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25 Guest Bedroom Ideas To Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel [2024]

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Amar Hussain
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Amar Hussain

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Amar is an avid traveler and tester of products. He has spent the last 13 years traveling all 7 continents and has put the products to the test on each of them. He has contributed to publications incl...
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Give your guests a truly 5-star experience by transforming your guest bedroom into a spa-style haven fit for both kings and queens. Upgrade your linens, hang some original artwork, and refurnish to ensure that your guest room offers all the upscale perks you would expect to find in a high-class hotel.

With some sumptuous accessories and designer touches, that unused bedroom in your house can quickly become a warm and welcoming space for your visitors to enjoy.

Guest Bedroom Accessories

1. Breakfast Tray

Breakfast in bed is a luxury that almost everyone enjoys. Treat your guests to some much-needed me time with the addition of a breakfast tray in your guest bedroom.

Designed with legs to sit over the lower body while sitting up in bed, these versatile and practical bed trays offer a real taste of 5-star decadence. While most breakfast trays are similar in design and come with legs that can be folded up when not in use, there is a myriad of styles and designs to choose from.

Opt for trays that are spacious enough to hold a breakfast plate, juice glass, and coffee cup without being too big or too heavy, and choose from quality materials such as solid wood that are easy to clean while still looking beautiful.

2. Coffee Machine

Easy to use and highly practical, coffee machines take up very little space and can make several cups of coffee at a time. Filter machines are most commonly found in hotel rooms, and these types of appliances would be a practical and inexpensive addition to your own guest bedroom.

Provide your guest with ground coffee and they need only add water for a mess-free, great-tasting cup of coffee. Pod-style coffee machines are also a great choice for rich, tasty coffee, and you store the pods in a neat and creative way to add interest to your desk or dedicated refreshment area.

Hot Tip: Don’t forget to include coffee cups, too, as well as sugar and coffee creamer.

3. Fragrance Diffuser

These liquid air fresheners release a constant stream of fragrance into the air, creating a sweet-scented atmosphere for your guests to enjoy in their room.

Light and airy fragrance diffusers often contain a small selection of wooden reeds that absorb the fragrance from a scented oil, allowing a pleasant aroma to diffuse into the air. Gentle on the nose and never as heavy or cloying as sprays or as short-lived as candles, fragrance diffusers add a spa-like quality to your guest bedrooms.

Choose fragrances based on nature to create an upscale ambiance, and opt for scents that complement the seasons to make your guests feel really at home.

4. Full-Length Mirror

Make your guests feel right at home with a full-length mirror. One of the biggest joys of being away is being able to take the time to get dressed up in comfort. Upscale hotels come with full-length mirrors to ensure that guests can admire their appearance before they head out the door.

Either wall-mounted or free-standing, opt for the best quality mirror you can afford, and consider decorative frames to match your décor. If you don’t have space for a vanity table in your guest room, consider placing your full-length mirror close to the bed and power sockets so that your guests can sit while they blow-dry their hair or put on makeup.

Hot Tip: Your mirror should be placed in the room’s best-lit area, as dark corners can make it hard to see your reflection properly.

5. Nightstand Clock

If you don’t want to interrupt your guests with a wake-up call, invest in a nightstand clock instead. Many hotels offer digital clocks that can be easily seen in the darkness to ensure that even the most bleary-eyed of early risers can quickly read the time in the darkness.

It is not uncommon to find nightstand clocks with built-in radios so that your guests can be gently woken by the sweet sounds of their favorite station, and they can also be used as stand-alone radio when your guests are just relaxing or getting ready to go out.

Whatever type of nightstand clock you opt for, ensure that is straightforward to use and easy to see and ensure that it can easily be plugged into the power socket with the wires neatly tucked out of the way.

6. Nightstand Lamps

Our bodies react better to low lighting before we try to sleep. Nightstand lamps are softer and less invasive than ceiling lights and help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere to help us drift off to sleep.

Choose from traditional lamps with decorative pendants that direct the light through the top and bottom to eliminate glare or a spotlight-style lamp that can be directed at 1 specific area, making it more efficient for use when reading.

Lamps can also dramatically enhance the look of a bedroom, and many hotels use oversized bases as statement pieces. Invest in good quality lamp bases in neutral colors as these can be dressed up or down with different pendant shades as and when you change your décor.

Solid, heavy ceramic bases look expensive and add interest, while modern metal spotlights offer a contemporary look that is great for book worms in bed.

7. Safe

Small and discreet, a strong and sturdy hotel safe offers a secure space in which your guests can store their valuables. From passports to money, jewelry to electronics, while no guest should ever feel that they are vulnerable to theft while staying with you, they will be reassured by the sense of security that an in-room safe offers.

With super-tough steel construction, these compact safes usually feature live door bolts and pry-resistant hinges, and most models come complete with reprogrammable digital access to eliminate the need for keys. Many hotel-style safes have bolts included so that they can be mounted to the wall or floor if you want to make it a more permanent feature, or they can be hidden away in closets or nightstands.

Bottom Line: While you don’t need to create the equivalent of a bank vault in your guest bedroom, a secure lockbox will add a layer of protection that both you and your guests will be grateful for should you be the victim of a home invasion.

Guest Bedroom Furniture

8. Bed Bench

Bedroom benches, or end of bed benches, offer a traditional hotel feel to your guest room and can stylistically give your room that little bit extra if you use contrasting fabrics.

Bedroom benches tend to be either ottoman style, a simple bench, or a mixture of the 2 so that you can store items both inside and underneath them. They also offer a great place to sit while getting ready and can also double as a luggage rack.

Highly functional, bed benches can be used to store blankets and decorative pillows away and can even be a great spot for pets to sleep at the end of the bed.

Hot Tip: Be sure to take a look at these credit cards that are best for furniture purchases before you start shopping.

9. Luggage Rack

Give your guests somewhere to unpack with a luggage rack. Often found in upscale hotel rooms, a luggage rack offers somewhere to place a bag or suitcase while you unpack. Designed to offer easy access, these racks are just the right height to allow for easy access and eliminate the need to put grubby cases directly on clean bed covers.

Easy to fold away when not in use, these guest rooms additions have a strong metal frame and leather or synthetic straps that can easily hold the weight of a full-size, fully-loaded suitcase.

10. Mattress

A comfortable mattress is a key to a great night’s sleep. Every visitor will have their own preference, but most upscale hotels opt for memory foam mattresses that offer superior support and luxurious comfort. Never scrimp on your mattress and invest in the best your money can buy.

There are lots of different options available, but for a real 5-star resort feeling, look for pillow-top mattresses with a memory foam cover that will mold to the shape of your guests for a sumptuous night’s sleep every time.

Deep mattresses add height to your bed or divan base allowing for the delicious feeling of truly “climbing” into bed, and always ensure that your mattress is the right size for your base to ensure it doesn’t move around during the night.

Hot Tip: Turn your mattress at least once every 12 months and in between visitors, and be sure to give it a good air or steam to keep it feeling fresh and hygienic for every guest.

11. Nightstand

Nightstands provide a convenient surface on which to place beautiful bedside lamps that not only look stunning but also provide a calming ambient light to help your guests wind down for the night.

Bedside tables also offer a safe space to keep a glass of water, glasses, phones, chargers, and other essentials, as well as adding useful additional storage space in drawers or cabinets. Choose nightstands that complement your furniture and décor, and revamp or throw out tatty old tables to provide a chic and stylish look in your guest bedroom.

12. Vanities

If you can carve out enough space in your guest bedroom to fit in a vanity unit, your visitors will love the ultimate indulgence that they offer.

Acting as a space to lay out all of their favorite cosmetics, fragrances, and styling tools, a vanity with a mirror offers a little bit of “me time” for every guest who stays with you. If you can, try and place the vanity in front of a window to maximize the natural light and as close to a power outlet as possible.

Vanities come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you choose a vintage piece for shabby chic styling or something more modern, your guests will love the practicality it offers.

13. Vanity Chair

The very best vanities come complete with chairs to create a practical and relaxing space in which to get ready for the day or night ahead. Your guests will love the indulgent feeling of a table dedicated just for them, and while the vanity itself adds style and substance, the vanity chair creates texture and depth.

Whether you opt for the grand opulence of a velvet wingback, a modern minimalist straight back chair, or even just a well-padded stool, vanity chairs not only complete the look and feel of your dressing area, they also offer useful extra seating.

Choose fabrics and designs that will complement your vanity unit and existing décor, and invest in the best quality seating your money can buy to ensure that it remains strong and looks beautiful for many years to come.

14. Wall Art

The art you choose for your guest room will help to establish a tone and create an atmosphere.

A well-placed piece of art can add instant interest to blank walls and add depth and texture to your carefully decorated guest room. Some upscale hotels use wall art to define their branding, and some are so dedicated to curating their collections that you can see as many pieces on display as you would in a gallery.

For your guest bedroom, choose pieces that enhance a sense of calm and well-being to help your guests feel relaxed and welcome, and opt for pieces that complement your décor to avoid it looking like an afterthought.

Guest Bedroom Soft Furnishings

15. Bath Mat

Step out of the tub in style with a hotel quality bath mat that will make your guests feel like they are walking on air. Larger and thicker than regular bathmats, these beauties offer a 5-star experience that adds instant luxury to your bathroom.

Choose from premium fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, thick terry toweling, high-density microfiber, or even memory foam for a grand exit, and pure white or pastel colorways will upgrade your bathroom décor in an instant.

Soft and fluffy beneath your feet, hotel bath mats also help to prevent slips or falls with non-slip bottoms, and flat-woven edges prevent fraying for long-lasting luxury for you and your guests to enjoy.

16. Bedsheets

Sliding into crisp hotel sheets is one of the highlights of any vacation. Bring that feeling back home with your very own hotel bed sheets.

Designed to be soft, strong, and incredibly gorgeous, most upscale hotels use cotton percale sheets that typically have a thread count between 250 and 600 or cotton sateen sheets with a thread count between 300 and 600.

Bottom Line: Even without a full range of hotel facilities, you can still recreate that 5-star feeling back at home by investing in high-quality, pure white for your guest bedroom.

17. Blankets

Thick and heavy, while being soft to the touch, hotel blankets will help your guests sleep well when the weather turns.

Made from super cozy fabrics such as ultra-plush polyester, pure merino wool, or sumptuously soft micro-fleece, the blankets you find tucked away in your hotel wardrobe can also be used to keep your guests warm at home. Choose simple patterns or solid colorways to complement your pure white hotel bed sheets, and lay your blanket at the bottom of the bed to add a pop of interest to your décor.

Look for blankets that have a high-end feel, and choose the best quality you can afford for a truly luxurious sleeping experience.

18. Comforter

Hotel-style comforters are thick, soft, and sumptuous and these oversized quilted blankets have an insulated filling on the inside. Available in plain white or colorful prints and patterns, they are designed to be thrown onto the bed and cover the entire sleeping area without requiring extra covers for a dreamy night’s sleep.

Perfect for keeping warm on cold nights, comforters come with either natural down or synthetic fillings, and the outer fabrics can be cotton, polyester, or silk.

Offering different levels of insulation, these thick and heavy, double-layered blankets will add a touch of class to any guest bedroom and eliminate the need for additional sheets or blankets.

19. Mattress Topper

A mattress topper can transform a regular mattress into the bed of your dreams in an instant. Offering extra padding and a super soft surface to sleep on, there are many different types to choose from.

Hotel mattress toppers are designed for added luxury and offer down-like softness and a generous depth. They can be used to revive an old mattress, and as they are available in all sizes, you can add a touch of luxury to any bedroom.

Look for mattress toppers that have straps or corner tags to ensure that they stay put without moving around, and many of them offer anti-allergenic properties, making them the perfect choice for sleepers with asthma or allergies.

20. Pillows

Fall into a deep sleep with a hotel pillow. They are available in a choice of options to suit the firmness you prefer, and most hotel pillows are filled with down or a synthetic alternative that will envelop your head in deluxe softness the minute it hits the pillow.

Featuring pure cotton covers or soft sateen that feels cool against the skin, pure white hotel pillows add a touch of sophistication to your bed.

Choose from down-filled pillows for the ultimate 5-star feeling, or choose from anti-allergenic synthetic alternatives or even memory foam for pillows that are suitable for side, back, and front sleepers.

Hot Tip: While most householders opt for regular size pillows, you could even upgrade to king-size pillows that are longer in length for a true hotel experience.

21. Pillowcases

Complement your hotel pillow with a super soft pillowcase. Soft to the touch, hotel pillowcases are usually made from luxury cotton percale fabric with a closely woven 500 thread count for extra softness. Crisp and cool, these premium pillowcases have an enclosed enveloped design that wraps itself completely around the pillow for a sophisticated and upscale aesthetic.

Available in a range of sizes and colors, you could choose plain white pillowcases or up the luxury with an oxford pillowcase that comes with an additional decorative fabric border. As your face will be in direct contact with your pillowcases, don’t scrimp on quality and buy the best you can afford for your guests to enjoy.

22. Robes

Hotel bathrobes are some of the best your money can buy, and being wrapped up in their super-soft luxury is one of the most delicious elements of any hotel stay. If you want to transform your guest bedroom into a 5-star spa, simply hang a pair of hotel bathrobes on the back of the door.

Most upscale hotels and spas provide their guests with high quality knitted terry and velour fabrics that are super absorbent and perfect for throwing on after your bath or shower. Some hotels offer waffle style cotton robes that are perfect for warmer weather and relaxing in after a dip in the pool.

Oversized and designed to wrap you up entirely, these may not be the cheapest bathrobes out there, but your guests will certainly appreciate their comfort.

23. Shower Curtain

Hotel bathrooms can offer minimalist chic or sumptuous luxury and provide a few minutes of relaxing respite from the outside world. Let your guests enjoy a hot steamy shower in your guest bathroom with a hotel shower curtain that is not only practical but good looking, too.

These hotel shower curtains are often seen in pure white or soft cream, have a heavy, high-quality feel. and offer increased seclusion. Your hotel shower curtain should glide effortlessly along the rail, and features such as a weighted bottom will ensure that it hangs beautifully while preventing water from splashing all over the floor.

Made from polyester or vinyl materials, these shower curtains are often lined on the inside with a waffle pattern on the outside, and most importantly, they are easy to clean to ensure they always look radiant.

For the protection of your guests and your own personal satisfaction, choose a shower curtain that also offers anti-mildew and anti-fungal properties to ensure that it offers 5-star quality for many years to come.

24. Towels

Much like hotel bathrobes, the towels found in hotel bathrooms always feel super soft and incredibly sumptuous. Oversized and super absorbent, they are usually made from thick, absorbent terry material and pure white in color for a feeling of luxury and cleanliness.

Available in a variety of sizes, impress your guests with a matching set consisting of washcloths measuring 13 x 13 inches, hand towels measuring around 16 x 30 inches, and bath sheets that are usually 27 x 54 inches (and sometimes even bigger).

With fray-free edges, super-absorbent construction, and made from a material that stays soft and fluffy after every wash, your guests will thank you for investing in hotel quality bath towels.

25. Washcloths

These perfectly petite mini towels are designed to be used in the water for washing. They can be used to clean makeup off of the face, and their towel-like quality is able to scrub off dead skin cells and embedded dirt much more efficiently than just using hands alone.

Usually available to match the pure white gorgeousness of your hotel towels, these washcloths can withstand plenty of hot washes to ensure they are always super clean and hygienic without ever losing their softness. Washcloths add a spa-like quality to your guest bathroom — roll them up and store them in a basket or lay them flat so your guests can access them easily.

Hot Tip: Don’t forget to add a small bin under the sink so your guests can discard dirty washcloths ready for washing.

Final Thoughts

A well-designed guest bedroom should be uncluttered, comfortable, and beautiful enough to really make your guests feel at home. By adding hotel-style furnishings, touchable textures, and your own personal interior design touches, you can create a high-end haven that your guests will adore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you put in a guest bedroom?

While it might be tempting to go all out and create a Pinterest-worthy guest bedroom, there are really just a few things you need to put in it. The basics should include a bed, bedding, towels, a wastebasket, basic toiletries, somewhere to store luggage, and a place to hang clothes.

How can you make a guest room stylish?

Aside from redecorating with a new color scheme in mind, you can also add extra touches to make a guest room more stylish such as having bedding, towels, and blankets in the same color palette, hanging wall art, reducing clutter, and adding homely touches such as plants and blankets.

What furniture goes in a guest bedroom?

Aside from a bed, the furniture you should look to have in a guest bedroom includes a vanity, bed bench, luggage rack, wardrobe, nightstand, and lamps.

What is the best color for a guest bedroom?

The best colors for a guest bedroom really come down to personal taste, but if you’re looking for a place to start, look for soothing, neutral colors such as light gray, duck egg blue, warm white, taupe, or lilac.

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About Amar Hussain

Amar is an avid traveler and tester of products. He has spent the last 13 years traveling all 7 continents and has put the products to the test on each of them. He has contributed to publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post, and more.


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