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Allegris Business Class Suite Is Lufthansa’s Best Business Class Seat — Here’s Why

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Daniel Ross
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Daniel Ross

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Daniel has loved aviation and travel his entire life. He earned a Master of Science in Air Transport Management and has written about travel and aviation in publications like Simple Flying, The Points...
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After several years of delays, Lufthansa’s Allegris officially took to the skies on Friday, April 26, 2024.

The special media flight from Munich (MUC) to Frankfurt (FRA) was to showcase the product before the first paying passengers get to experience it on May 1 from Munich (MUC) to Vancouver (YVR).

I was lucky enough to have a seat on Friday’s flight in none other than 1 of only 8 Business Class Suites in the new Allegris business class cabin.

The exclusive Business Class Suites are at the front of each business class cabin on the Airbus A350-900 in rows 1 and 8. Each row has 2 single Suites by the windows and 2 Suites together in the center, perfect for traveling with a companion.

Having tried over 20 airlines’ business class seats in recent years, I can safely say that Lufthansa’s Allegris Business Class Suite is among the best in the sky. Here are some highlights.

Timeless Design and Huge Space

Given the start date of this project was back in 2017, the design of the Allegris cabins and seats ran the risk of looking a little outdated when they finally launched 7 years later.

However, I’m pleased to say that Lufthansa has managed to create a stylish, practical-yet-homely space that likely won’t feel outdated for many years to come.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite seat
Allegris Business Class Suite 2K.

Lufthansa’s Most Private Seat

While most airlines have followed the trend and introduced closing doors at every seat in their most up-to-date business class cabins, only the 8 Business Class Suites in the Allegris aircraft have doors.

The height of the walls around the seats and the fully closing door gives a feeling of exclusivity and optimum privacy.

For comparison, the Allegris Business Class Suites feel more private than the British Airways Club Suite and Air France’s latest business class, but about on par with Qatar’s Qsuite.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite privacy door and wardrobe
The Business Class Suites are Lufthansa’s most private seats (until first class launches).

So. Much. Storage.

Don’t travel light? No worries.

Even though there were no overhead bins in the center of the cabin, there was enough space above my seat to house my small Away carry-on case and an average-sized backpack.

The bins are large enough for roller carry-ons to be stowed on their sides to maximize space.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite overhead bin
Lots of overhead bin space.

That’s not all: the space that the multiple at-seat compartments provide is probably enough that you could potentially store all the contents of your carry-ons.

The shoulder-height cupboard with a sliding door would comfortably house a water bottle, an amenity kit, and personal belongings like wallets, phones, and passport wallets.

It’s also where you’ll find the AKG noise-cancelling headphones.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite storage and outlets
Storage compartment number 1.

Another sizeable compartment in the console by the window could fit a small purse.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite storage
Storage compartment number 2.

At knee level, another, thinner compartment could hold an iPad or even a small laptop.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite storage
Storage compartment number 3.

Lastly, there are 2 “wardrobe” compartments that you can see between the door and the IFE screen.

Up top, you can store a jacket and a change of clothes; down below, there’s even more space should you need it.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite privacy door and wardrobe
Storage compartments 4 and 5.

Huge Intuitive Control Panel

I loved the 10-inch tablet housed in the side panel of the seat.

It can be removed and used as the main control for everything at your seat, from lighting to seat position, calling a flight attendant, and pausing your movie.

Lufthansa has even added brief videos to explain everything about your seat.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite seat demo
Get to know your new Allegris seat.

While the tablet is all you need, tucked into the armrest, you’ll find 4 buttons that can be used for lighting, adjusting the lumbar support, and putting the bed into either lie-flat or take-off/landing mode.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite seat controls
Simple, yet effective.

As the buttons were set into the armrest slightly, I didn’t find myself catching on them, causing my seat to move involuntarily like I often find with other business class seats.

Personal, In-Seat Temperature Control

Lufthansa has introduced the ability to individually control the temperature around you, and it’s available at all Allegris Business Class seats.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite seat control panel
Temperature control at the touch of a button.

I couldn’t wait to put this to the test. Unlike anything I’ve experienced before, the air flows around you from within the seat rather than from lackluster air vents above.

I was surprised by how quickly I could feel the effects of the cooling air. This is such a great addition for travelers who have trouble keeping warm or staying cool on long-haul flights.

Hot Tip:

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Lufthansa is the only airline, after Emirates, that has introduced a minibar to business class.

Passengers in Allegris Business Class Suites can choose to stock their minibars with up to 2 drinks, which can be either soft or alcoholic — even including Aperol Spritz.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite mini bar
A mini minibar is better than none.

The slightly raised oval beside the minibar is a practical addition to help prevent your favorite tipple from sliding around.

Tray Table

Yes, even the tray table deserves an honorary mention. Why? Tables, even in business class, can be clunky and restrictive, and Lufthansa has done a great job at avoiding both of those issues.

A simple push causes the table to glide smoothly out from underneath the IFE screen.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite tray table push
The table is housed underneath the IFE screen.

The bifold table effortlessly slides out from its start position at a slight downward angle until it reaches lap level.

Better still, it’s not restricted to fixed positions, which makes it easy to get in and out of the seat even when the table is in use.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite tray table extended
Bifold tray table.

The table is far from the biggest in the industry, but the console provides enough additional surface space for a laptop while the table is being used for meal service.

Comfort for All Kinds of Sleepers

I didn’t have my tape measure with me (I never do), but when the seat was fully flat, it was perfectly long enough for me (at 5 feet 8 inches tall).

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite lie flat seat
The Allegris Business Class Suite seat 2K in the lie-flat position.

The seat doesn’t taper at the end, so there’s plenty of space for your feet.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite back sleeper
The bed is the same width from top to bottom.

As a side sleeper, I’m happy to confirm that due to the uniformly generous width of the seat, I had no problem getting comfortable.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite side sleeper
Side sleeper? No problem.

Granted, I didn’t actually sleep on this 38-minute flight, but it was an important element to test as many business class seats are either too pointy or narrow to get comfortable as a side sleeper.

A Mattress on Every Flight

A mattress — especially one of decent thickness — is a premium amenity more often associated with first class, so I was surprised to find one at my seat on boarding.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite mattress roll
The Allegris business class mattress.

Allegris Business Class Suite passengers will be provided with a mattress for every flight. In contrast, mattresses will only be available on night flights for passengers in all other Allegris business class seats.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite mattress and pillow
Business Class Suite passengers will get a mattress on every flight.

27-Inch IFE Screen

At 27 inches, the IFE screen in the Allegris Business Class Suites is well above industry standard and matched only by the screens in Virgin Atlantic’s Retreat Suite, which measure the same size.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite IFE screen size
This is about as big as you’ll find an IFE screen in business class.

For comparison, the screens in the business class of Emirates A380s are 23 inches in size.

The crisp 4K ultra-high-definition made the nose camera views over the earth below us even more spectacular.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite IFE
I could watch this camera all day.

Customer Centric Touches

One can be all too easily distracted by the likes of the minibar, the huge IFE screen, or even the abundant storage. However, Lufthansa’s wow factor extends to more subtle elements, too.

For example, I barely noticed this glasses hook, which I found to be a thoughtful touch and a useful feature for those prone to losing their glasses.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite glasses hook
I’m not sure if this glasses hook is a feature of all Allegris business class seats or just the Suites, but it’s worth mentioning.

Final Thoughts

Bravo, Lufthansa.

I had very high expectations before trying this product out for myself, and I have to say it’s among the best business class seats I’ve ever flown in.

I can’t speak for the rest of the cabin, but the Allegris Business Class Suite is in a different league compared with the best business class seats of North American and European competitors such as Air France, American, British Airways, Delta, and United. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t flown it yet, but Virgin Atlantic’s Retreat Suite could be the only European business class that comes close.

The Allegris Business Class Suite is so great that I’d even coin it as the “European Qsuite.”

Lufthansa has finally brought its outdated business class into 2024 and is truly a product that everyone involved in its creation should be proud of.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Suite window gazing
I hope to fly this seat on a long-haul flight in the not-too-distant future.
Daniel Ross's image

About Daniel Ross

Daniel has loved aviation and travel his entire life. He earned a Master of Science in Air Transport Management and has written about travel and aviation in publications like Simple Flying, The Points Guy, and more.


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