17 Best Ways to Earn Aeroflot Bonus Miles [2021 Guide]

Aeroflot planes

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Aeroflot is one of the world’s oldest airlines. With a history dating back to 1923, the Russian flag carrier is in the rare company of airlines founded before the Great Depression, along with airlines like KLM, Avianca, Qantas, and Czech Airlines.

Russia is the largest country in the world by far, with nearly 7 million square miles of land within its borders. And Russia is one of the world’s most attractive tourist destinations for its rich heritage, large list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and vastness.

One of the only ways to fly into Russia is with its flag carrier Aeroflot. Aeroflot joined SkyTeam in April of 2006, and since then has contributed a key artery connecting the rest of the world to Russia.

Today, Aeroflot and its subsidiaries control around 40% of the air market in Russia. Aeroflot’s frequent flyer program is called Aeroflot Bonus, and the miles you earn within the program can be referred to as Aeroflot Bonus miles or simply Aeroflot miles.

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through all of the neat ways you can earn Aeroflot miles. You’ll find that it’s easier to earn Aeroflot miles than to fly on Aeroflot to Russia all the time.

Let’s get started!

Sign up for an Aeroflot Bonus Account

Aeroflot Bonus create account
It’s super easy to create an Aeroflot Bonus account. Image Credit: Aeroflot

The number 1 priority before we do anything else should be to create an Aeroflot Bonus account. Luckily, this is very easy and straightforward.

Just follow these step-by-step instructions to create your account:

  1. Visit the Join Aeroflot Bonus page.
  2. Enter your email address, your full name, your date of birth, and your phone number.
  3. Complete the CAPTCHA and check off the box that says I agree to Aeroflot Bonus program Terms and Conditions and personal data consent form.
  4. You will be sent a confirmation code to your cellular number. Enter the confirmation code.
  5. You’ll then be sent an email with a link to activate your Aeroflot Bonus account. Open your email and click on the link within the email.
  6. You should now see a message that says Your e-mail is confirmed. You can now log in.
  7. Click Sign In.
  8. Your Aeroflot Bonus number will automatically be filled into the Login field. Write down this number for all future Aeroflot Bonus activity. You’ll also receive a welcome email with your e-membership card in the email.

As soon as you record your Aeroflot Bonus number, you are officially ready to earn Aeroflot Bonus miles!

Earn Aeroflot Bonus Miles With Credit Cards

Credit cards
Image Credit: Ti_ser via Shutterstock

Unfortunately, Aeroflot Bonus doesn’t have any U.S. co-branded relationships or transfer partnerships with any U.S.-based credit cards and their associated card issuers.

Sadly, this means that the opportunities to earn Aeroflot miles from credit cards in the U.S. will be nonexistent. In this sense, it’ll be harder to accumulate miles compared to airlines like Air France/KLM Flying Blue miles, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles, and Avianca LifeMiles.

Non-U.S. Based Credit Cards

Since Aeroflot is a Russian-based airline, its co-branded credit card offerings are pretty much all going to be from Russia. But if you happen to have access to Russian rewards credit cards, you’ll be pleased to find out that quite a few banks are offering co-branded Aeroflot credit cards.

Interestingly, you can also earn Aeroflot miles with debit card spending, as well as through balances associated with your bank account!

  • Aeroflot-Citibank credit card
  • Aeroflot-Citibank Premium Visa credit card
  • Aeroflot-Citibank Visa credit card
  • Aeroflot-Citibank Visa Infinite credit card
  • Alfa-Bank Aeroflot credit card
  • Alfa-Bank Aeroflot MasterCard World Black Edition debit card
  • Alfa-Bank Aeroflot Standard debit card
  • Alfa-Bank Aeroflot World Black Edition debit card
  • Citi Priority Aeroflot debit card
  • CitiOne+ Aeroflot debit card
  • Sberbank Visa Classic Aeroflot Card
  • Sberbank Visa Gold Aeroflot card
  • Sberbank Visa Signature card
  • SMP Bank Aeroflot-Mir Black Edition card
  • SMP Bank Aeroflot-Mir Classic card
  • SMP Bank Aeroflot-Mir Gold card
  • SMP Bank Aeroflot-Mir Optima card
  • SMP Bank Aeroflot-Mir Platinum card
  • SMP Bank Aeroflot-Mir Premium card
  • SMP Bank Aeroflot-Mir Standard card

Bottom Line: In all, there are 20 co-branded opportunities to earn miles. Some of the cards listed above are credit cards, while the others are debit cards. This means that you can potentially earn Aeroflot miles just by having money in your bank account!

Earn Miles Through Shopping

One of the easiest ways to earn miles, in general, is with regular daily activities without butt-in-seat flying!

And one of the biggest subsets of this is shopping. Most of us have to purchase goods every so often, whether it’s clothing or household goods.

Aeroflot Bonus is partners with many shopping partners in its network, so let’s get into all the ways you can earn miles through shopping. Most of the earning methods will be limited to within Russia, so just keep that in mind.

Aeroflot Bonus Fashion Partners

Fashion shop
Fancy some retail therapy? Be sure to earn Aeroflot miles while you’re at it! Image Credit: fiphoto via Shutterstock
Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
AsosEarn 1 mile per 13₽ spentTAG HeuerEarn 1 mile per 65₽ spent
The Bicester Village Shopping CollectionEarn 1 mile per €1/£0,75 spentTSUM Department StoreEarn 1,500 miles for purchases totaling 50,000₽-149,999₽ and earn 5,000 miles for purchases totaling 150,000₽ or more
Da VinciEarn 5,000 miles per 150,000₽ spentTUMIEarn 1 mile per 85₽ spent
DLTEarn 1,500 miles for purchases totaling 50,000₽-149,999₽ and earn 5,000 miles for purchases totaling 150,000₽ or moreUnited Colors of BenettonEarn 1 mile per 50₽ spent
KANZLEREarn 1 mile per 75₽ spentUNOde50Earn 1 mile per 50₽ spent
Lamoda.ruEarn 1 mile per 26₽ spentVASSA&Co.Earn 1 mile per 60₽ spent
Rendez-VousEarn 1 mile per 75₽ spentYooxEarn 1 mile per 26₽ spent
SamsoniteEarn 1 mile per 85₽ spent

Some of these partners are limited to specific retail locations where you are eligible to earn Aeroflot miles. Additionally, if you scroll down under each partner’s website, you will find any applicable exclusions or terms and conditions.

Aeroflot Bonus Beauty and Health Partners

Beauty and health
Image Credit: crystalfoto via Shutterstock

One of the larger partner lists of Aeroflot Bonus is its beauty and health partners. While this consists of several beauty brands, you might also find opportunities to earn Aeroflot miles at spas and wellness laboratories throughout Russia.

Here are all of Aeroflot’s current beauty and health shopping partners:

Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
36,6 Pharmacy ChainEarn 1 mile per 50₽ spentOvita.ruEarn 1 mile per 50₽ spent
DavinesEarn 1 mile per 60₽ spentPlanet of HealthEarn 1 mile per 50₽ spent
Denta-ElEarn 1 mile per 60₽ spentSamson-PharmaEarn 1 mile per 55₽ spent
ErborianEarn 1 mile per 50₽ spentSensavi Beauty InstituteEarn 1 mile per 60₽ spent
iHerbEarn 1 mile per 22₽ spentSISLEYEarn 1 mile per 30₽ spent
Letu.ruEarn 1 mile per 19₽ spentSkinCeuticalsEarn 1 mile per 30₽ spent
L’Oréal ParisEarn 1 mile per 30₽ spentTelo’s BeautyEarn 1 mile per 40₽ spent
NYX Professional MakeupEarn 1 mile per 30₽ spentVICHYEarn 1 mile per 40₽ spent

The types of beauty and health partners can range from chain pharmacies to skincare companies to dental clinics to aesthetic cosmetology centers, so there are definitely a lot of ways to earn Aeroflot miles while taking care of your body and skin.

Again, you’ll want to reference each partner for any applicable terms and conditions, as well as exclusions.

Aeroflot Bonus Leisure and Sports Partners

Sports shop
Image Credit: Radu Bercan via Shutterstock

Aeroflot has a lot of sports and leisure partners as well, where you can earn miles quickly. Aeroflot’s sports and leisure partners range from dance clubs to event ticket agencies to flower delivery companies and even e-book/audiobook providers!

Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
AMEDIATEKAEarn 1 mile per 40₽ spentSamson Buket Flower HouseEarn 1 mile per 30₽ spent
GallaDanceEarn 1 mile per 50₽ spentSkyengEarn up to 1,900 miles per new lessons package purchase
Jey StudyEarn 1 mile per 50₽ spentSportmasterEarn 1 mile per 26₽ spent
LitResEarn 1 mile per 35₽ spentTicketland.ruEarn 1 mile per 33₽ spent
OkkoEarn 1 mile per 50₽ spentTricolorEarn 1 mile per 50₽ spent
Russian Flowers CompanyEarn 1 mile per 60₽ spent

Each of these partner companies has individual terms and conditions that apply to each transaction you make. For example, Aeroflot Bonus miles are only available to new Skyeng students, and you cannot earn miles on each recurring purchase.

Earn Miles Through Travel

If you don’t have access to these merchants in Russia or Europe, then one of the best ways to earn Aeroflot miles is through travel.

And you can earn Aeroflot miles through so much more than just Aeroflot flights. For example, if you do a lot of domestic U.S. travel, you probably won’t be flying on an Aeroflot plane anytime soon. Luckily, you can still earn Aeroflot Bonus miles on Delta Air Lines flights, for example.

We’ll also walk you through all the different travel partners that Aeroflot has to maximize your accrual!

Airfare and Airline Purchases

Aeroflot. Image Credit: Media_works via Shutterstock

The first way to earn Aeroflot miles is by flying on Aeroflot planes, as well as any subsidiaries, including Rossiya Airlines.

Aeroflot has adopted a unique mileage accrual system. Instead of being based on the booking code, your mileage accrual will depend on the first 2 letters of the fare rate code.

This is unnecessarily complex because it effectively introduces more divisions of the booking code, the most commonly used determinant for mileage accrual.

Here is the accrual chart for Aeroflot and its 2 subsidiary airlines, Aurora Airlines and Rossiya Airlines:

Aeroflot Bonus Accrual Chart for Aeroflot-, Aurora Airlines-, and Rossiya Airlines-Operated Flights
Cabin ClassFare ClassFare Rate Code PrefixAccrual Rate
Business ClassFlexCF, DF, JF250%
IF, ZF200%
ClassicCC, DC, JC200%
IC, ZC150%
BaseDB, IB, ZB150%
Comfort (Premium Economy) ClassFlexAF, SF, WF200%
ClassicAC, SC, WC150%
BaseAB, SB, WB125%
Economy ClassFlexBF, HF, KF, LF, MF, UF, YF200%
EF, NF, QF, RF, TF150%
ClassicBC, HC, KC, LC, MC, UC, YC150%
EC, NC, QC, RC, TC100%
SaverBV, HV, KV, LV, MV, UV, YV125%
EV, NV, QV, RV, TV75%
LiteBN, HN, KN, LN, MN, UN, YN125%
EN, NN, QN, RN, TN75%
PromoPS, RS, PX25%
Ineligible Fare ClassesMileage bookingsO, X, F0%
Booking ClassesG, V0%
Group, special, subsidized, free, and service bookingsGV, KT, FX, BRR, BRV, MED, SO, GO, MFRF, GC, GA, CERT, ID0%
More than 50% discount faresN/A0%

The most obvious question that comes up from this is: how do I find out the first 2 letters of the fare rate code (the fare rate code prefix)?

The answer is to use the Google ITA Matrix.

Aeroflot Google ITA Matrix flight
Aeroflot Google ITA Matrix flight prefixes are shown at the bottom in the Fare Construction area. Image Credit: Google ITA Matrix

As you can see in the example above, the fare prefix is DB, which means you will earn 150% of the flight distance in Aeroflot miles. The flight distance is 6,078 miles, so you will earn 9,117 redeemable miles.

You can also use Aeroflot’s earn miles calculator, but it doesn’t have all Aeroflot routes, so you might be out of luck in some cases. Another way to find out the fare rate prefix of your Aeroflot flight is to search directly on Aeroflot’s website. A bonus is that you will see how many miles you’d earn on your particular flight.

Aeroflot book direct mileage accrual
By searching for Aeroflot flights directly, you can see how many miles you’d earn with each ticket type. Image Credit: Aeroflot

In general, your miles will be posted to your flight within 10 business days or completing your travel. If you don’t see your miles post, you can submit a retroactive claim up to 3 months after your flight has completed.

Crediting SkyTeam Alliance Airlines to Aeroflot Bonus

SkyTeam Airlines
Earning Aeroflot miles for global travel is easy with the SkyTeam alliance network. Image Credit: SkyTeam

Aeroflot is one of the many airlines within the SkyTeam alliance. As a result, you can earn Aeroflot miles on many flights with airlines like Korean Air, KLM, Delta Air Lines, Aeromexico, and more!

Hot Tip: You’ll earn a minimum of 500 Aeroflot miles per eligible SkyTeam flight, even if your flight distance is less than 500 miles.

Here is the complete Aeroflot Bonus earning chart for every SkyTeam airline:

Aeroflot Bonus Accrual Chart for SkyTeam-Operated Flights
AirlineCabin ClassFare ClassMileage Accrual StructureElite Qualifying Miles Accrual Structure
Aerolíneas ArgentinasBusiness ClassC, D, I, J, S, W150%150%
Economy ClassB, H, K, L, M, Q, U, Y100%100%
A, E, G, N, R, T, V50%50%
AeromexicoBusiness ClassC, J200%200%
D, I150%150%
Economy ClassW, Y125%125%
B, H, K, L, M, Q, T, U100%100%
E, N, R50%50%
Air EuropaBusiness ClassC, D, J150%150%
Economy ClassB, E, H, K, L, M, V, Y100%100%
Q, R, S, T, U50%50%
A, N, P25%25%
Air FranceFirst ClassF, P300%300%
Business ClassC, D, I, J150%150%
Premium Economy ClassS, W125%125%
Economy ClassA, B, Y100%100%
M, U75%75%
H, K, L50%50%
E, G, N, R, T, V25%25%
AlitaliaBusiness ClassC, D, J150%150%
E, I125%125%
Premium Economy ClassA, P110%110%
Economy ClassB, Y100%100%
H, K, M, V50%50%
L, N, Q, S, T, W, X25%25%
China AirlinesFirst ClassF150%150%
Business ClassJ130%130%
Premium Economy ClassU, W115%115%
Economy ClassB, M, Y100%100%
K, T, V80%80%
H, N, Q, R50%50%
China Eastern AirlinesFirst ClassF, U150%150%
Business ClassC, D, I, J, Q130%130%
Economy ClassP110%110%
B, E, M, Y100%100%
K, L, N, R, S, V50%50%
Czech AirlinesBusiness ClassC, D, J150%150%
Economy ClassB, H, K, M, Y100%100%
A, G, L, Q, T, U, X50%50%
N, O, P, R, S, V, W20%20%
Delta Air LinesFirst ClassF, P150%150%
Business ClassC, J175%175%
D, I150%150%
Economy ClassW100%100%
B, H, M, S, Y75%75%
K, L, Q, T, U50%50%
V, X25%25%
Garuda IndonesiaFirst ClassA, F150%150%
Business ClassC, D, I, J125%125%
Premium Economy ClassW100%100%
Economy ClassB, Y100%100%
K, M, N50%50%
Q, T25%25%
KLMBusiness ClassC, D, I, J150%150%
Economy ClassB, Y100%100%
F, M, P, U, W75%75%
A, H, K, L, Q, S50%50%
E, G, N, R, T, V25%25%
Kenya AirwaysBusiness ClassJ175%175%
C, D, I150%150%
Economy ClassB, M, Y100%100%
H, K, U75%75%
E, L, N, Q, R, T50%50%
G, V25%25%
Korean AirFirst ClassP200%200%
Business ClassC, D, J125%125%
I, R, Z100%100%
Economy ClassB, W, Y100%100%
H, M, S75%75%
E, K50%50%
L, U40%40%
Middle East AirlinesBusiness ClassC, D, J150%150%
I, Z100%100%
Economy ClassB, Y100%100%
H, K, L, M, U75%75%
N, Q, T50%50%
SaudiaFirst ClassA, F, P200%200%
Business ClassC, D, I, J150%150%
Economy ClassY100%100%
B, E, H, K, M, Q, T75%75%
G, L, N, U, V50%50%
TAROMBusiness ClassC, D, I, J200%200%
Economy ClassY150%150%
B, M,100%100%
G, H, K, R, U75%75%
A, E, R, L, N, Q, S, T, V50%50%
Vietnam AirlinesBusiness ClassC, J200%200%
D, I150%150%
Premium Economy ClassU, W, Z100%100%
Economy ClassB, M, S, Y100%100%
H, K, L75%75%
N, R25%25%
XiamenAirFirst ClassA, F200%200%
Business ClassC, D, I, J150%150%
Economy ClassB, H, L, M, Y100%100%
K, N, Q, V50%50%

To see what the individual restrictions, exclusions, and terms and conditions are for each airline, simply click the link for the airline above you’re interested in above, and you can view Aeroflot Bonus’s rules.

Crediting Non-Alliance Partner Airlines to Aeroflot Bonus

China Southern
China Southern is Aeroflot’s only current non-alliance airline partner. Image Credit: Markus Mainka via Shutterstock

China Southern is a former SkyTeam alliance partner. However, Asia’s largest airline left the global alliance in 2019 in favor of maintaining global connectivity via individual partnerships.

Luckily, China Southern is still partners with many SkyTeam airlines, including Aeroflot. Therefore, you can earn Aeroflot Bonus miles on China Southern flights as per the following accrual chart:

Aeroflot Bonus Accrual Chart for Non-Alliance Partner-Operated Flights
AirlineCabin ClassFare ClassMileage Accrual StructureElite Qualifying Miles Accrual Structure
China SouthernFirst ClassF, P150%150%
Business ClassC, D, J130%130%
Premium Economy ClassW110%110%
Economy ClassB, H, M, Y100%100%
A, E, K, L, Q, U, V40%40%
Ineligible fare classesZ, R, G0%0%

Boost Your Miles with Elite Status

Aeroflot elite status
You can leverage Aeroflot Bonus elite status to boost your mileage accrual. Image Credit: Aeroflot

Earning Aeroflot miles could potentially be a lot easier because you can get a bonus of up to 75% in some cases. Aeroflot Bonus has 4 key elite status tiers:

  • Platinum Aeroflot Bonus — 75%
  • Gold Aeroflot Bonus — 50%
  • Silver Aeroflot Bonus — 25%
  • Basic Aeroflot Bonus — 0%

You will also earn bonus redeemable Aeroflot miles for all partner flights, so you’re not restricted to only Aeroflot flight accruals.

However, you will not earn an elite bonus for any elite qualifying miles or segments.

Car Rental and Transportation Partners

Car rental
Image Credit: PHTGRPHER_EVERYDAY via Shutterstock

Aeroflot offers a generous list of car rental and transportation partners.

From renowned worldwide enterprises to more local Russian transportation partners, you’ll be able to earn lots of Aeroflot miles very quickly using this method.

You can even earn miles for booking chauffeur transfers (with SIXT), so your car rental and transportation needs can be taken care of and you can reward yourself with Aeroflot miles at the same time.

Here are Aeroflot’s current car rental and transportation partners:

Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
AvisUp to 1,500 miles per rentalQEEQUp to 2,000 miles per rental
EuropcarUp to 2,000 miles per car rentalRentalcars.comUp to 1,500 miles per rental
GetTransfer5 miles per €1 spentSIXTUp to 1,000 miles per rental
HertzUp to 1,500 miles per rentalTaxi Pulkovo1 mile per 40₽ spent
Kiwitaxi4 miles per $1 spent

Depending on your elite status, you may also be eligible for a discount on your car rentals or bookings, so be sure to reference each of the partners’ terms and conditions.

Hotel Partners

Hotel check in
Image Credit: Olena Yakobchuk via Shutterstock

Aeroflot Bonus partners with a ton of unique hotel chains, as well as boutique properties. Here are the available hotel partners to earn Aeroflot Bonus miles:

Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
Alfa Izmailovo1 mile per 30₽ spentMaxima Hotels500 miles per night
angelo by Vienna House Ekaterinburg500 miles per nightMaxx Royal ResortsUp to 500 miles per night
AZIMUT Hotels500 miles per nightMeridian HotelUp to 650 miles per night
Barvikha Hotel & SpaUp to 3,000 miles per nightMetropol Hotel MoscowUp to 2 miles per 30₽ spent
Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, Saint Petersburg500 miles per nightMinor Hotels500 miles per night
Best Western International Hotels500 miles per stayM’istra’L Hotel & SPAUp to 800 miles per day
Bogatyr Castle Hotel1 mile per ₽40 spentNovotel Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport500 miles per night
Brighton1 mile per 30₽ spentOlga, Sheregesh1 mile per 30₽ spent
Cosmonaut HotelUp to 1,500 miles per nightOlymp Plaza Hotel1 mile per 30₽ spent
Gallery Park Hotel & Spa1 mile per €1 spentOreanda Premier Hotel500 miles per night
Garden Ring Hotel1 mile for every 50₽ spentPetroff Palace1 mile per 30₽ spent
GRECOTEL Hotels&ResortsUp to 1,500 miles per stayRadisson Rewards AmericasCan only convert at a 10:1 ratio
Green Flow Hotel 4*Up to 500 miles per nightRIXOS HotelsUp to 3,500 miles per stay
Hilton WorldwideCan only convert at a 10,000:1,500 ratioRocco Forte Hotels1 mile per €1 spent
Hotel Mirotel500 miles per nightRosa Springs Hotel500 miles per night
IHG RewardsUp to 2 miles per $1 spentRossi Boutique Hotel & SpaUp to 600 miles per night
Jumeirah Group1 mile per $1 spentSPA Hotel Meliot1 mile per ₽40 spent
Kempinski Hotels500 miles per stayTom River Plaza Hotel1 mile per 30₽ spent
Le Club AccorHotelsCan only convert at a 2,000:1,000 ratioTurris Hotel Management Group1 mile per 25₽ spent
Lotte Hotels & ResortsUp to 1,000 miles per nightVictoria Hotel Group500 miles per night
Marriott BonvoyUp to 2 miles per $1 spentVolna Hotel1 mile per ₽30 spent on accommodations

Online Travel Booking Portals

In addition to hotel partnerships, Aeroflot Bonus offers partnerships with several well-known online booking agencies. These are:

Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
Agoda1 mile per $1 spentOstrovok.ru1 mile per 55₽ spent
Booking.comUp to 5 miles per $1 spentRoomGuru2 miles per $1 spent
Kaligo5 miles per $1 spentTrip.com1.5 miles per $1 spent
Maldiviana1 mile per $1 spent

Miscellaneous Travel Partners

Lastly, Aeroflot Bonus offers a few miscellaneous travel partners that don’t quite fit into the mold of any of the above categories. There are still excellent opportunities to earn miles here with the following partners:

Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
SKYSHOP1 mile per €1 spentPark&Fly1 mile per 40₽ spent
INFLOT Cruises and Travel1 mile per 60₽ spentTravel Gourmet by NovikovUp to 1 mile per 30₽ spent
Infoflot1 mile per 65₽ spentVia Maris500 miles per $250/€250/20,000₽ spent
MosparohodstvoUp to 1 mile per 40₽ spent

Specialty Earnings for Aeroflot

Now that we’ve finished discussing all the major ways to earn Aeroflot Bonus miles with credit cards, shopping, and travel-related expenses, we’ve nearly exhausted all of the top ways to earn Aeroflot miles.

But luckily, there are still a few other, more niche ways you can earn Aeroflot miles.

Aeroflot Bonus Fuel, Insurance, and Real Estate Partners

Fuel pump
Image Credit: Pavel Kubarkov via Shutterstock

Aeroflot has a few unique fuel-related, insurance, and real estate partners. You can earn up to 250,000 Aeroflot miles for buying real estate!

You can also get rewarded for buying insurance policies. Check out the full list below:

Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
BP CLUBCan only convert at a ratio of 300:450Soglasie Insurance CompanyUp to 1 mile per 25₽ spent
Capital GroupEarn up to 250,000 miles for purchasing a flat or an apartmentSovcombank InsuranceEarn up to 2 miles per 10₽ spent
Family TeamCan only convert at a ratio of 300:450

Buy Electronics and Appliances

If you happen to be shopping for merchandise, you’ll be pleased to find that Aeroflot offers bonus miles on a variety of categories, such as electronics and appliances.

Whether you’re buying a brand-new Macbook, a new set of noise-cancellation headphones, or even a high-tech dishwasher, you can earn Aeroflot miles easily.

Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
Apple1 mile per 65₽ spentMTS online store1 mile per 43₽ spent
Bang & Olufsen1 mile per 60₽ spentmvideo.ru1 mile per 87₽ spent
Bosch, Siemens, and Neff1 mile per 70₽ spentSMEG1 mile per 60₽ spent
Canon1 mile per 55₽ spentSony1 mile per 60₽ spent
Eldorado1 mile per 87₽ spentTECHNOPARK1 mile per 70₽ spent
Holodilnik.ru1 mile per 70₽ spentTechport1 mile per 70₽ spent
Liebherr-bt.ru1 mile per 70₽ spent

Dine at an Aeroflot Bonus Partner Restaurant

For those who are interested in being rewarded for eating out, Aeroflot offers the ability to accrue miles at quite a few dining establishments in Russia.

You can earn up to 1 mile per 30₽ spent on eating out, so take advantage of it as much as you can!

Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
Baklazhan1 mile per 30₽ spentToMesto1 mile per 40₽ spent
BAMBOO.BAR1 mile per 30₽ spentTUTTA LA VITA1 mile per 40₽ spent
Cucumber1 mile per 30₽ spentUROZHAY1 mile per 30₽ spent
Guinness Pub&Kitchen1 mile per 30₽ spentVilla Pasta1 mile per 40₽ spent

Buy Household Goods

The very last category we’ll be discussing is purchasing household goods. You can buy toys online, get parenting advice, order gardening equipment, purchase a new mattress, and more with Aeroflot’s household and family goods partners.

You can earn up to 1 mile per 13₽ spent, which is equal to nearly 6 miles per $1 spent!

Aeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning StructureAeroflot Bonus PartnerEarning Structure
Askona1 mile per 100₽ spentMytoys.ru1 mile per 13₽ spent
DesignBoom1 mile per 75₽ spentOBI1 mile per 33₽ spent
King Koil1 mile per 100₽ spentTKANO1 mile per 75₽ spent
Mothercare1 mile per 13₽ spent

Final Thoughts

All in all, Aeroflot has a diverse partner list you can earn miles from. The Russian state-owned airline has one of the most thorough lists of airline partners so that you can earn miles on virtually any type of purchase you can think of.

Most of these partners are limited to Russian companies or at least Russian branches of these companies, so the U.S. opportunities won’t be as plentiful.

Still, if you have access to Russian credit cards, Russian restaurants, and perhaps even Russian merchandise companies, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to earn miles. You can even earn miles taking out new insurance policies or buying an apartment!

Hopefully, you found this guide to help learn about all the different ways to earn Aeroflot miles. Now, you’re ready to redeem those miles for maximum value!

Frequently asked questions

How do I add miles to my Aeroflot Bonus?

You can easily add to your Aeroflot Bonus mileage balance by flying on Aeroflot flights, SkyTeam flights, shopping at Aeroflot Bonus partner stores, or even using Aeroflot credit cards! The information in this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the best ways to earn Aeroflot miles.

How do I earn Aeroflot miles?

Earning Aeroflot miles is incredibly easy if you’re in Russia and more difficult if you’re in the U.S. Still, between Russian Aeroflot credit cards, shopping partners, hotel bookings, SkyTeam flights, and even buying an apartment in Russia, there are plenty of ways to rack up Aeroflot miles.

Who is Aeroflot partners with?

Aeroflot is partners with all SkyTeam airlines plus China Southern. SkyTeam consists of Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Garuda Indonesia, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Air, Middle East Airlines, Saudia, TAROM, Vietnam Airlines, and XiamenAir.

Is Aeroflot part of SkyTeam?

Yes, Aeroflot is a SkyTeam alliance airline. Aeroflot joined SkyTeam in April 2006.

Is Aeroflot a Star Alliance member?

No, Aeroflot is not a part of Star Alliance. It is a member of the SkyTeam alliance.

Is Aeroflot a Delta partner?

Yes! Since Delta Air Lines is a SkyTeam airline with Aeroflot, they are partners with each other.

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