The 14 Best Travel Diaper Bags in 2021 [In-Depth Buyer Guide]

Baby Diaper Bag

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Your travel diaper bag needs to be fully functional to meet all of your needs and those of your children while traveling, and it should also be as stylish as any other bag you would choose to carry. There’s no need to compromise on your look when you are busy being a practical parent!

Things to Consider With Travel Diaper Bags

Size and Weight

Your travel diaper bag needs to be spacious enough to hold everything your baby needs for the journey and compact enough to use as a carry-on that you can stow under the seat during a flight. You’ll want to keep your bag with you at all times, rather than try to pull it down from the overhead bin while holding a baby.

Bottom Line: Once your stroller is checked in you’ll be carrying the bag and your baby, so pick a bag that is lightweight and heavy-duty enough to last for all your journeys.

Carry Options

The carry options for travel diaper bags can differ significantly, so consider what you need for your journeys so that you can pick the bag which perfectly suits you and your baby.

Do you need to carry it on your back so both hands are free for your busy toddler, or are you planning to carry it on your shoulder or across your body while cradling your baby?

Are you going to be carrying it for lengthy periods and therefore want to choose a bag with padded straps, or do you need a travel diaper bag that has handy loops to hook onto your stroller? Think carefully about your needs before you buy.

Access, Pockets, and Organization

When purchasing your travel diaper bag, it’s essential to consider easy access as you may need to be unfastening the bag with one hand while holding your baby with the other. There’s a wide range of different designs when it comes to compartments, and many have insulted pockets for storing bottles for the journey.

Ideally, you’ll have the main area for diapers and larger items but also a few handy pockets for smaller items to keep separate and avoid rummaging around to find.

Hot Tip: If you’re using your travel diaper bag as your main bag you may also need a secure access zipper compartment for your travel documents, phone, and travel wallet.

Material and Durability

If chosen carefully, your travel diaper bag could last for years and adapt to your baby’s ever-growing needs — for this child and any future offspring too.

The fabric needs to be long-lasting and sturdy enough to stand up to the knocks of travel, but also not be too heavy for you to carry. Many parents prefer the internal lining of the bag to be light in color so that you can see the contents at a glance.

The material of your travel diaper bag would ideally be easily cleaned both inside and out. This would keep it hygienic and pleasant for you to use every time, as well as keep it looking in good condition.

Best Travel Diaper Bags

Under $40

A Great Choice for All-Day Carrying Comfort

Mancro Diaper Bag Backpack

The Mancro Diaper Bag Backpack is the best choice for all-day carrying comfort with a padded back panel and thick padded backpack straps. This bag is stylish and unisex in design so can be proudly carried by mom and dad as a backpack, or be hung from a stroller using the 2 stroller straps.

Comfortable and stylish, the Mancro Diaper Bag Backpack also offers all the practical aspects needed for traveling with your baby. There are multiple pockets for organizing all of your items, as well as 2 insulated pockets for bottles. The bag is made from water-resistant fabric, has durable 2-way zippers and even comes with a free changing mat.

Bottom Line: The front and top pockets on the exterior of this bag also allow for you to have easy access to travel documents, keys, and your purse during your journey without having to enter the main bag.

A Functional Bag With a Premium Feel

HaloVa Diaper Bag

HaloVa Diaper Bag is the perfect choice for parents who require a practical, yet elegant bag, made from premium quality fabrics with excellent craftsmanship. This bag has a large internal capacity and many smaller side pockets, all in a light colored lining so contents can easily be seen. The entire bag can be wiped clean as it’s made from durable oxford water-resistant material.

The carry options are fantastic as it has straps to use as a backpack or extra carry handles at the top to use as a handbag. With a variety of easy access pockets, you can neatly organize all your baby’s items while traveling. The front compartment has insulted pockets for 3 bottles.

Bottom Line: The HaloVa Diaper Bag is also compact enough to be stowed under the seat in front of you during a flight so that you can have everything for your baby with you at all times.

The Perfect Mix of Practicality and Style on the Go

Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack

Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack is the best bag for combining practicality and style for parents on the move. This bag is lightweight, durable, and made from water-resistant, easy-to-clean material. Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack has been cleverly designed for you to access all of your baby’s travel items easily.

The side-to-side zippers open to reveal a large central storage area, with smaller pockets and even a key chain so you don’t ever lose your keys at the bottom of a bag again. The insulation in the bottle compartment has been upgraded and will maintain temperatures longer.

Bottom Line: The bag features backpack straps and carry handles, meaning you can use it as a backpack if you want to carry with both hands-free, use it as a handbag, or hang from a stroller with the carry handles. This is a genuinely multi-functional diaper bag.

6 Separate Pouches Make This a Great Diaper Bag

SoHo Designs Diaper Bag Grand Central Station

The best tote bag for parents on the go features a variety of separate accessory pouches in matching fashionable fabric designs. SoHo Designs Grand Central Station diaper bag is chic in design and has carry handles suitable for you to carry by hand, on the shoulder, or hang from your stroller. The zipper opens wide, so the contents of the bag can be easily seen and accessed, with the benefit of the light colored lining.

There are lots of handy pockets inside this bag to keep smaller items separate and enable you to organize everything you need for you and your baby while out and about.

On the exterior of the SoHo Designs Grand Central Station bag, there’s also a compartment with high-quality zippers to keep your travel documents, phone, and money safe, yet effortless to get to quickly during your journey.

Bottom Line: There are 6 separate pouches included with this bag, one of which is insulated for carrying bottles. Tons of features and a lifetime warranty make this bag an excellent choice.

Trendy Diaper Bag With Enough Space for All of Your Baby Gear

Hip Cub Diaper Bag

Hip Cub Diaper Bag is trendy with its classic stripe fabric trimmed with tan handles and edging. The bag is also incredibly practical, as well as stylish. It can be carried by hand using the carry handles, hung over a stroller, or carried on the shoulder or across your body with the long adjustable strap.

Hib Cub Diaper Bag is spacious inside, allowing you to pack everything your baby needs for the journey. It has 7 pockets, including zipped compartments, to keep smaller items organized and conveniently accessible. This bag is available in black or navy and includes a matching changing mat.

Bottom Line: While being roomy enough to carry all you need, the overall dimensions of this diaper bag mean that it’s also small enough for you to stow it under the seat in front of you during a flight.

A Bag or a Backpack? You Decide

Cateep Diaper Bag 

Cateep Diaper bag is an excellent choice for parents who require a practical bag of excellent quality at an affordable price. This bag is made from waterproof polyester so it can easily be wiped clean and kept looking its best for every journey. It’s durable stitching also means the diaper bag will withstand traveling without damage.

The Cateep Diaper Bag can be carried as a backpack and has padded straps for all-day comfort, but also has a top loop to hang from a stroller if required. The bag is lightweight for travel, has a large internal capacity and also features a range of multi-sized pockets and compartments for all your baby’s items.

Bottom Line: The front section of the bag includes an insulated area for storing 3 bottles and has a smart elasticated design, so liquids are stored upright at all times while being carried.

An Elegant Lightweight and Durable Baby Bag for Everyday Use

Vogshow Waterproof Diaper Bag

An elegantly designed bag that is lightweight and durable with the bonus of not looking like a diaper bag — the Vogshow Waterproof Diaper Bag looks like an ordinary backpack yet contains all the functional aspects of a diaper bag.

There are 4 insulated pockets for keeping bottles warm while on the go, as well as multiple pockets and compartments for all the smaller items your baby needs. It even has a key chain so you can access your keys with ease. The bag fastens with magnetic clips meaning you can open the bag with one hand to reach whatever you need while holding your baby.

Bottom Line: The waterproof material is easy to wipe clean, and the shoulder straps are padded for comfort. Alternatively, you can hang the bag from your stroller using the top loop, and its non-bulky design makes this bag easy to carry and store anywhere.

A Diaper Bag That Looks as Good as Your Purse

Zohzo Diaper Bag for Baby

Zohzo Diaper Bag for Baby is the best buy for parents who don’t want to comprise on looks and style but still want all the practicality of a diaper bag. The beautiful gray with white arrows Boho design of the fabric gives this bag a chic look, while internally it has all the pockets and compartments you need to organize everything for your baby while traveling neatly.

The carry handles are perfect for carrying the bag by hand but are also long enough for you to use as shoulder straps if you prefer or need to be hands-free. The bag has been designed to evenly distribute weight to help avoid your stroller tipping backward if you hang it from the handles.

Bottom Line: With 11 different compartments and pockets, the Zohzo Diaper Bag for Baby is fully functional with bottle insulation, protective pacifier pouches, and a changing mat.

This Tote Bag Will Hold Everything You and Your Baby Needs

RUVALINO Large Diaper Bag

RUVALINO Large Diaper Bag is the ultimate choice for parents looking for a stylish, modern tote bag that is durable and practical for carrying everything baby needs. This elegant bag is super comfortable to use with the carry handles and also has a back strap which will slide over the handle of a wheeled suitcase so luggage can be pulled as one.

The nylon fabric has extra strong stitching making this bag durable, and yet still it’s lightweight for traveling. The spacious interior of the bag allows for larger items to be stored separately from smaller items in the 11 pockets and compartments and even features an insulated bottle pocket.

Bottom Line: A matching changing mat is included and there’s a detachable longer strap should you wish to use as a shoulder bag or wear across the body.

Under $100

Over Your Shoulder or Over the Stroller? A Diaper Bag With Options

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack With Stroller Straps

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag is the ultimate travel diaper bag designed for meeting the needs of busy parents on the go. It’s made from high-quality, water-resistant twill polyester which means it’s easy to wipe clean and built to last with stitching that won’t fray and zippers that won’t break.

This bag has backpack straps so you can have both hands free for your child while carrying the bag. Alternatively, you can hook it to your stroller with the top loop. With 14 multi-sized pockets, there’s a compartment for everything in this bag from your wet wipes and creams to burp cloths and pacifiers.

Bottom Line: The large insulted pocket can keep multiple bottles fresh for your journey. The Bag Nation Diaper Bag also includes a changing mat and sundry bag for even more parental convenience while traveling.

A Large Bag With Comfortable Carry Straps

Hap Tim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag

The Hap Tim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag is a perfect choice for parents who are looking for a large bag with comfortable carrying straps and the ability to be hands-free when traveling. There are 2 separate main compartments that are spacious enough to store larger items such as diapers and spare clothes.

This bag also has 17 pockets and compartments, so there’s a place for everything to be kept separate and organized on your journey. The water-resistant fabric means the bag will keep all the contents dry during your trip and can also be easily wiped clean. There’s a changing mat included and insulted pockets to maintain temperatures on the move.

Bottom Line: The shoulder straps are padded and are super comfortable when being used as a backpack; there’s a grab handle if you prefer to carry by hand or hang from a stroller.

Designed With Dads in Mind — This Is a Diaper Bag With a Difference

DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag 

The DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag is the best bag for busy, involved dads who need all the functionality of a diaper bag with a masculine design. This bag is available in a range of colors and is made from sturdy, durable fabric built to last. The shoulder straps for the backpack are padded and fully adjustable to suit different heights, plus it has a grab handle for hanging on a stroller.

The main compartment has an extra-large capacity for carrying everything you need plus there’s a variety of quick access zippered and elasticated pockets so smaller items can be retrieved at a moment’s notice. The interior is light in color so contents can be viewed at ease and there’s a changing mat included.

Bottom Line: DadGear Backpack has practical features such as a clamshell zipper opening so it can be opened like a suitcase, a diaper hammock, and a wet wipes flap.

A Fashionable Backpack to Carry Your Baby Gear

Maman Diaper Bag

Maman Diaper Bag is a fantastic choice for parents who want a unisex design that is durable and comfortable to use. The bag can be carried as a backpack using the padded and adjustable straps, or the grab handle is perfect for hanging the bag from your stroller. The padded fabric front gives the Maman Diaper Bag a trendy look which is suitable for both mom or dad to carry.

The wipe-clean fabric of the bag, plus the high-quality zippers, make this a practical choice to keep your baby’s essentials and accessories clean and safe while traveling. The bag has 8 pockets of varying sizes to keep everything organized and includes a matching changing mat for extra convenience on your journey.

Bottom Line: The insulated pockets are ideal for transporting 2 bottles, and the bag itself is perfectly sized to stow under the seat in front of you during an airplane flight.

A Bag That Doubles as a Portable Bassinet

Lythor Diaper Bag by Boxum Baby

This fantastically versatile bag doubles up as a portable bassinet and changing table while traveling. The Lythor Diaper Bag by Boxum Baby can carry everything you need for your baby on the go and is made from durable, wipe clean, waterproof oxford fabric — it is even washing machine safe. The unique, revolutionary design folds flat for a changing mat with a thick comfortable mattress or converts to a bassinet for a safe, comfortable sleeping area for your baby during the journey.

Bottom Line: There are 5 zippered compartments to keep all your baby’s essentials and accessories organized on your journey, and the detachable carry strap is fully adjustable to suit different heights of moms and dads. The insulated side pockets allow for 2 bottles to be carried and kept upright.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re off on a long-haul flight or just out for a day trip, you can find a travel diaper bag that suits your needs and is adaptable to grow with your baby and your adventures.

Your travel diaper bag needs to be spacious enough to pack everything you need for your baby, be functional with easy-access compartments and insulated bottle pockets, but still be compact enough to use as carry-on luggage on airplanes.

If chosen carefully, the bag will be durable, easy to keep clean, and lightweight for you to carry comfortably. There are so many travel diaper bags to choose from, and at no stage do you need to compromise on style as many bags combine practicality and looks.

If you’re looking for better travel gear for your growing family, explore the best travel strollers to enable your family to travel without having to bring a bulky stroller along for the ride.

Frequently asked questions

Can I bring a carry-on and a diaper bag?

This will really depend on the airline but usually you can bring a carry-on and a diaper bag as a personal item provided it can fit under the seat in front of you. Do check with your airline as some count personal items such as a diaper bag as a carry-on.

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