Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees & How To Avoid Paying Them

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Alaska Airlines has one of the most clear-cut baggage policies we’ve seen.

Depending on the route and cabin, two or three standard bags are either included or only $30 for your first bag, with additional bags coming in below the average cost for airlines we’ve reviewed. Thanks, Alaska!

Alaska Airlines Carry-On Allowance

1 personal item: FREE
1 standard carry-on bag: FREE

Size Restrictions

  • Personal: Size undisclosed, but Alaska references items such as a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag
  • Standard: 22 x 14 x 9 inches (55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86 cm) including handles and wheels

Alaska does not have a weight allowance for carry-on luggage, but you must be able to lift the bag into the overhead compartment unassisted.

Lap Infant Carry-On Policy

  • Lap infants are not entitled to their own carry-on allowance, so a diaper bag would count toward the standard carry-on limit of the adult passenger.

Stroller Gate Check Policy

  • Transportation of a child’s car seat and/or stroller is free of charge as checked baggage. These items can be checked with other baggage or at the gate area.

Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

All checked bags must adhere to a max weight of 50 pounds (23 kg) and max linear dimensions of 62 inches (158 cm).

1st Bag: $30
2nd Bag: $40
3rd + Bags: $100 each

First Class:
1st Bag: FREE
2nd Bag: FREE
3rd Bag: $100

Within the State of Alaska
1st Bag: FREE
2nd Bag: FREE
3rd Bag: FREE
4+ bags: $100

Additional / Excess Baggage Fees

Each additional piece of luggage (3+ bags): $100 ea.
Overweight Fee: $100 for bags 51 – 100 pounds (23 – 45 kg)
Oversized Fee: $100 for bags 63- 115 inches (158- 292 cm)

*If bag is both overweight & oversize, fee is charged only once

For baggage fees related to special luggage (sporting equipment, musical instruments, etc.) please refer to Air Alaska’s policy here.

Seasonal limitations apply. See the Alaska Airlines website for more information.

Can I Pre-pay for Baggage?

Alaska Airlines does allow passengers the ability to pre-pay for luggage online or via their mobile app from 24 hours before the flight departure.

Here are the ways you pre-pay:

Credit Cards That Reimburse You For Checked Bag Fees

American Express, Chase, and Citi each provide cards that will reimburse you for checked bag fees.

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card - This no annual fee card comes with a 20,000 mile welcome bonus (worth $200) once you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months. When you use your card for travel purchases (e.g. baggage fees), use your miles to pay off all, or part of, your statement! This is why we like this card.
Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card - The "big brother" card to the VentureOne® with a larger 50,000 welcome bonus (worth $500), when you spend $3,000 within the first 3 months.

Credit Cards That Give You A Free Checked Bag With Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines might waive checked bag fees if you fly first class or within the state of Alaska, but what if you’re flying economy outside of Alaska.

The answer is simple, you get their co-branded credit card provided by Bank of America. Holding this card, you will receive your first checked bag for free.

See below for details:

Loyalty ProgramCard NameChecked Bag Benefit Details
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Frequent Flyer ProgramBank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit CardYou and up to 6 companions each receive one free checked bag.
Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Business Credit CardYou and up to 6 companions each receive one free checked bag.

Exclusions & Waivers

*Seasonal Baggage Limits may apply on some routes.

Alaska Airlines World Elite® Mastercard® cardholders + up to 6 passengers traveling on the same reservation: 1 checked bag free

Club 49® members traveling on a ticket that contains at least one Alaska Airlines city in Alaska: 2 checked bags free

Elite level Mileage Plan™ members: 2 checked bags free

Active duty US military personnel & active duty US military dependents (on travel orders): 5 checked bags free. (bags may weigh up to 70 pounds and be up to 115″ (linear) without incurring overweight or oversize fees)

To see more airline baggage fees and policies, click here.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Alaska Airlines charge for checked bags?

Checked baggage with Alaska Airlines is free for flights within the state of Alaska. For all other flights, the 1st bag is charged at $30 (free for First Class), 2nd bag at $40 (free for First Class) and 3+ bags at $100.

What can I carry-on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines allows passengers to bring 1 piece of standard carry-on up to the maximum size of 22” x 14” x 9” and 1 additional personal item (size undisclosed by Alaska Airlines) but something like a handbag or small briefcase.

Can you carry on a garment bag Alaska Airlines?

A garment bag is likely to be accepted as carry-on with Alaska Airlines providing it has the ability to be folded if required to go in the overhead compartments or under the seat in front of you. Depending on the size of the garment bag, this would count towards either your carry-on or personal item allowance.

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  1. Adine L Moody April 8, 2019

    Not sure if my first comment was successful. Above, in the FAQ it indicated the 1st bag is $25, 2nd bag is $25, 3rd bag is $75. But in another section it indicted Alaska fees are bag is $30, 2nd bag is $40, 3rd bag is $100. We are flying International using Avianca and Alaska Airlines. International always gave us our first two checked bag ‘free’. Can you please explain this for us? Thank you much.


    • Catherine Luther April 8, 2019

      Hi Adine,

      The prices in the main article are correct: 1st bag $30, 2nd bag $40, and 3rd bag $100 (we’ve updated this in our FAQs). Did you book these two flights together through Avianca or separately? I’m going to assume separately as I believe Alaska is not an interline partner of Avianca. If you booked them separately then you would need to purchase luggage for your flight with Alaska Airlines as no baggage is included for Economy passengers. You can pre-pay for your baggage when you check-in online for your flight 24 hours before departure.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Marcellino April 19, 2019

    If I travel with 3 people and each of us has a one checked bag, does this mean we have to pay 4 x $30 = $120 or (1x$30) +(1x$40) + (2x$100) = $270? We booked one reservation with 4 passengers.

    And how do we pay for baggage? After the reservation is complete or when we make the reservation?



    • Hi Marcellino, the baggage fees are per person and will depend on which fare type (cabin class) you purchased. For example, if there are four of you flying and have all purchased economy tickets, each of your first bags will be $30 per person so that would total $120.

      As you can see in the “Can I Prepay for Baggage?” section above, Alaska Airlines allows passengers to pre-pay for luggage online or via the mobile app (when you officially “check-in”) from 24 hours before your flight departure.


      • I already bought my ticket with a family friends card will the card be charged when I pay for luggage? Or can I pay with my own card or cash?


        • Hi Todd,

          Has the luggage already been paid for? If not, when you add luggage to your itinerary you can pay with your card.

          Thanks for reading!


  3. “All checked bags must adhere to a max weight of 23kg (50lb).” May I know if the 23kg is meant for each checked bag or if the total weight for 2 checked bags must not be more than 23kg if I were in first class?


    • Hi Sky, this SHOULD mean 23kg max for each bag. However, since we’re not Alaska Airlines – we can’t conform with 100% accuracy and suggest calling their customer service line if you’re in doubt! (1-800-252-7522 from the U.S.)


  4. rajinder May 7, 2019

    Thanks for allowing the passengers to carry a twenty-two-inch suitcase without any payment. Additional handbag should be of what size? And lastly, if a passenger wants to upgrade from economy class to the next step or premier class, how much are payments for that? Can you email me with your response?


    • Hi Rajinder – please be advised we are not Alaska Airlines. We are Upgraded Points, a website that’s dedicated to producing content based on points/miles accrual, as well as other travel related articles such as these baggage fee pages.

      That being said, you can find the additional sizing above unless you’re referring to a “personal item” – most airlines are vague on this definition and won’t give you an actual size which is why we have listed the dimensions as “undisclosed”. On their website, Alaska simply states you will be “one personal item such as a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag”.

      Again, since we are not Alaska Airlines, we cannot assist in answering your questions as accurately as you may require. This is especially the case when considering your questions about the upgrade charges. We suggest you call Alaska Airlines’ reservations/customer service line for the most accurate information.


  5. Either the American Executive Plat info is incorrect you posted or Alaska agents are not aware of this in Seattle. I was on a codeshare flight with American (#6997) flown by AS but booked at AA. This was on Friday. I checked in and was made to pay $30.00 for my bag even though I explained I was Exec Plat, that this was a codeshare flight, and I was ticketed with American. Both she and a supervisor disagreed with me and said no American status if operated by AS and that I had to pay for my bag. I had no more time to argue after 15 minutes of trying to show them and falling on deaf ears.


    • Catherine Luther June 3, 2019

      Hi Stuart,

      Sorry to hear about your experience. It looks like Alaska has updated their baggage policy. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, the article has been updated.


      • My point should have been that you are actually correct – but Alaska rarely honors it. I do not think this is an update by Alaska. One needs only to read the years of threads on this issue at Flyer Talk to understand that it is a shell game that AA/AS have been playing with for years. My ticket, booked at with an American flight number (operated by Alaska) clearly stated in the terms “bag fee $0.00.” These should be honored by Alaska without bag fees and your original post is the right one.


        • Catherine Luther June 5, 2019

          Hi Stuart,

          If the bag was advertised at $0 then I agree, this should have been honored. You could file a complaint with the Department of Transport, but if you haven’t already, then it would be a good idea to first contact AA as the marketing carrier to give them the chance to rectify the situation.


          • I now have replies from both AA and Alaska which basically tell me that there is no more agreement between the two carriers. Yet, they continue to sell flights on each other using their own flight numbers, lol.

            Yes, I have also contacted DOT and have yet to receive a response. More than the $30.00 (whatever) I am really upset over the cumulative of thousands of people like me each year that get lured in to this bait and switch.

  6. Brittany Rasmussen June 3, 2019

    Hello, if I book through Costco Travel and use my alaska card will I still be eligible for free checked bags for me and my companion?


    • Catherine Luther June 4, 2019

      Hi Brittany,

      For the conditions of the first bag free benefit, Alaska states “If you are the eligible primary Alaska Airlines Visa® cardholder on the account, have entered your Mileage Plan™ number into your reservation, and are traveling on Alaska Airlines, we will waive the first checked bag fee for you and up to 6 other guests on the same reservation.” This does not reference that you are required to book directly with Alaska, but you would need to be able to access your reservation to input your Mileage Plan number or have the option to submit this when booking with a third party.


  7. I am a military dependent, is my bag that I will check in free of charge and can it weigh more than the 59 pounds but does not exceed 70 and still be no cost?


    • Catherine Luther June 9, 2019

      Hi Evelyn,

      As a military dependent, you are permitted up to 5 checked bags free of charge providing you are on a travel order with valid military ID. Each piece must not exceed 50lbs and 62 linear inches.


  8. So I just checked into a flight and they tried to charge me $54.80 for some reason for a checked bag. I had reviewed the baggage policy and believed it should be $30.00. Has anyone else experienced this?


    • Catherine Luther June 26, 2019

      Hi Melissa,

      We haven’t heard of any other readers reporting this. Possibly a training error? What did the check-in assistant say when you challenged the fee?


  9. Melissa OMahony July 23, 2019

    Hi there,
    Not sure if I’m in the right place. I was wondering if I could gate check a child’s scooter? Probably a silly question, but had to ask! Thanks!


    • Hi Melissa,

      Keep in mind that we aren’t Alaska Airlines, so we can’t give you a straight answer. Our best advice is to measure your child’s scooter and cross-check with Alaska Airlines’ baggage policy. You can call Alaska Airlines directly as well. Thanks for reading.


  10. Hi, I would like to know if there are checked baggage fees for 1st bag if I am using Alaska miles to book a ticket for myself and spouse. No Alaska Visa card number entered in reservation above.

    If the answer is yes to the above question, can you advise if I can book the above award tickets and 3 non award tickets on the same reservation and attach Alaska visa credit number to the reservation so that all bags fly free for all 5 passengers. Is that possible to do so?

    Please advise. Thank you.


    • Catherine Luther August 10, 2019

      Hi Mak,

      The first part of your question would depend on your Mileage Plan status as passengers do not receive a free checked bag for booking with miles. However, as an eligible Alaska Airlines credit card holder, you and up to 6 guests on the reservation would receive the first checked bag for free. This should still be possible with a combined miles and cash booking but as we’re not Alaska Airlines, we can’t confirm this 100% for you so it’s recommended that you give the airline a call directly.


  11. Samantha mclachlan August 10, 2019

    Hi, I’m flying from the U.K. to Vegas with Virgin who offers 2 checked bags for free. I separately booked a trip to San Francisco rto Vegas with Alaska. Do you charge for my bags even though on return I’m going back to the UK with Virgin the same day as my return flight? Thanks


    • Hi Samantha,

      Please keep in mind that we are not, and have no affiliation with, Alaska Airlines but I am happy to assist. Is your ticket with Alaska booked in economy? If so, you will need to pay $30 for your first checked bag and $40 for your second.

      Thanks for reading!


  12. My wife and I are both Alaska Air cardholders on the same account.
    I booked a flight for her alone, using my miles reward points, and paid taxes/fees using the Alaska credit card.
    Is she required to pay $30 for her first bag checked in?


  13. Can i pay cash for my checked bags at any Alaska counter?


    • Catherine Luther November 1, 2019

      Hi Angeles,

      According to this information on Alaska’s website, cash is accepted at all ticket counters except Charleston. However, this does not specifically reference bag payments, so if you don’t have a credit card handy for payment and want to be 100% certain, then you’ll need to call the airline.


  14. rhodora gumboc November 23, 2019

    I booked a flight from San Antonio to Cebu City Philippines through Cheapoair. Are my 2 luggages of 50lbs each be free from San Antonio to Seattle then to Taiwan then Cebu? They booked me From San Antonio to Seattle with Alaska Airline, Seattle to Taiwan and Taiwan to the Philippines.


  15. Derrell Schooley November 27, 2019

    I have booked a flight in economy class from Kansas City to Seattle (Alaska Airlines), Seattle to Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific), Hong Kong to Cebu PH (Cathay Pacific). Will Alaska Airlines charge the $30 per person checked bag fee in this circumstance?


  16. Hi, I am a first time flyer and I have a couple of questions. Are both my carry-on and my personal bag allowed to have wheels? Also does my personal item have a restricted size? Is my carry-on supposed to be what goes under the seat in front of me, or is that my personal? Thank you for reading.


    • Catherine Luther December 18, 2019

      Hi Stacy,

      Your personal item and standard carry-on bags can both have wheels if you choose. Generally an airline expects your personal item to be stored under the seat in front of you and the standard carry-on in the overhead compartments. Alaska Airlines does not disclose size restrictions for the carry-on item but this would be the size of an item such as a handbag or laptop bag.


  17. Hi,
    does a C-PAP count as a carry-on?


  18. Me and my bf will go to Anchorage and Fairbanks next month, just wondering if no charges for first and second checked bag to fly within state of Alaska(Alaska airline)?
    Thank you!


    • Hi Jennifer,
      If your flight is within the state of Alaska then yes, your first and second checked bags will be free. If you’re leaving from or landing in a different state, the regular charges will apply.


  19. I have an Alaska Mileage Plan World Elite MasterCard. This is the Canadian version of Bank of America Visa. I want to be sure that we will get a free checked bag (for each of us travelling). Please let me know that I have this correct.


    • Catherine Luther February 11, 2020

      Hi Jeff,

      Alaksa Airlines states that Alaska Airlines World Elite® Mastercard® cardholders and up to 6 passengers traveling in the same reservation receive a free checked bag. You can view this information on their baggage fee exceptions page.


  20. Hello, do you know what is the weight permitted for carry on luggage?
    Thank you.


    • Catherine Luther February 25, 2020

      Hi Martin,

      Alaska does not have a weight allowance for carry-on luggage, but you must be able to lift the bag into the overhead compartment unassisted.


  21. I have AAdvantage Platinum status.
    Will I be able to check a bag for a domestic flight on Alaska Airlines without paying the $30 fee?
    Does Alaska recognize the status of American Airlines passengers for baggage fee waivers?
    Thanks for your information.


    • Catherine Luther March 3, 2020

      Hi Jack,

      We’re pretty sure Alaska doesn’t waiver baggage fees for AAdvantage members but we advise you give the airline a call to check.


  22. I have a 3rd bag that weighs slightly below 60 lbs. Do I get charged $100 for the 3rd luggage plus $100 for overweight? Or does the policy that max $100 per bag apply here?



    • Hi Rob,

      The max $100 charge is only for bags that are both overweight and oversized but still within the number of bags allowed. Since your bag both and extra bag and overweight the fee should be $200 total.

      Thanks for reading!


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