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LuxxLounge at Frankfurt International Airport [Review]

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Ryan Smith
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I’m not a big fan of landside lounges, but I was willing to change my mind during a visit to Germany this summer. Did Frankfurt’s LuxxLounge blow me away enough to give lounges before security another shot?

The LuxxLounge was the only lounge I had access to on an early morning in mid-August after a friend dropped me off at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) early. With time to kill, I checked out the LuxxLounge before I went through security.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone go out of their way to visit this lounge. It could be a good stop for a bite to eat after checking in and before heading to security, but the lack of amenities and inconvenient location prevented this lounge from providing a great airport experience for me.


The LuxxLounge was in Terminal 1, on the floor above the check-in counters in the B/C areas. Signs pointed up these escalators, and the entrance to the lounge was at the top.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA sign up escalators
Escalators and sign up to the lounge entrance.

The lounge was landside, prior to security, which immediately would’ve limited the lounge’s practicality if I hadn’t had extra time on my hands. If you’re on a connecting flight, you’d need to exit the secure area to visit the lounge, then pass through security again to get to your next departure.

Those transiting on international connections from and to regions outside the Schengen Area would need to go through passport control to visit this lounge, which is a hassle most people wouldn’t go through for a lounge — and something I don’t recommend for a small lounge with few perks. Moreover, visiting a lounge outside of security means you can’t reliably estimate how long it will take to reach your gate. It might be a 15-minute walk, but will there be 1 person or 100 in line in front of you at the X-ray machines?

And if you’re already at your gate and then hear your flight is delayed, retreating to this lounge is impractical.

Gaining Access

Large signs in the foyer advertised Priority Pass access to the LuxxLounge, but you can also access the lounge in other ways.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA access
Entrance to the lounge.

Business-class passengers from several airlines had access, including ITA Airways, EL AL, and TAP Portugal. Diners Club, Lounge Club, Lounge Pass, Lounge Key, and DragonPass membership also provide access.

Alternatively, you can pay to enter the lounge. Prices start at €35 for each adult (~$37). That price grants you a 3-hour visit.

Hot Tip:

If you have The Platinum Card® from American Express or The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, you have access to certain Lufthansa lounges — and not just at FRA. However, you must be flying on a same-day ticket of a Lufthansa Group airline to gain access.

Hours of Operation

LuxxLounge was supposed to be open from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. when I visited in mid-August 2023. I was at the door before the lounge opened, and the staff opened the door 10 minutes late.

First Impressions

My first impression was that the lounge opened late. Once the door was open, I quickly got the feeling that this lounge wasn’t worth a detour.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA reception desk
The reception desk and business class area to the left.

It felt worn yet somehow still had that “just opened, working out the kinks” feel.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA stains on carpet
The carpet had seen better days.

When checking in, I told the employee what method I planned to use to get in, but the credit card machine and the scanner for lounge memberships weren’t working. The hostess didn’t know the computer password, so she couldn’t reset the card readers. Thus, I had to write down my name and what membership I was using to access the lounge so that another employee arriving an hour later (and who presumably could log into the computer) could officially check me in.

I also didn’t appreciate the way the employee barked at several guests either. Long story short: The area to the left was only for business class passengers from partner airlines. Anyone who attempted to turn that way after checking in was quickly scolded in an unfriendly way.

All in all, my check-in experience didn’t give me a great first impression.

Hot Tip:

If you’re not a business class passenger, turn right! Don’t turn left!


There were 2 seating areas available to the right of reception — the areas I could access with my Priority Pass membership. A seating area with 2 dozen plush chairs was right past the entrance. These sat in groups of 4 around small, round tables, and there were end tables between the chairs.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA seating
The first seating area in the lounge.

Outlets were available near some chairs, but those along the outer wall (near the window) had the most outlets. The USB ports didn’t work.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA USB charging didnt work
The USB charging points didn’t work.

Down the hallway and past both the restrooms and buffet area, there was additional seating in a restaurant layout.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA hallway to restaurant
The hallway to the food and second seating area.

This area had long tables with a banquette on 1 side and chairs on the other.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA cafe seating
Seating past the kitchen.

Food and Beverage


The buffet was in the center of the lounge, down the hallway past the first seating area. There was milk and 3 kinds of cereal along 1 wall.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA cereal milk
Cereals and milk at the end of the buffet.

Bread and pastries sat near the toaster, and there were several jams.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA buffet baked goods
Pastries and breads on the breakfast buffet.

A case along another wall had cheeses, cold cuts, and hard-boiled eggs that had been dyed like Easter was coming.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA buffet cold cuts eggs
It wasn’t actually Eastertime during my visit.

The most interesting station for me was the minifridge with yogurt and the nearby hot dogs. Hot dogs aren’t a breakfast food for me, but this lounge had them (or some sort of similar sausage) out in the morning.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA buffet hot dogs yogurt
Hot dogs for breakfast, apparently.


A coffee machine worked well and was popular, and there were also supplies for making tea.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA coffee machine
The coffee machine was popular.

The lounge had cold water and orange juice on tap and several types of alcohol for making mixed drinks.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA drinks
The lounge’s drink station.

A pair of small refrigerators held beer, bottled water, and Coca-Cola products. The lounge also sold bottles of wine, including sparkling wine.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA drink coolers
Help-yourself drinks were available.



The bathrooms were small. The men’s room didn’t have urinals, just 2 small stalls and 1 sink.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA bathroom
The bathroom was small but clean.


I was surprised that this lounge had 2 showers. They were near the bathrooms in the hallway between the buffet and the main entrance. The key was at the front desk, and the showers were complimentary.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA shower and bathroom entrance
Showers and bathrooms were small but clean.


Near the bathroom, there were 2 desks to serve as workstations.

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA workstations
2 desks were available.


The lounge had a private Wi-Fi network, with the password listed on placards around the lounge. Speeds were fantastic: a blistering 613.59 Mbps download and 521.5 upload.

LuxxLounge FRA speed teset
Internet speeds in the lounge were blazingly fast. Image Credit: Speedtest by Ookla


The lounge had a printer near the reception desk. I couldn’t get a clear answer on whether I’d be charged for printing documents (which the employees printed on guests’ behalf).

LuxxLounge Frankfurt FRA printer
A printer was available.


Service was rocky. The employee who handled the line at opening left something to be desired.
The other employee who arrived later (and then came around to actually check us in) was friendlier, but that didn’t take much to accomplish, even though the second employee’s demeanor was affable, even without a comparison.

A staff member collected dirty dishes and restocked the buffet as needed. I never noticed any trash accumulating or items on the buffet sitting empty, so full marks in this category.

Less barking at people who turned the wrong way and a smoother check-in process would have improved the service at LuxxLounge.

Final Thoughts

This was a very average lounge. Even if they updated the furniture and carpet and worked out the kinks in service, this would probably remain an average lounge inconvenient for many travelers.

I had breakfast with my friend before we left for the airport, so I wasn’t too worried about a hearty meal. And I got free coffee and reliable Wi-Fi at the lounge. So if you come with tempered expectations and have time to kill, it could be worth a visit to the LuxxLounge. But I definitely wouldn’t go through security twice or change terminals to come here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours at the LuxxLounge in Frankfurt?

The lounge’s listed operating hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily.

Where is the LuxxLounge in Frankfurt?

The lounge is on the upper floor in Terminal 1. It’s above the B/C check-in desks.

What Priority Pass lounges are available in Frankfurt?

In Terminal 1, the LuxxLounge is available landside. There are also 2 Be Relax Spa locations in Terminal 1. In Terminal 2, there are 3 lounges: the Air France Lounge, Primeclass Lounge, and Priority Lounge.

What is the difference between landside and airside for a lounge?

“Landside” means a facility is before you go through security, on the side with the check-in facilities. “Airside” means a facility is in the departures area, past security control, on the side with the gates.

Ryan Smith's image

About Ryan Smith

Ryan completed his goal of visiting every country in the world in December of 2023 and now plans to let his wife choose their destinations. Over the years, he’s written about award travel for publications including AwardWallet, The Points Guy, USA Today Blueprint, CNBC Select, Tripadvisor, and Forbes Advisor.


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