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Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Luggage Review – Is It Worth It? [Video]

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Amar Hussain
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Amar Hussain

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Amar is an avid traveler and tester of products. He has spent the last 13 years traveling all 7 continents and has put the products to the test on each of them. He has contributed to publications incl...
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Since first launching in the 1970s, Delsey has become one of the most trusted brands when it comes to luggage. A staple in the midrange luggage market, Delsey suitcases are used by casual and seasoned travelers, offering bags that can withstand wear and tear.

Known for its sleek Parisian-inspired designs and high-quality materials, Delsey is considered a sophisticated, stylish, yet still relatively affordable company. This reputation includes the Chatelet Hardside Spinner, which we’ll be reviewing today.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner

The Chatelet Hardside Spinner is one of the brand’s most iconic suitcases, encompassing all the functionality you would expect from Delsey fused with a chic, sophisticated design.

There’s no denying that this case is beautiful, and it wouldn’t look out of place rolling into a 5-star hotel or the office on a business trip. Its sleek and timeless design makes for a versatile case, while the interior packing features are practical for many travelers.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Luggage Review

For this review, we’ve taken a hard look at how the Chatelet Hardside Spinner stands up as a carry-on option. This understated little suitcase allows travelers to stay organized while also providing plenty of space for multiple days’ worth of clothing, work supplies, and other travel necessities. 

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Luggage Overall Rating

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner
3,149 Reviews
Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner
The Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner is as functional as it is fashionable, with an elegant Parisian design and several clever features.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Style and Look

The Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner oozes Parisian charm, with stylish vegan leather trim that extends across the exterior design, handles, and zipper lining. These complement the solid-color exterior that might otherwise look a little plain without these stylish accents.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Style
The vegan leather trims add a touch of elegance to the Delsey Chatelet. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Available in a selection of colors, you can go bold and beautiful with Champagne white, pink, or angora cream, or opt for a more understated look with chocolate brown or navy.

The textured hard shell could almost be mistaken for a soft-sided suitcase from some angles, further adding to the Chatelet’s fashionable design.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Size and Compartments

Weighing 9.1 pounds, the bag is on the heavier side for a carry-on suitcase. However, there’s a reason behind those extra pounds. To include the carry-on’s features, like its durable material, built-in wheel lock, and packing compartments, the bag’s weight is a trade-off when compared to lighter options.

While some airlines don’t have strict weight limits for carry-ons, others do, so you’ll need to evaluate the carry-on size restrictions of those you typically travel with. If weight is a priority for you, opt for the Chatelet Air 2.0, which omits the wheel brake, has the addition of a USB port, and weighs 3 pounds less.

The bag is also on the larger side for a carry-on, measuring 23.5 by 15 by 9.75 inches. The bag’s hard shell also means those measurements are concrete since it can’t be squished to fit into luggage compartments.

Delsey Chatelet Carry on Size
The bag is also on the larger side for a carry-on. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Unfortunately, this is slightly larger than most international airline restrictions, so it might have to be checked if it’s being used on a trip abroad. Again, the Chatelet Air 2.0 is a bit smaller, so it is a good alternative.

Its interior packing features make this bag a favorite among travelers. The suitcase has a clamshell opening, which divides the bag into 2 spacious and fully lined packing compartments.

Chatelet Hardside Spinner Compartments
The Delsey Chatelet opens like a clamshell with 2 large packing areas. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Each compartment has a zipped dividing cover and an x-shaped compression belt to fit all your belongings efficiently. In addition to these main compartments, the suitcase also has multiple mesh pockets built into the compartment dividers, which can help organize and store smaller items.

Chatelet Hardside Spinner Dividers
The zippered divider keeps your belongings neatly in place. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Accessories

To help optimize the bag’s space, the Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner comes with 2 storage bags, 1 for laundry and the other for shoes, and a hanger to keep your dressier clothes neat until you can hang them up on arrival.

Chatelet Hardside Interior Hanger
The case comes with a hanger and interior hanger hook. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Also included is a vegan leather luggage tag for discreetly holding your address details should your case get lost. This is removable if you prefer not to use it, but it looks the part with its visible stitching.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Luggage Tag
The bag has a vegan leather luggage tag with stylish, visible stitching. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

However, though this particular bag is popular among frequent business travelers, it lacks a few features that could be useful for working on the go, such as a USB charger or a mobile workspace.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Durability and Materials

This hard-shell suitcase is made of 100% virgin polycarbonate with vegan leather accents, fusing style and durability. The suitcase’s exterior is made of strong material that resists cracking and dents, and it’s been designed with a basketweave-weave texture that prevents scratches.

Opening up the case, you’ll find a fully lined interior with soft material treated with an antimicrobial coating to prevent odors or germ build-up. The bag is manufactured to withstand the typical wear and tear of travel, but we would question how easy it is to keep the lighter-colored cases clean. It’s unlikely that we would order checked luggage in Champagne white or angora cream for this reason.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Material
The Delsey Chatelet is made from durable 100% polycarbonate. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Wheels

The suitcase has 4 double spinner wheels that allow easy maneuvering on various surfaces. We found these to be some of the smoothest and quietest wheels we’ve tested, cutting down on loud or annoying sounds while transporting your luggage. These wheels are also strong and long-lasting, even when regularly used on rough surfaces.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Wheels
The 4 double spinner wheels roll smoothly and quietly. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

If your suitcases often roll away from you, you’ll love the brake system on the Delsey Chatelet’s wheels. Activating or deactivating the brake is simple and just requires pushing 1 of the 2 buttons near the telescopic top handle.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Wheel Lock
A useful wheel brake can be activated to stop the bag from rolling away. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Handles

2 carry handles are available on the exterior of the case. One is on the top of the bag for lifting it vertically, and the other is on the side, enabling you to easily lift the bag horizontally.

Both handles are made from the same soft vegan leather as the rest of the suitcase’s accents, adding to the bag’s stylish appearance. This material also makes the handles soft to grip.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Handles
The handles are made from vegan leather and are soft to grip. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

The telescopic handle has 2 height options, which can be adjusted using a simple push button. We found this handle to be supersmooth to operate and incredibly sturdy when fully extended. As one of the most used features on a carry-on, we would be very happy to use this case regularly.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Telescopic Handle
The telescopic handle is adjustable to 2 heights. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Lock and Zippers

We were pleased to find that the suitcase has a built-in TSA-approved lock. The 3-digit PIN is quick and easy to use, and the zipper pulls slot seamlessly into the docking slots.

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner Lock
There’s an integrated TSA lock on the side of the case. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

Delsey’s zippers use patented SECURITECH technology, which has been tested to be up to 3 times stronger than traditional luggage zippers, and are less accessible to thieves. These zippers are smooth but won’t open or rip unintentionally, especially when used with the lock mechanism.

Delsey Warranty and Customer Service

As part of the Chatelet luggage collection, the hardside spinner comes with a 10-year limited warranty covering defects and problems with the bag’s wheels, zippers, extensions, and carrying handles. However, while this is a useful warranty, we would have liked it to also offer coverage of the shell and telescopic handle.

Whether the Delsey warranty covers your issue or not, it’s always advisable to get any issues fixed at a Delsey-approved service location; otherwise, your warranty can be invalidated against any future issues.

Other Delsey Chatelet Hardside Luggage

The Delsey Chatelet collection is all-encompassing and has options to create virtually an entire luggage set. The other pieces in this collection include an underseater bag, a large trunk, and both a medium and large-sized checked bag. These bags have the same main features, such as their material and warranty, but with obvious size and storage capacity differences.

Underseater15.75 x 8.25 x 16.5 inches6 poundsN/A
Carry-On23.5 x15 x 9.75 inches9.1 poundsN/A
Medium Checked24 x 11 x 16.5 inches11 poundsN/A
Large Checked27.5 x 12.5 x 20 inches12.6 poundsN/A
Trunk16.5 x 14 x 28.75 inches10.9 poundsN/A

Final Thoughts

For over 70 years, Delsey has been a staple in the luggage industry, producing high-quality bags for virtually all travelers.

The carry-on version of the Chatelet Hardside Spinner by Delsey is a perfect example of this reputation. Its spacious compartments, sturdiness, and built-in security tools make it a great general option for any trip.

We were a bit disappointed by the bag’s weight and size, which is slightly larger than what’s allowed in most international flight cabins. However, it made up for this drawback with its versatility and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Delsey Chatelet Hardside collection made of?

The Delsey Chatelet hardside spinner is made from durable 100% polycarbonate and has a textured basketweave finish that is scratch-resistant.

What size is the Delsey Chatelet Hardside?

The Delsey Chatelet hardside collection includes a carry-on, an underseater bag, medium and large checked bags, and a large trunk.

Is the Delsey Chatelet Hardside carry-on size?

The Delsey Chatelet carry-on case measures 23.5 by 15 by 9.75 inches, so it is slightly larger than most international airline size requirements. The Chatelet Air 2 International Carry-on is a bit smaller, so you may want to consider this model instead.

Does the Delsey Chatelet Hardside have a wheel brake?

The Delsey Chatelet Hardside has a wheel brake that is activated at the push of a button. The Chatelet Air 2 does not have a wheel brake, so it is a bit lighter.

Does the Delsey Chatelet Hardside have a TSA lock?

The Delsey Chatelet Hardside has an integrated TSA combination lock on the exterior of the case to secure the main compartment.

Amar Hussain's image

About Amar Hussain

Amar is an avid traveler and tester of products. He has spent the last 13 years traveling all 7 continents and has put the products to the test on each of them. He has contributed to publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post, and more.


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