Chase Hyatt Credit Card Review

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"Quickly earn free nights at Hyatt Hotels!"

No annual fee the first year, a free night every year, an elite status boost, and more!

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With over 600 properties, Hyatt is the top choice for many travelers worldwide.

Both business and leisure travelers are drawn to the guestrooms and suites, which offer flexible spaces and are conducive to work and relaxation.

Whether you’re a frequent hotel guest or have an upcoming trip in the works, you may want to consider using the Chase Hyatt Credit Card to book your reservations.

Card Summary Table

  • Card Bonus & Info (Partner Content)
  • Card Provider
    Visa Chase Bank
  • Card Type(s):
  • Card Focus:
    • Airlines
    • Car Rental Agencies
    • Dining
    • Hotels
  • Annual Fee
    • $75
  • Rewards Center
  • Foreign Transaction Fees
  • Typical Users
    Frequent Travelers, Hobby Travelers, International Travelers, Parents / Families
  • Customer Service Number


  • Login Link
  • Partners
    Hyatt properties include the Hyatt Hotels, Andaz, Hyatt Centric, Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Unbound Collection, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Ziva, Zilara, and the Residence Club.
  • Interest Rates
    • 17.74% - 24.74% Variable
  • Balance Transfers
    • 17.74% - 24.74% Variable
  • Cash Advance APR
    • 26.74% Variable

The Ideal Cardholder

Chase Hyatt Credit Card Good for Business or Pleasure
The Chase Hyatt Credit Card is a good option if you’re looking to take a vacation for business or pleasure…but why can’t it be both?

Chase Hyatt Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus and Points

Currently, the sign-up bonus can be earned after spending the required amount in the allotted time (see above card summary table).

You also receive 3 points for every dollar spent at Hyatt hotels and 2x points from restaurants, airfare (booked directly with an airline), and car rental agencies.

All other purchases on the card get you 1x points.

World of Hyatt members earn an additional 5x the points on Hyatt hotel stays, bringing the total to 8x points when you add them to your credit card points.

The annual fee of $75 is waived for the first year, so read on to see if the card is right for you!

Bottom Line: Earn 3x points for all purchases at Hyatt hotels and 2x points for purchases at restauarants, airfare, and car rentals with the Chase Hyatt Credit Card.

Card Benefits and Elite Platinum Status

Chase Hyatt Credit Card members receive Elite Platinum status in the World of Hyatt program for the duration of the account. This benefit usually requires 5 stays or 15 nights in a single year.

Platinum status means complimentary room upgrades, late checkout, and a 15% bonus on points earned; combined, these benefits make for a pretty good deal overall.

Having this card can help you rocket from Platinum status to Diamond status and enjoy complimentary internet, late checkout, free breakfast, and 30% bonus points.

Earn credit toward the requirement by spending money on your card throughout the calendar year:

  • Spend $20,000 for a 2 stay/5 night credit
  • Spend $40,000 for an additional 3 stay/5 night credit

Additional Card Perks of the Chase Hyatt Credit Card

Offset the annual cost of $75 after the first year by utilizing the annual bonus of one free night at a Category 1-4 property.

Although you must choose from the lower tier properties, you can still come out ahead with this deal. We have found Category 4 hotels valued as high as $200 a night!

Hyatt Travel Partners and Benefits

World of Hyatt members earn 500 bonus points for each qualifying rental through Avis.

Earning airline miles is easy with this program as well: you can earn 500 miles per stay with 28 participating travel partners.

Some airlines allow you to earn slightly more. For instance, you’ll get 600 miles per stay with Southwest Airlines and 750 miles per stay with Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

While we’re on the subject of travel partners, this card is excellent for international travelers. There’s no foreign transaction fee for purchases, saving you 3% on every international purchase.

The card even has an EMV chip which helps foreign vendors with processing, meaning it is less likely to be rejected.

Bottom Line: Earn airline miles and enjoy international travel benefits with the Chase Hyatt Credit Card.

Card Conclusion: Is the Chase Hyatt Worth It?

The Chase Hyatt card offers a combination of great sign-up and ongoing benefits, and the annual fee is balanced out by its high earning potential.

No matter what reasons you have for traveling, you should be able to accrue a decent amount of points without putting in much work!

Great Card If

  • You love to travel and often choose to stay at Hyatt hotels
  • You want to earn points toward stays quickly
  • You will take advantage of the free sign-up and anniversary nights

Don't Get If

  • You prefer other hotel brands over Hyatt hotels
  • You want to earn tons of airline miles rather than hotel points
  • You don’t travel internationally

U.P. Pro Tips

Convert 50,000 points to frequent flyer miles and receive 20,000 miles plus a 5,000-mile bonus.

Convert the same amount of points to Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program and receive 24,000 points plus a 6,000 point bonus!

Convert Hyatt Points into Southwest Points for a Bonus
Convert your Hyatt points into Southwest points to get a bonus! You’ll earn 24,000 points rather than 20,000 with most other airlines. Plus, you’ll get an additional 6,000-point bonus!

How To Use the Chase Hyatt Credit Card: The Upgraded Way

Best Way To Maximize Points

It’s clear that the best way to rack up points is by using your card at Hyatt hotels, but there are plenty of other ways to earn points!

Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your card.

Tip #1: As we said, the #1 use for the Chase Hyatt Credit Card is earning 3x the points through the World of Hyatt program when staying at these hotels. As a Platinum member, you will also get the extra 15% bonus!

Tip #2: Join the World of Hyatt loyalty program to earn an additional 5x per dollar spent at Hyatt hotels, for a total of 8x points. When you add the 15% cardmember bonus, you can really rack up the points.

Tip #3: Make the required purchases within the allotted time in order to get the sign up bonus, which can be very valuable!

Tip #4: Earn an extra 5,000 points by adding an authorized user to your card who makes a purchase.

Tip #5: Traveling with friends? Receive points for up to three rooms (your room plus two additional rooms) at the same hotel if you pay for all three rooms.

While only your room will count toward tier status, the extra points are a terrific way to build up free stays.

Tip #6: Work to accrue 25 stays or 50 nights to reach Diamond status and get 30% bonus points on stays.

Use the card for everyday expenses to get a boost. Remember, spend $20,000 on the card in a calendar year to earn a 2 stay/5 night credit toward the requirement, or $40,000 for an additional 3 stay/5 night credit.

Tip #7: Use the card when eating out at restaurants, buying airline tickets, or paying for car rentals for 2x the points.

Tip #8: Watch for World of Hyatt promotions throughout the year! You can earn bonus points for stays, plus extra bonus points on top of your normal earning rates.

Earn Chase Hyatt Credit Card Points at Restaurants
There are many great ways to earn points with your Chase Hyatt Credit Card. One easy way is to use your card whenever you go out to restaurants, whether by yourself or with friends!

Best Way To Redeem Points

When it comes to redeeming points with the Chase Hyatt Credit Card, you have plenty of options. From room redemptions to upgrades and flights, it can be a little confusing to determine which option has the better value. Let’s break it down by option to help you get the most out of your points.

Types of Redemption Awards

Free Nights

It only takes 5,000 World of Hyatt points to begin redeeming for a free night’s stay at any Hyatt worldwide. Plus, there are no blackout dates!

There are seven Hyatt hotel categories, each with Standard and Regency/Grand rooms. The table below outlines the number of points needed for a one-night stay in each category.




Category 15,000 pts.7,000 pts.8,000 pts.
Category 28,000 pts.12,000 pts.13,000 pts.
Category 312,000 pts.17,000 pts.20,000 pts.
Category 415,000 pts.21,000 pts.24,000 pts.
Category 520,000 pts.27,000 pts.32,000 pts.
Category 625,000 pts.33,000 pts.40,000 pts.
Category 730,000 pts.39,000 pts.48,000 pts.

Hyatt provides a list of hotels for each category here.

Upgrade Awards

Upgrade your paid room with points and enjoy better accommodations. Regency/Grand Club Upgrades are 3,000 points, and Suite Upgrades are 6,000 points. (Not all suite hotels accept Upgrade Awards; find a list here.)

Points and Cash Awards

Want to redeem points, but don’t have enough to qualify for an award? Combine points and cash instead.

For example, with 15,000 points, you can stay one night at a Category 4 hotel room. However, you can redeem half the number of points (7,500) and pay $100 for the same room.

Here are the Points + Cash levels for a standard room.


Points/Standard Room

Points + Cash

15,0002,500 + $50
28,0004,000 + $55
312,0006,000 + $75
415,0007,500 + $100
520,00010,000 + $125
625,00012,500 + $150
730,00015,000 + $300

Redeeming Points for Amenities

Participating Hyatt hotels allow you to redeem points for dining and spa amenities even if you do not stay the night.

When you do stay at one of the Hyatt properties, you can redeem points for in-room movies, parking, and transportation.

The following table shows how much your points are worth in dollars for these awards.

US $$10$25$50$75$100$150$250$500$1000

Car Rental Awards

Get a free intermediate-size car for 6,000 points a day at participating Avis car rental locations.

Quick Tips for Redeeming Points

Tip #1: Try to redeem the fewest amount of points possible for an award (starting at 5,000).

Because rooms can vary drastically between hotels, check reviews to see how a lower-point room compares to a more expensive one.

Tip #2: Consider the split pay option vs. the normal points option before redeeming. Sometimes one will have more value than the other.

By dividing the regular price of the room by the number of points required, you can determine the value per point.

In the split pay option, subtract the amount you would need to pay for the room from the regular price and divide by the number of points to get the value per point.

Then, compare the two values to see which is the better deal.

For instance, a standard room at a (Category 5) Grand Hyatt in San Francisco that would cost $299 for a Friday night could be redeemed for 20,000 points (a value of about .014 a point).

The split pay option costs $125 and 10,000 points, which is almost the same value.

Tip #3: If you want to book a Regency/Grand room or Suite, the point value will usually be much lower than a normal redemption. Make sure you calculate a comparison for the normal award.

Tip #4: Don’t waste points on room upgrade awards if you don’t have to. The redemption value can range from positive to negative, depending on the property.

Remember that with Elite Platinum status, you already receive free room upgrades!

Tip #5: If you are close to a free night, you can purchase up to 55,000 points a year in increments of 1,000. You can also gift the points you buy to friends or family members.


Hyatt Brand Hotel Portfolio: Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt, Hyatt Centric, Hyatt House, Hyatt Place, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Zilara, Hyatt Ziva, Park Hyatt, The Unbound Collection

Airline Partners

As long as you have a minimum of 5,000 available points, you can convert World of Hyatt points to miles.

The conversion rate is 1,250 points to 500 miles, or 2.5:1. However, some airlines have a different conversion rate, as you can see in the table below.

Airline ProgramPoints
Aeromexico/LanChile4,000 km
China Eastern Airlines3,249 pts.
Qantas2,400 pts.
Southwest Airlines2,400 pts.
Virgin Atlantic Airways3,000 pts.

Card Math

Is this card really worth the annual fee? We’ve covered the details of the card in the review above. Now, let’s crunch the numbers to see how valuable the card can be.

A Quick Card Recap

Thought it’s waived for the first year, the annual fee for the Chase Hyatt Credit Card is $75.

Your yearly free night at a Category 1-4 hotel with no foreign transaction fees may be enough to make up for the $75 all by itself!

As we discussed above, you earn 3x points on Hyatt hotel stays; 2x points on restaurants, airfare booked directly with the airlines, and car rentals; and 1x points on everything else.

Using the Model Families To Find the Value

Overall, your value for the card will depend on how much you travel in a given year.

For instance, if you only travel once or twice a year, and you only want enough points to cover that trip, then you may not get the maximum value out of the card.

Using our trusted trio of families, we’ll calculate how many points you can earn in a given year in each category.

Of course, we’ll assume all of your stays are at Hyatt hotels. We’ll also assume the Kennedys, Jetsons, and Hartnells are Platinum members.

FamilyCategory 1 Spend (@ 3 pt/$1)Category 2 Spend (@ 2 pt/$1)Category 3 Spend (@ 1 pt/$1)Total Points Earned (@ 3 pt/$1)
Kennedys$1,800 / 5,400 pts$8,000 / 16,000 pts$35,500 / 35,500 pts56,900 pts
Jetsons$6,000 / 18,000 pts$12,800 / 25,600 pts$43,700 / 43,700 pts87,300 pts
Hartnells$10,500 / 31,500 pts$5,000 / 10,000 pts$102,200 / 102,200 pts143,700  pts

*Total spending and points earned from our model families in one year

Looking at the table, you can see the families earn anywhere from 54,900 to 143,700 World of Hyatt points! That’s fantastic!

Earned Points Value: Free Night

One redeemed night starts at 5,000 points. Since one night is equal to more than $75, we can assume anything over this minimum amount makes the card a good value and allows you at least one free night a year, on top of the one free anniversary night you already earn.

Looking at the spending level of our favorite families, they all more than make up for the cost of the card. They can redeem between 11 and 28 free nights at the minimum rate!

Assuming the category of a room is $95 per night, their total value is between $1045-$2660. Add in the anniversary bonus night each year, and the value increases further!

Point Value: Beyond Free Nights!

Of course, the more value you can get out of the card the better, and Chase Hyatt Credit Card benefits extend beyond just free nights. After all, you can transfer points to airline miles and even get a bonus if you transfer enough.

You need to convert 50,000 points to get the bonus, so let’s look at a value calculation for the Hartnells. By transferring 100,000 points, they can get 45,000 miles including the 5k bonus.

If we value an airline mile at a minimum of $0.02 and a maximum of $0.08 for this example, that could be worth $920 to $3680!

Transfer Hyatt Points to Airlines
You can transfer your Hyatt points to airline miles if you want. Is it worth it? You should do some quick calculations to see.

Wrapping Up the Math

With the ability to earn 1-3x points, using the Chase Hyatt Credit Card is bound to provide some value no matter how often you travel.

Once you factor in the card and its benefits, the $75 annual fee doesn’t seem like such a hurdle.

The Gritty Details: Everything Else You Need To Know

With this card, there aren’t many details that we haven’t already gone over. Hopefully, we covered almost everything in the above review! Below are just a few things to note.

The sign-up bonus is available as long as you aren’t a current cardholder and haven’t received it as a previous member in the last 24 months.

Your sign up bonus will post to your account within 10 days of qualifying.

Once you add an authorized cardmember and they make a charge during the first three months, it will take 6-8 weeks for your points to post to your World of Hyatt account.

In order to receive a 2x bonus on airfare and car rentals, you must book directly through each of these agencies.

Charges That Don’t Earn Points

Purchases that don’t qualify for points include service charges, taxes, gratuities, pay-per-view in-room movies, gift certificates, and gift cards.

However, you can receive points for eligible incidental charges, which generally include resort fees, food, beverage and lounge charges, laundry, and telephone fees.

There is no maximum amount of points you can accumulate.

You can only receive points if the bill is in your name and you make the payment. (That means you don’t receive points when booking through a group or corporate discount.)

Other Unique Features

The Chase Hyatt Credit Card comes with additional travel and personal benefits such as:

Auto rental collision damage waiver — Theft and collision damage for most cars in the U.S. and abroad that is secondary to personal insurance.

Trip cancellation/interruption — Reimbursement of up to $5,000 for trips canceled or cut short due to sickness, severe weather, and other situations.

Trip delay — Coverage for non-reimbursed expenses up to $500 per ticket if common carrier travel is delayed more than 12 hours.

Travel accident insurance — Coverage for accidental death or dismemberment up to $500,000 during air, train, bus, or cruise transportation.

Baggage delay — Reimbursement for essential purchases up to $100 for baggage delays of more than six hours.

Lost luggage — Reimbursement up to $3,000 per passenger if bags are damaged or lost by the carrier.

Extended warranty protection — Extends U.S. manufacturer’s warranty by one year on eligible warranties.

Purchase protection – Covers new purchases against damage or theft for 120 days, with limits of up to $500 per claim and $50,000 per account.

Anniversary free night stay — You will accrue a credit for one free night’s stay at any Category 1-4 hotel each year. To make the most of this benefit, you’ll want to stay at a Category 4!

Platinum Elite status — As long as you are a member, you will enjoy Platinum Elite status and receive 15% bonus points on eligible spending.

Credit toward Diamond status — By spending $20,000 in purchases during the calendar year, you receive two stay credits and five night credits toward Diamond status. Spend $40,000 and receive an additional three stay credits and five night credits.

These credits help boost you to Diamond status. It takes 2-3 weeks for points to post to your account once you qualify, and these credits only count toward Diamond status.

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Who issues the Chase Hyatt Credit Card?

The card is issued by Chase Bank.

What is the Chase Hyatt Credit Card login?

Sign on to the card here at Chase’s site. If you want to manage your Gold Passport points, you need to log into the Hyatt portal.

How do I redeem points for free nights?

If you want to use your points, you will need to sign in to your Gold Passport account on the Hyatt website and either go to “Use Points,” or search for a hotel and make sure you click the option to use points for an award!

How can I get the Chase Hyatt Credit Card?

You can apply for the card through our link or through the Chase website.

What are the benefits of the Chase Hyatt Credit Card vs. Chase Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card?

As you can see below, both cards have very similar benefits, although the Chase Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card earns more points for stays.

Chase Hyatt Credit CardChase Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card
  • 3x pts Hyatt stays
  • 2x pts on airfare purchased through airline, restaurants, and car rental agencies
  • 1x pts all other purchases
  • 5x pts Marriott stays
  • 2x pts airfare purchased through airline, restaurants, and car rental agencies
  • 1x all other purchases
One free night per yearOne free night per year
$0 annual fee first year, then $75$0 annual fee first year, then $85

Because you need to stay at either Hyatt or Marriott hotels depending on the card, the better card for you is the one you will use most often.

When do Chase Hyatt Credit Card points expire?

Points do not expire. However, if you don’t have any activity on your World of Hyatt account after 24 months, the account will be closed and your points will be forfeited.

Is there a foreign transaction fee?

No, the card does not have a foreign transaction fee.

Where can I find a Chase Hyatt Credit Card guide to benefits?

You can find your guide to benefits mailed with your credit card, or go to Chase’s website and look at the Terms and Conditions of the card.

What other credit cards can you use to earn World of Hyatt points?

Chase Ultimate Rewards partners with World of Hyatt, so you can use all these Chase cards in order to earn more Hyatt points:


Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

10 best ways to use 60,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points (E.g. Fly Round-Trip To London For $0!)

And – discover 10 of the most valuable benefits you’ll get access to as a cardholder.

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