenities, including a crib, a Diaper Genie, a Four Seasons hooded towel, and much more!

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite crib

The walk-in closet contained a safe, slippers, laundry bags, and a hamper.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite closet


The floating dual vanities were a sight to behold, complete with an LED-backlit magnifying mirror, cotton swabs, a scale, shower caps, and more.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite double vanity
Double vanity.

There was also a toilet partitioned off behind a large wooden door.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite water closet
Water closet.

Additional baby amenities included a baby bath, shampoo, lotion, a loofah, and more.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite bathroom with baby amenities
Bathroom with baby amenities.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite baby amenities
Baby amenities.

If that weren’t enough, the gorgeous sunken soaking tub had floor-to-ceiling windows framing the jaw-dropping outdoor view.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite sunken tub
Sunken tub.

The indoor rainfall shower had floor-to-ceiling glass, Le Labo amenities, and plenty of space.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite walk in shower
Walk-in shower.

A pair of Four Seasons bathrobes hung up on the wall next to the outdoor shower and water closet.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite bathrobes

Outdoor Shower

We loved the outdoor shower with impeccable views of the Pacific Ocean!

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite outdoor shower
Outdoor shower.

Infinity Pool

But what I enjoyed the most was the 43-foot infinity swimming pool, which we utilized to the fullest extent by swimming every day. In addition, the outdoor area had a hammock, contemporary furnishings, and 2 sun loungers.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite outdoor coffee table
Outdoor coffee table.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite infinity lap pool bay views
Infinity lap pool bay views.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite hammock
Four Seasons Tamarindo Suite sun loungers
Sun loungers.

As you can imagine, we spent most of our time in this beautiful suite relaxing as a family with our new baby.

Bottom Line:

The Cliffsite Panoramic One-Bedroom Suite with Infinity Pool was one of the highlights of our stay. It’s incredibly rare to have a full-length infinity lap pool with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, and we enjoyed it to the fullest extent. Another major highlight was the outdoor shower, which overlooked the Pacific Ocean!

Food and Beverage

The overall culinary program, created by Argentinian chef Nicolás Piatti, was notable for a few reasons. First, the resort’s team included local experts such as fishermen, farmers, and foragers. And a huge focus was on fresh ingredients, sustainability, and bold takes on traditional Mexican dishes.

We absolutely loved the food and beverage program here, and a big reason was that it was unapologetically Mexican.

The culinary team at Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México, didn’t attempt to recreate a tired, halfhearted program consisting of the typical sushi bar, Italian restaurant, and Chinese eatery.

Instead, they showcased their pride in Mexican gastronomy. There were 2 signature restaurants on the property: Coyul and Sal. In addition, there was a laid-back taqueria concept called Nacho, poolside dining, in-room dining, and private dining experiences.


Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul entrance
Coyul entrance.

Coyul was developed in collaboration with Elena Reygadas, an award-winning chef from Mexico City, and it served breakfast and dinner daily. You could also enjoy cocktails and light fare at the bar with gorgeous sunset views. Coyul emphasizes seasonal ingredients and sustainability with a Mexican flair.

We enjoyed breakfast daily here, as well as 2 dinners.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul bar
Coyul bar.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul outdoor seating
Coyul outdoor seating.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul outdoor seating
Coyul outdoor seating.

The family pool was just a few steps down from Coyul, too.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul view
Coyul view.

Although we mainly opted for outdoor seating, there was also an abundance of indoor seating.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul indoor seating
Coyul indoor seating.

There is an open-kitchen concept at Coyul.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul open kitchen
Coyul open kitchen.

Breakfast was à la carte except on weekends when a buffet was set up. The breakfast was top-notch here, ranging from espresso drinks to green juice.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul cappuccino and green juice
Cappuccino and green juice.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul Chemex coffee
Chemex coffee.

We were offered sourdough bread to start every morning.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul complimentary breakfast sourdough
Complimentary breakfast sourdough.

The food was equally good, and one of the biggest highlights was the incredible pancakes! They were fluffy and tasted like delicious souffles.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul pancakes
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul chilaquiles with eggs
Chilaquiles with eggs.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul custom omelet
Custom omelet.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul eggs benedict
Eggs Benedict.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul fried eggs with avocado and spinach
Fried eggs with avocado and spinach.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul clay pot eggs
Clay pot eggs.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul french toast
French toast.

We also visited Coyul in the afternoon to enjoy the views and cocktails.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul buffet afternoon cocktails
Afternoon cocktails.

Dinner at Coyul was excellent, too. The highlights included beef tongue tacos, fish ceviche, tagliatelle ragu, and lechon (Mexican suckling pig).

Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul chicken caesar salad
Chicken Caesar salad.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul octopus carpaccio
Octopus carpaccio.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul lemon pickled beets with almonds
Lemon pickled beets with almonds.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul fish ceviche
Fish ceviche.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul beef tongue tacos
Beef tongue tacos.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul tagliatelle ragu
Tagliatelle ragu.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul lechon
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul catch of the day
Catch of the day.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Coyul braised short rib and polenta
Braised short rib and polenta.
Hot Tip:

Our baby was too young to sit in a high chair, but the property had high chairs and all of the dining amenities needed. We observed the restaurant make a dozen different purees for one of the other families on-site.


While Coyul will always have a special place in our hearts, our favorite restaurant was Sal, which we also visited twice.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal exterior
Sal exterior.

Sal is the oceanfront, open-air restaurant serving daily fresh catches for lunch, sunset hour, and dinner. It had gorgeous oceanfront views just steps from Majahua Beach.

In front of the restaurant was an outdoor lounge to enjoy golden hour from.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal golden hour lounge seating
Sal golden hour lounge seating.

At the front of Sal was a cocktail bar with high-top seating.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal bar seating
Sal bar seating.

Next to the bar was a series of gorgeous bar chairs to enjoy the sunset.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal high top seating
Sal high-top seating.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal beach views
Sal beach views.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal additional seating
Sal additional seating.

Near the front of the restaurant was a beautiful display — and a refrigerator filled with seafood.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal display
Sal display.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal seafood display
Sal seafood display.

There was a food prep counter with high-top seating here.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal open concept meal prep bar
Sal open-concept meal prep bar.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal seating
Sal seating.

I absolutely loved the food and seating here, and we started every meal with a margarita and mojito.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal drinks
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal drinks

We ordered a few amazing dishes twice, including the octopus tostada, hamachi al pastor, and duck carnitas.

Although we only ordered it once, the 28-ounce ribeye was absolutely sensational.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal octopus tostada
Octopus tostada.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal hamachi al pastor
Hamachi al pastor.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal captura de conchas
Captura de conchas.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal lobster enchiladas
Lobster enchiladas.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal duck carnitas
Duck carnitas.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal grilled red snapper
Grilled red snapper.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Sal 28oz ribeye


Nacho is a laid-back taqueria open for lunch and afternoon snacks near one of the pools. The specialties are artisanal tacos, tostadas, and tlayudas.

The dishes were superb here, as well.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Nacho Taqueria outdoor seating
Four Seasons Tamarindo Nacho Taqueria

Nacho also had ocean views and was directly above the adults-only pool.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Nacho Taqueria views
Nacho views.

We ordered a strawberry margarita and an assortment of tacos and tostadas, all of which were fantastic.

Four Seasons Tamarindo Nacho Taqueria margarita
Four Seasons Tamarindo Nacho Taqueria tostada guera
Tostada guera.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Nacho Taqueria taco de cazuela
Taco de cazuela.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Nacho Taqueria taco de jabali
Taco de jabali.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Nacho Taqueria taco de pulpo
Taco de pulpo.
Four Seasons Tamarindo Nacho Taqueria taco de barbacoa
Taco de barbacoa.

Pool and Beach Club

Pool service was available at the property, and it started with a cooler of complimentary water.

Four Seasons Tamarindo pool attendant station
Pool attendant station.
Four Seasons Tamarindo pool service with water
Pool service with water.

At the pool, we ordered a strawberry margarita, a piña colada, aguachile, french fries with foccacia, and crudites.

Four Seaasons Tamarindo Pool and Beach Club margaritas
Four Seaasons Tamarindo Pool and Beach Club aguachile and focacia
Aguachile and foccacia.
Four Seaasons Tamarindo Pool and Beach Club crudites

Room Service

Of course, in-villa dining and private dining experiences were available. Although we did not book a private dining experience, we gave room service a whirl and were impressed.

We ordered from the in-room iPad, and the food arrived earlier than expected.

We ordered tortilla soup, a pepperoni and pineapple pizza, a club sandwich, and french fries.

Four Seasons Tamarindo In Room Dining
Room service.

For dessert, we had chocolate ice cream and a caramel raspberry crumble.

Four Seasons Tamarindo In Room Dining caramel raspberry crumble
Room service caramel raspberry crumble.


The staff’s warmth and genuine enthusiasm left a lasting impression. From the concierge to the housekeeping team, we accumulated personal anecdotes of interactions that highlighted the genuine hospitality that defined the Four Seasons experience.

Instances where the staff went above and beyond to anticipate and fulfill our needs showcased a level of service that exceeded expectations. From interacting with our baby to surprise amenities and special dining requests, the staff’s dedication to guest satisfaction was truly commendable.

The personalized service added a touch of exclusivity, from personalized welcome amenities reflecting the local culture to tailormade excursions. It was evident that the staff was attentive and genuinely invested in making each guest’s stay extraordinary.

Four Seasons Tamarindo family photo
A lovely stay at Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México!

Final Thoughts

The transformative nature of the stay became apparent as soon I started reflecting on it (especially on the flight home, when peak sadness hit). Beyond the luxurious amenities, the seamless integration of nature, culture, and personalized service defined the retreat as not just a vacation but a life-changing escape.

Yes, this is truly a property where you won’t want to leave — and there’s no reason to leave! From the second you drive into the nature reserve’s gated entrance, you’re transported to a land of ultimate relaxation — the stuff dreams are made of.

In the embrace of Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México, our every moment was memorable. From the stunning surroundings to the attentive staff, the retreat left an indelible mark.

Truly, the seclusion of this property is its biggest selling point. It’s a refreshing and novel take on Mexican Four Seasons properties. The food was phenomenal, the room was fantastic, the amenities were abundant, and the service was exceptional.

This is one of the few properties I see myself regularly staying at for the foreseeable future. Bravo, Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you fly into for Four Seasons Tamarindo?

The closest airport is Playa de Oro International Airport (ZLO) in Manzanillo, which has service from cities like Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Houston (IAH), and Los Angeles (LAX). You can also fly into Puerto Vallarta (PVR) and either drive 3 to 4 hours or arrange shared charter services with the hotel to get to Manzanillo.


Who owns Four Seasons Tamarindo?

Four Seasons Tamarindo is owned by Paralelo 19, which is a real estate development company owned by Roberto Hernández Ramírez, best known as the former CEO of Banco Nacional de México (also known as Banamex).

How many rooms does the Four Seasons Tamarindo have?

The Four Seasons Tamarindo has a total of 157 rooms, suites, residences, and villas.

How far is Four Seasons Tamarindo from Manzanillo?

The Four Seasons Tamarindo is a 50-minute drive from Manzanillo (ZLO). It’s a 35-minute drive to the gated entrance of the private nature reserve and another 15-minute drive from the entrance to the lobby.

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