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The 5 Best Travel Power Strips [2023]

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Amar Hussain
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In order to stay connected on the go, you will need a reliable power supply to keep your devices up and running at all times. Lightweight and compact, these clever little power strips offer multiple power outlets, allowing you to charge numerous different devices simultaneously.

Things To Consider With Travel Power Strips

When you need to rely on more than 1 outlet, a travel-friendly power strip offers you all the extra power and convenience you need while you are away from home. To ensure that you can enjoy reliable and efficient charging on the move, consider the following before you buy:

Power Source and Ports

Most modern-day travelers look for a power strip that doesn’t just offer regular AC plugs for day-to-day items — they also want to find USBs for charging their phones, tablets, cameras, and other devices.

A multi-function travel power strip will provide you with a selection of power options, with most offering AC outlets that can charge up to 5V/2.4A and additional UBS-A or USB-C power ports for charging cell phones and devices.

Hot Tip: Look for a power strip that offers 4 or 5 outlets — that way, you can charge your cell phone, your laptop, and even your electric toothbrush and other accessories all at the same time.

Cable Length

It is not just the additional power outlets that make a travel power strip so useful, it is also the versatility they offer when it comes to positioning. Unlike a wall socket, these power strips come with flexible cables that allow them to be positioned away from the wall and somewhere more practical.

With a travel power strip, though, you need to find the balance between a cord that is long enough to be useful without it becoming too bulky to carry around with you.

Power Supplies and Safety Features

Most countries work with different types of power sockets, and many have different voltages. Before you pack your regular power strip from home, you must check the electrical supply information for your destination.

Many power strips also come with safety features that will protect against surges in the electrical current, which could cause your devices to become overloaded, and they should always be made from fire-retardant materials in case the worst happens and they become over-heated.

The 5 Best Travel Power Strips

1. All-around Strip for Everyday Use

One Beat Power Strip with USB

This 5-in-1 power strip can support up to 5 different devices simultaneously and is perfect for use both at home and while you are away.

Each of the 3 USB ports can intelligently charge up to 5V/2.4A (total 5V/3.1A), and with built-in surge protection, it will prevent your devices from overheating.

With a 5-foot long extension cord, it can be used in multiple positions, and the lie-flat design makes it compact enough to discretely power up your electronics without getting in the way.

Made with high strength, fire-resistant ABS and PC shell, it is safe and durable, and with multiple outlets, it allows you to keep all of your chargers neatly in 1 place.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and strong

What We Don’t Like

  • USB ports are prone to fail over time

2. Compact Power Strip for Traveling

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Anker Power Strip with USB

This highly capable, versatile travel cube comes with 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports, allowing you to power up multiple appliances.

Compact and highly portable, it measures less than 2.5 cubic inches and offers 18W max output from the USB ports and 120W from the AC outlets.

Featuring Anker’s world-renowned PowerIQ technology, you can enjoy superfast charging, and the built-in overload protection and a fire-retardant casing will ensure that it stays safe, even while you are away from home.

What We Like

  • Super-compact but highly capable

What We Don’t Like

  • It would be better if it featured a slightly longer cable

3. Power Strip With a USB-C Port for Greater Versatility

One Beat Power Strip with USB C

Designed to charge up a wide variety of devices, this multi-function power strip comes with 3 AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports, and an additional USB-C port.

It is compatible with 100-240V worldwide voltage, and the compact and lightweight design makes it suitable for use at home, in the office, or even while you are away.

Offering superfast charging, you can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously, and with a 5-foot long extension cord, it can be placed within easy reach of your office desk, nightstand, or other practical pieces of furniture.

Made from high-quality components, it is fireproof and comes with protection against both overheating and short circuits, and the lightweight, compact design makes it easy to carry around with you.

What We Like

  • The compact design

What We Don’t Like

  • The space between the outlets is quite small

4. Retractable Cord Power Strip

NTONPOWER Travel Power Strip

Perfect for use while you’re away from home, this compact but highly capable power strip comes with 3 power outlets and 3 USB ports, allowing you to charge up to 6 devices at a time.

With a reduced-length power cord that can be wrapped around the sockets for more compact carrying and high-quality construction that is resistant to fire, this is a safe and reliable power strip that is perfect for use while traveling.

For your continued safety, this awesome little power bank also has a fire-resistant outer shell and offers protection against overheating, overcharging, and electrical short circuits.

What We Like

  • Just the right size for traveling

What We Don’t Like

  • The cord is surprisingly short

5. Compact Power Strip With Surge Protection

Check on Walmart

UPWADE Outlet Travel Power Strip

This funky-looking power strip is one of the most compact 2 AC models you can buy and offers a hidden 5-foot power cord that lets you move the power strip around with you.

Highly portable and perfect for use while traveling, it comes with 2 surge-protected AC outlets and 4 smart USB ports that are all equipped with SmartID technology and multiple-circuit protection.

Incredibly safe, the unibody shell is made from fireproof materials, and the high-quality construction ensures that it remains safe from short-circuits and power surges on the go.

What We Like

  • The longer-length cord and compact design

What We Don’t Like

  • The plastic feels a little cheap and brittle

Final Thoughts

Being able to charge all of your appliances in 1 go makes life so much easier when you are away from home. Look for power strips that offer a combination of plug sockets and USBs, and ensure that the travel power strip you choose offers the correct voltage to charge your devices safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a surge protector and a power strip?

A power strip allows you to connect multiple devices from 1 wall socket. Surge protectors are a type of power strip that will protect your devices against electrical surges that can happen on your travels.

Do power strips reduce power?

Power strips do not reduce power as they are designed to draw the same amount of power for your device as if it was plugged directly into a wall outlet.

Is it OK to daisy chain power strips?

Daisy chaining is where you plug 1 power strip into another. You should not daisy chain power strips as this could cause electrical failure or even a fire hazard.

What should you never plug into a power strip?

There are some appliances that you should avoid plugging into a power strip and instead connect directly to your wall socket. These include white goods products (such as fridges and freezers) and devices that create heat, such as microwaves, coffee makers, and hair straighteners.

Amar Hussain's image

About Amar Hussain

Amar is an avid traveler and tester of products. He has spent the last 13 years traveling all 7 continents and has put the products to the test on each of them. He has contributed to publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post, and more.


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