Real Redemptions

Real Redemptions Series ( our “Real Redemptions” series, we’ll treat you to some seriously inspiring, points-based travel redemption stories!

We want you to know that we get it – all this points stuff can be hard work!

The number of earning options is mind boggling at times. And figuring out how to spend those hard earned points? That’s a whole separate monster unto itself.

We know these trips don’t come easily, but here’s the good part: it can definitely be done!

Real people just like you are cashing in their points all over the place.

How do we know? We’ve invited our friends to tell you exactly how they’ve done it, right here in the Real Redemptions series.

From destinations like Tokyo, Santorini, and Mumbai to The Maldives, Lima, and Chiang Mai, the featured narratives we’re bringing you come from real people who have all jumped on the bandwagon with major payoffs!

Points-based travel takes some persistence and attention to detail, but if you stick with it, you’ll be booking that fantastic adventure faster than you can say “Singapore Suites.”

Real Redemptions is here to prove it!

Part 1 – Emirates First Class, 5 Nights in the Maldives, & Paris in the Spring

Part 2 – A Month in India, a 17 y/o Points Fanatic, and a South American Adventure