The 11 Best Luggage Tags on the Market for Travelers [2021]

Luggage Tag

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You know that feeling when you’re finally in the luggage reclaim area of your destination airport, and a million identical suitcases pass you by — leaving you no idea if any of them are yours?

Playing luggage bingo at the end of a long journey is never fun, and without an easily identifiable luggage tag you could be playing it for some time to come.

Always tag your luggage, folks! Without a tag, your personal items could end up in someone else’s hands — or worse still, in another country. Name them to claim them!

Here’s how to make sure your luggage ends up in the right hands: yours.

Things to Look for in a Luggage Tag

Your luggage tags should be several things: easy to read, easy to recognize, and really well attached to your baggage. After all, your tag is no use to you if it comes off before it’s even reached the hold.

Easy to See

If your tag isn’t visible enough to be seen as it spins along the reclaim carousel, is it even worth having? Whether it’s brightly colored or just oversized, visibility is vital when it comes to identifying your luggage.

Easy to Read

The other great reason for strapping some sort of ID on your suitcase is that it offers a great way to name your luggage as your own. Your tags should be able to clearly display your name, zip code, cell number, or other personal details.

Robust and Hard-Wearing 

Let’s be honest: airport handlers don’t treat out bags with as much love and care as we’d like. Whether it’s a designer suitcase or a much-loved old rucksack, they all get thrown onto the plane and off again without a second thought for their well-being.

This presents a risk for our luggage tags too. All that rough and tumble can lead to the demise of delicate tags, and thin or paper-based tags can easily become completely separated from your luggage.

Hot Tip: Go for tags made of more durable materials like plastic, metal or leather — and forget about those paper ones the airline gives you.


The way you attach your tag is also important. Keeping your tag firmly fixed to your luggage is kind of the whole point, so forgo flimsy materials and stick to heavyweight attachment pieces like leather or even steel — and find options that are flexible but firm.

Completely Unique

Whether you want a 5” Darth Vader overseeing your belongings or something more low-key, individuality is important. Find tags that look a bit different, and don’t just choose the one the suitcase manufacturer recommends — or you’ll soon find yourself trying to locate your case in a sea of identical ones, all with matching tags on them.

Better Than Anyone Else’s

Yes, we’re going there! Sometimes you need to step up your game to remain unique. By this we mean, it’s absolutely OK to show just how cool you are by securing a super-duper tech-heavy luggage tag to your case next time you travel 🙂

Smart luggage tags are an actual thing — and they can help you locate your luggage by using Bluetooth (or other mystical tracking devices) that let you keep tabs on your tags and luggage at all times.

The Best Luggage Tags on the Market

Not all luggage tags are created equal — which in this case is good, because you want yours to be special, unique, and oh-so-easy to spot from a mile away.

When it comes to practicality and durability, some are miles ahead of the others. Here are some of the very best luggage tags your money can buy:

Luggage Tags for the Hardcore Traveler

TUFFTAAG Travel ID Bag Tag

A fierce name for an awesome product, these luggage tags are guaranteed to withstand the harsh conditions of worldwide travel. Whether you’re circumnavigating the globe — or simply looking for a decent tag that will stop your vacation clothing from heading for a different resort — these guys have you covered.

Made from reinforced aluminum and complete with a sturdy steel cable that attaches to your luggage, there isn’t much that can tear these tags away from your suitcase once fastened.

Designed with the more upwardly mobile traveler in mind, TuffTaags are just the right size to hold a business card. If you’re between high-powered positions right now, you can simply print your name and contact details using the PDF included.

They come in a huge array of colors, so personalizing is easy. These tags also come with rather shouty “not your bag” stickers — which are probably really useful as long as nobody else on your flight has them too.

Funky Design Tag for the Colorful Traveler

Shacke Initial Luggage Tag

Big, bold, bright, and rubbery, these tags can be personalized to feature your own initial. Waiting to see your special letter whizz past you on the luggage carousel adds a touch of child-like excitement to your baggage collection experience.

Not only are these available in this beautiful green color, they also have an awesome rubberiness about them, making them nice to fiddle with while you wait to check your baggage in.

Shacke offers these luggage tags in a few other colors too. And just to be certain your personalized tag doesn’t become separated from your bag, these little beauties are attached using a bendable metal chain that’s guaranteed to stay put.

On the reverse side, there is the usual space for inputting your name, address, zip code, etc. — so should your luggage go somewhere without you, it can easily be reunited.

Luggage Tags for the Budget Luxury Traveler

Travelambo Synthetic Leather Luggage Bag Tag

Channel your inner executive with these synthetic luggage tags from Travelambo. If you want a bag tag that matches your faux leather organizer, these are the ones for you. They’re available in a whopping 40 different colors, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that suits your tastes!

Made from eco-friendly polyurethane leather, these tags have a good length leather strap for easy attachment, and an impressively strong stainless steel buckle that won’t come off without a fight.

If you prefer not to share your name and address with your fellow travelers, this tag comes complete with a discreet privacy flap — keeping your personal details tucked away as your suitcase makes its journey around the airport.

Of course, the privacy flap will slow you down on the carousel, since you’ll have to peek to check that it is actually your suitcase. But the upscale look of these tags is so impressive, you may want to upgrade to business class before you board!

For the Colorful and Privacy Conscious Traveler

Shacke Luggage Tags With Full Back Privacy Cover

Brightly colored and easy to spot, these rubberized tags are flexible, fun, and great for families. If you and the kids are heading off on vacation, try picking a color for each person, or color coding your family in a more uniform fashion.

With strong steel loops, these funky little tags should stay firmly attached to your bags for the duration of your trip. They also feature the sought-after privacy flap, meaning your personal details stay hidden from prying eyes of other travelers while you wait to board.

If you’re inclined to hang back while bags are being unloaded, these colorful little numbers let you beat the crowds, as they’re easily identifiable even from a distance.

For the Tech-Savvy Traveler

Tile Mate and Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker Set

Want to look super-cool when you collect your luggage? Then let us present the Tile Slim and Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker set. This is a super tag with a difference that’s guaranteed to impress.

Simply attach the Tile to your bag and activate the app on your smartphone. Once the Tile is within 100 feet of your Bluetooth signal, it will locate your bag and announce it to you with a rather loud sound.

The Tile Tags come with a pre-cut hole for attaching to your luggage — but these tags are so advanced, you can also just drop them inside your bag and the tracker will still be able to find them. You’ll look like a rockstar around the carousel as your phone beeps to announce the arrival of your luggage!

These aren’t just for travel either — you can use them around the home or office to locate your phone or other easy-to-misplace items, and Tile can even tell you where you last left something.

Despite being a great bit of tech, you would actually still need some form of other luggage tag so airport staff can identify your name and address if there’s a mistake with handing your luggage.

The Strong and Secure Luggage Tag

Talonport Stainless Steel Luggage Tags

Literally as hard as nails, these stainless steel luggage tags promise to withstand years of baggage handler abuse. You can even make them your own — each set contains 2 metal tags and 4 colorful ID cards that can be changed to suit your mood, luggage, or your outfit.

The Talonport tag is as durable as it is impressive, and these tags come with a lifetime guarantee — meaning you only need to buy once for years of speedy baggage carousel experiences.

Attached to your case or bag using strong wire loops, your tag should always stay safely where you put it, and the overlapping design of the tag keeps your personal details safe from prying eyes.

Looking every bit as sleek as a high-speed train, these metal tags are a fashionable accessory that’s as practical as they come.

For the Well-Connected Traveler

Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Aluminum Convertible Luggage ID Tag

Another impressive example of modern-day technology fused with old-fashioned practicality, the Dynotag features a QR code that can be scanned to reveal your personal details.

Made from anodized aluminum, the Dynotag is waterproof and weatherproof, and the strong metal loop will ensure it stays firmly attached to your luggage. While this may not be the most easily identifiable tag on the carousel, it is without a doubt one of the most tech-savvy tags out there.

Having no personal details in sight helps protect you from identity theft. And an easily set up find function helps locate your suitcase using GPS-assisted tag view, which can access logs and maps — and even email you the location of your luggage as you travel.

For a luggage tag, this offers an impressive balance of security and functionality. The manufacturers claim their patented DynoIQ technology is some of the best on the market when it comes to locating your belongings, and we think it looks pretty awesome too.

Luggage Tags for the Smart Traveler

ReturnMe Smart Luggage ID Tags

ReturnMe claims to be the #1 lost and found company in the U.S., promising that 80% of protected items are returned to their rightful owners within 24 hours.

The premise is simple: attach the tag and activate your ID code to input your personal information into their secure web portal. If your luggage goes astray and is located, the company will contact you to tell you where it is. Pay for the VIP service, and they will even ship it to you anywhere in the world!

These clever little tags come in a variety of bright colors to help you spot your suitcase from a distance, and can be attached using the stainless steel loop (or thrown inside your bag for added security).

You don’t even have to be trotting the globe to enjoy the location-finding benefits of the ReturnMe tags. You can attach them to your phone, your kids’ backpack, or anything else that’s inherently mobile — the service will still alert you when your items have been found.

Luggage Tags for the Executive Traveler

Talenport Leather Luggage Tags

These leather tags aren’t chipped and won’t work with your Bluetooth, but they will look super smart when attached to your suitcase. Made from genuine leather, these add an upscale feel to your overnight bag, making you look like a frequent flyer with class.

The privacy flap comes standard, so you can hide your personal details from fellow travelers and airport staff as you make your way on your next executive trip around the world.

Also, we think the Talonport logo looks like something you’d find on a premium car brand, and the red stripe gives an air of exclusivity that sets it apart from plain leather tags. It might be a bit showy, but it’s still a hard-wearing luggage tag that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Best Design for the Budget Traveler

Conair Leather Luggage Straps

Get not 1 but 2 lovely leather luggage tags in this bundle, both of which are larger than average and look pretty smart. Made from soft, durable leather with a high-quality look and feel, we’re sorry to report that they have absolutely no connection ConAir the movie featuring Nicholas Cage.

Each tag measures a sizable 4.75 x 2.625 inches, making them just the right size to slide your business card into. The see-through window also has a privacy flap that can be tucked down when you don’t want fellow travelers knowing your business.

The durable strap should last you years of frequent flying, and a tough buckle keeps your tag attached at all times.

For the Hip & Trendy Traveler

Coral Entertainment Stainless Steel Luggage Tags

This bonus pack of 3 luggage tags is perfect for a pair and a spare. Made from stainless steel, they have an eye-catching design that looks like something you’d expect to find on high-end designer accessories.

With super-tough steel cables that attach to your bags, these metal tags have the name “Coral Entertainments” embossed on one side…which to anyone who doesn’t know, may make you look like a Hollywood Director or important music executive while your travel!

The very best part about these tags is the cutout airplane decal that discreetly hides your personal details from view. It looks cool and simply stops prying eyes from reading your full address while you wait in line.

No super tech benefits with these tags, but they’re made to last and look quite cool — an addition anyone on a budget would be proud of.

Final Thoughts

Remember when you were at school and your mom would write your name on your bag to stop it from going home with the wrong kid?

Well, luggage tags are a like a grown-up version of mom marking, meant to help you identify your bags in a world full of duplicates (and guarantee its safe return if it does go astray).

So invest in tags that have the strength to remain attached to your bag, and that can safely convey your personal details — whether they’re printed, handwritten, or digitally stored somewhere out there in the ether.


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Frequently asked questions

What do you put on your luggage tags?

Your luggage tags should have just the basic contact details that makes it easy for an airline to get in touch with you should it go missing. Your initial, last name, e-mail address and contact number will be all you need.

Do airlines provide luggage tags?

Some airlines might provide free luggage tags at the check in desk but this is quite rare and they are usually of low quality. You are better off purchasing decent luggage tags that will be robust enough to last many trips.

How big is a luggage tag?

Luggage tags can vary in size but most luggage tags will be credit card sized or smaller.

What is the best luggage tags to buy?

Not all luggage tags are created equal — which in this case is good, because you want yours to be special, unique, and oh-so-easy to spot from a mile away.

When it comes to practicality and durability, some are miles ahead of the others. Here are some of the very best luggage tags your money can buy:

  • TUFFTAAG Travel ID Bag Tag
  • Shacke Initial Luggage Tag
  • Travelambo Synthetic Leather Luggage Bag Tag
  • Tile Mate and Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker Set
  • Talenport Leather Luggage Tags

Where do you attach luggage tags?

You should attach your luggage tags to your checked and carry-on luggage for easy identification. You can usually attach these to the bag handles or through the hole of a zipper.

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