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The 13 Best Travel Jewelry Cases and Organizers [2023]

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Keeping your prized possessions safe when you travel can feel like a chore. From lockable luggage and slash-proof backpacks that ward off wrong-doers to merely being able to organize your gear on the go, finding the right bag or box to keep everything in one place takes a little bit of preparation before you set off. That’s where jewelry cases and boxes come in.

Why Buy a Travel Jewelry Case?

Keep your valuables neat and tidy in a jewelry case. Image Credit: Amar Hussain

No matter how big or small your adventures are, you will always want to take your favorite jewelry. Keep your valuable items safe by investing in a jewelry case that has enough room to store all of your favorite pieces. Specially designed jewelry boxes and holders will keep your items organized on your trip and give you the peace of mind that your treasured accessories are always secure and protected on the go.

Bottom Line: Jewelry cases are compact and portable, so they can easily fit into your carry-on bag, and come with useful extras like removable trays, combination locks, or keys and mirrors.

The 14 Best Travel Jewelry Cases and Boxes

Not sure which is the best box or jewelry case for your next trip? Check out some of our favorites below:

1. Compact Folding Organizer Perfectly Sized for Travel

BEST OVERALL: Conair Travel Jewelry Roll Bag
This bag is perfect for travel and at-home organization. The bag can roll or fold up to be compact in your bag and hangs up to let you see everything.

Travel Smart by Conair Jewelry Roll Bag

Not only is this polka dot case pretty as a picture on the outside, but it is also roomy enough on the inside to allow you to travel with all of your favorite jewelry close at hand. It is lightweight and stylish, featuring 3 small zippered pockets for earrings and 3 large pockets for bracelets, watches, and necklaces.

This folding organizer measures 12.2 x 5.5 x 1 inches, and can slide easily into your carry-on. There’s a handy hook to be able to hang on the back of a door for easy access.

What We Like

  • Small and lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Items can tangle if placed in the same pocket

2. An Elegant Quilted Jewelry Pouch With Padded Protection

UPGRADE PICK: Ellis James Designs Travel Jewelry Organizer
This jewelry case is padded and soft to keep your jewelry from scratching or cracking. You can also organize your pieces easily, so they don't tangle together or get lost.

Ellis James Designs Quilted Organizer

With a timeless quilted exterior design, this beautiful pouch unzips to reveal a large main storage area with a wide variety of compartments. There are 2 very handy removable sections, 1 earring carrier, and 1 separate zippered pocket, and the pouch is padded for additional protection. The organizer also features necklace, ring, and watch-sized straps.

This case is perfect for safely storing all your jewelry, to ensure you can continue to travel in style. It is available in 3 colors (black, cream, or light grey) measuring only 9.7 x 6.1 x 2 inches in size, making it ideal for your carry-on bag.

What We Like

  • Has a removable pouch

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t fit larger statement necklaces

3. A Practical Case With a Range of Stunning Colors

storageLAB Travel Jewelry Organizer, Faux Suede Clutch Bag for Necklaces, Earrings, Rings and Bracelets (Leather Brown)
With space for 5 bracelets or necklaces, multiple rings, and 10 earrings, as well as whatever you can fit in the zipped and elastic pockets, you can easily carry everything you need.

storageLAB Travel Jewelry Storage Carrying Case

This case has everything you need to travel securely with your treasures. It is designed to neatly store your jewelry inside using the necklace loops, ring bar, necklace pouches, and earring holes. Tightly closing zips prevent any items from falling out along the way, while the soft faux leather suede lining protects your valuables.

Made from beautiful faux leather suede, this little beauty is available in 4 stunning colors (black, brown, grey, and pink). Measuring a compact 10.25 x 6.75 x 1.75 inches, this case is perfectly sized for your carry-on luggage.

What We Like

  • Available in a range of colors

What We Don’t Like

  • Necklaces require double looping

4. A Classically-designed Small Storage Case for Traveling

Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Box Organizer
Made of faux leather, this box is sleek and pretty while also being very useful. There are multiple compartments and ring spaces, and the box's structure is solid to protect your jewels.

Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box

This travel box from the Vlando Macarons series has a chic, modern design and is a great travel accessory for your jewelry. Once unzipped, the box contains 2 removable divisions to the left and ring rolls to the right for keeping your rings in place. There’s even an elastic pocket in the lid of the box for storing smaller items.

The soft velvet lining means your jewelry is protected when traveling. The high-quality PU leather box comes in a range of different colors, including black, blue, red, grey, pink, or white, meaning you can match your jewelry box to suit your mood.

5. Carry-on-Sized Jewelry Box With Great Storage and Fun Designs

CASEGRACE Mini Travel Jewelry Case
This box has specifically-designed places for rings, as well as 3 hooks for chains and 4 rectangular compartments. The box is less than 4 x 4 inches and fits in your hand.

Casegrace Portable Jewelry Case

A must-have for any traveler looking to keep their best bits of bling with them on the move, this box is compact and clever. It can remain secure to prevent any items from going astray, and it unzips to reveal a creatively designed area perfect for storing earrings, rings, necklaces, and other small items.

Choose from 11 different colors including blue, pink, and red, as well as some with feature designs to the lids. Store your jewels in a box that is as beautiful as your jewelry itself. Measuring just over 4” squared, this box is small enough to carry in any purse, backpack, or carry-on luggage.

6. Double-sided Hanging Organizer With Multiple Transparent Pockets

Freegrace Hanging Jewelry Organizer
This is a perfect way to keep your accessories organized. With 25 pockets, you have plenty of space. They also have clear plastic, so you can easily see what you've put where.

Freegrace Hanging Travel Jewelry Organizer

This folding case is durable enough to take with you on a ton of different adventures and is made from durable and tear-resistant fabrics with a 360-degree rotating hanger. It is double-sided, with an integral hanger making it easy to use anywhere you go. The 25 zippered pockets allow you to organize all your jewelry when traveling, and the transparent pocket fronts mean you can see all your gear at a glance while deciding what to wear.

Available in beige, grey, or white, this jewelry organizer looks smart and professional and measures only 16.9 x 7.8 x 1.2 inches, making it suitable for stowing in your carry-on bag.

7. A Petite Jewelry Case Made From Specially-designed Vegan Leather

CASE ELEGANCE Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case
55 Reviews
CASE ELEGANCE Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case
When empty, this case folds into a compact little clutch. Inside, there are multiple snap straps to keep bracelets and necklaces in place, as well as other compartments for earrings and rings.

Case Elegance Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case

The specially designed vegan leather of this case feels and acts like real leather without the need for you to compromise on your beliefs. Available in 4 colors (pink, cream, monogrammed pink, or monogrammed cream), this luxurious case measures a compact but useable 8 x 5.5 x 1 inches and is excellent for traveling with small pieces of jewelry in your carry-on.

With felt-lined compartments for protection, necklace tabs, ring bars, zip pockets, a pouch, and an earrings strap, you can keep everything you need to feel pretty close by. This is one carry-on essential you should have on your packing list.

8. Conveniently Sized Organizer With Multi-purpose Interior Pockets

TOKSKS Travel Jewelry Organizer
This jewelry case is made from a soft, durable nylon material that is stylish while still protecting your jewelry. It also has a handle that's easy to hold, and the case can hold dozens of pieces.

TOKSKS Travel Jewelry Organizer

The multi-layered jewelry holder is perfect for those traveling with valuable items they wish to keep in their carry-on. At only 8 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches in size, this organizer features necklace, ring, and earring straps, as well as 2 transparent zip pouches.

The nylon fabric of the exterior is practical and durable for travel, while the padded interior is soft and protective for your jewelry.

9. A Classically-designed Case With Generous Storage Compartments

BAGSMART Jewelry Organizer Case
10,107 Reviews
BAGSMART Jewelry Organizer Case
With its 2-way zipper and its strong handle, you won't have to worry about this case breaking and your jewelry getting lost or broken. The cushioned lining also adds protection.

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Storage Case

Ideal for travelers that want to take all of their bling things away with them, this case has a large storage area with room for multiple items. This case comes in 3 colors (soft pink, blue, or black) and is made of soft polyester material with zips and a super-strong handle. At a generous size of 9.8 x 6.1 x 1.9 inches, this case is still portable enough to slip into your carry-on or backpack.

The interior of the case is spacious enough to store necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, and still have room for more, and the various separate compartments allow you to keep your precious items organized and damage-free when you’re on the go.

10. A Compact Case With High Capacity and Funky Designs

NISHEL Travel Jewelry Organizer Case
1,154 Reviews
NISHEL Travel Jewelry Organizer Case
This jewelry case has 4 different compartments, so you can store a lot of jewelry or even more bulky items. It's easy to clean and keep organized as well.

NISHEL Travel Jewelry Organizer Case

This compact jewelry case measures just 9.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 inches and comes in 5 different colors (2 shades of blue, black, pink, and purple). These cases are made from high quality, durable materials, and have enough room so that you can securely tuck all your jewelry away in style.

This particular case is packed with layers of useful storage compartments including necklace snaps, ring bars, removable earring holders, transparent zip pockets, and dividers.

11. Practical for Traveling With Small Items of Jewelry

Vlando Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box
This box is perfect for storing rings and earrings while you travel and even while you're at home. The box is structured, so you don't have to worry about your items getting crushed.

Vlando Travel Tassel Jewelry Box Organizer

A luxurious case allowing you to travel in style with your precious jewelry. Although it is compact at just 4.53 x 4.53 x 2.56 inches, the tassel fastener opens to reveal 5 well-designed sections for rings, earrings, necklaces, and other small items. There’s even a mirror inside the lid for checking out your look while you are traveling.

The case comes in a wide range of colors in soft faux leather (including pink, blue, black, yellow, and red), and the interior has a beautifully soft velvet lining for protection.

12. A Handy and Convenient, Multi-functional Jewelry Box With Mirror

Vee Small Travel Jewelry Case
This jewelry box has everything you need in a vanity. It has a small built-in mirror so you can get ready wherever you are. It also has special places for earring organization.

Vee Jewelry Small Faux Leather Box

This box is super compact and incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for your stashing in your carry-on luggage when traveling. The box unzips to give you space to neatly store your rings, earrings, necklaces, and other small accessories.

It is elegantly styled while still being practical enough to have a variety of compartments, including a ring bar, dividers, elasticated pocket, and even a mirror inside the lid. Choose from either the mini-sized or small box which comes in 4 different colors (white, pink, blue, or grey), with all offering soft beige velvet interiors.

13. A Multi-functional 2 Layered Case With Magnetic Ring Holders

DREAM&GLAMOUR Travel Jewelry Case
A jewelry box that's smaller than most tablets. It has 2 layers to store your jewelry, so the pieces don't get damaged or tangled hopelessly. You even get some braided bracelets with the box.

Dream & Glamour Travel Jewelry Case

Available in plain black, pink, or white, this case is the ultimate solution for those traveling with lots of lovely jewelry and accessories. It has double-layer storage compartments capable of holding 5 necklaces, 10 pairs of earrings, and 12 rings.

Measuring 6.3 x 4.33 x 2 inches and made from high-quality, faux leather that is waterproof, this case is durable and should last you for a fair few adventures. The soft interior will ensure your jewelry stays safe and well-organized.

Final Thoughts

Travel in style with all your treasures. Invest in a jewelry case that offers easy access, excellent organization, and is compact enough to carry everywhere with you.

There are cases out there to suit every traveler and every trip. With a travel jewelry case, you can neatly and securely keep your jewelry in your carry-on or backpack and grab what you need when you need it. These boxes and bags also offer an extra layer of security when you travel.

Looking for all of our favorite travel products in one place? Head over to our one-stop travel product page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep your valuable items safe by investing in a jewelry case that has enough room to store all of your favorite pieces. Specially designed jewelry boxes and holders will keep your items organized on your trip and give you the peace of mind that your treasured accessories are always secure and protected on the go.

Some of the best jewelry cases include:

  • Ellis James Designs Quilted Organizer
  • storageLAB Travel Jewelry Storage Carrying Case
  • Travel Smart by Conair Jewelry Roll Bag
  • Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box
  • Casegrace Portable Jewelry Case

Jewelry cases are compact and portable, so they can easily fit into your carry-on bag, and come with useful extras like removable trays, combination locks, or keys and mirrors.

Roll-up jewelry cases are real space savers and can slot anywhere into your bag, while hard case cases will be heavier and bulkier but will provide more protection.

About Erin Miller

An experienced points hacker, Erin is Alex’s partner-in-crime and contributes to Upgraded Points with in-depth guides and relationship management. Erin’s work has been cited in multiple major publications.


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