The 16 Best Travel Weekender Bags for Men & Women [2021]

Weekender Bag

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Weekender bags are ultimately designed for short trips. Because of this, it is vital that your weekender bag is large enough to store everything you need for a few days, but also small enough to be used as carry-on luggage.

With so many to choose from, there is no need to compromise on style when fulfilling the functional requirement of your weekend bag, and there are a ton of great looking weekend bags to enhance your style.

Make your weekender bag the piece of luggage you are always proud to hang off your arm, as well as being suitable for all your short trip needs.

Things to Consider with Weekender Bags

Size and Capacity

Your weekender bag needs to be compact enough for you to use as carry-on luggage but also needs to be spacious enough to hold everything you need for your trip. The internal dimensions of the most popular weekender bags can differ, so it’s important that you choose a bag that fulfills your needs.

Most weekend bags offer a large main compartment, and additional storage in the form of internal pockets, external pouches, and even end compartments.

Bottom Line: Weekenders should fit comfortably in the trunk of your car or an overhead locker, and should be lightweight and easy to carry.


You may not think the weight of your weekender is in an issue, but the more lightweight the bag is to begin with, the more you can carry with you. Bags made from nylon and other modern synthetic materials tend to weigh less than their cotton or canvas counterparts, so keep this in mind before falling in love with a heavy retro-style kit bag.

While the weight of your bag is important, don’t be tempted to compromise on the construction of your new bag either. Finding a weekender that is both lightweight and durable is the perfect blend of form and function for the modern day traveler.

Carry Options

Even if your chosen bag has carry handles, you may also want the versatility of a shoulder strap so you can easily swap and be hands-free while you’re on the go. The shoulder strap may be permanently attached, or it may be detachable. Either way, it could still be useful. You should also look at whether or not the strap is adjustable as different lengths suit different folks.

Hot Tip: If you are planning on using your weekend as an addition to a wheeled suitcase, the handles are a bonus as they can slide over the suitcase handle, making it easier for you to transport both at once.


When purchasing your weekender bag, you may wish to consider the handles and how well they suit your traveling needs. Some drop down handles will be long enough to place over the shoulder, whereas other carry handles may be shorter and only suitable for carrying by hand.

If you’re planning on using the carry handles the majority of the time, then definitely look for ones that are rounded, or padded for a more comfortable carry.

Access, Pockets, and Organization

There are hundreds of different weekender bags out there to suit every style and budget. Each one will also offer varying amounts of compartments and pockets. Carefully consider what you need from your bag before you invest. Do you need to quickly access travel documents, phone, and wallet from an easy access exterior pocket? Or, is a large main area for bulky items more important?

Bottom Line: Whether you need to keep your sports gear separate from your party outfit, or you are just looking to throw and go, there will always be a bag that has enough compartments. You just need to think about your style and your travel preference before buying.

Material and Durability

If you choose carefully, your weekender bag could be with you for many future adventures. For it to last a lifetime, the fabrics need to be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of traveling. Look for durable material like cotton, canvas, nylon, rubber, or synthetics and don’t just be swayed by pretty patterns and trendy logos. The zippers, locks, and other fastenings should also be made of top-quality materials.

Best Weekender Bags for Women

A Great Looking Bag That Will Take You Anywhere

Away Luggage The Weekender
Image Credit: Away

Away Travel – The Everywhere Bag

Dimensions: 16” x 7.2” x 10.2”

This bag is available in a range of beautiful colors and is made from water-resistant fabrics, meaning it is extremely durable and can also be wiped clean both inside and out. Lightweight and good looking, this bag has both carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap, giving you the option to switch between the two.

The interior of this bag offers 6 pockets, a laptop pocket large enough for computers up to 15”, and a zippered umbrella pouch, giving you no excuse for not being organized on your next adventure. The compact size of this weekender means you can stow the bag under the seat on a flight, or easily sit it in the trunk of your car.

There is also a hidden pocket to the exterior of this bag, which is the perfect size for your cell phone and other valuable items that you need to keep close by.

Bottom Line: This is the perfect weekender bag for anyone with a penchant for timeless classic design, and hard wearing yet functional luggage.

Beautifully Designed and Incredibly Functional

Jadyn B 22” Women’s Weekender Duffel Bag with Shoe Pocket

Dimensions: 22” x 12” x 12”

This is the perfect duffel bag for those looking for a stylish yet practical bag for all their weekend getaways. Available in a choice of 2 different designs, Geometric Gray or Gray Floral, this bag is made from durable, easy to clean fabric.

Inside the main storage section of the duffel, there are 3 separate mesh compartments as well as a large zippered pocket, meaning you can easily keep toiletries and makeup separate from your clothing. There is also a large side pocket in which can house multiple pairs of shoes, so there’s no need to restrict the number of outfits you take on your next vacation, event, or excursion.

With 13” drop down handles, this bag is ideal for you to carry on your shoulder, but there is also an adjustable shoulder strap included for extra comfort and shoulder support. There’s a front pocket allowing easy access for any small essential travel items needed on the journey itself.

Bottom Line: At only 1 lb 11oz in weight, this weekender duffel is a lightweight, functional bag for any short trips away.

A High-Quality Canvas Bag That is Built to Last

Baosha HB-28 Ladies Canvas Weekender with PU Leather Strap

Dimensions: 16” x 12” x 8”

This is a stunning canvas holdall with a chic horizontal striped print, trimmed with tan PU leather handles, strap, and base. You can choose from a variety of different color stripes (including black, blue, khaki, purple, and sky blue) to coordinate with your other luggage, making it an excellent choice for the stylish traveler.

The sleeve on the back of the bag allows you to slide the entire holdall over a standard rolling suitcase handle, or you can carry it on its own using either the carry handles or the detachable longer shoulder strap.

The smooth zipper technology opens to reveal a spacious interior with a central divider and a zipped pocket. There is an additional zipped pocket on the outside of the bag should you wish to access items separately from the main contents. The PU leather base gives the added benefit of a hard-wearing weekender suitable for placing down on any surface.

Bottom Line: This high-quality canvas weekender bag is versatile enough to travel over a suitcase and be used as your main carry-on, and can also easily double up as a gym or beach bag.

A Classic Looking, High-Quality Carry Bag

Ulgoo Travel Tote Carry-On Shoulder Bag

Dimensions: 16” x 12” x 8”

This is the ultimate multi-functional bag that offers plenty of class for travelers on the go. Made from soft canvas, this attractive shoulder bag comes in 5 colors (black, army green, black & white stripe, grey, or leaf design) all elegantly trimmed with tan PU leather carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap, with a classic buckle feature for adjusting the required length.

The base of the bag is not only also made from tan PU leather but has studs underneath, allowing you peace of mind that your bag is less likely to get grubby when traveling. The interior storage to the bag is one main large area with 2 side pockets for smaller items you wish to keep separate and close at hand. The carry handles will easily hang from a trolley hook or over the extending pull along handle on your suitcase.

Bottom Line: When traveling by plane, this compact weekender bag can easily be stowed under the seat in front of you, allowing you to keep your personal belongings with you throughout the flight.

A Large Internal Area for Stashing Your Clothes on the Go

S-Zone Oversized Canvas Travel Duffel Bag

Dimensions: 21.1” x 12.2” x 9.3”

This is an oversized duffel for whom a single large compartment is their main priority. Offering a fusion of individual styling and practicality, the bag is made from durable, anti-wrinkle canvas, and classically trimmed with PU leather.

There are 3 colors of canvas to choose from (black stripe, blue stripe, or the zebra graphic design), and the holdall has one large main storage area for maximum capacity that can be used for bulky items without the inconvenience of dividers. There is also an internal zipped pocket that doesn’t dent interior dimensions but does offer a sneaky space for smaller items.

With easy access zipped pockets on the exterior of the bag, you can keep your most valued and necessary possession close at hand. The PU leather trim is not only a striking design feature of this weekender bag but adds to the durability of the duffel.

Bottom Line: Rounded and super comfortable carry handles, heavy duty zippers, and an adjustable length shoulder strap make this an excellent choice for ladies on the go.

Make a Statement with This Big, Bold Bag

Malirona Canvas Weekender Bag

Dimensions: 22” x 115” x 11.5″

Made from anti-wrinkle canvas and foldable for easy storage when not in use, this bag is available in 5 funky designs (black flower, flowers, noble girl, purple flower, and red flower). All of these design prints are unique to this range, and the funky designs will easily complement the rest of your luggage.

With a spacious interior main storage area, you can take up to 5 days-worth of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and makeup all in one bag.

There are also a couple of internal pockets for your smaller essentials such as phone, keys, and travel wallets. This bag can be carried using the drop down handles or the 47” detachable shoulder strap which can be adjusted to any length you desire. Also, the back of this bag has a suitcase handle strap, meaning it can also slide over an extended wheeled case handle for your convenience when traveling with extra luggage.

Bottom Line: This is the perfect weekender for those who want to stand out from the crowd and made a bold fashion statement with their luggage.

The Best Bag for Business Travelers

Lily & Drews Carry on Weekender Overnight Travel Shoulder Bag

Dimensions: 18” x 14” x 8”

With timeless and elegant styling, this bag can be purchased in 4 colors (black, blue, grey or purple peace design) all of which are water resistant fabric.

You can organize everything you need for your business trip by making use of the multiple pockets both inside and on the outside of this bag. This weekender bag includes a padded sleeve inside one of the interior compartments which are suitable for laptops up to 15.6″. The carry handles are comfortable for your travel, but if you prefer, there is a removable padded shoulder strap.

This 3 lb bag is made of stern stuff and will retain its shape even when empty. There is a suitcase handle sleeve to the back of this weekender, meaning you can slide it over a trolley handle should you been taking a suitcase on your travels with you.

Bottom Line: This is a great bag for professionals that need to neatly and securely organize their belongings while on business trips.

Large Enough for the Two of You

Ecosusi Unisex Large Travel Weekender Bag

Dimensions: 18” x 11” x 8”

With a unique square based design, this bag can stand upright on its own, and its innovative looks make it stand out as a fashionable piece of luggage.

The water-repellent, wipe-clean, nylon fabric is durable and practical and available in 3 classic colors (red, beige, and black). At only 1.4 lbs, this weekender bag has double top carry handles, an adjustable padded shoulder strap, and a suitcase sleeve to the back should you wish to slide it over a wheeled suitcase handle.

The luxurious elegance of this bag continues into the interior, which is fully lined with a rich brown material designed not to show any dirt or grubby stains. There is an additional pad inside the bag which is designed to protect your iPad or e-reader while you’re on the go.

Bottom Line: This is a must-have travel bag for those who wish to blend classic styling with functionality whenever they travel.

An Upscale Bag for Ladies on the Go

Jack & Chris Oversized Canvas Leather Trim Weekend Bag

Dimensions: 21” x 10” x 15”

This is a great weekender bag for those who love a simple yet sleek design, but also demand high-quality, multi-functionality from their luggage. This is a spacious, roomy bag that features a large internal compartment, 2 inner wall pouches, and an exterior zipped pocket for easy access to travel essentials on your journey.

This stunning bag is available in 3 colors (off white, army green or grey) and is made from durable canvas, which is 100% cotton. Adding to the premium feel of this bag, the carry handles, and the zipper closure tags are made of good quality cowhide leather. There is also an adjustable canvas shoulder strap for an alternative carrying option that can be removed if not needed.

Bottom Line: This lightweight bag is so adaptable you could not only use it for your weekend trips away, but it is perfect for the gym, sports, and many other activities.

Best Weekender Bags for Men

A Big Brand Bag for Bigger Adventures

Herschel Novel Duffle Bag

Dimensions: 11.5” x 20.5” x 11”

This weekender bag is designed with just the right amount of storage for short trips, and it even has a separate shoe pocket, so shoes are kept away from clean clothing. The two-way waterproof zippers open to reveal a spacious main storage area with an internal sleeve.

The interior of the bag is beautifully lined with Herschel’s signature fabric liner, and the carry handles are reinforced for strength, durability, and comfort when carrying the bag by hand. There is also a detachable shoulder strap that is padded.

This bag is so versatile it is perfect for weekend trips away or even the gym or sporting activities. With 21 different colors and prints to choose from in this range, there’s bound to be one that compliments your style. The compact sizing of this bag makes it suitable to use as your carry-on bag on airplane flights.

Bottom Line: The ultimate weekender bag for those who demand high-quality products, this bag has classic styling, allowing it to be practical to use but always great looking when doing so.

A Quality Canvas Bag With Plenty of Room for Everything

S-Zone Oversized Canvas Genuine Leather Trim Travel Duffel Weekender Bag 

Dimensions: 21.7” x 14.8” x 10.2”

Perfect for use as a carry-on bag for airplane journeys, as well as being perfectly suited to a weekend away or trips to the gym, this oversized canvas bag is available in 6 different colors (gray, khaki, dark gray, coffee, army green, or blue).

Made from soft and lightweight, waterproof, and tear-resistant canvas, the bag benefits from a genuine leather trim to give it a more upscale aesthetic. The zips and clips that keep the bag secure are made from solid zine-alloy and won’t rust easily, while the bag itself is roomy enough for you to pack everything you need for a few days away.

On the inside, there is a large single storage area but with a couple of zippered pockets to the side. The additional pockets make it easy for you to have quick and easy access to smaller essentials such as your wallet, phone, travel documents, and keys. This weekender bag helps keep your items more organized.

Bottom Line: An oversized canvas duffel with a difference, this bag combines retro styling with modern day durability.

A Choice of Two Beautiful Italian Travel Bags

Polare Duffle Full Grain Leather Weekender Travel Bag


  • Medium – 20” x 10.24” x 11.42”
  • Large – 22.8” x 10.24” x 12.5”

These Italian designed bags are practical and durable, while still being sophisticated and dignified in their appearance. Made from high-quality Italian cowhide full grain leather with strong stitching, the bags have carry handles and shoulder straps to give you both carrying options when you are traveling.

The overall size and capacity of these weekender bags are ideal for any short getaways, be it city breaks or business trips. There are 2 different sizes and 4 colors to choose from in this range (dark brown, brown, reddish brown, or black) all of which are just under 6 lbs in weight.

The interior of the bag features a large storage area so you can keep all your clothes, shoes, and other essentials in one place. There is also a laptop sized pouch to one side of the interior, meaning your laptop or iPad is neatly separated and protected while traveling.

Bottom Line: This range of exquisite travel bags is designed for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their luggage.

The Perfect Weekend Bag for the Discerning Gentleman

Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Brown Leather Weekender Travel Bag

Dimensions: 11” x 10” x 21”

Handmade in Italy using beautiful full-grain calfskin leather, the rich deep colors start to look even better when they age. The overall finish of the leather is semi-gloss, which is ideal for preventing staining, and the high-quality brass hardware adds an even more upscale feel to this bag.

For easy access, the zippers open floor to floor and to help make packing a dream and finding your items incredibly easy. The inside of the bag is also fully lined with a hard-wearing canvas which not only looks distinctively classic, but it is also strong, durable, and easy to clean.

For your convenience, you can easily switch between the carry handles or the shoulder strap when traveling. The shoulder strap is removable and adjustable to suit different heights using the classic buckle fastening, and the soft leather is strong enough to keep your belongings safe and protected on the go.

Bottom Line: A weekend bag designed with the discerning gentleman in mind, these weekender bags are imported from Florence, Italy and a real hit.

Keep Your Shoes and Clothes Separate with This Clever Weekender

MarsBro Water Resistant Sports Gym Travel Weekender Duffel Bag

Dimensions: 19.7” x 9.8” x 9.3”

With its casual styling and 6 different colors for you to choose from (black, grey, pink, Tiffany blue, black/blue, and black/rose) this bag has a classic, almost retro look and feel that is reminiscent of duffel bags of the 1970s.

The bag is made from water-resistant fabric, which will keep your gear safe and sound as well as being easy to clean. You have the option of using the bag as a handheld holdall using the dual carry handles or going completely hands-free with the adjustable and well-cushioned shoulder strap for a more relaxed carrying option.

There is also a separate shoe compartment built into the bag, meaning you can keep your dirty shoes away from clean clothing. The shoe compartment also has cleverly designed air holes to allow your shoes to receive ventilation while they are being stored for travel.

Bottom Line: This practical and durable weekend duffel bag is a must-have for any man about to embark on a few days away. The perfect size for your airplane carry-on bag it also works just as well as a gym bag when you get back home.

A Duffel Back For Weekends Away

Shacke Travel Duffel Express Weekender Bag

Dimensions: 19.5” x 9” x 13.5”

Made from high quality, water-resistant fabric, it comes in a stylish dark grey color that will blend perfectly with your existing luggage selection.

The bag is made up of 4 perfectly designed compartments, or all which will suit your varying travel needs for the duration of your trip. There’s a separate shoe pouch to ensure that your clean clothing is always kept well away from your shoes and an inside hanging pouch ready for immediate use as soon as you reach your destination.

There is a side elastic pouch to keep items organized and separated and a front zipper compartment which provides easy access to your passport, phone, and other travel essentials.

Lightweight, durable, and incredibly well-made this weekender bag is the ideal size to use as carry-on luggage. For your convenience, the bag can be carried using the carry handles or the super comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap.

Bottom Line: This is a sturdy, adaptable bit of luggage that will be just as useful on a weekend break as it would be in the gym, or as an extra bag for your vacation.

Upscale Leather Weekend Bag That Oozes Style and Quality

Leathario Mens Genuine Leather Overnight Travel Duffel

Dimensions: 19.5” x 9.4” x 11″

This 100% leather weekend travel bag is a stylish choice for the man about town. With multi-functional compartments, you can pack like a pro using the wide range of pockets and pouches this bag has to offer. Arrive at your destination with everything organized and easy to find, and keep your dirty clothing separate on your return journey.

Available in 2 different sizes and 2 different colors (black or brown), the naked leather has been oiled to ensure that it has a super smooth finish while retaining a luxurious and natural look to the leather.

These bags offer a spacious main storage area for clothing, an inner laptop pocket, an internal iPad pocket, and 3 smaller interior pouches for travel essentials such as your mobile phone, wallet, and keys.

With smooth-opening zippers and high-end buckles and hardware, this really is a gorgeous piece of luggage. On the inside, the main compartment is incredibly spacious with additional features like magnetic buttons.

Bottom Line: With more than enough room to comfortably carry enough of your clothing, shoes, and toiletries to last for a few days away, this is an excellent travel duffel that looks as good as it feels.

A Duffel Bag That Can Be Carried Like a Backpack

Baosha HB-26 3-Ways Vintage Canvas Mens Holdall Backpack

Dimensions: 18.9” x 11” x 10.2”

This clever weekender bag can be carried on your back like a backpack, held like a holdall, or slung across your body using the adjustable shoulder strap. The 3-way multi-purpose design sets this weekender apart from the other weekenders in this list. Versatile, practical, and incredibly comfortable, you can keep your belongings safe with you at all times.

Made from top quality, hard-wearing canvas with PU leather straps and trim, this bag has a beautiful vintage, rustic look that belies its incredibly practical interior. With a choice of 4 smart colors (grey, coffee, blue, or black) on offer, you can find the perfect color combination to match your style. The timeless design means it will never go out of fashion.

Bottom Line: With a generous internal capacity and a variety of separate compartments for packing and organizing, this bag is perfect for all kinds of shorts trips and excursion. The right dimensions to be used as an airplane carry-on, it can also be used as a gym bag, sports bag, beach bag, and even on your daily commute.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re off on a short business trip, a glamorous city break, or a romantic break away to a countryside retreat, there will always be the perfect weekender bag just for you.

You can find stylish looking bags that come complete with tons of useable space to provide you with versatile options for storage, organization, and carrying. Purchasing a durable weekender bag could be your best investment yet when it comes to heading out for your next short-term adventure.

Don’t stop at a weekender bag – check out these other related travel products you should consider to up your travel game!

Frequently asked questions

What is a weekender bag?

As the name suggests a weekender bag is a type of luggage that offers the perfect size and storage for a long weekend away.

Is a weekender bag considered a carry-on?

Each airline has specific rules and requirements about carry-on luggage. That said, as a weekender bag should only be big enough to fit clothes and essentials for a weekend, depending on the dimensions of your bag it should be carry-on size.

How big is a weekender bag?

Weekender bags come in all shapes and sizes from tote style to duffel bags. While the dimensions may vary as a rough rule of thumb most weekender bags will have a capacity of 20 to 40-liters.

Do I need a weekender bag?

Weekender bags are ultimately designed for short trips. Because of this, it is vital that your weekender bag is large enough to store everything you need for a few days, but also small enough to be used as carry-on luggage.

What's the difference between a weekender and duffle bag?

A weekender bag is another name for a duffel bag that is the perfect size for a weekend away. With so many to choose from, there is no need to compromise on style when fulfilling the functional requirement of your weekend bag, and there are a ton of great looking weekend bags to enhance your style.

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