How to Get Between Terminals at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Airlines

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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is the fourth busiest airport in the U.S., serving over 69 million passengers in 2018. The airport is bigger than Manhattan and is so large that it has its own ZIP code. Despite its size, it’s an easy airport to navigate with a convenient light rail service running between all terminals.

DFW is the main hub for American Airlines with the airline solely occupying 3 of the 5 terminals.

Here’s all the information you need to know how to navigate DFW and ensure you get to your gate efficiently.

DFW Airport Layout

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Map
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Map. Image Credit:

DFW was designed to reduce traffic congestion within the terminals and therefore speed up services such as the Terminal Link shuttle bus. The terminals are all accessible individually from the International Parkway/ State Highway Spur 97 that runs from north to south of the airport.

The terminals are shaped as semicircles, apart from terminal D, with parking lots, ground transportation and pre-security departure and arrival facilities situated on the inside of the semicircle. The departure gates and Skylink train are located post-security on the outside of the semicircle where only ticketed passengers are permitted.

Terminals C and D have airport hotels either located within the terminal or just outside the terminal. Each terminal has its own shops, cafes, lounges, and restaurants with the widest selection being in Terminal D, also known as the international terminal

DFW Ground Transportation Pre-Security

Terminal Link Shuttle Bus

In some situations, you may need to connect between terminals outside of the secure area, and the best way to do this is via the free Terminal Link shuttle bus. The Terminal Link shuttle bus stops at all terminals from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. with an out-of-hours service available by calling 972-574-5465.

Buses operate every 10 minutes from the departures level of each terminal, excluding Terminal D where pick-up and drop-off are from the arrivals level. There are 2 pick-up points at each terminal signposted “Terminal Link”.

Terminal Link shuttle buses operate from:

  • Terminal A – Departures Level
    • Entrance A10 for Gate A1 through Gate A20 and DFW Airport DART Rail Station
    • Entrance A29 for Gate A21 through Gate A39
  • Terminal B – Departures Level
    • Entrance B14 for Gate B1 through Gate B25
    • Entrance B43 for Gate B26 through Gate B49 and DFW Airport TEXRail Station
  • Terminal C (Departures Level)
    • Entrance C4 for Gate C1 through Gate C20
    • Entrance C30 for Gate C21 through Gate C39
  • Terminal D (Arrivals Level)
    • Entrance at Lower Level D17 for Gate D1 through Gate D22
    • Entrance at Lower Level D29 for Gate D23 through Gate D40
  • Terminal E (Departures Level)
    • Entrance E14 for Gate E2 through Gate E18
    • Entrance E35 for Gate E20 through Gate E38

DFW Ground Transportation Post-Security

Skylink train route Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
The Skylink train route at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Image Credit:

DFW has a convenient airside people mover called Skylink, with 2 Skylink stations located at either end of each terminal depending on which gate you need to reach. The Skylink is free to use and operates clockwise and counter-clockwise, so you can choose the direction with the quickest journey to your desired terminal.

Trains depart every 2 minutes, and it takes a maximum of 9 minutes to travel between the furthest points. The Skylink runs post-security for the full journey, so passengers need to clear security to utilize this transportation.

Skylink stations are located:

  • Terminal A
    • Between Gate A13 and Gate A16
    • Between Gate A29 and Gate A34
  • Terminal B
    • Between Gate B9 and Gate B12
    • Between Gate B28 and Gate B31
  • Terminal C
    • Between Gate C8 and Gate C12
    • Between Gate C27 and Gate C32
  • Terminal D
    • Between Gate D11 and Gate D20
    • Between Gate D24 and Gate D34
  • Terminal E
    • Between Gate E8 and Gate E11
    • Between Gate E31 and Gate E32

Layout of DFW Terminals

DFW Terminal A

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal A
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal A. Image Credit:

Terminal A is located on the east side of the airport, opposite Terminal B and next to Terminal C. There are 26 gates numbered A8 through A11, A13 though A25, A28, A29, and A33 through A39, with the lower numbered gates located at the north of the semicircle through to the higher numbered gates at the south.

Terminal A is connected to Terminals B and C via post-security walkways if you’re looking to walk between terminals.

To reach Terminal B, you can cross over the Skylink tunnel, with moving walkways, that is located opposite Gate A39, up the escalator/elevator at the south end of Terminal A. To reach Terminal C from Terminal A, walk along the connector tunnel, with moving walkways, that is located next to Gate A39 on the same level.

If you would prefer to take the Skylink train between terminals, then the Terminal A stations are located between Gates A13 and A16 and between Gates A29 and A34 up the escalator/elevator on Level 3.

If you have to exit the secure area, then you can pick-up the Terminal Link shuttle bus from outside the terminal on the departures level, entry/exit A10 for Gates A1-A20 and entry/exit A29 for Gates A21-A39.

Hot Tip: If you’re connecting from the higher numbered gates of Terminal A to the lower numbered gates of Terminals B or C, then it may be quicker for you to walk rather than catching the Skylink, due to the locations of the Skylink stations. 

DFW Terminal B

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal B
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal B. Image Credit:

Terminal B has 45 gates numbered B1 through B11, B12A, B12B, B14 through B17, B19, B21 through B22, and B24 through B49 with the higher numbered gates located at the north of the terminal and the lower numbered gates at the south. The terminal is situated on the west side of the airport, opposite Terminal A and beside Terminal D, both of which are accessible by the Skylink train or connecting walkways.

To reach Terminal A by foot, take the escalator/elevator near Gate B4 to Level 3 and cross over the Skylink using the moving walkways. To reach Terminal D, continue around the corner near Gate B4, past Gates B1 and B3 through the walkway until you reach Terminal D. There are no moving walkways on this route.

To reach Terminal C by foot, walk across the connector bridge to Terminal A and take a right at gate A39 to walk through the walkway to Terminal C.

The Skylink train stations are located between Gates B9 and B12 and between Gate B28 and B31, where you take the escalator/elevator to Level 3 to access the train. The Skylink train can transport you to other terminals if you can remain airside; however, if you leave the secure area, then take the Terminal Link shuttle bus from outside the terminal at the Departures Level, near entry/exit B14 for Gates B1-B25 or B43 for Gates B26-B49.

Hot Tip: It may be quicker for you to walk than take the Skylink train if you’re connecting from the lower numbered gates of Terminal B to the higher numbered gates of Terminals A or D. Check where the Skylink stations are located in relation to your gate number to help make your decision.

DFW Terminal C

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal C
Terminal C at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Image Credit:

Terminal C is located on the east side of the airport, opposite Terminal D with Terminal A and Terminal E on either side. Terminal C is connected to Terminals A and D via airside walkways but is not connected to Terminal E.

There are 28 gates in Terminal C numbered C2, C4, C6 through C8, C10 through C12, C14 through C17, C19 through C22, C24, C26 through C31, C33, C35 through C37, and C39, with the lower numbered gates in the north of the terminal and the higher number gates in the south.

To connect to Terminal A by foot, follow the walkway around to the right after Gate C2, or to connect to Terminal D, take the escalator/elevator near Gate C2 to Level 3 and walk across the Skylink connector bridge. To connect to any of the terminals, you can ride the Skylink train, with stations accessible between Gates C8 and C12 or between Gates C27 and C32.

Hot Tip: If you’re connecting from the lower numbered gates of Terminal C to the higher numbered gates of Terminals A or D, it might be quicker to walk instead of taking the Skylink train. You may even find it quicker to walk to Gates B1-B3 as these gates are located in the walkway between Terminals D and B. 

DFW Terminal D

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal D
Terminal D at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Image Credit:

Terminal D consists of 28 gates numbered D5 through D8, D10 through D12, D14 through D18, D20 through D25, D27 through D31, D33, D34, D36 through D38, and D40, with the higher numbered gates at the northern end of the terminal and the lower numbered gates at the southern end.

Terminal D is located on the west side of the airport, opposite Terminal C and beside Terminal B with both connected via airside walkways.

To reach Terminal B from Terminal D, walk past Gate D40 and follow the walkway around to the hallway between the 2 terminals. This is on the same level as departures and connects to the departures area of Terminal B with the lower gate numbers.

The Skylink train can be picked up between Gates D11 and D20 or between Gates D24 and D34 and stops at all terminals.

As Terminal D operates international flights, it is likely that on arrival you will end up outside of the secure area after clearing customs and immigration. If you have a flight connection with your bags checked to your final destination, then you can re-check these at the flight connections bag drop area, re-clear security, and ride the Skylink to your connecting terminal.

If you have to connect outside of security, then you can ride the Terminal Link shuttle bus from outside of Terminal D. These depart regularly from the arrivals level at entry/exit D17 for Gates D1-D22 and D29 for Gates D23-D40.

Hot Tip: If you’ve booked 2 separate tickets and are connecting with American Airlines, then you will be able to check-in for your connecting flight at the American desk in Terminal D. You can then re-clear security and ride the Skylink train from Terminal D to your connecting terminal, rather than catching the Terminal Link shuttle bus that can be slower. 

DFW Terminal E

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal E
Terminal E at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Image created by using assets from

Terminal E is the only terminal that is not connected to another terminal with any walkways and is located on the east side of the airport next to Terminal C.

Terminal E has 28 gates numbered E2, E4 through E18, E20, E21, E22A, E22B, E23A, E23B, E24A, E24B, E25A, E25B, E26, E27A, E27B, E28, E29A, E29B, and E30 through E38. The lower numbered gates are located at the northern end of the terminal and the higher numbered gates at the southern end.

Gates E22A, E22B, E23A, E23B, E24A, E24B, E25A, E25B, E26, E27A, E27B, E28, E29A, E29B, and E30 are located at Terminal E’s satellite terminal that is accessible via an underground tunnel near Gate E21.

Terminal E is connected to the other terminals via the Skylink train. However, if you are connecting to Terminal E from outside of the secure area of another terminal, then you wouldn’t be able to access the train as the stations are located post-security.

To connect to Terminal E outside of the secure area, you’ll need to ride the Terminal Link shuttle bus from outside of the terminal at entry/exit E14 serving Gates E2-E18 or E35 serving Gates E20-E38. If you’re connecting airside from Terminal E, the Skyline train stations are located between Gates E8 and E11 or between Gates E31 and E32.

Hot Tip: If you’re flying American Eagle from the satellite terminal, allow an additional 10 minutes to reach your gate. 

Estimated Walking Times Between Terminals

Although the Skylink train is usually the quickest way to get between terminals at DFW, in some situations it may be quicker to walk. For example, if your flight arrives into the higher numbered gates of Terminal A and your connection is at a lower-numbered gate of Terminal B, then these gates are easily accessible via a walkway.

There’s no hard and fast rule for this as it depends entirely on the location of your arrival and departures gates and whether these are close to a Skylink station, so it’s worth checking the map.

The estimated walking times below are based on the closest points of each terminal so you will need to factor in a little extra time to reach your gate:

  • 5-10 minutes:
    • From Terminal A to Terminal B; moving walkways available
    • From Terminal A to Terminal C; moving walkways available
    • From Terminal B to Terminal D; moving walkways unavailable
    • From Terminal C to Terminal D; moving walkways available
  • 10-20 minutes:
    • From Terminal A to Terminal D; moving walkways available
    • From Terminal B to Terminal C; moving walkways available

Flight Connections at DFW

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Centurion Lounge Skylink Signposting
Skylink signposting at DFW. Image Credit:

As with all U.S. airports, if you are arriving on an international flight, then you will need to clear customs and immigration upon arrival; that means picking up your bag from Baggage Claim. If you booked a combined ticket, or your bags are checked to an onward destination, then you will be able to drop them at the flight connections bag drop area.

If you have booked separate tickets, then you will need to re-check your bag at the applicable airlines’ check-in desk. In any case, you will have to re-clear security to enter the other terminals, and once you do, you can make use of the Skylink train to reach your connecting terminal.

If you’re connecting from a domestic flight, then you won’t need to clear customs and immigration, and you can remain airside to connect to your next terminal, unless you’re flying from Terminal E where no airside connections are available.


DFW terminals are accessible to passengers with disabilities, mobility concerns, and wheelchair users. The Skylink is fully accessible at each station by elevator, with dedicated seating areas onboard each train for passengers with mobility impairments.

Terminal Link shuttle buses and shuttles to/from the rental car center or parking lots are wheelchair accessible, and for use in the terminal, wheelchairs can be requested through the individual airlines.

Final Thoughts

DFW is a busy airport for flight connections due to its central position and 4 hour flight time to most continental U.S. cities.

Every terminal at DFW, other than Terminal E, is connected to another with airside walkways and connector bridges, so it’s possible to walk between flight connections if you have time or are looking to stretch your legs between flights.

Passengers looking for the fastest and most convenient way to get between terminals can ride the Skylink train, operating every 2 minutes from each terminal with a train running clockwise and another running counter-clockwise to ensure you’re going in the right direction.

Frequently asked questions

How do you get between terminals at DFW?

You can get between DFW terminals outside of the secure area by riding the free Terminal Link shuttle bus that departs from outside each terminal. To travel between terminals inside the secure area, you can ride the Skylink light rail that runs in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction departing every 2 minutes.

Are DFW terminals connected?

All terminals but Terminal E at DFW are connected to another with airside walkways. Terminal A is connected to Terminals B and C, Terminal B is connected to Terminals A and D, Terminal C is connected to Terminals A and D, and Terminal D is connected to Terminals B and C.

What terminal does American Airlines (AA) use at DFW?

American Airlines solely occupies Terminals A, B, and C at DFW. The airline also operates from Terminals D and E, along with other international and domestic airlines.

Which terminal is the international terminal at DFW?

Most international flights depart from Terminal D at DFW and this is the terminal that the long-haul international airlines are based out of; these airlines include British Airways, Emirates, Japan Airlines, and Lufthansa.

Is DFW Airport easy to navigate?

DFW is quite an easy airport to navigate with its clear, structured layout and numerous options for ground transportation. The easiest way to get between terminals is to catch the Skylink train that departs from 2 stations in each terminal.

Once you arrive at your terminal, then all gates are located along the outside of the semicircle with the lower numbered gates located in the northern end of Terminals A, C, and E and the higher numbered gates at the southern end. For Terminals B and D, it’s the opposite with the lower numbered gates at the southern end and higher numbered gates at the northern end.

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  1. No mention of how to quickly get from terminal B to terminal C. 🤷‍♀️


    • Catherine Luther June 30, 2019

      Hi Kate, thanks for spotting this. We’ve added this in.


      • Clarivel P April 26, 2020

        I am traveling on May 10, my departure will be from Fort Myers, Fl and my final destination is León Guanajuato, México. I’m making a layover, time is 1 hour and 33 minutes. Will this be enough time to get to my next flight and are there any people that can guide me or help through where I need to go to get to my next flight? Since it’s my first time at DFW airport I’m nervous about losing my flight since I have no idea how to get from one terminal to another.
        Thank you.


        • Catherine Luther May 1, 2020

          Hi Clarivel,

          As you’ll be arriving on a domestic flight you won’t be required to re-clear security before your onward flight and can remain inside the secure area while taking the Skylink train to your next terminal. There are 2 Skylink stations within each terminal (locations are included in this article) and trains depart every 2 minutes). This is provided that you are not required to collect checked luggage between your flights and would depend on whether you booked your flights on 1 ticket or separately. There will be airline personnel that you will be able to ask for directions or you can use this interactive map to find your way once you know which terminal your flight will depart from.


    • Sheila Turrentine January 6, 2020

      Customer service,

      Last night my family and I waited over an hour for and shuttle from Terminal C trying to get to Terminal A or B!! The first shuttle came and said he could only take 3 people after 4 people rushed in front of us. So we waited for the next shuttle, only to discover it was SUPPOSED to be OUT OF ORDER. According to the sigh. However, the driver stopped and told us that, and was the RIDEST PERSON EVER IN LIFE!!! He tried to act like he did not understand after I ask him a series of questions, like the phone number and or email address for customer service. After exchanging words with him for 5 min, he closed the door on us and sped off. Then, another bus came by and claimed she could only carry 3 people (4 in my party). By this time I am livid. Ten minutes later we finally got a nice shuttle driver with room. Your drivers are HORRIBLE!! Please correct and or retrain them for customer service.


      • Hi Sheila,

        I’ve very sorry to hear about the negative experience you and your family had. However, we do not represent the DFW Airport shuttle service. We are Upgraded Points, a website that provides helpful travel information and teaches people how to subsidze their travels with points and miles.

        If you want the airport’s shuttle team to be aware of your recent experience I suggest you contact their customer service team directly.


  2. Jennifer Pierce Zahniser July 22, 2019

    We have 60 minutes from an Alaskan flight arriving at Terminal E and a flight to Munich on American in Terminal A. Is this a reasonable amount of time? It’s “authorized” by the airlines, but I’m wondering if it’s realistic. Would we have to go through security again in Dallas? (We are leaving from Portland, OR)


    • Hi Jennifer,

      Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll make it onto your flight, due to the fact that your arriving flight may be later than usual, etc. However, 60 minutes, in my experience connecting at DFW is possible to do. This is largely because of the SkyTrain, which transports connecting passengers to different terminals. You won’t need to re-clear security. Thanks for reading.


  3. William Meneilly July 25, 2019

    Hi, we arrive at DFW from Vancouver at 1:43PM and have to make a connecting flight to San Antonio at 2:26pm giving us 43 Mins (we did have 2.5 hours but they have changed the flight times twice now). Our booking on the App doesn’t tell us what terminal or gate yet. Do you think this is enough time or should we try and change to a later departure.
    Regards, Bill.


    • Catherine Luther July 25, 2019

      Hi Bill,

      The best thing to do would be to speak to your airline as they will have minimum connection times for their bookings. Unless you’ve booked the flights separately, then you will need to make a judgement call on this. We can’t advise on whether you should change your connecting flight as this could be dependent on many extenuating factors such as the inbound flight being delayed.


  4. Hi! I will be arriving at Terminal D from Narita International Airport. How do I go or navigate from Terminal D to an immigration office inside the airport? This is my first US entry.


    • Hi Love!

      When you step off the plane there will be signs posted on the wall that will direct you and the other passengers towards immigration.

      Safe travels!


  5. If you come into Terminal A to gate A30 and depart from gate D30, how long will it take to walk? What is the other transportation and approximately how long would that take? I only have 60 minutes. Thank you.


    • Hi Janet,

      Walking time from Terminal A to Terminal D is estimated to be 10-20 minutes with movable walkways along the way. There is also the SkyLink train which departs every 2 minutes and would take less than 10 minutes to get you from Terminal A to Terminal D.

      Thanks for reading!


  6. David Dumdei August 21, 2019

    Is there a way to get from terminal A to terminal D and not have to go through security?


  7. Clark Absher August 27, 2019

    Where at terminal B do you get on the Tex train?


    • Catherine Luther August 28, 2019

      Hi Clark,

      The TEXRail station is located at the north east end of Terminal B on the lower level. It’s well signposted and accessible via a walkway.


  8. Wanting to know how to get from terminal A or D to terminal E without leaving the secure area thanks.


  9. What is the fastest way to get to Terminal D from Terminal E? Do I have to pick up my check in luggage from E to D?


    • Catherine Luther October 15, 2019

      Hi Madelene,

      You’ll need to contact your airline to find out if they’re able to check your luggage through to your final destination. This will also depend on whether you booked both flights on 1 ticket or separately.

      If they are able to check your bag through and you can remain airside, then the best way to travel to Terminal D would be to ride the Skylink train. If you need to recheck your luggage, then you’ll need to ride the terminal link shuttle bus from outside of the terminal and re-clear security on arrival at Terminal D.


  10. Raymond Scalabrino October 26, 2019

    Is it hard to get three medium size suite cases on the terminal link shuttle bus from terminal E going to terminal D. Thank You


  11. Leon Buczkowski October 29, 2019

    What about the international terminal


    • Catherine Luther October 30, 2019

      Hi Leon,

      Could you provide more information on your question? The main international terminal is terminal D which is covered in the article.


  12. What kind of vehicle transports people (post security) from Satellite Terminal E to main Terminal E. How often and capacity. I have 1 hour to get to Terminal A for my next departure.


    • Catherine Luther November 4, 2019

      Hi Bill,

      The satellite terminal is accessible via an underground tunnel with moving walkways located near Gate E21 in the main Terminal E.


  13. Thank you for the information.

    I am flying with American Airline and the connecting time is 58 minutes if the schedule is tight (from satellite Terminal E to Terminal D for a international departure). I am wondering if there is a delay on the first flight, will some AA staff pick me up at the arriving gate so that I could catch the next flight?


    • Catherine Luther November 5, 2019

      Hi Joe,

      It is unlikely you would be picked up from your flight. You would need to visit an American Airlines connection desk and you would be booked onto the next available flight. If you’re not comfortable with the connection time, then contact AA and request a later flight.


  14. I am flying with American Airline from HKG to DFW and am then connecting on to LFT. The connecting time is 2 hours 50 mins, so the schedule is tight. What do I need to do when I land? Do I need to re-clear security, and do I have enough time to connect? Thanks!


    • Hey Joanna, you will need to clear customs and then re-clear security at DFW. However, 2h50m is more than enough time for your connection and you should make it without issue. Further, if you miss your connection but the HKG-DFW and DFW-LFT flights are on the same ticket, you’ll be rebooked on the next flight to LFT without any extra charges.


  15. Is there an easy way to find out which gate a flight will be returning to? I have looked and I can only find info about 3 days out and our travel is a week long. The reason I want to know is that I would rather pay to park at the terminal I’m arriving back to a week later. The post security train to the gate I am leaving from is better than the shuttle bus after we arrive. It takes forever because, in my experience, it is mostly full and as a family of 4 with suitcases, we never fit. Does AA have a set schedule as to which gates frequent flights arrive into?


    • Hi Jason,

      There is not a set schedule as to which gate a flight will arrive at. The gate locations can vary greatly based on airline schedules, traffic, and delays.


  16. Karla J Abdo December 13, 2019

    I will be arriving Dec. 14 at gate B24 and have to be at C28 in 1/2 hr but weather is bad here in Fargo so not sure if we will leave on time. I’m very nervous. Never have been in a large airport before and want to know specifically how to get from point A to point B so I don’t miss my connecting, especially if my plane is delayed taking off. Thanks a million!


    • Hi Karla,

      That’s definitely going to be a tight window of time, but as long as your plane arrives on schedule you should make it. When you get off the plane, head straight to their Skylink (there will be signs pointing you in the right direction), take the clockwise train and ride it to Terminal C, then just head to your gate.

      Don’t worry if you accidentally get on the counter-clockwise train, it will just take a little bit longer – but not much! If you need help just ask a member of the airport staff!

      Thanks for reading!


  17. Douglas Lehto January 1, 2020

    There is a place where you mention Terminal B is on the east side of the airport. I believe it is on the west side.
    Thanks, helpful information, though more detail about connecting from the Tex Rail station would be helpful.


    • Catherine Luther January 2, 2020

      Hi Douglas,

      Thanks, that’s been amended and we’ll take a look at the Tex Rail info on the next article update.


  18. We are flying out of terminal e but wish to park in the terminal d lot (due to return flight). It is my understanding I can ONLY take the shuttle from d to e, is this correct? Thank you.


    • Hi JuJu,

      Yes, you should take the Terminal link shuttle bus from Terminal D to Terminal E. Keep in mind that the shuttle pick up area for Terminal D will is at the arrivals level.

      Thanks for reading!


      • Thanks! So if I park in E for my departing flight and arrive in D terminal , the sky link would work to get me back to my car in E? I’m sorry to ask again but I’m not familiar. Just trying to figure out which terminal parking would best serve me.


  19. Patrick joseph O Donnell January 23, 2020

    I’m flying into terminal C gate 33 this morning and I’m due at 9:59 am. My connecting flight is from Gate 13 in terminal A at 10:50 am. Will it be faster to walk or take the Skylink?


    • Hi Patrick,

      It should be faster to take the Skylink. Just make sure you get on the train traveling clockwise, not counterclockwise.

      Thanks for reading!


  20. Prof. Prasad KS March 8, 2020

    I am travelling from Little Rock to London in May 2020 via Dallas. My flight from Little Rock reaches Dallas at 17.45 and my connecting flight to London is at 19.10. Both are Americal Airlines. I am left with 1hour 25 minutes. Is this time sufficient to move from terminal E to any other terminal?


  21. HAROLD ZIMMERMAN May 30, 2020

    I am arriving on Spirit Air to Terminal 4 and need to connect with a flight at Terminal E, I have 32 minutes. Will I make my connecting flight?


    • Hi Harold,

      That is a tight connection but you should be able to make it assuming your first flight arrives on time. I’m assuming that by terminal 4 you mean terminal D? If so, when you depart from the plane, follow signs towards the Skylink, and take the train that operates counter-clockwise. Trains depart every 2 minutes and Terminal E is the first stop from Terminal D on the counter-clockwise train.

      Safe travels!


      • I am arriving on American Air to Terminal D from Tampa and need to connect with a flight at Terminal E, to Houston Hobby air. I have 1 hour 32 minutes.
        I can walk to From terminal D To E?


  22. Szarvák Kata August 17, 2020

    I will arrive to DFW from Seoul at 16:25 and will have 1 hour and 24 minutes to catch my next flight to Lima. Do you think I can make it? Do I understand correctly that I will have to declare customs, pick up my bag, and re-clear security? I will fly with American Airlines and I booked the two routes on one ticket.

    Thank you in advance for your advice!


    • Hi Kata,

      As long as your first flight arrives on time, I think you should make it just fine. Yes, you’re correct that you will have to declare customs, pick up your bag, and re-clear security.

      Safe travels!


  23. Paula De Jonge September 10, 2020

    My son and I are arriving from GRR on American Airlines at 2:32p and our connecting flight is American Airlines headed to SAT boarding at 4:54p, will we get to the gate on time? I thought I read that we had to change terminals.


  24. Carol Wubbena October 9, 2020

    I am flying from Austin to DFW with a 46 minute layover if we are on schedule. Is that enough time to get from D18 to B31? Will I expect to go by escalator/elevator to get to skylink?


    • Hi Carol,

      Yes, that should be enough time to get to the B Terminal. From the D Terminal, you should not need to use an elevator or escalator to get to the Skylink – just follow the posted signs when you exit the plane.


  25. I am flying from MSP to TUL with a change of planes in DFW. I’m getting ready to check into my flight, and the details note baggage gate info for the flight arriving in DFW. My connecting flight to Tulsa is part of my ticket with AA. So… two questions –

    My luggage should be automatically transferred to my next flight, correct? (sorry.. newbie)
    Skylink from D34 to B12 should be more than enough time with an 1hr 15mn layover, correct?



    • Hi Patty,

      Yes, your luggage should be transferred onto your next flight for you since you’re booked with the same airline. Also, 1 hour and 15 minutes should be more than enough time to switch Terminals.


  26. Good morning! Myself and my toddler will be traveling today and have 45 minutes to get from C terminal to the E satellite terminal! I am very nervous about making this connecting flight! What’s the fastest way to navigate this? Does the Skylink have limited numbers allowed? I see some comments about that and I don’t want to wait for no reason! Thank you!


    • Catherine Luther December 3, 2020

      Hi Cassandra,

      You must ride the Skylink train as these 2 terminals are not connected for walking. Trains run every 2 minutes, so providing your inbound flight is not delayed, this connection time should be ok.


  27. Sharon Girton December 13, 2020

    I will be flying into terminal C gate 4. My connecting flight is at terminal A gate 24. The window for connecting is 50 minutes. Should I walk or take the sky rail? (counter-clockwise or counterclockwise?)


    • Hi Sharon,

      I would take the sky rail as I think it is much faster. To get from terminal C to terminal A you’ll want to take the counterclockwise train. Safe travels!


  28. I’m leaving DFW from Terminal A and parking from there. However, I’m returning to DFW in Terminal E. How do I get to Parking Terminal A if I arrive at Terminal E?


  29. Suzanne Van Orden February 4, 2021

    Arriving at Terminal B Via texrail. My Frontier flight leaves from Terminal E. How do I get there and how much time should it take?


    • Hi Suzanne,

      You can take the Skylink train between Terminal B and E. Should only take about 5-10 minutes for the train to arrive at Terminal E. Safe travels!


  30. Are the Skylink trains labeled clockwise and counterclockwise?


    • Catherine Luther February 22, 2021

      Hi Tonia,

      They are not signposted clockwise/counterclockwise. Electronic signs at the boarding point will tell you which train is best to reach your intended terminal. For example, if you were waiting at Terminal A, one side would be signposted the best route for reaching all B and D gates and the other side, C and E gates.


  31. If I arrive from LHR on American Airlines, I come to Terminal D? I will be booking a through ticket for my next flight. As AA use most of the other terminals, do they always use the same terminal for each destination, or do the departure terminal change? How will I know which terminal to go to? Is there a “flight board” in Terminal D and will it display the (go to gate) information two and half hours before the ETD? If the terminal I have to go to is the furthest from D how long will it take? I hope things will be near to normal before I fly, so please take that into account. Thanks for you help.


    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, it is likely that you will arrive in Terminal D. AA does not always use the same terminal for a certain destination, the terminal that you need to go to will be clearly marked on the ticket for your next flight as soon as the terminal and gate number has been assigned by American Airlines. All of DFW is connected by the Skylink train which operates 24/7 and departs every 2 minutes from two stations within every terminal. With trains running clockwise and counter-clockwise, the maximum ride time between the furthest points is only 9 minutes.

      Safe travels!


      • Apologies, Jarrod. Thanks for the information can you confirm that as a UK citizens (with an ESTA,) on our first visit to the US that we will go to Border Patrol, collect baggage, go to customs, recheck our baggage and then through Security before going to the Skytrain. Are all these on the same level and how long the average time for Gate to Train time was before all the Covid madness started, please?


        • Hi Chris,

          Yes, you’re correct that you will go through each of those steps when you arrive to DFW and they are all on the same level. Pre-Covid, assuming it wasn’t a particularly busy day at the airport, you could usually get through each of these items between 1 – 1.5 hours.


  32. We arrive from MZT at gate B1 on AA connecting through DFW to YYC on AA at gate C29 on one ticket. Do we have to collect our bags and clear customs and security at DFW if so how long does this take? We have 1 hr 55 mins.


    • Catherine Luther May 3, 2021

      Hi Mickey,

      You would need to claim your luggage and clear customs on arrival at DFW and the time can vary depending on other flight arrivals. If you’re booked on one ticket, the airline should move you onto the next available flight if your connection is missed.


  33. Julie Heyer May 23, 2021

    What terminal do American Eagle flights arrive in?


  34. I’ve got 50 mins to get from D22 to B33 – is that enough time? Is walking or the sky link faster?


  35. My daughter needs to get from Gate B2 to C14 during a 55 min layover. Is it faster to walk or take SkyLink?


  36. Beverly J Gerig June 4, 2021

    I am flying from Portland(PDX) to Madrid(MAD). I booked together on Iberia but from PDX to DFW I will be flying American and checking in on American. I have to do a separate check-in for Iberia. When I get to Dallas will American forward my bags on to Iberia or do I have to go to baggage claim and pick them up? If I have to pick them up do I have to go to Iberia check in and through security again or is there somewhere they can be dropped off without leaving the secure area? Any idea which terminal Iberia flies out of?


    • Hi Beverly,

      Since your ticket was all booked under the same itinerary through Iberia, American should forward your bags onward to your Iberia flight for you.


  37. I will arrive at gate D, but my next flight is in gate A. I have 45 minutes to get to A. I will arrive at gate D30 to gate A11. Can I walk from D to A?


  38. I’m arriving to DFW from MIA in Terminal A – Gate A24 and I have 45 minutes to get to Terminal D – Gate D21 to take my flight to Madrid, both flights are on the same reservation number. Will this be possible?
    Where is the security checkpoint for international travel?


    • Hi Luciano,

      As long as your flight arrives on time you should be fine. You can simply take the Skylink train from Terminal A to Terminal D and it should only take you about 5 minutes, and you will not need to re-clear security when connecting from another US airport. Safe travels!


  39. We are flying out of DFW going to Hawaii on United. We are assuming they are going to be at terminal E. We are trying to locate a nearby hotel that will have easy access to parking, hotel, and terminal. Does anyone have any ideas? Oh, and 1 person in our party is handicapped. Any suggestions would be great.


    • Hi Stacey,

      The Grand Hyatt DFW is a great option. The hotel is actually attached to Terminal D at DFW, so you’ll be just one SkyLink stop away from Terminal E.


  40. I am flying Sunday morning to DFW and have a 40-minute layover. I am flying into Terminal A15 and have to connect to Corpus Christie Terminal B44, will this be enough time to walk?


  41. angela m kotula September 8, 2021

    Do I take the clockwise Skylink from C to E?


  42. I have 1 hour and 7 minutes to get from E38b to B28 is that enough time??


  43. My question is a twist on some previous ones. Flying out of E but returning to D. I would like to leave my car at D for convenience. Can we drop our bags at E, get our boarding pass, drive to D and park, go through security at D, then take the rail back to E?


  44. I have a long layover at DFW and plan to stay overnight at the Hyatt Regency at Terminal C. My departing flight is from Terminal E at 6am . Will they allow me to pass through security at Terminal C and catch the skylink to terminal E ? I am concerned I will miss my flight if I wait for the terminal Link shuttle which starts at 5am.


    • Hi Ian,

      Yes, they should allow you to pass through security in Terminal C without issue. If they tell you that you are at the wrong Terminal then just explain your situation to them and they should let you pass.


  45. I am not a US-citizen and I am flying from Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. I am going to arrive at Terminal D. I have a connecting flight in 4 hours to Austin, Texas with American Airlines. I have two separate tickets.
    Did I get it right that:
    I will arrive at floor 0, go to customs and immigration check, pick-up my luggage, then I will go up to floor 1 to the check-in desk of American Airlines, check-in again and my baggage too, then I will go to security and head to floor 3 to take Skylink and reach my new terminal and gate where I go down to floor 1 – departures. Is it the right procedure? Thank you for your reply.


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