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The 18 Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia [2023]

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Amar Hussain
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When people think of Bali, pristine sandy beaches and inviting water usually come to mind. However, little details make each of its shores quite different. Crowd levels, currents, and amenities all play a role in giving each beach its own identity, but they can also make planning your trip more difficult than you’d hoped.

Whether you’re planning a family trip or a romantic honeymoon, keep reading to find out which of Bali’s beaches can help you turn your dream tropical vacation into a reality.

Map of the 18 Best Beaches in Bali

The 9 Best Beaches in East Bali

1. Amed Beach

Amed Beach
Image Credit: Tiomax80 via Flickr (license)

Bali’s Amed Beach is recognizable for its black sand, formed from lava deposits over time. This dramatic dark color contrasts strikingly with the bright turquoise water that surrounds the shore.

Amed Beach is prone to crowds, but that’s because it’s a natural wonderland for people who love the water. Divers can explore its underwater world without venturing too far from land, and those who prefer to relax can enjoy the soft sand on the shore.

Amed is also equipped to make your whole beach day fun and stress-free. Nearby eateries ensure you’ll never be without refreshments, and you don’t have to worry about lugging a picnic basket with you when you head out for the day. Though trees back the beach, most aren’t placed in areas that offer convenient shade, so make sure you bring sunscreen to keep from getting sunburned.

2. Bias Tugel Beach

Bias Tugel Beach
Image Credit: Visit Bali

Despite being a small lagoon, Bias Tugel Beach has managed to be one of the best beaches in Bali and one of the best in all of Indonesia’s territories.

The beach is generally relatively quiet because it’s largely hidden from direct view, so you have to know it’s there in order to find it. That seclusion is part of why it’s also a shore that’s beloved by locals, meaning you’ll get a more authentic local experience on this beach.

The lack of crowds also works in your favor because it makes finding a spot on the sand easier. The beach isn’t very big, measuring just over 425 feet in length. Though it usually doesn’t get too busy, try to come early in the day if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, especially on weekends when more locals are free to visit.

3. Blue Lagoon

Image Credit: Wu Chunchi via Flickr (license)

Serangan’s Blue Lagoon is a favorite spot among a wide variety of beach-goers. In fact, most of the beaches on the island are stunning. Those who are looking for a peaceful place to unwind and listen to the waves enjoy the relative quiet and general lack of crowds. On the other hand, more adventurous types love that the current here is usually strong enough to allow for surfing and windsurfing.

Even if you’re not an experienced swimmer or adrenaline junkie, you can still enjoy the water. It’s relatively shallow near the shore, and the current is fairly gentle in that area as well, so you can relax and wade in peace. The beach is also near amenities that can take some of the planning out of your travel.

Hot Tip:

Tours and excursions often operate out of Blue Lagoon’s waters, so you can explore more of the island and its ocean with a trained professional. There are also restaurants nearby for refreshments.

4. Lebih Beach

Lebih Beach
Image Credit: taufan_d via Flickr (license)

Lebih Beach is one of the easiest shorelines to reach since it’s just a few hundred feet away from the main road and is equipped with plenty of space to park a car. Though it’s not a terribly developed beach, it’s perfect for people who want a no-fuss day by the water.

However, it’s worth noting that this beach is better for visitors who are looking for a coastal ambiance but aren’t interested in swimming. There isn’t much sand here, and what there is tends to be muddy or flooded depending on the tides.

The biggest reason why people should visit Lebis is the food. Its proximity to the sea means the restaurants here have some of the best seafood in Bali. You can grab a bite to eat and get a one-of-a-kind view of the waves all at the same time. 

5. Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach
Image Credit: Jumilla via Flickr (license)

If you’re looking for a relaxing shore where you can unwind and have a stress-free trip, Nusa Dua Beach is the place for you.

This stretch of Bali’s coast is lined with multiple luxury hotels and resorts, and there are nearby restaurants. So if you’re staying nearby, you can easily spend your entire vacation relaxing on the sand. Even if you’re not staying at one of the nearby hotels, you can still access the beach, though you’ll need to pay for parking if you’re arriving by car.

This part of Bali is also versatile. The water near the shore is gentle enough for young or inexperienced swimmers. However, if you venture out a little bit, you’ll notice more waves if you want to try your hand at surfing or other water sports. There’s no natural shade on the sand, though, so bring sunscreen.

6. Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach
Image Credit: David Periang Hendra via Flickr (license)

For years Pandawa Beach was also known as one of Bali’s secret beaches due to its naturally hidden location behind some of the island’s mountains. However, as more people began to stumble on this shore, it began to gain more popularity. Now it’s a beloved spot among both locals and tourists. That’s largely due to its scenic location made up of dramatic cliffs and gentle water.

The beach also tends to be less crowded since it takes a little effort to get here. If you arrive early in the day, you’ll have a few hours where the entire shore is virtually empty if you want to relax or go for a swim in total peace. Or you can grab a kayak to explore Pandawa’s waters.

The beach even has amenities like restrooms and nearby eateries to make your day even more comfortable.

7. Pantai Gunung Payung

Pantai Gunung Payung
Image Credit: Hebert via Adobe Stock

Pantai Gunung Payung is one of East Bali’s best-kept secrets. This beach is tucked away from view, making it a secluded spot for people who want to escape the tourist crowds.

The beach is covered in velvety white sand, though there are also larger rocks and boulders on the beach from the cliffs that surround the shore. There’s even a coral reef just off the coast that you can explore by snorkeling. Just make sure you don’t touch or bother any of the wildlife that calls it home.

It’s also worth noting that some kids might get bored while here, especially those who can’t swim well enough to venture away from the shore. It’s also not the most easily-accessible beach, as you do need to walk a bit to reach it, which can be an issue for people who depend on mobility aids like wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches.

8. Pantai Jasri

Pantai Jasri
Image Credit: Cecilia L. via Foursquare

Pantai Jasri is a serene and picturesque beach known for its black sand and blue water. Since it’s located on the east coast of Bali and has an unobstructed horizon, this beach is a beloved spot for visitors who want to see the sunrise over the water, though keep in mind that eastern exposure does mean it gets darker here a bit sooner since the sun is obstructed earlier in the evening.

It’s worth noting that parts of Pantai Jasri are covered by smooth black rocks, not sand. These areas are not meant to be access points to the water as they cause a risk of slipping. It’s also hard to judge the water’s depths from these rocks. If you plan on swimming, make sure you do so from the sand for extra safety. There’s also convenient free parking if you arrive by car.

9. Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach
Image Credit: Visit Bali

Virgin Beach is a pristine natural coastline that lets you get a closer look at Bali’s wild landscape. The beach has a few walking trails you can follow to access the sand or explore some of the lush greenery that lines the shore. Since it’s a little obstructed from any main roads, it doesn’t get very crowded, which allows the area to naturally maintain itself.

Though there’s no natural shade on the sand near the water, there are multiple beach umbrellas you can rent for the day. Otherwise, make sure you bring sun protection if you plan on spending time on dry land to avoid getting sunburned.

The area around the umbrellas is also the section where tourists tend to congregate most. So, if you want some space and quiet, just head to the empty stretches of sand.

The 9 Best Beaches in West Bali

1. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach
Image Credit: alex hanoko via Flickr (license)

Balangan Beach is widely regarded as one of the most picturesque places in Bali, thanks to its lush greenery, coastal cliffs, and golden sands. The water here tends to be gentle and free of debris as well because the shore is largely protected by a sizable coral reef system not far off the coast.

Its location on the western side of the island and clear horizon also make it a top spot to watch the sunset. So make sure you plan to stay until evening to see the water change colors in the dusk sun.

The road to get to the beach is narrow and a bit bumpy, which can be difficult to navigate by car. You might want to consider arriving by bike or hiring a driver to take you to and from Balangan if you’re unsure about driving in unfamiliar areas.

2. Balian Beach

Balian Beach
Image Credit: Sue via Flickr (license)

If you’re a surfer, Balian Beach is the place to go on Bali’s western coast. Since this beach area is so open, it’s prone to wind, which combines with the currents to create steady waves all year. You don’t have to be an experienced surfer to head out on the water here, though.

The water near the shore is gentler, so you can swim or wade without getting overwhelmed. If you’re interested in taking a surfboard out, but you’re not confident of your abilities, you can also stay near the coast where the waves aren’t as strong.

The village of Balian is rural and usually flies under tourist radars, so the shore usually doesn’t get very crowded. There are a few hotels and restaurants that have started to pop up, though, so you aren’t cut off from amenities to make your day at the beach extra comfortable.

3. Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong
Image Credit: Jorge Dalmau via Flickr (license)

Depending on the tide, Batu Bolong offers visitors the chance to partake in a variety of beachy activities. When the tide is low, you can go for a swim in gentle currents. However, when the water level starts to rise, it’s best to avoid going for a dip since the water is more unpredictable.

On the other hand, high tide makes surfing conditions more favorable. In both cases, you can go for a walk on the sand if you prefer to stay dry, though the beach is noticeably less wide when the tide is high.

The beach is near town as well, so if you need any refreshments or necessities to make your day by the water even better, they’re just a short distance away. The beach is popular among both locals and tourists, so it’s a great place to meet people while you travel.

4. Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach
Image Credit: Frédéric Lakermance via Flickr (license)

Bingin Beach is a versatile vacation spot that’s a great choice for families and trips with friends. It’s one of the most in-demand surf spots in Bali, with consistent waves all year just off the coast. However, it also has a gentle current near the shore that’s perfect for wading, even if you’re visiting with young children.

If you’d prefer to stay on dry land, Bingin Beach has plenty of room to walk around. You can admire the lush greenery and dramatic cliffs, especially around sunset. The beach also hosts various hotels and eateries, so it offers an in-inclusive resort ambiance.

However, this isn’t a secluded or hidden beach. It can get very busy, especially between April and August when the tourist season is at its peak. Make sure you head to the sand early in the day if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet.

5. Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island
Image Credit: aloys_dharambure via Flickr (license)

Located just a few miles northwest of Bali’s main island, Menjangan Island is a secluded and pristine natural area worth visiting. It’s part of the West Bali National Park, so it’s a protected territory that’s kept in its natural state.

The island can be reached via a 30-minute boat ride. There are a few services that do this route, but you can also rent a boat yourself if you’d prefer. Once here, you can hike, fish, surf, or even go diving to explore the coral reef, thanks to the clean water that surrounds the island.

Since the beach is relatively free of development, you can get up close to the wildlife, and it’s not uncommon to see wild deer roaming the land. However, it’s important to remember that the animals on the island are wild, so don’t touch or bother them.

6. Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach
Image Credit: Alexey Komarov via Flickr (license)

Locally known as Taplau, Padang Padang Beach offers locals and tourists a bit of an escape from the nearby city. However, don’t think that means the beach is always packed with people. If you visit after August and before April, when the tourist season has died down, you can avoid most of the crowds. That’s especially true if you visit during the week.

In order to help keep the beach well-maintained, there’s a small admission cost to access the shore, so keep that in mind while you’re packing your beach bag in the morning. The beach itself is rather cozy and is surrounded by trees, giving it a more secluded and natural atmosphere and appearance.

Once in the water, you can wade, swim, or surf, depending on how far you are from land, with the water getting gradually deeper the further you venture.

7. Pantai Yeh Gangga

Pantai Yeh Gangga
Image Credit: Yuliya Kirayonak via Adobe Stock

Pantai Yeh Gangga is a peaceful beach with brackish water. This part of Bali’s coast doesn’t typically get very busy, so it’s a great spot for people who are looking for a good place to relax and unwind.

The beach is covered in plush black lava sand, and there are a few rock formations on the sand and in the water, which create a dramatic and natural picture, especially in the evening. While the beach is slowly becoming popular among tourists, it’s still largely frequented by locals, so you can get a more genuine Bali coastal experience while here.

The area even has a few different food options if you want to grab something to eat during your beach day.

Hot Tip:

The area is also home to a turtle conservation area, but make sure you don’t bother any nests you find here.

8. Pererenan Beach

Pererenan Beach
A sculpture of Gajah Mina at Pererenan Beach. Image Credit: Danaan via Adobe Stock

Stretching over 0.25 miles, Pererenan Beach is a beautiful and relatively tranquil beach covered in plush black sand. The beach is even and easy to walk or lay out on, and it’s near restaurants and other establishments if you need food or other necessities.

This beach is rather relaxed and laid-back, so it doesn’t typically get very busy. Many of the tourists that come to this part of Bali tend to go to surrounding beaches, so this one is spared the worst of the crowds.

Waves are pretty consistent here if you want to try surfing, but on particularly calm days, the water can be too still to head out on your board. However, like many of Bali’s beaches, there are no lifeguards, so swim cautiously. That’s especially true if you’re visiting with small children who will want to splash around in the water.

9. Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach
Image Credit: Marc via Flickr (license)

Seminyak Beach is a particularly beloved beach among couples and younger travelers thanks to the wide array of activities it offers.

The sandy beach is inviting to people who want to lay out and listen to the waves or work on their tan, and vendors offer umbrellas and beach chairs you can rent for the day. If you’re up for something a little more unique and cinematic, you can even ride a horse along the beach.

Seminyak Beach is definitely worth visiting in the evening as well as during the day. Its location on the west coast means you get a great view of the sun setting over the horizon. Not only that, but this area is also home to a lively nightlife scene, with parties frequently held on and near the beach. However, visitors with children may want to leave before the festivities begin.

Final Thoughts

Bali is a tropical paradise with no shortage of beaches. Whether you prefer relaxing on the sand or heading out on a surfing adventure, there’s a place on its shores for you. We hope that this list has helped you narrow down your options to bring you one step closer to planning your Bali dream trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What part of Bali has the best beaches?

Bali has beautiful beaches on all of its shores. However, the most picturesque can be found in the southern parts of the country. This is where you’ll find the Bukit Peninsula as well as many of Bali’s most beloved tropical island beaches.

Are the beaches in Bali clear water?

Bali is known for its clear, bright blue water. That’s part of why the country is such a popular vacation spot. The clear water isn’t just great for swimming, but also for diving. Areas around the main cities, however, can sometimes be murkier.

Can you swim at the beach in Bali?

Bali has near-countless swimmable beaches. These areas generally have gentle currents, shallow depths, and clear water. However, if you’re unsure about a particularly secluded spot, ask locals before you go for a dip to make sure there’s nothing to be aware of.

Which month is best for swimming in Bali?

Bali’s location in the Indian Ocean allows it to benefit from warm sea temperatures all year. In fact, water temperatures rarely drop below 80 degrees or exceed 86 degrees. December tends to have the warmest water, so it’s perfect for a winter vacation.

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