The 10 Best Black Friday GoPro Camera & Accessory Deals [2020]

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Adventurists looking to capture epic action footage while they’re scaling mountains, catching waves, or carving slopes know better than to put their bulky, easily breakable DSLRs in harm’s way. Instead, they pack a GoPro.

For many photography pros, GoPro is considered the golden standard of action cameras — a name brand famous for its hardy, state-of-the-art gadgets that capture incredible footage in 1 tiny, palm-sized package.

Best of all, GoPro’s range of models and mounts, that can secure cameras on everything from helmets to dogs, allow photographers to capture multiple angles of their experiences.

The GoPro range currently includes 4 cameras, though older models can still be found on Amazon. No matter which you choose, rest assured you’re getting top-of-the-line optics, image quality, and usability.

However, though GoPros be but little, these tiny cameras can run you out more than $400 — and that’s before you factor in battery chargers or modifications. Luckily, a few Black Friday 2020 deals going on now are making these typically pricey investments a little more affordable. Let’s check them out.

Things to Consider When Buying a GoPro

Across all action cameras, including within the GoPro family, are varying levels of features that will drastically affect both the quality and type of footage you capture. Before you dive in with a purchase, it’s worth researching exactly what features you value most.

Video Resolution

Just like a TV, the higher an action camera’s resolution, the clearer and crisper the footage will be. Most cameras shoot at a standard 1080p full HD, but the newest GoPro models can film in 4K or 5K — 7 times as many pixels as the 1080p and the highest standard in image quality right now.

Frame rate is also important. While 30fps is typical and acceptable for most photographers, others look for 60fps all the way up to 240fps, which allows for super-clear slow-motion playback.

Image Stabilization

Steadying a camera won’t be the easiest task while you’re biking down a mountain or skiing through a snowstorm, which is why image stabilization is essential for keeping videos shake- and blur-free. The newest GoPro models include HyperSmooth, a state-of-the-art system within the camera that proactively smooths out motion.

Battery Life

One of the most important factors that goes into action camera purchases is battery life. You’re going to be filming outdoors, after all, and will likely have few chances to switch out batteries on the fly. Unfortunately, most action camera batteries only last between 1 and 3 hours. Tiny technology that keeps film rolling speeds through power, especially if you up the resolution or continuously use Wi-Fi.

Extra batteries are always a good investment for cameras that allow you to switch them out on the road.


Not all action cameras are water-resistant, but luckily most GoPro models are deemed waterproof up to 10 meters (or 33 feet). Water-resistance is important if you’re taking the camera near bodies of water — not to mention it is kept safe when you get caught in a rain shower.


Toys always come with more toys, and action cameras are no exception. In the case of GoPro, various camera mounts, tripods, handles, and modifications are all an extra expense but can mean the difference when it comes to getting that perfect angle, upgrading your camera’s current specs, or just making your gadget as easy to use as possible.

The 5 Best GoPro Cameras on Sale

GoPro is a name brand, making it among the most expensive of all the action camera brands currently out there. However, there’s a reason why so many people are willing to fork over the dough: GoPro far and away delivers some of the highest quality action footage in the game. Because of this, you can score even more bang for your buck with these Black Friday discounts available now.

1. GoPro HERO9 Black

One of the beauties of the holiday season is that even the newest, best products on the market are going on sale. Case in point: GoPro’s HERO9 Black camera, the company’s latest model that just hit shelves in September 2020, can already be purchased for less than its retail price.

If you’re looking for the best action camera on the market, this is it, and for some, that’s worth the hefty price tag. Right now, no other camera out there can catch it in terms of quality or power.

The HERO9 improves on the HERO8’s image resolution with 20-megapixel stills and incredible 5K video capabilities, as well as a larger rear display. Being slightly larger also makes the HERO9 slightly heavier than the 8, though not noticeably.

The most important new additions include an all-new front-facing color LCD screen that lets vloggers film themselves with ease as well as HyperSmooth 3.0 video stabilization. Other cool features include a removable lens cover and a built-in accessory mount that allows you to modify or upgrade your lens view or other specific specs.

If you’ve got the cash, this camera is designed with easy-to-navigate features and pro-level features that make it a breeze to use for both beginners and professionals.

2. GoPro HERO7 Silver

Shoppers who are just starting out in the live-action-recording world and care more about scoring a fabulous deal than securing the best, newest model out there will enjoy what GoPro’s HERO7 Silver has to offer.

Plus, with these savings, you might not even mind that the video quality is a touch lower (4K vs. 5K) or that the frame rates are slightly slower than its newer, more expensive counterparts. The camera is still able to shoot 10-megapixel stills, connect to Wi-Fi, and stay waterproof up to 33 feet according to GoPro.

The biggest con is that this model lacks the HyperSmooth recording capabilities of the older HERO7 Black and doesn’t have a removable battery — so once you’re out of juice, you’re out of luck until you can recharge your camera again.

Still, for those new to the game, that below-$200 price is hard to argue with. This is a great first action camera for learning the ropes and seeing whether live-action video footage is something you want to invest serious money in.

Hot Tip: The HERO7 requires an external mount for attaching to tripods. For those who plan on capturing their shots using that route, be sure to factor in the extra expense (and extra room in your bag).

3. GoPro MAX

Once considered a stunt feature meant just for fun, shooting 360-degree spherical video has now entered the big leagues thanks to the GoPro MAX. This model shoots an impressive 5.6K video in all directions, then allows you to pick and choose specific angles to convert into “flat” frames for the final product.

In addition to on-camera stitching, the MAX is also compatible with partner apps that make reframing the footage you captured a cinch.

To ensure that unique 360-degree view, the 16.6-megapixel quality compromises a bit on raw resolution in order to achieve more desirable features like horizon leveling, HyperSmooth video stabilization, and 4 digital focal lengths. The battery life is lower than other models — a quick 50 minutes — since the camera is working overtime to capture as much as it can.

The price is also high, but that’s what you get for the ability to shoot highly immersive shots no other GoPro can really do.

When all is said and done, no other GoPro (or brand, for that matter) can record 360-degree video and audio as good as this one. If 360 shots are your jam, this is the way to go — especially factoring in the double-digit discount.

4. GoPro HERO8 Black Holiday Bundle

The newly released HERO9 may have surpassed the HERO8 this year, but that doesn’t mean this camera doesn’t offer a host of incredible high-tech features into its tiny frame. If you can live without 5K video or a front-facing screen (2 new features introduced in the HERO9), this model is the second-best GoPro on the market right now.

Key features of the HERO8 include a built-in mount and the ability to attach add-ons like a Light Mod or Media Mod that improve upon the camera’s performance.

With Amazon’s holiday bundle (currently 8% off and climbing), you’ll get the camera along with a few gotta-have-’em extras like a pocket-size tripod and extension pole, a head strap that’s perfect for attaching to a helmet, a 32GB SD card, and 2 rechargeable batteries that you can switch out on the go.

5. GoPro HERO6 Black

Yes, GoPro’s HERO6 is now 3 models behind its latest — the HERO9 — but that just means you’re scoring a fantastic deal. In this case, a large percentage off the retail price (almost $100 in savings) is not too shabby for a live-action camera you can experiment with.

As expected, the specs are not as impressive as its newer counterparts, but that’s not to say this camera isn’t a solid performer. While it may not have HyperSmooth stabilization, the HERO6 Black can shoot 4K video anywhere from 60fps to super slow-mo 240fps and has an intuitive touchscreen.

Better still, the HERO6 Black includes 2 features that put it a step above the HERO7 Silver — a removable battery and ProTune, a function that lets you manually adjust your video settings to maximize quality in different environments such as low-light conditions.

The 5 Best GoPro Accessories on Sale

1. GoPro 3-Way Grip Arm Tripod

Tired of finding creative ways to fit a tripod, camera grip, and extension pole into your carry-on? GoPro’s 3-Way Grip Arm Tripod is the answer to your prayers, combining all 3 tools into 1 impressively versatile piece of equipment. Bonus: for a limited time, this accessory is currently 15% off of its retail price.

The extension arm can reach 20 inches when fully extended or collapse to 7.5 inches in its smallest form, making it extremely packable and portable.

If you only have need of a tripod that day, or only have room for the camera grip portion, there’s no need to sweat it. This 3-tool tripod also comes with the ability to detach any of the individual accessories for lighter, more streamlined use.

2. GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery

After long, late recording sessions on the road, few tasks are more frustrating than returning to your hotel room only to have to charge your camera batteries 1 at a time. This GoPro Dual Battery Charger, on sale now for up to 13% off, cuts your wait time in half by charging 2 GoPro batteries simultaneously via USB ports.

Dual LED light displays indicate when your batteries are fully charged or not yet ready. The bundle also includes an extra battery, which can give your camera even more life on location.

Keep in mind, however, that, according to Amazon, this battery charger and battery are only compatible with GoPro’s HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, and HERO6 Black camera models.

3. GoPro Performance Chest Mount

GoPro’s Performance Chest Mount offers a different perspective from the strapped-to-the-helmet shot and is a handy, hands-free tool for capturing epic content while you’re on the move, be it skiing or snowboarding, mountain biking, or rafting through river rapids.

The mount is padded, breathable, and lightweight for a barely-there feel that won’t distract you from the task at hand. With its adjustable straps, the accessory is also able to fit a large variety of body sizes, including overly bulky winter coats. Best of all, it’s compatible with all GoPro models.

4. GoPro Supercharger International Dual-Port Charger

GoPro’s International Supercharger is like a souped-up version of their regular dual charger. Not only does it also include dual USB charging ports, it also operates at lightning speed, recharging camera batteries anywhere from 20 to 70 times faster than conventional chargers.

The international spin is also a boon for frequent travelers. In addition to fitting into standard U.S. outlets, the device also comes with AC outlet adapters compatible with most UK, EU, and AU wall sockets.

Thanks to its USB charging ports, this charger can be used with all GoPro cameras, as well as any device whose charging cable fits inside a USB.

5. GoPro Smart Remote

Sometimes, the best shots — especially ones where you want to capture a wide-angle landscape — are better snapped from afar. With GoPro’s Smart Remote, you’ll be able to have complete control of your GoPro. Take both videos and still photos, or operate the shutter and settings, from a distance of up to 600 feet.

On the road with more than just a single camera? This remote also has the ability to handle up to 5 GoPro cameras at a time, easily shooting multiple angles at once.

The device is built for conditions both smooth and rugged, with a waterproof depth of 33 feet and the ability to attach to a key ring or loop around your arm or gear via a wrist strap, and is compatible with most GoPro models including the HERO8 Black, MAX, HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, and Fusion.

Final Thoughts

A GoPro may seem like a superfluous buy for leisure photographers that only want to capture high-quality stills with their own 2 hands. However, in situations where you’re traveling at high speeds and don’t have an extra arm to dedicate to balancing a camera — hanging 10 off the coast of Hawaii, say, or bombing down the snowy Alps — few can argue with the quality and versatility of a GoPro camera, whatever the model.

Add to that these Black Friday savings and you’re well on your way to scoring some serious epic video footage on your next adventure.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best GoPro to buy?

GoPro cameras are almost always pricey, so the best one you can buy is the best one you can afford.

If money is no object, however, the recently released HERO9 Black is the brand’s most impressive model right now, with a new-for-the-brand front-facing LCD screen as well as the ability to shoot 5K video with HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization.

Is GoPro really worth it?

Many photographers will say yes, but typically only if you are a first-time buyer or upgrading from another action camera brand. Because of how similar features can be between models, it can be difficult to justify the purchase for those who already own a GoPro.

How much does it cost for a GoPro?

In general, the price depends on the model, and the unique features you get with it. You can pay as much as $500 for a GoPro without a subscription, though you can score cheaper, outdated models on Amazon for as low as $200, or even less.

Either way, the choice is an investment, so do your research to find the one that will perform to your liking.

What are GoPros used for?

Although GoPros have still-image-taking capabilities that could pass for general cameras, their full functionality and versatility are really only fully realized in adventure-style outdoor situations that test their sturdiness, lauded image stabilization quality, and water resistance.

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