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Hyatt Regency Lisbon in Portugal [In-Depth Hotel Review]

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My wife and I spent 4 nights at the Hyatt Regency Lisbon in late February 2024, and we honestly considered rearranging our trip to stay longer. The hotel was that great.

The Hyatt Regency Lisbon is the first (and still only) Hyatt-branded property in Portugal; it opened in November 2022. Everything still feels new and works well, plus service was excellent at every step of the way. This is a property I would recommend to anyone.

Here’s what our 4-night stay was like, including a suite upgrade and other elite status perks.


The Hyatt Regency Lisbon is not located near the historic city center. Instead, it’s along the road to Belém and near the convention center. Expect a 20-minute taxi ride from the airport.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon location on Google Maps
The hotel is located outside the city center. Image Credit: Google Maps

However, numerous buses and trams run in front of the hotel, quickly taking you into the city center for less than $2 per adult. We found Google Maps to be very accurate when using the public transit option, telling us arrival times and routes without issues.


The Hyatt Regency Lisbon is a Category 4 property in the World of Hyatt loyalty program. The hotel used off-peak pricing during our stay, so standard rooms were available for 12,000 points each.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon standard room points price off peak
Award cost for a standard room during our stay. Image Credit: Hyatt

However, the cash rate was €150 (~$163) per night, and the hotel had a “book now, save 25%” offer that dropped our cost to roughly $122 per night. Redeeming 12,000 points would provide just 1.02 cents per point, and Hyatt points tend to be worth much more than that (1.5 cents each, according to our valuations).

After booking, I contacted My Hyatt Concierge (a Hyatt Milestone Rewards benefit when reaching 60 qualifying nights or 100,000 base points) and applied a Globalist suite upgrade award to our reservation. This moved us from a Standard 1 Queen Bed into a Deluxe Suite 1 Queen Bed, which would’ve cost 24,000 points per night (and over €440, looking ahead in the calendar).

Hyatt Regency Lisbon queen suite points price
Points cost for the suite we stayed in. Image Credit: Hyatt
Hot Tip:

Since this is a Category 4 property, you can book it with the free night award earned from The World of Hyatt Credit Card.

Pre-Arrival Email from Hotel

A week before arriving at the hotel, the Hyatt Regency Lisbon emailed me some offers to upgrade our stay.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon upgrades email
Email for options to upgrade our stay. Image Credit: Hyatt

Offers included paying for early check-in and late checkout, but these were expensive. Plus, these are benefits included with World of Hyatt’s elite status tiers.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon upgrade offers early late checkout
Paid extras are available before arrival. Image Credit: Hyatt

We also could book extras like massages, wine with chocolate-covered strawberries, transportation from the airport, cheese trays, or a request for a high floor. Since the hotel has just 4 floors, the value of paying €20 (~$22) per day for this isn’t much. We also could pay to add breakfast to our stay, but I knew I’d get this for free as a Globalist status benefit.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon upgrade offers transport breakfast
Several food and transport upgrade options are available. Image Credit: Hyatt

Lastly, we could prebook group Pilates classes for €15 (~$16) each.

Checking In

Once we arrived at the hotel, the place was crawling. Due to an event that included the ambassador from Kuwait, security personnel outside greeted us and let us pass when we said we were checking in. Beyond this, we never saw hotel staff at this entrance, so don’t expect to be greeted by bellhops offering to help with your luggage.

There were steps up to the main entrance, but a ramp to the left made it easy to roll our luggage inside.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon entry ramp
A ramp was to the left of the stairs.

Once inside, we were surprised to see something other than the reception desk. Instead, we found a large seating area and something that looked like a conference table.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon ground floor meeting table
Meeting and seating could be found just inside the front entry

Turning left, we headed toward the many voices. Passing the elevators and following an L-shaped bend, we arrived at the reception desk.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon lobby
Seating was available near the reception desk.

Interestingly, the reception desk faces this walkway to the convention center. I assume more guests arrive by car on the street than walking over from the convention center, so it’s a confusing design choice to put the reception desk facing this entrance.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon walkway to convention center
The path toward the convention center was lovely.

There was a short line at check-in, so we amused ourselves in the lobby until it was our turn. We found a table with plants and artwork near the elevators.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon art in lobby
A beautiful art and plants table was on display in the lobby.

Along the windows to the main street was a seating area with chairs and tables.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon ground floor seating
Ample seating between the entry and reception areas would be excellent for waiting for friends to arrive.

And another seating area had sofas.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon ground floor window seating
Spread out with seating along the window, near the entryway.

Once it was our turn, a friendly employee with a contagious smile welcomed us and set the tone for a great stay. She confirmed our suite upgrade and stay details and provided an overview of the hotel’s main amenities and locations. She also gave us a welcome packet with sightseeing information and a QR code to exchange WhatsApp messages with the hotel staff if we had any requests or questions.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon welcome packet
Our welcome packet provided all the information we needed to start our stay.

The welcome letter also provided the hours for hotel amenities, including the restaurants, bar, gym, and spa.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon welcome letter
The hotel’s welcome letter had all the needed information.

Elite Benefits

As I hold Globalist status, the welcome packet also included a daily voucher for the Globalist happy hour, which included complimentary drinks and rotating snacks. “Don’t lose it,” the front desk agent warned, as we needed to present it daily to access the happy hour.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon Globalist happy hour menu
This was the menu for the daily Globalist happy hour.

When we visited, the snack was beet hummus with toast. It sounded strange at first, but it was incredibly delicious.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon Globalist happy hour snack
Try the beet hummus during the Globalist happy hour.

The friendly employee explained that we wouldn’t need any voucher or ticket for breakfast, as a note on the reservation would remind staff not to charge us. A complimentary breakfast is a guaranteed benefit for World of Hyatt Globalists.

Finally, check-in ended with the duty manager greeting us by name and shaking our hands. He thanked us for our visit and loyalty to Hyatt and asked if we had any questions or wanted assistance with our luggage. I’m sure he was busy, and our suitcase had wheels, so we declined the offer. Still, he walked us to the elevator and wished us a pleasant stay.


The Hyatt Regency Lisbon isn’t a beachfront resort crawling with activities, but it has a surprising amount of amenities.

Fitness Center

This wasn’t your ordinary hotel gym. True, it was set 1 floor below the reception, but forget about windowless hotel fitness centers with a bare-bones approach. The huge ACTIVE by Serenity gym offered numerous cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, punching bags, and more. It was open around the clock.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon fitness center
Check out the huge fitness center.

The fitness center also published a list of classes, typically offering 5 per day. These included spin classes, stretching, yoga, and more.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon spin class
Enjoy the bikes for the gym’s spin classes.

When the spacious rooms weren’t used for classes, you could openly access them. Pilates was the only class with a charge (€15 per person, roughly $16).

Hyatt Regency Lisbon fitness class room
Visitors can also participate in Pilates at one of the gym’s studios.

The hotel asked that you sign up by 7 p.m. the day before for any classes, though we were told that showing up without registering typically wasn’t a problem.

Spa and Pool

Also located 1 floor below reception, the Serenity Spa offers a full range of services such as massages, manicures, facials, and more.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon Serenity spa
The entrance to the spa hinted at the delights inside.

The spa also has a long, skinny pool providing length for swimming laps for exercise, but not much space for social swimming. The hotel’s website advises that access to the pool is fee-based and for guests at least 16 years old.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon pool
The indoor pool. Image Credit:

A fair amount of seating and even bathrooms were between the elevator and the spa’s entrance.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon underground floor seating
Have a seat and wait for your massage at the underground level, near the elevators.

An ATM was down here, and a spiral staircase led up to the lobby.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon underground spiral staircase
Don’t get dizzy coming down the spiral stairs from the underground level up to the lobby.


The hotel is built in a U-shape around a central courtyard, with tables and chairs and lots of afternoon sunlight.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon balcony view
We enjoyed a lovely view from our balcony.

There were signs around the courtyard to help you find your way, which was helpful.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon directional signs in courtyard
Just follow the signs to the gym and spa in the courtyard.


Internet was fantastic throughout the Hyatt Regency Lisbon. We got download speeds of over 200 Mbps, and the upload speeds were even better: over 260 Mbps.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon wifi speed test
You could say the internet was fast. Image Credit: Speedtest


Self-parking was available at the hotel in an underground garage from €25 per day (~$27).

Meeting Facilities

The Hyatt Regency Lisbon offers 4 meeting rooms, with up to 2,798 square feet of event space in the largest room, Vista. This mezzanine space with large windows is located just off the lobby and inside the main restaurant entrance.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon Vista entrance
Take the stairs to Vista at the entrance to Viseversa. This is one of the hotel’s meeting rooms.


On-site laundry facilities were available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Owing to the hotel’s U-shaped design, elevators were available on both sides of the U to make life easy. The elevators were spacious and arrived quickly. Tapping your key card was necessary to access guest floors.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon elevator
Have your key card ready in the elevators.

On guest floors, seating was available near the elevators, though we never waited long — despite the hotel being near capacity during the first 2 nights of our stay. The elevator areas on the public floors did not have seats.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon guest floor elevator waiting area
Wait for the rest of your party in the seating near the elevator on the guest floors.

Signs near the elevators indicated which floors had which amenities. Curiously, the main floor was 1, while the courtyard entrance and gym were on 0.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon elevator floor signs
Floor signage near the elevators reminded you of locations.


The hotel had a concierge staff, including a desk near check-in, that could provide restaurant recommendations, tour information, and even help you book tickets. This can be handy; we wanted to take a tour of one of the soccer stadiums and attend a game during our visit, and the websites for these didn’t accept credit cards from outside Portugal.

Queen Suite

The hallways on the guest floors were very simple, with no decorations — just necessary signage. I also liked the simple color palette.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon guest floor hallway
Our third-floor hallway was simply decorated.

We stayed in room 319B, which shared an outer door from the hallway with 319A. A family could occupy both rooms, close the outer door, and leave the inner doors open to pass between the rooms without needing keys. Though I feared we’d hear the people next door coming and going or slamming the door, we never heard them. The sound insulation in the rooms was excellent.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon room 319B door
Our room’s entrance had a digital “do not disturb” sign illuminated.

Living Room

When we entered the room, we found a combined dining area and living room with lots of natural light. The wooden dining table had 6 chairs.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon living room
With a dining table and living room, we had plenty of space to eat, drink and be merry.

The living room had a sofa and chair, plus a coffee table in the middle.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon living room sofa chair
Modern seating was presented in the living room.

The opposite wall had a large TV.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon living room TV
The living room’s TV was set into the wall.

Beyond the living room was a large balcony with a table and chairs. The balcony was accessed through the sliding doors in the living room and bedroom.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon suite balcony
Our suite’s balcony overlooked the courtyard.

Near the door to the hallway, we had this interesting piece of art hanging above a cupboard.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon living room table art
Take a look at the interesting art and table just inside the door.

Inside, ample shelving was available for storage.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon living room cabinet
Ample cupboard space near the room’s entry was able to store items.

Next to the door and light switches, we had a digital thermostat.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon living room thermostat
A digital thermostat in the living room allows you to set the temperature to your comfort.

Touching the lock symbol on this panel next to the door turned the symbol red. This functioned as the “do not disturb” sign for housekeeping. Also, the lights in the room only functioned when we had the key card in the slot next to the door.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon do not disturb
The digital “do not disturb” sign inside our room warned the staff we were inside.


Opposite the dining table, near the entrance, we had a kitchen. I was pretty surprised by the number of amenities it held.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon kitchen
Our suite’s kitchen had everything you could need.

The kitchen had a dishwasher, a washing machine for clothes, and the standard coffee machine and tea supplies.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon kitchen dish machine
A washing machine and dishwasher were included.

We also found a small oven.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon kitchen oven
Our kitchen’s small oven was sparkling clean and ready to be used.

The kitchen had a large refrigerator and stovetop.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon kitchen fridge
No minifridge for us! We had a relatively full-size fridge in our suite’s kitchen.

The cabinets contained a complete dish set, a toaster, storage containers, and a hot water kettle.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon kitchen dishes in cupboards
The cupboards were well-stocked.

The drawers had a complete silverware set, a peeler, a bottle opener, and even cloth napkins.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon kitchen silverware
Silverware was found in the kitchen drawers.

Opposite the stove was a large wooden closet. Inside, I found an iron and ironing board. This wasn’t your average hotel room’s kitchen. It felt almost like an extended-stay property.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon kitchen closet
The kitchen closet included an iron and ironing board.


Down the hallway, the bedroom was on the left; the bathroom and a full-length mirror were on the right. The wooden doors at the end of the hallway were locked.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon suite hallway
The hallway to our room (left) and bathroom (right).

Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, the large bedroom had tons of natural light.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bedroom
We had a king bed in our queen suite.

Opposite the bed was a wooden table, stool, armchair, and TV.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bedroom TV and chair
The bedroom felt light and spacious.

Despite being called a “queen suite,” this was actually a king-size bed. The pillows looked fluffy but provided very little support, unfortunately. And the bed was a bit too soft for our liking.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bed
Our exceedingly soft bed made it difficult to get up in the mornings!

Each side of the bed had a nightstand with a lamp, light switches, and charging outlets. Despite being a new hotel, there were no USB charging points or universal outlets, which surprised us. I was also surprised by how far this nightstand was from my side of the bed, so I moved it closer.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bedroom night stand
The nightstand closest to the balcony was a bit far from the bed.

The table opposite the bed had a wireless charging point, a notepad, and a bottle of water.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bedroom table
Water, a notepad, and a charging point could be found on the table in the bedroom.

Near the room’s door was a large wooden closet with a light that came on automatically when you opened the door. The back of the closet had a mirror and outlet.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bedroom closet
Our bedroom closet had plenty of space for luggage.

Along with hangers and lots of storage space, the closet also had a few shelves and a small safe.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bedroom closet safe
The safe and drawers in the closet held any items we needed to store away.

On the top shelf, we had 2 bath robes.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bedroom closet robes
Robes could be found on the closet’s top shelf.

The room also had its own thermostat, which was a nice touch.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bedroom thermostat
The bedroom’s thermostat could keep it nice and cool at night without freezing the rest of the suite.


The bathroom was excellent. It had a sliding wooden door and was really spacious.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bathroom entrance
The bathroom featured a pocket sliding door.

Behind the sink was a large mirror with lights on all sides. The sink counter held toiletries, tissues, washcloths, and drinking glasses. We were surprised to find our shower products (conditioner, shampoo, and body wash) here rather than in the shower.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bathroom sink
The bathroom sink held all of its amenities.

The toiletries were Pharmacopia products, which my wife loves. No joke, she bought a gallon of this hand lotion recently. But we also had some surprising items, like a shoe mitt and a sanitary bag.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bathroom toiletries
Toiletries were available on the bathroom sink’s counter.

Shower caps were inside a jar.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bathroom hair net
Who would have thought to look for 2 shower caps inside this cup by the sink?

A motion-activated light encircled this makeup mirror.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bathroom makeup mirror
The bathroom had a motion-activated light on the makeup mirror.

Under the sink, we found a trash bin, slippers, hair dryer, and towels.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bathroom shelf under sink
Look under the sink for the trash can and supplies.

The toilet (left) and shower (right) were each inside glass doors and felt spacious. The shower had both a handheld and rainfall option, and it was operated by a push-button system that avoided the normal guesswork required when figuring out a shower at a new place.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bathroom toilet and shower stalls
The toilet shower was large and clean.

The opening of the door to the toilet was a bit awkward if someone was at the sink, but this wasn’t a major issue.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bathroom toilet
Our suite’s toilet didn’t have a separate door.

The bathtub was opposite the shower and toilet (no jets, unfortunately).

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bath tub
It was of ample size, but our suite’s bathtub had no jets.

The water leaked from the control knobs when filling the tub, however.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bathroom leaking water
Water was leaking from the faucet when running a bath.

And despite being a new property, we found rotted wood on the bathroom’s door frame.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon bathroom wood rot
The hotel definitely needed to fix the rotted wood in our bathroom.

Food and Beverage

There were several spots to eat and drink at during our stay. Let’s look at each.


Viseversa is the main restaurant on floor 1 near the reception desk. It had a large bar that operated during the evenings, while the bar’s counter held breakfast spreads during the morning buffet. Viseversa was open from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., with breakfast running until 10:30 a.m. (extended to 11 a.m. on weekends).

Hyatt Regency Lisbon Viseversa bar
The bar at Viseversa had a large selection of libations.

The restaurant also had outside seating, but no one used it during our late February stay.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon Viseversa outside seating
Outdoor seating between the hotel and the convention center was lovely.

Breakfast options were abundant, including various foods from numerous countries to appeal to the hotel’s wide-ranging clientele.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon Viseversa breakfast
I am getting started on breakfast.

Along with fruits, hash browns, breads, Indian dishes, and a rotating number of hot foods, there were abundant pastries. Moreover, staff took orders for cooked-to-order eggs (alternatively, you could get scrambled eggs on the buffet) and various coffee drinks. There were also 2 self-serve coffee machines at the ends of the buffet.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon Viseversa breakfast pastries
Numerous pastries were available at breakfast each morning.

Icon Rooftop Bar

At the back of Viseversa was an elevator to the Icon Rooftop Bar. However, it was closed during our visit, as it’s only open from March to October.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon elevator to rooftop
The elevator to the rooftop bar was closed during our stay.

Zest Juice Bar

Next to the gym, Zest offered juices, smoothies, and health-focused bowls like açaí, salads, and protein bowls. Zest was open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon Active juice bar
The hotel’s juice bar had a number of healthy selections.

Room Service

Room service was available around the clock. Orders could be placed by phone or by scanning a QR code from the welcome packet. The QR code led to other options, including additional hotel information.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon information in app
The World of Hyatt app featured service options during our stay. Image Credit: Hyatt


Service excelled at every step of the way. In case you missed that sentence, service excelled at every step during our stay.

The agents at the front desk were fantastic during check-in, the one time we stopped by to ask for information about our sightseeing plans, and during checkout. My wife’s childhood friend is working in Lisbon, and she stopped by the hotel at one point but then forgot a gift we gave her. The staff were very accommodating of our request to hold it for her when checking out, despite her not being a guest at the hotel.

The staff at meals and in the gym were super friendly, and so were the housekeeping employees we encountered during our stay. We received a note under our door whenever they came by and saw our “do not disturb” sign.

Hyatt Regency Lisbon housekeeping note
We received a note from housekeeping since we had the “do not disturb” sign on.

I also appreciated the small service touches, like the duty manager greeting us on arrival and the casual friendliness of the staff at the Globalist happy hour. The continuous friendliness from the staff made us contemplate extending our stay by cutting other parts of our trip short.

Final Thoughts

This is a hotel I wholeheartedly recommend. From excellent service to a fantastic breakfast, quality facilities, and easy access to public transportation, the Hyatt Regency Lisbon is a winner. Not everything was perfect during our stay. To be clear, the wood rot and leaking bath knobs should be fixed. However, during our stay, these were tiny bumps in an otherwise smooth road. I would definitely stay here again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many rooms are at the Hyatt Regency Lisbon?

The hotel has 204 rooms and suites spread across 4 floors.

What hotel category is the Hyatt Regency Lisbon?

This is a Category 4 property. Depending on Hyatt’s peak/off-peak schedule, you’ll pay between 12,000 and 18,000 points per night to stay here if you use points.

When did the Hyatt Regency Lisbon open?

The hotel opened in November of 2022.

Does the Hyatt Regency Lisbon have a lounge?

No, the property doesn’t have a lounge or Regency Club. However, to compensate, there is a daily Globalist happy hour in Viseversa, the hotel’s main restaurant.

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