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Emirates Is the Best Way To Fly to Colombia — Here’s Why

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Juan Ruiz
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Juan Ruiz

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Juan has extensive experience in writing and editing content related to credit cards, loyalty programs, and travel. He has been honing his expertise in this field for over a decade. His work has been ...
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Emirates is, without a doubt, among the best airlines in the world. The Dubai-based carrier is well known for providing passengers with a first-class, luxurious experience on its Airbus A380, which allows passengers to enjoy an onboard bar and shower at 38,000 feet in the sky, or on its new Boeing 777-300ER Game Changer, which offers passengers unparalleled luxury while in flight.

Based in Miami and of Colombian descent, I grew up traveling to Bogotá every summer to visit relatives. So when Emirates announced it would be launching its newest fifth-freedom route between Miami and Bogotá, Colombia, I knew I had to take advantage of this exciting inaugural flight trip.

Although they all fly from Miami to Bogotá, American Airlines, Avianca, and LATAM don’t offer the same high-caliber experience as Emirates.

Here are 6 reasons why flying to Colombia with Emirates is the best way to travel.

Wide-Body Aircraft Provides a Generous Amount of Space

Because of their larger size, wide-body aircraft such as the Boeing 777-300ER that operates the Miami (MIA) to Bogotá (BOG) route offer a more spacious experience than the narrow-body, single-aisle planes used by competitors on the same route.

Emirates Widebody Aircraft Double Aisles
Flying a wide-body to Colombia means you have more space to walk around and are not cramped up in a narrow-body, single-aisle aircraft.

As a result, a row in a wide-body aircraft generally offers more space than a seat row in a narrow-body aircraft. Every individual seat follows the same principle. When you choose to fly to Bogotá with Emirates, you’ll enjoy ample space to stretch your legs and move around comfortably.

Seats That Lie Flat in Business and First Class

At present, Emirates is now the only airline that offers daily lie-flat seat service from the U.S. to Colombia, as well as First Class service between Miami and Bogota.

Avianca, Delta, and LATAM have occasionally used their wide-body Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to fly to Colombia. However, these airlines do not consistently offer a lie-flat product on these routes.

Emirates Business Class Seat 777 300ER
Emirates’ business class seat on its 777-300ER is one of its oldest products, yet still a better option than what the competitors fly on the Miami to Bogotá route.

On the other hand, Emirates operates its Boeing 777-300ER with 42 angled-flat business class seats and 8 enclosed lie-flat suites that can be booked using your hard-earned miles and points.

Emirates Business Class Lie Flat Seat 777 300ER
Rest up before you land in Bogotá!

This allows passengers to slumber comfortably on their 3-plus-hour journey to Bogotá, giving Emirates a significant advantage over competitors.

Hot Tip:

Outstanding Onboard Food and Beverage Options

Emirates excels in many aspects, one of which is its catering. The menu for business class passengers on my flight to Bogotá offered a wide selection of dishes you would be hard-pressed to find with other carriers operating this route.

Firstly, I was presented with the option of either poached prawns with leche de tigre or Arabic dips as a starter.

Emirates MIA BOG Lunch Menu
There are some delicious lunch options on the MIA-BOG flight for passengers in all cabins.

For the main course, I could choose between a prime rib-eye steak, pan-seared red snapper, or a succulent rotisserie chicken. I chose the steak, which was tender and full of flavor. The poached prawns as a starter were equally delicious.

Emirates MIA BOG Lunch Serving
My rib-eye steak was tender and flavorful, as was the rest of the meal.

I was astounded when I noticed the flight attendants handing out pan de bono and arepas, both classic Colombian treats that I eat regularly at home. I must admit, the level of detail in adapting to the market you’re serving with inflight offerings indeed left me speechless.

Breads Emirates flight
When you fly with Emirates to Bogotá, you’ll get a taste of some authentic Colombian treats.

The drink menu offers a wide variety of beverages, including Veuve Clicquot Champagne, a selection of handmade cocktails and mocktails, and a nice assortment of beer and wines.

Emirates Cocktails and Drinks
The extensive beverage menu consists of juices, soft drinks, cocktails, wines, and more.

In addition to delicious catering options for first class and business travelers, economy passengers also receive appealing lunch options with main dishes like chicken with creamy mushroom sauce or zesty prawns served with steamed jasmine rice and green beans.

I’ve flown to Colombia consistently with American and Avianca, and to be honest, there’s simply no comparison in the catering department to what Emirates offers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Emirates is renowned for its exemplary customer service, differentiating it from other airlines. Emirates’ flight crew are highly skilled, and their polished service is consistent throughout the airline.

During my flight, I observed the flight attendants consistently attentive to the passengers’ needs. Minor details like refilling my cup of water or presenting me with a hot towel before and after dinner distinguished the service from what you could expect from other carriers on flights to and from Colombia.

The service provided was consistently attentive without being intrusive, a balance many airlines find challenging to achieve. Aside from the top-notch service, the flight attendants appeared to be genuinely happy to be flying to Bogotá, with several mentioning to me that it was their first visit to Colombia.

Emirates Smiling Flight Attendants
The service was what you would expect from Emirates — very good.

After having flown with the airline multiple times in premium cabins, including long-haul flights, I can confidently say that the service I experienced on this short flight to Bogotá from Miami was equally exceptional, just like my previous experiences with Emirates.

Impressive Inflight Entertainment

I’ve flown to Colombia more times than I can count, and on each occasion, I’ve had the opportunity to fly with various airlines, including American, Avianca, JetBlue, and even Spirit.

On multiple occasions, I’ve encountered situations where there were no inflight monitors for entertainment, very limited options on personal handheld devices, or sometimes no options.

On this flight, there was no need for me to download my own content, as Emirates provides an extensive range of movies, TV shows, and live television.

Emirates IFE screen
You’ll never get bored on the 3+ hour flight from Miami to Bogotá with Emirates’ IFE offerings.

Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER is specifically designed to accommodate long-haul flights, ensuring that passengers have ample time to enjoy a wide range of inflight entertainment options.

These options include a variety of movies, TV shows, and even live TV. Passengers on this 3-hour flight will certainly not get bored with Emirates’ broad assortment of inflight entertainment options.

The Wi-Fi service was initially slow, but it improved and became reliable when I needed to do some work.

Emirates Wi Fi
Wi-Fi is free for all Emirates Skywards members on the MIA-BOG route.

If you’d like to access Wi-Fi on board, you can pay for a package using your debit or credit card. Alternatively, if you’re an Emirates Skywards member (free to join), you can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access on Emirates flights.

Competitively Priced

Alright, let’s get straight to the point. Emirates is a more expensive option for traveling between Miami and Bogotá. However, there are many dates where you can pay just a few extra dollars and enjoy a significantly better flight experience.

For instance, when comparing flights from Miami to Bogotá this July, Emirates charges a mere $27 more than American and $60 more than Avianca.

MIA BOG flight rates
You’ll want to compare prices because flying Emirates to Bogotá might be a better deal than you thought.

Although the fares displayed with Avianca and American may appear lower, it’s important to note that they are for basic economy tickets. These tickets do not include the cost of a checked bag, and in Avianca’s case, no carry-on bag either.

In addition, with the basic economy fares, you would need to pay for your own seat. Unlike other airlines, Emirates includes a seat, baggage allowance, and a meal in its standard fare.

Not only will you enjoy an exceptional onboard experience with Emirates, but you will likely save money by not needing to pay for baggage and seat assignment fees with the airline between Miami and Bogotá.

Although Emirates may appear to be the pricier choice for flying between Miami and Bogotá, it’s worth crunching the numbers to determine if booking with Emirates could actually be a cost-saving option in the long run.

Hot Tip:

If you would rather use miles instead of paying cash for airfare to Colombia with Emirates, you can earn Emirates Skywards miles. Emirates is a transfer partner with Chase Ultimate RewardsAmerican Express Membership RewardsCiti ThankYou RewardsCapital One Miles, and Marriott Bonvoy. This makes it incredibly convenient to transfer your points to Emirates and easily book your desired flight to Bogotá and other destinations.

Final Thoughts

I’ll be completely honest here: If I can help it, I will always choose to fly Emirates to Bogotá when visiting Colombia’s metropolitan capital. Operating a wide-body aircraft with plenty of space, lie-flat seats, and an impressive selection of food and beverage options, not to mention the renowned customer service that this airline is famous for, it’s difficult to imagine how the other airlines on the Miami to Bogotá route will even stand a chance.

Only time will reveal the outcome, but for now, if I am unable to visit Dubai in the near future, I eagerly anticipate flying with the Dubai-based carrier once again to Bogotá.

Juan Ruiz's image

About Juan Ruiz

Juan has extensive experience in writing and editing content related to credit cards, loyalty programs, and travel. He has been honing his expertise in this field for over a decade. His work has been featured in various prestigious publications, such as USA Today, CNN Underscored, Forbes and The Points Guy. Juan is the visionary behind JetBetter, a premier award booking concierge service.

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