Booking Guides Using Points

It’s one thing finding an award redemption option, it’s totally another knowing how to actually book it (whether it’s online or via the phone) and secure your award flight!

Each airline seems to have their own process and we recognize the need for clear instructions, and so we welcome you to the booking guides portion of Upgraded Points!

You’ve got to know where to find award space, how to transfer your miles/points, find seats (plus when to look!) and of course, make the booking.

This section is consistently being added to where we show you, step-by-step, how to book specific cabin classes and products.

Each in-depth booking guide contains the following sections (and more):

  • A look inside the product
  • What types of points you’ll need to book it
  • Redemption options
  • Tips to help you earn enough points
  • Extra helpful tips to get the most value out of the redemption!

Business Class Award Booking Guides:

First Class Award Booking Guides: