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10 Best Ways To Earn Garuda Indonesia GarudaMiles [2023]

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Garuda Indonesia is the flag carrier of Indonesia, the fourth-most populous country in the world. One of the leading full-service carriers in Southeast Asia, Garuda Indonesia was, at one point, an aspirational carrier connecting the world to Africa, the U.S., Australia, and Europe via nonstop flights.

Since the turn of the century, though, the airline has struggled with financial solvency, corruption, and growing competition from Southeast Asian budget airlines.

However, most agree that it’s an incredibly safe airline with a modern fleet, unique routes, and even an international first class product!

Today, Garuda Indonesia is majority-owned by the government of Indonesia and is 1 of 2 SkyTeam airlines (the other being Vietnam Airlines) with a hub in Southeast Asia.

Garuda Indonesia’s loyalty program is called GarudaMiles — these are the miles you can earn and redeem for free flights.

In this article, we’ll examine the ways you can earn GarudaMiles. This guide will be comprehensive, and hopefully, you’ll learn a new way to amass GarudaMiles!

Sign Up for a GarudaMiles Account

Sign Up via the Garuda Indonesia Website or via the Fly Garuda App

If you don’t sign up for a new account through the Fly Garuda app, you can easily do so on the website.

To sign up for a GarudaMiles account, you’ll need to follow these instructions:

  1. Visit Garuda Indonesia’s GarudaMiles registration page.
  2. You’ll see a form. Fill it out and click Submit.
  3. You may be asked to verify your account by clicking a verification link sent to your email address.
  4. Keep your GarudaMiles number handy. If you want to earn any miles, you’ll need to provide your GarudaMiles number.

Hot Tip: GarudaMiles expire after 36 months. You can extend the expiration of your miles by earning or redeeming at least 1 mile. 

The online registration form will look something like this:

GarudaMiles registration
Image Credit: Garuda Indonesia

Earn GarudaMiles With Credit Cards

Traditionally, credit card spending has been an easy way to earn lots of GarudaMiles, even for U.S. residents.

Unfortunately, since Citi ThankYou Rewards removed GarudaMiles as a transfer partner in 2019, it hasn’t been possible to transfer points to GarudaMiles in the U.S.

So in this section, we’ll focus on non-U.S. credit cards that earn GarudaMiles.

1. Non-U.S.-based Credit Cards

GarudaMiles co branded credit cards
Image Credit: Garuda Indonesia

Indonesia enjoys a fair amount of financialization — one of the implications of this is that payment networks are strong. In Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia has several co-branded credit cards with different banks.

If you’re an Indonesian resident, you can earn lots of points for your everyday spending — get started with any of these cards:

Card NameIssuing BankCard NameIssuing Bank
BNI Garuda Debit CardBNIGaruda BNI Visa Signature Credit CardBNI
BRI Garuda Debit CardBRIGaruda Indonesia Citi CardCitibank
BTN Garuda Debit CardBTNMandiri Garuda Debit CardBank Mandiri
Garuda BNI Visa Platinum Credit CardBNI

2. Other Financial Partners

Garuda Indonesia transfer partners
Image Credit: Garuda Indonesia

If earning GarudaMiles directly through any of the above co-branded card products (credit or debit) isn’t practical for you, leverage any of Garuda’s foreign transfer partners!

Depending on which credit card product you have with different banks, you may access different transfer ratios. Here is the complete list:

GarudaMiles Foreign Transfer PartnerTransfer RatioGarudaMiles Foreign Transfer PartnerTransfer Ratio
Bank Bukopin1:1ICBCFrom 30:1 to 20:1
BCA20,000:100MandiriFrom 3:1 to 1:1
BNIFrom 25:1 to 15:1MaybankFrom 2:1 to 1:1
CIMB NiagaFrom 20:3 to 3:1OCBC NISP2:1
CitiFrom 10:2 to 1:1Panin BankFrom 3:1 to 2:1
Danamon (Amex)From 18:1 to 10:1PermataBankFrom 20:1 to 8:1
digibank by DBSFrom 3:1 to 1:1Standard CharteredFrom 5:1 to 1:1
HSBC17:1UOBFrom 8:1 to 4.5:1

As you can tell from the chart above, transfer ratios from each bank vary widely. Be sure to also consider the earning rates on each of these credit cards before making a final decision.

Just because a card offers attractive transfer ratios for each point doesn’t mean you should use it. You might earn points quicker with a different card!

Earn GarudaMiles Through Travel

The easiest way for U.S. residents to earn GarudaMiles is by crediting travel to Garuda Indonesia.

Because Garuda Indonesia is a SkyTeam partner, it’s easier than you think to earn GarudaMiles. You don’t need to fly to Indonesia. You can even earn GarudaMiles on domestic U.S. flights!

Let’s take a look at how to earn GarudaMiles through travel.

3. Airfare and Airline Purchases

Garuda Business Class Cabin
Image Credit: Garuda Indonesia

First and foremost, the easiest way to earn GarudaMiles is by flying on Garuda Indonesia!

If you’re booking a Garuda Indonesia flight, you can earn miles on every eligible flight booked.

Be sure to double-check that your GarudaMiles number is entered into the passenger information fields when you’re booking your flight. Usually, it takes around a week after the flight is complete to receive your miles.

You can also claim missing miles retroactively within 6 months after the flight date by using the app, logging into the website, and following the prompts for claiming missing miles. You can also do this at your nearest Garuda Indonesia ticketing office. These claims are processed within 2 weeks.

Garuda Indonesia awards miles based on the cabin class, distance flown, and fare class of your ticket as shown in this chart:

Cabin ClassFare ClassMileage Accrual Structure
First classF205%
Business classJ155%
Economy classW135%
First class redemptionR0%
Business class redemptionO0%
Economy class redemptionX0%

Let’s consider a few examples:

  • If you fly on a paid, one-way business class ticket from Jakarta (CGK) to Amsterdam (AMS) on an I-class ticket, you will fly an approximate distance of 7,055 miles. You will earn a 155% multiplier on that, which translates to 10,935 GarudaMiles accrued.
  • If you fly on a round-trip economy class ticket from Jakarta (CGK) to Bali-Denpasar (DPS) on a K-class ticket, you will fly an approximate distance of 1,222 miles. You’ll earn an 80% multiplier on that, which translates to 978 GarudaMiles accrued.
  • If you fly on a business class award ticket from Bali-Denpasar (DPS) to Tokyo-Haneda (HND) on an O-class ticket, you will not earn any GarudaMiles.

4. Crediting Partner Airlines to GarudaMiles

Crediting SkyTeam Airlines to GarudaMiles

Image Credit: Garuda Indonesia

One of the best ways to earn GarudaMiles is by crediting paid airfare from SkyTeam airlines to Garuda Indonesia.

This includes paid flights on Delta, Air France, KLM, Korean Air, and more!

However, each partner airline maintains its own unique accrual chart, which you’ll need to pay attention to when trying to accurately calculate how many miles you’ll earn on a given flight.

Your mileage accrual will depend on the airline flown, booking class, cabin class, and flight distance. Here’s the complete accrual chart for all SkyTeam airlines credited to GarudaMiles:

AirlineCabin ClassFare ClassMileage Accrual (Based on Distance Flown)
AeroflotBusiness classJ, C, D125%
I, Z100%
Comfort classW, S, A100%
Y, B100%
Economy classM, U, K, H, L50%
Q, T, E, N25%
IneligibleO, X, R, P, G, V0%
Aerolineas ArgentinasBusiness class/Club economyJ, C, D, I, W, S125%
Economy – Full FlexY, B, M100%
Economy – EconoU, K, H, L, Q100%
Economy – PromoT, E, N, V, A, R, G50%
IneligibleO, F, Z, X, P0%
AeromexicoBusiness classJ, C, D125%
Economy classY, M, U, K, H, L, Q, T, E100%
W, N, R, V50%
IneligibleF, Z, O, A, P, S, G, X0%
Air EuropaBusiness classJ, C, D150%
Economy classY, B, M, L, E, K, V, H100%
IneligibleI, O, X, S, R, W, U, T, Q, P, A, N, Z, G, F0%
Air FranceFirst classP, F150%
Business classJ, C, D, I, Z125%
Premium economyW, S, A100%
Full economyY, B100%
EconomyM, U75%
Discounted economyH, K, L, Q50%
Deeply discounted EconomyT, E, N, V, R, G20%
IneligibleO, X0%
China AirlinesFirst classF150%
Business classJ130%
Economy classW, U, E, Y, B, M100%
K, V, T75%
R, Q, H, N25%
IneligibleE, O, L, X, G, S, A, Z0%
China EasternFirst classF150%
Business classU150%
J, C, D, Q, I125%
Premium economy classW, P110%
Economy classY, B, M, E, H (International)100%
Discounted economy classK, L, N, R, S, V50%
T, H (Domestic)30%
Czech AirlinesBusiness classJ, C, D, I150%
Economy classY, M, H, K, T100%
B, A, L, X, Q, U, G50%
Discounted economy classE, Z, R, V, N, S, W, O0%
Delta Air LinesFirst classF, P150%
Business classJ, C, D125%
I, Z100%
Economy classY, B, M100%
S, H75%
Q, K50%
L, U, T, X, V25%
Kenya AirwaysBusiness classJ, C, D, I, Z125%
Economy classY, B, M, U, K, H, L, Q, E, N, R, T100%
Discounted economyV, G25%
IneligibleO, XIneligible
KLMBusiness classJ, C, D, I, Z125%
Full economy classY, B100%
Economy classM, P, U, F, W75%
Discounted economy classH, K, L, Q, S, A50%
Deeply discounted economy classT, E, N, V, R, G20%
IneligibleO, X0%
Korean AirFirst classP200%
International Prestige class (business class)J135%
C, D, I, R125%
Domestic Prestige class (business class)C, D125%
Economy class (international)Y, B, W, M, S, H100%
E, K, L, U50%
Economy class (domestic)Y, B, W, M, H100%
Middle East AirlinesBusiness classJ, C, D, I, Z150%
Economy classY, B100%
Discounted economy classM, U, K, H, L, Q, T50%
IneligibleN, R, V, O, A, W, X, S, G, E0%
SaudiaFirst classF, P250%
A, R200%
Business classJ, C, D, I150%
Economy classY, W, O100%
Discounted economy classB, M, K, H, T75%
Q, L, X, V50%
TAROMBusiness classJ, C, D, I150%
Premium economy classY125%
Economy classB, M, U100%
Discounted economy classK, R, H, G, L, Q, N, T, V, S, E50%
IneligibleO, X0%
Vietnam AirlinesBusiness classJ, C, D, I125%
Deluxe economy classW, Z, U100%
Economy classY, M, S, B100%
Q, L25%
XiamenAirFirst classF, A200%
Business classJ, C, D, I150%
Economy classY100%
Discounted economy classH, B, M, L100%
K, N, Q, V50%

Let’s go over some quick example calculations to give you an idea of what to expect from your SkyTeam mileage accruals:

  • Suppose you’re flying on a short-haul, domestic ticket from Detroit (DTW) to Chicago (ORD) on Delta Air Lines on an H-class economy ticket. This ticket earns 75% of the flight distance, which means you’d earn 176 miles on a trip that covers 235 miles in distance.
  • Suppose you’re flying on a long-haul, business class ticket on KLM from Seattle (SEA) to Amsterdam (AMS) booked into the I-class. In each direction, you’d earn 7,329 miles each direction based on a 150% multiplier on 4,886 miles of flight distance.

To credit your flights to GarudaMiles, all you need to do is enter your GarudaMiles number during the booking process instead of your Delta SkyMiles number, for instance.

Crediting Non-alliance Partner Airlines to GarudaMiles

Another great way to earn GarudaMiles is through partner airlines that fall outside the SkyTeam alliance.

Here’s the complete accrual chart:

AirlineCabin ClassFare ClassMileage Accrual (Based on Distance Flown)
All Nippon AirwaysFirst classF, A150%
Business classJ150%
C, D, Z125%
Economy classY, E, B, M100%
U, H, Q70%
IneligibleV, W, S, T50%
L, K, G30%
O, I, X, R, N0%
Etihad AirwaysThe ResidenceP300%
First classF250%
Business classJ175%

So for example, if you book an ANA business class ticket booked in the P class from San Francisco (SFO) to Tokyo-Haneda (HND), you would earn 70% of the flight distance in miles, which equals 3,612 miles.

5. Hotel Partners

Grand Hyatt Jakarta
Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Image Credit: Garuda Indonesia

Booking your next hotel stay could net you a handsome bonus of GarudaMiles.

Here’s the complete list of hotel partners:

GarudaMiles Hotel PartnerAccrual StructureGarudaMiles Hotel PartnerAccrual Structure
Adiwana Hotels & Resorts500 miles for every IDR 1.000.000 spent on every room and food and beverage purchasedTugu Hotels & ResortsUp to 2,000 miles per night
Aerowisata1 mile per IDR 5,000 spent on room expenses and 1 mile IDR 2,500 spent on food and beverage expensesWyndhamUp to 5,000 miles
Swiss-Belhotel International Hotels & Resorts InternationalUp to 400 miles per stay

6. Transfer From Hotel Loyalty Programs

While you can transfer points from hotel partner programs, we’d only suggest this if you need to top up for an award as it’s likely not the best use of your points.

Hotel ProgramTransfer Ratio
Melia Hotels International6:1

7. Hotel Booking Portal Partners

In addition to hotel chains, you can earn GarudaMiles on bookings made with 2 booking portals:

  • Agoda

If you make bookings through Agoda PointsMax, you can get up to 10,000 miles per stay.

With, you can earn 1.5 miles per $1 spent on your bookings!

8. Book Holidays with Garuda Indonesia Holidays

Making a booking with Garuda Indonesia Holidays (GIH), which is the tour package arm of Garuda Indonesia, could get you an awesome bonus in miles!

Specifically, you can earn 1 mile for every IDR 25,000 (~$1.76) spent!

Earn GarudaMiles Through Shopping

As you make regular shopping trips throughout the year, you could be racking up GarudaMiles!

Let’s talk about how you can earn GarudaMiles through shopping.

9. GarudaMiles Shopping Partners

Garuda shopping
Image Credit: Garuda Indonesia

At the moment, GarudaMiles has 3 shopping partners:

  • Grand Indonesia
  • Pacific Place Jakarta 

Grand Indonesia and Pacific Place have their own rewards currencies, which you can transfer to GarudaMiles.

Grand Indonesia’s is called G-Card points; any time you shop at Grand Indonesia, you can earn points. You can then transfer your points at a 50:145 ratio to GarudaMiles.

With Pacific Place Jakarta, you can do the same, except at a 40:275 ratio.

Specialty Earnings for GarudaMiles

In this last section, we’ll explore some specialized ways to get your hands on GarudaMiles.

10. Buy GarudaMiles

The best specialty earning method for GarudaMiles is to simply buy them.

Currently, if you buy miles while located in Indonesia, you can do so at a rate of IDR 275,000 (~$19.31) per 1,000 miles. That’s equal to a rate of 1.93 cents per mile.

If you purchase GarudaMiles outside of Indonesia, you can do so at a rate of $30 per 1,000 miles. That’s equal to a purchase price of 3 cents per mile.

Final Thoughts

GarudaMiles is a niche frequent flyer program that can prove useful for SkyTeam loyalists or those who want to book the rare Garuda Indonesia first class product using points (you can even check out our guide to the best ways to book Garuda Indonesia business class with points).

Although its transfer partnership with Citi ThankYou Rewards in the U.S. has been nixed, there are still lots of ways to earn miles.

Plenty of foreign co-branded credit card opportunities exist, as well as travel-related ways to earn GarudaMiles.

Lastly, you can buy GarudaMiles at approximately 2 cents each if you are in Indonesia and 3 cents each otherwise. We wouldn’t recommend this for most travelers, but it’s another way to earn extra GarudaMiles!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my GarudaMiles?

To check your GarudaMiles, log in at the top right corner of the website or open your mobile app!

Who is Garuda affiliated with?

Garuda Indonesia is a SkyTeam airline, which means it is partners with all of the included airlines, like Delta, Air France, and KLM.

It is also partners with Etihad Airways and All Nippon Airways.

What is Garuda's frequent flyer program?

Garuda Indonesia’s frequent flyer program is called GarudaMiles. The miles you can earn and redeem are known as GarudaMiles.

Where does Garuda fly to?

Garuda flies to pretty much every major destination in Indonesia.

Abroad, it flies to Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Amsterdam, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

How many aircraft does Garuda have?

Currently, Garuda Indonesia has 124 aircraft. This includes:

  • 7 A330-200s
  • 3 A330-900neos
  • 13 ATR 72-600 Turboprops
  • 73 737-800NGs
  • 1 737-MAX8
  • 10 777-300ERs
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Stephen is an established voice in the credit card space, with over 70 to his name. His work has been in publications like The Washington Post, and his Au Points and Awards Consulting Services is used by hundreds of clients.


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