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The Ultimate Guide to RVshare in 2024 [How to Rent, RV Types]

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Getting out on the open road is a fantastic way to explore the country. But while the idea of taking an RV (recreational vehicle) on vacation might be dreamy, purchasing an RV for a single trip is less than ideal.

That’s where RVshare comes in. This website connects RV owners with RV renters so that you can enjoy a vacation on the road without having to own an RV.

In today’s world, with everyone a little on edge about traveling, camping and RVing are great ways to vacation while maintaining social distancing. RV vacations are especially popular for those wanting to hike, camp, or explore U.S. national parks.

In this post, we’ll show you everything you need to know to use RVshare to rent or list your RV.

What Is RVshare and How Does It Work?

RVshare is a website designed to help you find and rent an RV — it’s kind of like Airbnb for RVs! This peer-to-peer site helps private RV owners connect with those that want to rent an RV.

It all started with a cross-country trip. The founders of RVshare bought an RV for their honeymoon trip and quickly realized that afterward, their RV sat unused most of the time. They decided to rent it out to help cover the costs of ownership, but there wasn’t a platform in place to help them do that. So, they created their own, and RVshare was born.

Today, RVshare serves more than 60,000 RV owners across the U.S., connecting them to eager RV renters. Whether you’re looking for a pop-up camper for a romantic getaway or a luxurious Class A motorhome for the whole family, you can find it on RVshare.

Rent an RV using RVshare
Image Credit: RVshare

How to Rent an RV With RVshare

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you rent an RV using RVshare.

1. On the RVshare homepage, enter your location, pick-up and drop-off dates, and the number of people you’ll need to accommodate. Then click Search.

RVshare homepage
Image Credit: RVshare

2. You’ll be able to filter your search results by a number of criteria so that you can find the best RV for your needs including:

  • Price
  • Drivable RV (Class A, B, or C)
  • Towable RV (Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Toy Hauler, or Pop-Up)
  • Instant book
  • Keyword (make, model, special features, etc.)
  • Cancellation type
  • Rental options and rules
  • Kitchen and bathroom amenities
  • Entertainment amenities
  • Temperature (air conditioning or hot water)
  • Vehicle details including length and model year

RVshare filtering options
Image Credit: RVshare

3. After filtering your search results, you’ll be able to sort your list by relevance, distance, price, and size. Each result will tell you some basic information about the rental, including price, distance, and whether or not the RV is deliverable or if it’s an instant book.

A Deliverable RV is one that can be delivered to your location.

An Instant Book RV is one that you can book without waiting for the owner to respond to your inquiry.

RVshare Delivery and Instant Book
Each search result will tell you lots of information about the rental, including price and whether or not the rental is an instant book or comes with delivery. Image Credit: RVshare

4. After selecting your RV, you’ll be able to see all of the rental details, including fees, cancellation policy, rules, amenities, and reviews. When you’re ready to proceed, just click Book.

How to book with RVshare
Image Credit: RVshare

5. Finally, you’ll be prompted to add some information about your trip and complete payment. You’ll notice that standard insurance is included in your cost (under taxes and fees), but you’ll be able to upgrade your insurance plan at this time if you wish.

RVshare standard insurance
The RVshare standard insurance policy will be automatically added to your rental cost. Image Credit: RVshare

Occasionally, RVShare can earn you cash-back or Membership Rewards points through Rakuten. So not only do you get to rent an RV, but you earn cash-back or points.

Hot Tip: Want to dive deeper into earning cash-back with Rakuten? Explore our in-depth guide to earning cash-back with Rakuten.

RVshare Insurance

You’re required to purchase insurance with each rental on RVshare.

RVshare offers 3 levels of insurance coverage. Standard RVshare Rental Insurance will be included in your rental cost (in the taxes and fees section), however, you can add additional insurance if you’d like.

Insurance FeaturesStandard EnhancedPremier
Liability coverageState minimum up to $100,000State minimum up to $100,000Up to $300,000
Fire, lightning, or explosionXXX
Theft or larcenyXXX
Windstorm, hail, or earthquakeXXX
Flood or water damageXXX
Mischief or vandalismXXX
Snow or iceXXX
Missiles or falling objectsXX
Riot or civil commotionXX
Contact with a bird or animalXX
Breakage of glass, except as a result of a collisionXX
Power surge as a result of lightningXX

Hot Tip: Unfortunately, most credit cards that offer great rental car insurance, like the Chase Sapphire Reserve® and The Platinum Card® from American Express, exclude RVs from their policies. 

What Credit Card Should You Use on RVshare?

When renting with RVshare, be sure to use a great travel rewards credit card so you make the most of each dollar you spend.

Look for a credit card that offers bonus points on the broad category of travel including:

Worry-Free Rental Guarantee

RVshare’s Worry-Free Rental Guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind when renting an RV. This guarantee covers you from the minute you book until after your vacation is complete.

  • Payment Protection and Fraud Screenings: You’ll be protected against fraud and will be able to get a refund if anything goes wrong with your payment.
  • Dedicated Support Team: You’ll have access to the RVshare support team via phone, email, and 24/7 chat.
  • Rebooking Assistance: If an owner makes a last-minute cancellation, RVshare will assist you in finding a similar RV.
  • Rental Replacements: If you can’t reach the owner when your trip is ready to begin, or your RV was misrepresented, RVshare will help you find a new RV when you contact them within the first 12 hours.
  • Damage Deposit Protection: RVshare will mediate a dispute between you and the RV owner if you feel the owner has wrongly withheld your damage deposit.

Roadside Assistance

Each and every rental made through RVshare comes with 24/7 roadside assistance through Nation Safe Drivers. Through RVshare’s Roadside Assistance Program, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Towing service (to the nearest service station or your home within 100 miles)
  • Tire service
  • Battery service
  • Lockout service
  • Extraction and winching
  • Supply delivery (gas, oil, water, etc.)
  • Travel, theme park, and automotive discounts

RVshare Rewards

As an RVshare renter, you’ll earn rewards each time you rent an RV. You’ll get 5% back from each rental to put towards your next rental with RVshare. Your reward is equal to 5% of the base rate and owner’s fees.

RVshare Refer-A-Friend

RVshare also rewards owners. When you sign up to be an RVshare ambassador, you’ll get a unique referral link that you can share with friends and family via text, email, or social media.

When someone signs up through your link, you’ll both earn a reward once they have a completed booking. The reward is currently a virtual Visa gift card but is subject to change.

Hot Tip: RVshare is one of the websites we recommend for finding cheap camper and RV rentals.

Types of RVs

You’ll find lots of different types of RVs for rent on RVshare. Here’s a quick rundown of the types of RVs out there so that you can make an informed decision about which type is right for you.

There are main 2 categories of RVs that you can choose from — the kind you tow or the kind you drive.

Towable RVs

Towable RVs offer more flexibility since you’ll have access to a secondary car that you can drive to activities or attractions that won’t accommodate an RV.

Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheels are the largest type of towable RV and often come with amenities like a full-size kitchen and master bedroom. They can be towed with a full-size pickup truck.

Travel Trailer

Travel Trailers are smaller and can be towed with any pickup truck or SUV. These RVs come in many sizes and have a wide variety of amenities.

Toy Hauler

A Toy Hauler is a type of RV that comes with a garage space in the back that can accommodate a wide range of “toys” like bikes, motorcycles, or ATVs. Toy Haulers can be towed by many types of pickups and SUVs.

Pop-Up Camper

A Pop-Up Camper is smaller and can be towed by a regular-sized car.

Towable Camper
A towable camper is just 1 type of RV you may find to rent on RVshare. Image Credit: Paul Brennan via Pixabay

Drivable RVs

Drivable RVs don’t get hooked up to a secondary vehicle.

Class A Motorhome

Class A Motorhomes are the most luxurious and largest of all drivable RVs. They can come with lots of amenities including full-size kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and even secondary sleeping spaces. In order to rent a Class A Motorhome, you should be comfortable driving something as large as a bus since these vehicles can range from 21 to 41 or more feet in length.

Class B Motorhome

Class B Motorhomes are smaller and more streamlined than Class A Motorhomes, but can still feature plenty of amenities. Driving a Class B Motorhome is similar to operating an oversized van.

Class C Motorhome

A Class C Motorhomes are generally smaller than Class A Motorhomes, coming in around 20 to 38 feet long. While some luxury amenities are still available in Class C Motorhomes, the price tends to be lower than Class A vehicles. Class C Motorhomes are good for beginning RV drivers.

Class C Motorhome
RVs, like this Class C Motorhome, come in many shapes and sizes. Image Credit: Siggy Nowak via Pixabay

List Your RV for Rent

If you own an RV, chances are it sits unused for a large portion of the year. With RVshare, you can rent out your RV when you’re not using it to make some extra income.

RVshare is free to join and you’ll be connected with eager renters in your area. RVshare also provides 1-on-1 rental coaching to help you through the process.

It handles all of the payment processing and provides insurance coverages, as well as 24/7 roadside assistance.

For more information about listing your RV for rent with RVshare, call a rental coach at 888-482-0234 or fill out the form online.

Final Thoughts

Renting an RV for your next vacation is a great way to explore the country without having to endure the hassle and cost of RV ownership.

RVshare connects RV renters with RV owners. The site’s search functionality will help you find the perfect RV to suit your exact needs. Whether you’re looking to save some money or just want the freedom that comes with an RV vacation, you’ll find lots of options with RVshare.

The information regarding the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card was independently collected by Upgraded Points and not provided nor reviewed by the issuer.
The information regarding the Citi Premier® Card has expired and the card is no longer open to applicants.

For rates and fees of The Platinum Card® from American Express, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make money with RVshare?

Yes, you can earn up to $40,000 per year in additional income by renting out your RV through RVshare. Joining is free and RVshare handles all of the payments, insurance, and disputes.

What is RVshare?

RVshare is a website that connects RV owners with those looking to rent an RV. As a renter, you’ll be able to search hundreds of possible RVs in your area that are available to rent, and as an owner, you’ll be able to list your RV so it can easily be found by renters in your area. RVshare handles insurance, customer support, and payments.

What does RVshare cost?

The cost of your rental through RVshare will vary depending on the vehicle you choose. In addition to the per night cost, you’ll pay for rental insurance ($36-$72 per day), a service fee, and taxes. Some rentals will also come with an additional owner’s fee.

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Katie has been in the points and miles game since 2015 and started her own blog in 2016. She’s been freelance writing since then and her work has been featured in publications like Travel + Leisure, Forbes Advisor, and Fortune Recommends.


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