The 10 Best Portable Luggage Scales for Travelers [2019]

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Luggage scales will tell you just how much your kit weighs before you’ve even left the house.

These neat little gadgets can protect you against the expense of excess baggage charges and ensure that you’re never faced with any nasty surprises at check-in.

Do I Really Need a Luggage Scale?

Not only will your luggage scale help you keep tabs on the weight of your case before you embark on your journey, but they’re also super useful for the return journey too.

For many of us, it’s incredibly tempting to fill up any spare space with souvenirs and bargains from trips away which can sometimes lead to the type of weight gain we like to avoid — exceeding the maximum luggage weight limit.

Airlines love to charge for overweight luggage, so shop yourself silly, but stay safe by taking your luggage scale with you for the journey home.

Hot Tip: One more thing — don’t think you can beat the system by popping your cases on the bathroom scales before you go. These will not give you an accurate weight reading, and you could still face excess charges when you slip the same case on the scale at the check-in desk.

Things to Look For in Luggage Scales

All types of luggage scales are useful, but not all are equal. Before you buy, be sure to take into consideration the following:

How Much Weight Can It Hold?

If your scale doesn’t have the capacity to weigh as much as your case does, then it becomes pretty useless.

Every set of scales, digital, bathroom, or otherwise will have a maximum load weight limit. Make sure the scale’s maximum weight limit is higher than you ever expect to pack.

As a point of reference, most digital travel scales can weigh bags of up to 100 pounds, which is between 40 or 50kg. For most airlines, 100 pounds is significantly past the weight limit, meaning your scale can weigh anything you need it to when flying.

How Accurate Is It?

Accuracy is vital when it comes to weighing your luggage, and the scales you use will need to be as accurate as possible to ensure you’re not accidentally overpacking.

While the sensitivity of individual scales can cause them to vary from one to another by just a few grams, weights that are wildly inaccurate can cost you your hard earned cash at check-in.

How Does It Measure Weight?

Most airlines will display their maximum weight allowance in both metric and imperial, so choosing the best measurement of weight is a personal choice.

Choose the one that’s easier for you to work with.

How Visible Is the Display?

Your scale is only useful if you can read the weight of the items you want to weigh.

Digital scales should be easy to read at all times, and those that offer a backlight have the advantage of being easy to read in the dark.

How Hard-Wearing Is It?

Luggage scales can be compact and lightweight, without being flimsy. While the price may be a major consideration when it comes to your buying choices, do make sure that you pick a scale that’s sturdy enough to go the distance.

Check both the strap, the attachments, and any other pressure bearing points, to ensure that they look up to the job at hand. Don’t be swayed by fancy features if the basic components look weak!

How Reliable Is It?

Digital scales run on batteries, and inevitably, they’ll need replacing at some point.

Before you buy, check that the model has a low battery indicator. Always check the batteries before you depart so you don’t find yourself at your destination with a dead scale.

As well, some scales have the ability to alert you with a warning indicator if something is wrong, preventing you from traveling with a malfunctioning piece of kit.

Does It Have a Weight Lock?

Just as low battery indicators are useful, so are practical features like a weight or data lock.

This little function simply locks the screen display on the weight of the item, giving you more time to read the results.

Is It Easy to Carry With You?

Your travel scale should be compact, lightweight, and super easy to take away with you. After all, if it is big and heavy, that very much defeats the object. Travel light, even with your scale.

Is It Easy to Hold on To?

Most weighing scales need to be suspended in the air to give an accurate reading of the result. Before you buy, check the length and strength of the handle, and make sure that you’re happy that it will be comfortable for you to use.

The Travel Luggage Scales

Watch Your Weight With This Compact Travel Scale

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

The Etekcity digital luggage weight scale has a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds, which is more than enough capacity for your travel luggage needs.

Easy to use and just the right size to fit in your pocket, you can take note of the weight of your kit bag or suitcase with the data hold facility that keeps the reading on the screen until you’re finished with it.

This luggage scale also allows you to convert units between pounds and kilograms for easy conversions.

Finally, with a low battery indicator, this is a weighing scale you can rely on. Watch your weight where it really matters with this sturdy, travel luggage scale.

Small Scale That Could Save You Money

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale

No bigger than a bottle opener, this pocket-friendly scale can literally go anywhere with you. With a digital display built into the handle itself, the EatSmart scale provides reliable readings for your luggage at the drop of a hat.

With the capacity to give reliable readings up to 110 pounds in increments of 0.1 pound, you need never worry about overweight baggage fees ever again.

Take note of the reading on the large backlit LCD, then just press the ON/OFF switch to re-calibrate the scale to weigh your next bit of kit. You get simple and accurate measurements from this super compact scale.

Smart Luggage Scale With Extra Features

Camry Luggage Scale

With a durable and robust rubber handle and an easy to read LCD, this little scale can protect you from nasty surprises at the check-in desk.

Ensure your luggage is never overweight again, by simply attaching it to this compact, portable scale with high precision weight sensors that are accurate to the 0.1 pound.

For your added convenience, this particular model also comes complete with a built-in thermometer, meaning you can read the temperature wherever you are.

With a low battery indicator, overload warning indicator, and a zero or tare function, this little gadget is a must-have for every traveler.

Lots of Extra Gadgets to Ensure You’re Never Caught By Surprise

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

With an easy to read LCD, this little travel scale is made for jet setters and vacationers to use on every journey. Totally compact and weighing in at just 3.3 ounces, you should take this handy bit of kit everywhere with you.

With additional features such as a lock weight, auto shut-off after 30 seconds to preserve the battery, and even a capacity overload indicator that will let you know when your bags are over the scale limit, this little gadget has plenty to offer.

It also has a low battery indicator to let you know when you need to replace the batteries to ensure that you never get caught traveling with a dead scale.

Weigh Your Luggage and Read the Temperature

Inspira Digital Hanging Postal Luggage Scale with Temperature Sensor

Keep this compact luggage scale close at hand to avoid unexpected charges at the airport. With an easy to read backlit display, you can instantly gauge the weight of your duffel bag, backpack, or cases, and lock the readout to ensure complete accuracy every time.

With a rather groovy built-in thermometer sensor that displays the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, you can also see how hot or how cold the air is when you land.

The comfortable hand grip and teeny tiny proportions make it incredibly easy to carry with you anywhere in the world.

An Accurate and Extremely Precise Piece of Kit

Digital Luggage Scale Dunheger

This little weighing scale prides itself on always being reliable and precise. Offering readings in both pounds and kilograms, it has a maximum capacity of 100 pounds.

Protect yourself from unwanted excess luggage fees with super fast readings from this digital weighing scale.

With an easy to read, backlit LCD and a host of other features including auto-lock, automatic shut-off after 60 seconds, and a tare function, the Dunheger weighing scale is a handy addition to your travel kit.

Compact Digital Scale That’s Perfect for Travel and Fishing

Dr. Meter Electronic Balance Digital Scale

These battery-powered digital scales are an excellent choice for travelers looking to avoid unexpected baggage charges at the airport. Offering an extremely high level of accuracy, this won’t let you down when you need to get stuff weighed.

With a large LCD, easy unit conversion, and an auto-off function to help preserve the battery power, this digital scale has all the extras you could ever need.

It also offers a data lock when stabilized so you can make a note of the weight of your luggage and a stainless steel hook that is concealed in the back slot to keep it compact for traveling.

Powerful and Accurate Travel Scale With Lots of Little Extras

Accuoz Digital Luggage Scale

With a super sturdy strap that’s strong enough to hold most cases and kit bags, this digital scale has a backlit LCD that’s easy to read.

Small enough to fit in your pocket or suitcase and with a precision reading of 0.02 pounds, this little weighing scale is small yet mighty and is the only thing you need to avoid additional baggage fees at the airport.

The auto lock function will keep the reading in sight until you choose to clear it, and the low battery and overload indicators will help make packing your bags a stress-free experience.

Accurate Scale With a Built-In Tape Measure

LEOKOR Hand Scales with Tape Measure

With a high precision capacity of 110 pounds and a graduation of 0.1 pounds, this gadget might be exactly what you need.

The built-in tape measure helps you measure the dimensions of your luggage, while the auto holding display lock will keep the weight of your luggage displayed on the screen.

Complete with an auto-off function, a low battery indicator, and accurate readings, this is a minimal investment that you could save you serious money in the future.

More Than Just a Weighing Scale, Built-in Power Bank Too

Urbo 3-in-1 Luggage Scale with Built-In Powerbank

Packing a rather useful 6000 mAh of power in high-quality battery cells, this little scale also has the power to charge your cell phone or other electronic devices.

As a scale, the backlit LCD includes lb/oz/kg/g, and it can accurately weigh up to 110 pounds of baggage.

Complete with overload protection, hold, tare, auto shut off, and a low battery indicator, this device packs a powerful punch for travelers looking to avoid baggage fees, while always being able to keep in touch.

A double whammy device from Urbo.

Final Thoughts

Save yourself the stress of weighing woes, by investing in one of these compact scales that can accurately weigh your luggage at home or on the go!

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Frequently asked questions

Are luggage scales accurate?

While good quality digital luggage scales will be accurate, this doesn’t take into consideration airline’s scales which may not be calibrated regularly.

For safety, always allow yourself a buffer in case your luggage weighs in heavier at the airport.

Can you use a bathroom scale to weigh luggage?

While technically possible to weigh your luggage with bathroom scales, we don’t recommend it.

It can be difficult to read the weight with the luggage on it and it won’t give an accurate reading. Portable digital luggage scales are extremely affordable and weigh your luggage much more precisely.

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