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Delta SkyBonus: How Businesses Can Earn & Redeem Points [2024]

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Delta SkyBonus is Delta’s business travel rewards program. Geared toward small- and mid-sized companies, SkyBonus allows business owners to accumulate rewards for travel booked by employees and staff.

Although this program isn’t as mainstream as Delta SkyMiles, it’s still worth investigating. You’re likely already familiar with Delta SkyMiles because you can use the loyalty program to book high-end award flights on airlines like Virgin Atlantic and Air France. But did you know you can do the same thing with Delta SkyBonus points?

Let’s take a look at how you can maximize your business’ Delta SkyBonus points!

The Pros and Cons of Delta SkyBonus

Delta SkyBonus is the business/corporate travel equivalent of Delta SkyMiles. Although similar in name, these programs are completely different in value proposition, redemption structure, and virtually everything else in between.

To start, one of the value propositions of Delta SkyBonus is the fact that you have a corporate travel manager assigned to you. Having a singular point of contact allows you to hand off a lot of travel planning and administrative work to Delta.

Furthermore, you can also access the Delta Meeting Network to plan business meetings flexibly and easily. You can easily access group rates if you’re traveling with a group of 10 or more with Delta SkyBonus.

How many SkyBonus points you earn is dependent on which route you’re flying, what fare class you’re booked in, and the price of the ticket you’ve booked. You can earn up to 30 Delta SkyBonus points per $1 spent on eligible flights, which is awesome.

One of the biggest advantages of Delta SkyBonus points is that you can redeem these for tickets beyond what’s available for award travelers as it is easier to find eligible flights to redeem SkyBonus points on. However, SkyBonus points will generally not yield aspirational redemption value in the same way that award tickets booked through SkyMiles might.

You can also redeem points for a Delta Sky Club membership or even elite status!

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of Delta SkyBonus.

How To Enroll in Delta SkyBonus

The minimum requirements to enroll in Delta SkyBonus are:

  • Your company has 5 unique employee travelers conducting eligible travel each calendar year
  • Your company spends a minimum of $5,000 in eligible flight revenue (defined below) every calendar year

Interested business owners can enroll in Delta SkyBonus online.

How To Earn Delta SkyBonus Points

Currently, the best way to earn SkyBonus points is by booking business travel. You can earn SkyBonus points on the following tickets:

  • Tickets purchased worldwide with Delta Air Lines (ticket numbers beginning in 006)
    • Tickets issued or originating outside North America must be issued on DL 006 for flights marketed and operated by Delta
  • Tickets purchased in North America with select partners:
    • Air France (ticket numbers beginning in 057), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (074), and Virgin Atlantic (932) tickets must be issued and originate in North America and contain a transatlantic flight segment
    • Aeromexico tickets (beginning in 139) must be issued and originate in North America for nonstop travel between the U.S. and Mexico
  • Flights operated by SkyTeam partners and other codeshare partner airlines also earn when:
    • Tickets are issued by Delta (006)
    • Flights are marketed by Delta (DL flight number)

If you meet any of the criteria above and book the ticket using your SkyBonus number, you’ll earn up to 30 points per $1 spent as shown below:

RouteLevel 1 TicketLevel 2 TicketLevel 3 Ticket
Travel to/from Atlanta (ATL), Cincinnati (CVG), Detroit (DTW), Minneapolis (MSP), and Salt Lake City (SLC)10 points per $13 points per $11 point per $1
All other routes30 points per $16 points per $13 points per $1

Now, you must be thinking, “What’s a Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 ticket?” In general, you can think of Level 1 tickets as the most expensive and flexible tickets, while Level 3 tickets are the cheapest and least flexible tickets.

AirlineLevel 1Level 2 Level 3 
Delta-marketed fare classesF, P, A, G, J, C, D, I, Z, W*, Y, and BS, W*, M, H, Q, K, L, U, and TX, V, E
Air France-marketed fare classesP, F, J, C, D, I, Z, W, S, A, Y, and BM, U, K, H, L, Q, T**, and NR, V, and T**
KLM-marketed fare classesJ, C, D, I, Z, X, Y, and BM, U, K, H, L, Q, T**, and NR, V, and T**
Aeromexico-marketed fare classesJ, C, D, I, Y, and BM, U, K, H, L, Q, and TE, N, R, V, and W*
Virgin Atlantic-marketed fare classesJ, C, D, I, Z, W, S, H, K, V, Y, and BR, L, U, M, E, Q, and XN, O, and T

* For W fare class tickets marketed by Delta and operated by an airline partner, Level 1 accrual will occur. If W fare class ticket is marketed and operated by Delta, Level 2 accrual will occur. Lastly, Aeromexico Plus fares qualify for Level 2 point accrual while other Aeromexico-marketed flights in W class will qualify for Level 3 point accrual.

** For T fare class ticketed marketed by Air France and KLM, Level 2 accrual will occur, unless the ticket was purchased as a Basic Economy Light fare product. If the ticket is a Basic Economy Light fare, Level 3 accrual will occur.

Hot Tip: You can use Google’s ITA Matrix to determine fare classes without calling Delta! Our guide walks you through the details.

For example, let’s say you booked a round-trip, discounted business class flight between New York (JFK) and Athens (ATH) in the Z booking class for $3,653.97 (the base fare is $2,150 before taxes and fees). You will earn according to the Level 1 accrual scheme, which means you’ll get a whopping 30 points per dollar spent, equivalent to 64,500 Delta SkyBonus points!

As another example, let’s say you booked a one-way Air France flight marketed by Aeromexico from Paris (CDG) to Mexico City (MEX) booked in the M class for $1,444. Your accrual would fall under the Level 2 structure, meaning that the $1,354 base fare would earn 6 SkyBonus points per dollar, a total of 8,124 SkyBonus points.

Now that we’ve gone through the SkyBonus program details and how to accumulate more points, let’s talk about our favorite subject: redemptions!

How To Earn SkyBonus Elite Status

SkyBonus Elite is the elite status arm of SkyBonus. Similar to Delta Medallion status for SkyMiles, SkyBonus Elite offers unique benefits and perks to those who transact a lot with SkyBonus.

There’s just 1 elite status tier here, and it’s called SkyBonus Elite. To qualify, a SkyBonus company must earn a minimum of 2,000,000 qualified SkyBonus points during a calendar year.

SkyBonus Elite Benefits

SkyBonus Elite companies will enjoy:

  • A 10% point bonus for every flight, in addition to regular SkyBonus point accumulation
  • Priority access to representatives that can help you manage your accounts
  • A quarterly Sky Partner Report that offers a detailed analysis of your spending, savings, and benefits
  • Access to SkyBonus Elite flight certificate rewards, a special set of fare classes beyond what SkyBonus members can regularly book

How To Redeem Delta SkyBonus Points

Man using Fly Delta app in airport
Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Normally, booking award travel requires tremendous flexibility to achieve sweet spot redemptions. As a corporate traveler, you might not always have that level of flexibility.

That’s where Delta SkyBonus can come in handy.

When you redeem Delta SkyBonus points, you can receive Delta eCredit or a SkyBonus certificate that can then be used to book eligible flights. For example, if you have a SkyBonus certificate for a Main Cabin flight within the U.S. and Canada (excluding Hawaii), you can book any eligible flight, whether it’s from Los Angeles to New York or from Atlanta to Chicago. You just need to follow the fare conditions outlined in the SkyBonus certificate.

Furthermore, Delta SkyBonus has a concept called Enhanced Availability. By redeeming more points for a SkyBonus certificate, you can book more expensive/flexible fare classes. You’ll still have to pay for taxes and fees, but these are unavoidable and usually minimal.

For example, if you redeem 90,000 SkyBonus points for a round-trip, Main Cabin certificate for travel in the U.S. and Canada (excluding Hawaii), you are only able to use the SkyBonus certificate on tickets in the T booking class. In contrast, if you redeem 210,000 SkyBonus points for the Enhanced Availability certificate, you can also book the pricier Q-class tickets.

You can order your SkyBonus redemptions completely online. All redemptions will be sent to the email address on file in your company’s SkyBonus profile — redemptions will be sent from

You can call SkyBonus Reservations at 877-832-5211 (option 1) to book your ticket using your SkyBonus certificate.

Delta SkyBonus Rewards Chart

Unlike Delta SkyMiles, Delta SkyBonus publishes a publicly-available reward chart.

SkyBonus certificates cover the round-trip base fare (excluding taxes and fees), are valid for 1 year, and generally offer the best redemption value.

SkyBonus certificates with Enhanced Availability cover more fare classes, which can be used to book pricier tickets.

If you are a SkyBonus Elite member, you can get discounted redemption rates on certain certificates. You can also redeem SkyBonus points for eCredits, which are then applied as payment towards the cost of a Delta ticket.

Lastly, other redemptions such as elite status and Delta Sky Club passes or membership are processed within 48 hours.

Here is the complete reward chart below:

Reward TypePoints Cost
Delta eCredits (Apply as Payment Towards the Cost of a Delta Ticket)
$25 Delta eCredit7,500
$50 Delta eCredit15,000
$100 Delta eCredit30,000
$200 Delta eCredit60,000
$300 Delta eCredit90,000
$400 Delta eCredit120,000
$500 Delta eCredit150,000
$750 Delta eCredit225,000
$1,000 Delta eCredit300,000
$3,000 Delta eCredit900,000
$5,000 Delta eCredit1,500,000
$10,000 Delta eCredit3,000,000
U.S./Canada Rewards — Good for Travel in the U.S. (Excluding Hawaii) and Canada
SkyBonus Certificate – U.S./CA – Main Cabin90,000
SkyBonus Certificate – U.S./CA – Main Cabin – Enhanced Availability210,000
SkyBonus Elite Certificate – U.S./Canada – Main Cabin – Enhanced Availability340,000
SkyBonus Certificate – U.S./CA – Delta Comfort+175,000
SkyBonus Certificate – U.S./CA – First Class (excludes transcontinental flights)250,000
SkyBonus Certificate – U.S./CA – First Class – Enhanced Availability (excludes transcontinental flights)415,000
SkyBonus Certificate – U.S./CA – Delta One/First Class280,000
SkyBonus Certificate – U.S./CA – Delta One/First Class – Enhanced Availability515,000
Other SkyBonus Rewards
Beverage Coupons (10) *temporarily discontinued*10,000
Delta Sky Club Single Visit Passes (5)95,000
Delta Sky Club Executive Membership – One Year (Elite accounts only)250,000
Delta Sky Club Individual Membership – One Year160,000
SkyMiles Silver Medallion Status (Valid for 12 months)120,00

The 6 Best Ways To Use Your Delta SkyBonus Points

In this next section, we show you our favorite ways to redeem Delta SkyBonus points for maximum value. As a reminder, you won’t typically get as high of a redemption value with SkyBonus points as you might with SkyMiles. This makes a lot of sense, considering how you can potentially earn 30x SkyBonus points per dollar spent on airfare.

The vast majority of our redemptions discussed are for SkyBonus certificates, which can be used to book airfare, provided you follow the terms and conditions outlined in each certificate.

Let’s get right into it!

1. Fly to Alaska With Lie-Flat Seats for 280,000 Points

Delta One Suites A350-900
Delta offers lie-flat seats on nonstop flights to Alaska, featuring its flat-bed Delta One premium cabin product. Image Credit: Stephen Au

One of the best ways to redeem your SkyBonus points is for a comfortable lie-flat seat across the U.S., except it’s not to a coastal city like New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles… it’s to Alaska!

So if exploring The Last Frontier is high on the top of your to-do list, then one of the most comfortable ways to access this place is flying first class aboard Delta. You can redeem 280,000 SkyBonus points to get a round-trip certificate valid for travel in the Z class (business or first) within the U.S., Alaska included.

Hot Tip: Currently, the only route to Alaska that is serviced with a lie-flat seat is from Atlanta (ATL) to Anchorage (ANC) with a 767-400ER, but aircraft changes occur quite often, so just keep that in mind. The other routes usually have recliner seats, which are still comfortable!

And considering how pricey a round-trip flight can cost, this can yield exceptional value of $2,000 to $2,400 round-trip.

Here are some great example routes to book:

  • Atlanta (ATL) – Anchorage (ANC) round-trip in Delta first class for 280,000 SkyBonus points + ~$135 in taxes and fees
  • Minneapolis (MSP) – Anchorage (ANC) round-trip in Delta first class for 280,000 SkyBonus points + ~$135 in taxes and fees
  • Salt Lake City (SLC) – Anchorage (ANC) round-trip in Delta first class for 280,000 SkyBonus points + ~$135 in taxes and fees
  • Seattle (SEA) – Anchorage (ANC) round-trip in Delta first class for 280,000 SkyBonus points + ~$135 in taxes and fees

2. Fly Delta One Across the U.S. for 280,000 Points

Let’s say you’re interested in flying coast-to-coast but not Alaska (at least in the near term). Another great way to use SkyBonus points is for transcontinental business class flights in the U.S.

Redeem 280,000 SkyBonus points for one of these round-trip tickets, and you can book any Z-class ticket within the U.S. on Delta. Remember, Delta’s lie-flat seats are offered only on specific premium routes.

Round-trip taxes and fees will hover around $130 per person. Depending on the route you’re booking, your redemption value could be anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000!

Here are some fantastic tickets you can book:

  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Boston (BOS) round-trip in Delta One business class for 280,000 SkyBonus points + ~$132 in taxes and fees
  • Los Angeles (LAX) – New York (JFK) round-trip in Delta One business class for 280,000 SkyBonus points + ~$132 in taxes and fees
  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Washington, D.C. (DCA) round-trip in Delta One business class for 280,000 SkyBonus points + ~$132 in taxes and fees
  • San Francisco (SFO) – New York (JFK) round-trip in Delta One business class for 280,000 SkyBonus points + ~$132 in taxes and fees

3. Fly Main Cabin Across the U.S. for 90,000 Points

If you’re flying on a simple economy ticket using SkyBonus points, you can get some pretty solid value, too.

In particular, if you’re flying from a Delta hub airport to another Delta hub airport, cash prices may be high. That’s where SkyBonus points can help deflect a lot of those costs.

You can get a certificate for a round-trip T-class ticket within the U.S. and Canada for 90,000 SkyBonus points. And depending on which route you’re flying, you can get up to $700 in value! These tickets come with around $50 in taxes and fees.

Here are some great example routes you can book:

  • Atlanta (ATL) – Portland (PDX) round-trip in Delta economy for 90,000 SkyBonus points + ~$50 in taxes and fees
  • Detroit (DTW) – Minneapolis (MSP) round-trip in Delta economy for 90,000 SkyBonus points + ~$50 in taxes and fees
  • New York (LGA) – Cincinnati (CVG) round-trip in Delta economy for 90,000 SkyBonus points + ~$50 in taxes and fees
  • Seattle (SEA) – Salt Lake City (SLC) round-trip in Delta economy for 90,000 SkyBonus points + ~$50 in taxes and fees
  • Tampa (TPA) – Los Angeles (LAX) round-trip in Delta economy for 90,000 SkyBonus points + ~$50 in taxes and fees

4. Fly to Jackson Hole or Aspen in Main Cabin for 210,000 Points with Enhanced Availability

Delta Airbus A220 Economy Class Seat with Tray Table Down
SkyBonus certificates can be used to book Main Cabin. Image Credit: Greg Stone

If you need to access enhanced availability on a more flexible booking class, SkyBonus enables you to achieve this.

Unlike SkyMiles, which are generally subject to much harsher availability requirements, a SkyBonus certificate could allow you to book the ticket you need under its terms and conditions.

For example, if you redeem 210,000 SkyBonus points, you can book a Main Cabin ticket within the U.S. with Enhanced Availability, you can now redeem the certificate for a Q-class ticket, which is a higher fare class than a T-class ticket. Specifically, these Q-class tickets on this route will usually hover around $850 to $1,000 round-trip.

That means if you procrastinated on booking your flight and prices have gone up, you should have an easier time redeeming the certificate.

One high-value example in which you can get outsized value is for peak season flights to ski resort destinations like Aspen and Jackson Hole. If you are an advance planner, you can get some serious redemption value.

Check out some of the routes we’d recommend:

  • Atlanta (ATL) – Aspen (ASE) round-trip in Delta economy for 210,000 points + ~$29 in taxes and fees
  • Atlanta (ATL) – Vail (EGE) round-trip in Delta economy for 210,000 points + ~$29 in taxes and fees
  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Aspen (ASE) round-trip in Delta economy for 210,000 points + ~$29 in taxes and fees
  • Minneapolis (MSP) – Jackson Hole (JAC) round-trip in Delta economy for 210,000 points + ~$29 in taxes and fees
  • Salt Lake City (SLC) – Jackson Hole (JAC) round-trip in Delta economy for 210,000 points + ~$29 in taxes and fees

5. Get SkyMiles Silver Medallion Status for 120,000 Points

The very last way to redeem SkyBonus points is to get or gift SkyMiles Silver Medallion status, which we value at over $1,000. You can redeem 120,000 SkyBonus points to get 12 months of this elite status, granting you increased SkyMiles accrual rates, complimentary upgrades, free checked bags, priority boarding, and more.

With a $1,000 valuation, you’ll get some decent redemption value of 0.8 cents per point!

Hot Tip: If you have status with another airline’s frequent flyer program, it may be more advantageous to save your SkyBonus points and apply for a Delta status match challenge

6. Get Delta eCredits

If you have a bunch of Delta SkyBonus points and are not quite sure how to redeem them, you can always redeem them flexibly for Delta eCredits at a fixed value of 0.33 cents per point. For example, if you redeem 7,500 points, you will get $25 off the cost of a Delta ticket. This also applies to partner-operated flights, though the ticket must be marketed by Delta to qualify.

Delta eCredits are valid for 1 year.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are some very exciting ways to redeem SkyBonus points. To temper expectations, though, it’s important to remember that the “cent per point” value will be diminished due to how easy it is to amass SkyBonus points.

With the ability to earn up to 30 points per $1 spent, you can see why Delta can’t afford to maintain normal SkyMiles redemption values on the SkyBonus program.

Nonetheless, if your small- or medium-sized business does a lot of travel on Delta, you should definitely be earning SkyBonus points to double-dip on earning SkyMiles and SkyBonus points. Plus, you can get rewarded for your employees’ business travel!

We hope you’ve found this guide informative to help you decide how you’re going to use your SkyBonus points.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Delta SkyBonus program?

The Delta SkyBonus program is Delta Air Lines’ corporate and business travel loyalty program, where small- and mid-sized businesses can earn points for any travel booked by employees or staff.

What is a Delta SkyBonus number?

A Delta SkyBonus number is the unique ID number that is assigned to each SkyBonus member. You’ll need this number to earn or redeem any SkyBonus points.

How do I add my SkyBonus number to Delta?

You can add your SkyBonus number to Delta by providing it in the appropriate field when you book a flight on Delta or its eligible partners.

How do you use SkyBonus points?

You can use SkyBonus points by logging into your SkyBonus account and clicking the Redeem Points button under the About button at the top banner of the homepage. Simply order your rewards, and they will be delivered to your email. Then, you can call SkyBonus reservations to make a booking!

How do you get SkyBonus points?

You can earn Delta SkyBonus points by booking eligible, paid airfare on Delta Air Lines or aboard a select list of airline partners (terms apply).

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