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Alila SCBD Jakarta in Indonesia [In-Depth Hyatt Hotel Review]

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My wife and I recently spent a night at the Alila SCBD Jakarta in Indonesia, and that was simply not enough. We only needed a hotel for a night before flying home from Jakarta, and we had no idea this hotel would be so nice. It deserves a longer stay.

This was the first Alila property I’d seen within a bustling city, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. From impressive modern touches to incredible service, this hotel wowed us in many ways within a short span of time. This was one of few stays where I checked out of a hotel saying, “We’ll be back; count on it.”

The Alila SCBD Jakarta opened in February 2019 and still looked new in many ways. Here’s what it was like staying at this incredible property for a night in mid-October 2023.


Neither of us had been to Jakarta before, so we decided it was worth the trek into the city for a bit of sightseeing, even though we were only there for a night. However, the Alila SCBD Jakarta isn’t close to the Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK). A taxi ride could take 35 minutes or up to an hour, depending on traffic. If you are arriving late at night and departing early, it probably isn’t worth the trek. For us, arriving during the early afternoon, we thought it was worth the trip.

Location of Alila SCBD Jakarta within city
Location of the hotel within the city and in comparison to the airport. Image Credit: Google Maps

The hotel is within the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD). It’s close to numerous options for shopping, restaurants, museums, and even the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, which hosts numerous sports and entertainment events.

Alila SCBD Jakarta surrounding neighboorhood
Location of the Alila SCBD Jakarta within the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD). Image Credit: Google Maps


As a participating World of Hyatt hotel, you can book the Alila SCBD Jakarta with points, cash, a combination of the 2, or free night awards.

Cash rates looked decent at $253 per night for a standard room (a studio at this property).

Alila SCBD Jakarta room types and costs
The various room types and their cash rates. Image Credit: Hyatt

However, the total came to $305.35 after heavy taxes and charges.

Alila SCBD Jakarta cash cost standard room
The cash cost for a 1-night stay after taxes. Image Credit: Hyatt

Paying 12,000 points for 1 night was a much better value. This gave us a redemption value of 2.54 cents per World of Hyatt point, which is well above average. Booking this property with a Category 1 to 4 free night award is also possible. You can earn these by staying at 5 different Hyatt brands (thanks to the Brand Explorer perk) or holding The World of Hyatt Credit Card.

Alila SCBD Jakarta points cost
Points pricing for a night. Image Credit: Hyatt
Hot Tip:

Whether you pay cash or with points, consider our guides to the best credit cards for Hyatt loyalists and the best way to redeem World of Hyatt points.

Checking In

On arrival, we instantly noticed the property’s unique exterior. This was the first hint that design choices inside and outside the hotel’s singular tower would be different than any hotel we’d visited previously.

Once the taxi dropped us off at the front door, this colorful metal sculpture on the wall greeted us outside the entrance.

Alila SCBD Jakarta entrance with art
Wall art at the hotel’s entrance.

These glowing green lanterns holding up the check-in stations were unlikely any hotel reception desk I’d ever seen. Rather than a single long station, employees worked behind individual desks.

Alila SCBD Jakarta lobby
I’d never seen anything like these green lanterns supporting the desks at check-in.

While the friendly employee scanned our passports and prepared paperwork, I glanced around the lobby, which extended to the right. Artwork was a big theme at this property, such as these metal sculptures of birds leaving the wall and occupying the overhead space above a public seating area with numerous chairs. I loved this property instantly for its novelty.

Alila SCBD Jakarta lobby art
Artwork in the hotel lobby.

The entire check-in process was very efficient and friendly. The employee spoke excellent English and confirmed our stay of just 1 night. He outlined the location and hours for the hotel’s restaurants, pool, spa, and gym, ensuring we understood rather than just rattling off information that he was obligated to tell us.

Check-in concluded with us receiving our key, which came in this fantastic paper holder with a unique design.

Alila SCBD Jakarta room key
The room key was plain, but the paper holder was unique.

Elite Benefits

As a World of Hyatt Globalist, I received several additional benefits at the Alila SCBD Jakarta. On arrival, the hotel had a printed letter outlining these perks.

Alila SCBD Jakarta Globalist welcome letter
A letter outlining my Globalist benefits.

Benefits included an upgrade to a premium room (there are no suites at this property), complimentary breakfast at Vong Kitchen, 4 p.m. late checkout, and a cocktail hour with complimentary drinks and snacks at the Vong bar.

Moreover, Hyatt elites visiting this property are entitled to a spa discount of 15% off a single treatment at the spa, so long as it was charged to the room.


Smart Elevators

This was the first hotel we’d stayed in with smart elevators. There were 6 elevators, with 3 on each side of the waiting area in the middle.

Alila SCBD Jakarta elevator waiting area
The elevator waiting area on the ninth floor.

In the lobby, we tapped our room key and were assigned an elevator. During busy periods, guests heading to the same floor were assigned to the same elevator. Instead of stopping at numerous floors, we skipped the floors of guests who were assigned to a different elevator. While the hotel wasn’t very busy during our visit, I loved this use of modern technology to improve the guest experience.

Alila SCBD Jakarta elevator controls
The control panel for the hotel’s smart elevators.

When leaving our floor (the ninth), we used the panel to tap a number, indicating which floor we wanted to go to.

Alila SCBD Jakarta elevator floor signs
Signage about hotel floors near the elevator.

With smart elevators, there were no buttons inside the elevator. The elevator already knew which floor(s) to stop at, and we got off at the right floor.


The spa was on the fifth floor, and I loved the ocean blue theme that greeted us after exiting the elevator. A friendly employee at the desk greeted us and offered assistance. She was ready to tell us about the services, hours for the facilities, or make an appointment for us.

Alila SCBD Jakarta spa entrance
Looking toward the spa’s welcome desk from the elevators.

The blue theme and mirrors along the hallway made this area feel like it had many more rooms and hallways than it actually did.

Alila SCBD Jakarta spa hallway
The hallway within the spa leading to the pool gave me ocean vibes.

The spa offered a full range of services, including massages, hot baths, facials, and manicures.

Alila SCBD Jakarta spa massage room entrance
The entrance to the massage rooms within the spa.

Further down the hallway, a Spinal Health & Wellness office was closed for the evening. The door listed the services the center could offer.

Alila SCBD Jakarta spa medical treatments
The health clinic within the spa listed services on the door.

The spa also had large locker rooms with wood fixtures and earth tones.

Alila SCBD Jakarta gym locker room
The men’s locker room in the spa/gym area.

A large steam room was inside each locker room, free for guests to use.

Alila SCBD Jakarta spa sauna entrance
The entrance to the steam room.

Fitness Center

Without a doubt, this was the nicest hotel gym I’ve ever seen. Located on the fifth floor, past the spa, the gym was large and had numerous types of equipment — something for everyone.

Alila SCBD Jakarta gym box jumps
The gym had weights, box jumps, and more.

Along a wall were numerous weight machines, benches, and free weights.

Alila SCBD Jakarta gym weight equipment
Weight benches in the hotel’s massive gym.

Along the other wall, multiple types of cardio equipment were available. And the views of the city below while using the bikes and treadmills were fantastic.

Alila SCBD Jakarta gym cardio equipment
Cardio equipment facing the windows in the gym.

Further into the gym were different heights for box jumps, kettlebells, ropes, and a punching bag.

Alila SCBD Jakarta gym equipment
Equipment for functional fitness exercises in the back of the gym.

The far corner also had medicine balls and exercise balls.

Alila SCBD Jakarta gym exercise balls
Exercise balls in the back corner of the gym.

All of the exercise equipment was to the right after entering the gym. To the left was a small café area with seating, and we could order protein shakes, juices, bottled drinks, and healthy snacks.

Alila SCBD Jakarta gym snack counter
This counter in the gym sold drinks and snacks.


An outdoor pool was also located on the fifth floor with the spa and fitness center. Doors to the pool were just past this desk with fresh towels plus a laundry bin for dirty towels.

Alila SCBD Jakarta pool towel desk
The towel counter before the pool area.

Outside, a small patio with a handful of chairs overlooked a long, skinny pool that was ideal for swimming laps. On the left side of the photo was the longest, most interesting hot tub I’ve ever seen — hotel or otherwise. There were several lounge chairs for guests to use past the pool and hot tub.

Alila SCBD Jakarta pool and hot tub
The pool (right) and enormous hot tub (left) on the fifth floor’s rooftop.

Meeting Spaces

Down a corridor after the elevator waiting area on the ground floor was an entrance to the Artisian Lounge. The name was deceptive, as it didn’t indicate that this was actually a 5,550-square-foot event space with vaulted ceilings. The space was full of curated artworks from Indonesia.

Alila SCBD Jakarta Artisian Lounge entrance with art
The entrance to the “opening soon” Artisian Lounge off the lobby.

There also was a larger event space on the third floor. It provided nearly 7,700 square feet of space, could be divided into 2 smaller rooms, and provided access to an outdoor terrace.


Free parking was available to guests. Parking was located in 2 garage floors under the hotel.


While it wasn’t the fastest, Wi-Fi worked throughout the property. We never lost our connection or had trouble using the internet.

Alila SCBD Jakarta speed test
Speeds weren’t great in our room, but the connection was reliable. Image Credit: Speedtest by Ookla

Premium Room

We received an upgrade to a premium room at the end of the hallway on the ninth floor (out of 26 total in the tower). And while the room felt small in some ways, we loved the features.

Alila SCBD Jakarta hallway signs
Signage to find our room.

Guest floor hallways were very simple, with tan and beige colors and wood floors.

Alila SCBD Jakarta hallway
The hallway leading to our room on the ninth floor.

The only thing disrupting the simplicity of the hallway was the occasional piece of local artwork.

Alila SCBD Jakarta painting in hallway
Artwork in the hallway on our floor.

We stayed in room 920.

Alila SCBD Jakarta door to room 920
Room 920 was ours.

Each room had a digital light to indicate “do not disturb” or “please clean up my room,” as well as a doorbell.

Alila SCBD Jakarta do not disturb
The “do not disturb” sign illuminated next to the doorbell for our room.

Immediately inside the door, buttons controlled this panel, located between a light switch and a small digital thermostat.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bedroom control panel
Controls next to the door operated lights, the A/C, and requests for housekeeping or privacy.

A hand sanitizer dispenser was next to this panel, which was a surprise.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bedroom hand sanitizer
We had a hand sanitizer dispenser next to the door.

The premium room is the largest room type at the Alila SCBD Jakarta, offering nearly 600 square feet of space. However, the room didn’t feel very open, and maneuvering around the room didn’t feel intuitive at first.

Alila SCBD Jakarta 1 king bedroom
The bed and TV in our studio bedroom.

A super-comfortable king-size bed sat in the middle, facing a TV on the wall that had a message of “Welcome Mr. Ryan” on it when we arrived. A headboard behind the bed provided support, and wooden nightstands flanked the bed.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bed
The bed and a nightstand in our room.

One nightstand had a phone, notepad, drinking glass, and bottle of water. A panel behind the nightstand had switches for various lights (which took a bit of guesswork to sort out), plus a universal outlet.

Alila SCBD Jakarta night stand
The nightstand with phone, notepad, water, and a panel of controls.

The nightstand also held a bottle of scented pillow mist. It had an incredible lemongrass scent that we loved.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bedroom pillow mist
This pillow mist was a unique touch and smelled excellent.

I’m trying not to overuse the “unique” description, but the other nightstand had a Marshall Bluetooth speaker that was a surprise detour from the subtlety of the hotel’s other features.

Alila SCBD Jakarta Marshall speaker
I loved this Marshall speaker on the nightstand.

A note by the bed also outlined the hotel’s conservation efforts.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bedroom conservation note
The hotel’s note about conservation efforts.

Track lighting near the curtains complemented the overhead lights and lamps around the room. After playing with the switches a bit, customizing the amount of lighting we wanted was a nice feature.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bedroom curtains and lighting
Track lighting was available along the curtains.

Walk-In Closet

Near the entrance to the room, we had a spacious walk-in closet with a sliding door. A full-length mirror covered the rear wall.

Alila SCBD Jakarta closet door
The door to our walk-in closet.

One side of the closet had a safe and flashlight, plus 2 ultra-comfortable black robes.

Alila SCBD Jakarta closet with robes
These black robes and slippers were comfortable and looked sleek.

The pairs of black slippers on the ground complemented the robes.

Alila SCBD Jakarta closet slippers
Pairs of slippers in the room’s walk-in closet.

The other side of the closet had a bench that was ideal for holding our suitcase, plus shelves at floor level.

Alila SCBD Jakarta closet shelves
Shelves at floor level in the closet.

There were also hangers and a laundry bag on this side of the closet.

Alila SCBD Jakarta closet hangers and laundry
Hangers and a laundry bag were available in the closet.

Desk and Seating Area

The bed’s headboard also served as a divider and the backrest for a desk on the other side of the room. The desk had a singular chair.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bedroom desk with chair
This chair was more comfortable than it looked.

The divider between the desk and bed had USB-A and universal outlets at both ends.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bedroom outlets
Charging points by the desk.

The desk also had a sign with a QR code we could scan to make requests via chat rather than a phone call to the front desk.

Alila SCBD Jakarta QR code for service
This QR code in our room enabled requests without a phone call.

A small table and seating area was in a nook behind the desk, wrapping around the room’s entrance. This oddly-shaped quadrilateral bench was only knee-high and not very practical, but it did a good job filling what would’ve been dead space otherwise. In contrast to the design choices throughout the rest of the hotel, the orange lamp had a very different vibe.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bedroom sitting area
A small sitting area in the corner of our room.


A sliding wooden door led to the bathroom. A peculiar feature of the bathroom was that it not only had blinds for privacy from the outside world along its large window facing outside. It also had blinds to cover the large window looking into the tub area from the bedroom.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom door
The sliding door to the bathroom.

The sink area was enormous. There were 2 sinks and a great amount of counter space. Each sink had a pump bottle of soap, a drinking glass, and a bottle of water.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom sink
The dual sinks and counter space in our bathroom.

Between the sinks, we had numerous individually wrapped toiletries. These included a loofah, dental kit, shower cap, and razor, plus a pump bottle of hand lotion with the same smell and texture as our bathroom amenities at the Alila Manggis in Bali. We also found facial mist, mouthwash, and a box of tissues.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom toiletries
Toiletries were numerous in the bathroom.

Near the toilet was a makeup mirror on an adjustable arm.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom makeup mirror
The makeup mirror on a moveable arm.

A shelf under the vanity had towels and a bag with a hair dryer inside.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom towels
Towels and a hair dryer on a shelf under the sink.

To the right of the sinks, sharing a wall with the walk-in closet, the toilet was inside a glass box with a door that swung in both directions.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom toilet closet
The glass box containing the toilet.

We had a spare roll of toilet paper on a shelf above the push-button flush for the toilet.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom toilet
The toilet in our bathroom.

To the left of the sink was a shower stall with options for a handheld or rainfall shower.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom shower
Our bathroom’s shower.

A shelf cut into the wall held pump bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. These also had a fresh lemongrass smell.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom pump bottles
Pump bottles in the shower.

Behind the window between the bedroom and bathroom was a tub. While it wasn’t overly long, it was deep and could fit an adult comfortably.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom tub
The tub wasn’t long but was deep.

A ledge near the tub held a pump bottle of bubble bath and a container of soaking salts.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom bath products
There was a bottle of bubble bath and soaking salts for the tub.

Beyond the tub was an odd dead space.

Alila SCBD Jakarta bathroom space behind tub
Behind the tub, there was this strange, unused space.


Near the entrance to the closet, a door opened to reveal a minibar. There were snacks for sale, bottled water, mugs, and supplies for making coffee (via pods) or tea (with a kettle).

Alila SCBD Jakarta mini bar
The minibar with coffee and tea supplies, plus snacks for sale.

Below, there was a mini fridge with chocolates and drinks for sale. These included beer, Coke products, and juices.

Alila SCBD Jakarta mini fridge
The mini fridge with our welcome snack of fruits.

We also found our welcome gift inside the fridge. The friendly check-in agent had told us that we would find a plate of fruits inside the fridge when we arrived in our room — a gift for my Globalist status.

Alila SCBD Jakarta fruit welcome gift
The fruit plate that we received as a welcome gift.

Food and Beverage

Vong Kitchen

At the rear of the lobby, we found the entrance to Vong Kitchen — 1 of the 2 restaurants at the hotel.

Alila SCBD Jakarta Vong restaurant entrance
Vong Kitchen was located at the rear of the lobby.

The bar at Vong was the site for Globalists to have their evening cocktails. Vong was also the location for complimentary breakfast as a benefit of my elite status.

Alila SCBD Jakarta Vong restaurant
The entrance to Vong Kitchen off the lobby.

Vong Kitchen offered a fusion lunch and dinner menu of French, American, and Indonesian food curated by chefs Jean-Georges and Cédric Vongerichten. It was open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Le Burger

Also located on the ground floor, Le Burger offered a menu of burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, beers, and cocktails. It served fare around a beer garden setting, though indoor seating was also available in case of inclement weather. Daily hours were from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.


We loved so many things at this property. The design choices and modern amenities were high on the list, but the service truly set this property apart. The service is why we are already dreaming of a return visit.

Alila SCBD Jakarta lobby sitting area
A seating area between reception and the Vong Kitchen in the lobby.

Staff smiled and were genuinely friendly in all of our interactions. But I’ve had that at other hotels, so allow me to provide 2 examples that started and ended our stay on the highest of high notes.

At check-in, the shift manager came to greet us personally. He indicated that the hotel staff had reviewed the notes in my Hyatt profile before our arrival and noted that my wife and I are both vegan. Thus, they replaced the typical Globalist welcome snack (which contains milk chocolate) with a fruit plate. This level of attention to detail elevated the stay by providing a welcome snack that we would actually consume. It also showed that the hotel cared about us as brand loyalists.

During check-in, we also discussed our flight the next morning with the staff, asking what time we should arrive at the airport and what time we should leave the hotel. The staff offered to schedule a taxi for us and indicated an estimated price to ensure we weren’t overcharged.

But the great example of “going above and beyond” came when we sleepily rolled our suitcase up to the desk the following morning. The smiling agent at the desk pulled out a large bag with a takeaway breakfast. “Because you are leaving before the free breakfast starts” was their reasoning for making the effort to prepare a breakfast for us, packed for the road.

Alila SCBD Jakarta breakfast to go
Our “to go” breakfast during an early departure for the airport.

The employee noted that everything in the breakfast was vegan, again noting they had paid attention to the notes in my Globalist profile, provided by My Hyatt Concierge. After arriving at the airport and finishing check-in, we sat down to have breakfast before passing security.

We had an abundant amount of fresh fruits. My wife and I each had one of these containers.

Alila SCBD Jakarta breakfast fruit
Fruits from our breakfast.

We also had 2 pieces of bread each, plus a minty-fruity spread. And we each had a latte with soy milk.

Alila SCBD Jakarta breakfast bread
Toast and spread from our takeaway breakfast.

This was the most thoughtful, personalized service I’ve ever seen from a hotel. Staff easily could’ve said, “Oh, too bad that you’re leaving before the restaurant opens for breakfast.” If that had happened, we would’ve accepted it as a fact of life and not thought twice about it.

Instead, the staff went far beyond our expectations, preparing a breakfast without us thinking this possibility existed and customizing it to the guest. That was fantastic service.

Final Thoughts

We loved so many things at this property. From the location and design choices to the artwork and amenities, this was an excellent hotel to visit. But the service put it over the top, turning a visit to a unique hotel into a stay to remember. A single night just wasn’t enough. We can’t wait to return to this hotel for a longer stay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many rooms are at the Alila SCBD Jakarta?

The hotel has 227 rooms spread across 26 floors in the hotel’s tower.

What rewards program is Alila part of?

Alila is part of World of Hyatt. You can earn and redeem World of Hyatt points on stays at Alila properties. Other hotels in the World of Hyatt brand include Alua, Destination by Hyatt, Hyatt Centric, Hyatt Place, Park Hyatt, and Unbound Collection.

What is SCBD in Jakarta?

SCBD stands for Sudirman Central Business District. This area is south of central Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.

When did the Alila SCBD Jakarta open?

The hotel officially opened on February 9, 2019.

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