The Benefits of Radisson Rewards Americas Elite Status [Club, Silver, Gold, Platinum]

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The Radisson Rewards Americas program might not have the popularity, or global footprint, as the Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors, or IHG Rewards programs, but it is a program that shouldn’t be overlooked and has plenty of benefits to offer those who are willing to work their way up the program’s elite tiers.

At over 1,100 hotels worldwide, the Radisson hotel collection is plenty big enough to offer multiple hotels in just about any destination that you might travel to. Plus it is a great program for those who love to “earn and burn” points, as its award chart is reasonable and its points are relatively easy to earn, especially for those who use a card like the Radisson Rewards™ Premier Visa Signature® Card to pay for their stays.

In this post, we outline all of the benefits and perks offered at each elite status tier of the Radisson Rewards Americas program to help you decide if the Radisson Rewards program is right for you and what level of elite status you should shoot for. We’ve also written up a guide on how to get Radisson Rewards Americas elite status.

Radisson Rewards Elite Status Levels

The Radisson Rewards offers 4 membership levels:

  • Club member —the starting tier of the program
  • Silver status — reachable after 9 nights or 6 stays
  • Gold status — reachable after 30 nights or 20 stays
  • Platinum status — reachable after 60 nights or 30 stays

Here is a quick overview of the benefits offered at each level of elite status:

Elite BenefitsClub Members
(0 nights/0 stays)
Silver Status
(9 nights/6 stays)
Gold Status
(30 nights/20 stays)
Platinum Status
(60 nights/30 stays)
Points earned on stays20x per $122x per $125x per $135x per $1
Discounts on food and beverages5%10%15%20%
Complimentary waterXXXX
Rollover nightsXXX
Complimentary room upgrades (when available)XXX (Standard Suite eligible)
Early check-in and late checkout (when available)XXX
In-room welcome giftXX
Guaranteed room availability72 hours48 hours
Complimentary breakfastX
Platinum members services lineX

Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits offered with each elite status tier and examine how useful those benefits might be to you.

Hot Tip: Be aware that Radisson has split its rewards program into 2 depending on your region: Radisson Rewards Americas and Radisson Rewards. Radisson Rewards Americas covers the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Learn more about the program here.

Radisson Rewards Americas Silver Status

Silver status in the Radisson Rewards Americas program, which members achieve after 9 nights or 6 stays, comes with the following benefits:

10% Bonus Points

At the Silver level, you’ll earn 10% more points during your stays than regular Club members. This amounts to 2x additional points per $1 spent, for a total of 22x points per $1 spent on your Radisson stays. This represents a 6% return on your spending based on our valuation of Radisson Rewards Americas points.

10% Discount on Food and Beverages

When you dine at a Radisson hotel restaurant during your stay, you’ll receive a 10% discount on the price of your meal. However, the discount is not applied to tax or tip, alcoholic beverages, room service or in-room dining, catering or banquets, or groups or parties of 6 or more.

Rollover Nights

With rollover nights, the excess nights you stay each year past a certain elite tier will rollover towards helping you qualify the year after. For example, if you spent 20 nights at Radisson hotels in 1 year, 9 of those nights would go towards qualifying for Silver status, and the other 11 would rollover into the following year — meaning you’d need to just stay 19 nights the following year in order to reach Gold status.

Hot Tip: Due to COVID-19, Radisson has extended the elite status of members through February 2022 for those that would have expired in February 2021.

Complimentary Room Upgrade

If available during check-in, you might receive a room upgrade at no additional cost to you. Keep in mind that upgrades are taken on a case-by-case basis based on the hotel availability, and may include a room in a preferred location, a room with a preferred view, or a recently renovated room.

Early Check-in and Late Checkout

Based on the hotel’s availability, Silver members are eligible to check-in and checkout 2 hours prior to or 2 hours later than the hotel’s published check-in and checkout time.

Bottom Line: For the lowest level elite status in the program, Silver status is still decently rewarding given that it requires just 9 nights (or 6 stays) each year, but offers room upgrades, early check-in and late checkout, bonus points, and a 10% dining discount. 

Radisson Rewards Americas Gold Status

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago Lobby
Where will your Radisson status take you? Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago. Image Credit: Radisson

Gold status in the Radisson Rewards Americas program can be reached by staying 30 nights or 20 stays in a calendar year, or by holding the Radisson Rewards Premier card, and comes with all of the benefits of Silver status, plus the following benefits:

25% Bonus Points

Once you’ve reached Gold status, you’ll earn 25% more points on your stays, amounting to 5x additional points per $1 spent, for a total of 25x points per $1 spent on all of your Radisson stays. This represents a 7.5% return on your spending based on our valuation of Radisson Rewards Americas points.

15% Discount on Food and Beverages

At the Gold level, your discount on food and beverages at a Radisson hotel restaurant improves to 15% off.

In-Room Welcome Gift

Gold members receive an in-room welcome gift upon checking in to the hotel. The type of gift you receive can vary greatly from hotel to hotel but might include items like fresh fruit, cookies, candy, and/or a drink.

72-Hour Guaranteed Room Availability

Need to book a room last minute? Gold members are guaranteed to have a room available to them up to 72 hours prior to needing to check-in.

Bottom Line: For the most part, Gold status in the Radisson Rewards Americas program just offers incremental benefits over Silver status. But given that you can receive Gold status just for holding the Radisson Rewards Premier card makes it pretty compelling. 

Radisson Rewards Americas Platinum Status

Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago
You can enjoy a sumptuous breakfast with elite status at Radisson. Image Credit: Radisson

The top tier of the Radisson Rewards Americas program, Platinum status, can be reached after 60 nights or 30 stays in a calendar year, and comes with all of the benefits of Gold status, plus the following:

75% Bonus Points

At the Platinum status level, the number of points your earn during your Radisson stays gets a massive 75% bonus, or 15x more points per $1 spent. This brings the total number of points earned to 35x points per $1 spent, representing a 10.5% return on your stays based on our valuations.

20% Discount on Food and Beverages

Once you reach Platinum status your discount on food and beverages at Radisson restaurants improves to 20% off. This could amount to considerable savings if you dine at Radisson restaurants often.

Suite Upgrades

Each elite status level in the Radisson Rewards Americas program includes space-available room upgrades, but Platinum members are the only members eligible for an upgrade to the next room category or to a Standard Suite.

48-Hour Guaranteed Room Availability

Platinum members are guaranteed to have a room available to them as long as they book their stay more than 48 hours in advance.

Complimentary Breakfast

Platinum members are also the only elite members that receive a free breakfast each morning, though the benefit can vary a bit based on where in the world the Radisson you’re visiting is located. In North America, members receive 1 continental breakfast per Platinum member, so any guest you’re with won’t be eligible. In Latin America you’ll receive 1 buffet breakfast per Platinum member, so again any non-Platinum guests with you are not eligible.

Platinum Member Services Line

Platinum members have a dedicated service helpline that is available 24/7 to help solve any problems or answer any questions that you might have.

Bottom Line: Platinum status is obviously by far the most valuable elite tier, especially if you care about benefits like free breakfast and complimentary suite upgrades.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Radisson Rewards Americas loyalty program is one of the few programs that is actually decently rewarding at each elite status level. After all, most “big name” programs you might be more accustomed to don’t usually offer perks like complimentary room upgrades to members of its lowest loyalty tier. The Radisson Rewards Americas program is even more rewarding for those who are Radisson Rewards Premier cardholders and receive Gold status automatically, without needing to worry about how many nights they stay each year.

So, while the Radisson Rewards Americas program might not be a program you’re very familiar with, it is definitely not one you want to overlook, as the program offers plenty of great properties worldwide, a solid award chart, and great perks and benefits to its loyalty members.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I join Radisson Rewards? Is it worth it?

The Radisson Rewards program is free to join, so there is no reason for you not to become a member. Even if you only stay at Radisson hotels every once in a while, you’re going to earn Radisson Rewards points during your stay just for being a member of the program, which you can then redeem at a later date for free stays. Given that, the Radisson Rewards program is definitely worth joining.

Do Radisson Rewards points expire?

Yes, your Radisson Rewards points will expire if you have no account activity for 24 months. To extend your points all you need to do is have some sort of account activity within that timeframe, like staying at a Radisson hotel or redeeming your points.

Due to COVID-19, Radisson has suspended its point expiration policy until December 31, 2021.

What are the elite status levels of Radisson Rewards?

The Radisson Rewards program has 4 tiers of membership: Club member, Silver status, Gold status, and Platinum status.

Will I earn more Radisson Rewards points with elite status?

Yes, at each tier of the Radisson Rewards program you earn more points for your stays. At Silver status you earn 10% more points (22x per $1), at Gold status you earn 25% more points (25x per $1), and at Platinum status you’ll earn 75% more points per stay (35x per $1).

What are Radisson Rewards points worth?

Valuing the points or miles of any travel loyalty program is mostly subjective, but in our view, Radisson Rewards points are worth about 0.3 cents per point. This figure is merely meant to be a baseline value of what you should shoot for when redeeming your points. You might even be able to get significantly more value depending on the redemption!

How many points do I need for a free night at Radisson?

That depends on the Radisson property that you stay at, and what category it is within the Radisson program. Lower-level Category 1 hotels start at just 9,000 points per night, while top-tier Category 7 hotels cost 70,000 points per night.

Do award nights count towards Radisson elite status?

Yes, when you redeem your Radisson Rewards points for a free night, that night will count towards elite status qualification.

How do Radisson rollover nights work?

In the Radisson program, if you stay enough nights to reach 1 level of elite status, but your total number of nights stayed is short of the next tier of the elite program, any extra nights past the tier you qualified for will rollover into the next year.

For example, if you stayed 40 nights with Radisson in a calendar year you would qualify for Gold status for the following year (which requires 30 nights), and the remaining 10 nights would rollover into the next year, making it easier for you to requalify for Gold status or to reach Platinum status.

Due to COVID-19, Radisson has also extended the elite status of members through February 2022 for those that would have expired in February 2021.

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