The 45 Best Disney Halloween Products [Costumes, Decorations, Toys]

Disney Trick or Treat

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When it comes to travel, this year has taken a lot from many of us. For the fellow Disney lovers out there, the cancellation of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was just another event to add to the list.

If you are planning on traveling to Walt Disney World this year, you will be happy to know that the park will be decorated with a fall theme and guests will be able to wear costumes throughout the park.

But, if you are staying closer to home this year, there are plenty of ways to bring some of that Halloween Disney magic into your own home. With everything from a Mickey jack-o’-lantern decoration to an official Mulan costume, we found the best Disney Halloween products for you and your family to celebrate the season.

The Best Disney Halloween Products

Disney has mastered the art of branding and merchandising. Whether you are at the parks, in a Disney Store, or thousands of miles away at home, the company does an incredible job at creating that special “magic” and can make an adult feel like a kid again. That magic doesn’t stop when the holidays come around, that just means there are special editions of your favorite goodies!

If you are looking for anything related to your favorite Disney princess, character, or movie, you can be sure there is something on for you — and in this case, with a Halloween theme!

Hot Tip: Experience the fun and magic of a Disney park experience from the comfort of home — no FastPass+ required! Check out our guide to the best virtual Disney rides and attractions, including The Haunted Mansion!

We have scoured through the entire online store, showing incredible restraint by not buying EVERYTHING, and picked out some of the best Halloween decorations, costumes, toys, and more that Disney has to offer.

Let’s see what Mickey has in store!

Adult Disney Halloween Costumes

The Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland Costume Collection for Adults
Image Credit: Disney

Queen of Hearts Deluxe Costume for Adults by Disguise – Alice in Wonderland

Halloween has never looked so good with this dress showing off the stunning Wonderland style.

The costume comes with a dress and headband. The dress features a velour bodice, sheer sleeves, and fleece along the skirt border, and the headband features a mini golden-metallic crown.

A Roaring Good Time

Rex Inflatable Costume for Adults by Disguise Toy Story
Image Credit: Disney

Rex Inflatable Costume for Adults by Disguise – Toy Story

Any Disney or Pixar fan will instantly recognize this costume. Rex from “Toy Story” is a beloved character and this inflatable jumpsuit will be the favorite at your next Halloween party.

The inflatable dinosaur jumpsuit comes with a pair of gloves and a battery-operated fan to keep the suit inflated.

Under the Sea

Ariel Deluxe Costume for Adults by Disguise
Image Credit: Disney

Ariel Deluxe Costume for Adults by Disguise

If you grew up watching “The Little Mermaid” on VHS, you will surely love this Ariel Deluxe Costume dress.

The fitted cut with flaring organza panels shimmers with glitter as you head out on Halloween night.

The Perfect Costume

Prince Charming Prestige Costume for Adults by Disguise Cinderella
Image Credit: Disney

Prince Charming Prestige Costume for Adults by Disguise – Cinderella

If you are looking for Cinderella, you will happy to know that we found exactly what you need — a Prince Charming costume.

Complete with pants, jacket, and a belt, this outfit is everything you need for a classy Halloween.

A Nightmarish Couple

The Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Collection for Adults
Image Credit: Disney

The Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Collection for Adults

“Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” has some iconic design work, so these costumes are going to look stylish for Halloweens to come.

A Jack Skellington dress for her and a glow-in-the-dark suit jacket for him will have you frightfully fashionable this October.

Kids Disney Halloween Costumes

The Rootinest Tootinest Costume in Town

Woody Costume for Kids from Toy Story
Image Credit: Disney

Woody Costume for Kids – Toy Story

Your child can play everyone’s favorite sheriff with this awesome Woody costume.

The costume includes pants, a vest with a sheriff badge, a bandana, and boot covers (hat and belt are not included).

This fun getup will have your little Disney fan looking like the toughest, rootin’-tootin’ sheriff in the neighborhood this Halloween.

Transform Your Wheelchair

Cinderellas Coach Wheelchair Cover Set by Disguise
Image Credit: Disney

Cinderella’s Coach Wheelchair Cover Set by Disguise

Every child deserves to show off their Halloween look, so we are big fans of the adaptive costumes that Disney has created.

Plastic piping, self-stick fabric, wheel covers, and 2 carriage pieces will have your little one feeling like royalty in no time. This set should fit most standard (not battery powered) wheelchairs with 24-inch wheels.

If Cinderella isn’t your style, there is also a version from “Incredibles 2.”

A Buzz Costume for Everyone

Buzz Lightyear Adaptive Costume for Kids
Image Credit: Disney

Buzz Lightyear Adaptive Costume for Kids

Now all kids can take flight to infinity and beyond in their attempt to defeat Emperor Zurg.

This adaptive Buzz Lightyear costume has a flap in the front for easy tube access and is open at the rear so it is easy to use in a wheelchair. The longer length inseams also make it more comfortable for our superheroes who need to stay seated.

The one-piece bodysuit also comes with gloves and a head covering to complete the look.

You can find more adaptive Disney costumes here.

Wakanda Forever

Black Panther Light Up Costume for Kids
Image Credit: Disney

Black Panther Light-Up Costume for Kids

Your little king can prowl the Kingdom of Wakanda in this authentic Black Panther costume.

Ready for action with collar spikes and a light-up chest, the bodysuit has a padded chest, shoulders, and arms, and also comes with a face mask.

The breathable mouth screen ensures that your little one can yell “trick-or-treat” all night long!

Bring Honor to Your Halloween Costume

Mulan Costume For Kids
Image Credit: Disney

Mulan Costume for Kids

One of the biggest (online) film releases of 2020 can now be your Halloween costume.

This Mulan dress is beautifully detailed in satin with a sash, foil detailing, and golden trims accented with a bejeweled butterfly brooch.

Whether you decide to use this for Halloween or just your next big princess dress-up party, the beauty and detail will be hard to miss.

A Whole New World of Costume Design

Jasmine Costume for Kids from Aladdin
Image Credit: Disney

Jasmine Costume for Kids – Aladdin

Your little princess will experience a whole new world of costume design with this gorgeous sparkling outfit from the movie “Aladdin.”

Dress up like Jasmine in this 2-piece costume covered in sequins and glitter. The gold trim will have your little one feeling like royalty and they will be sure to be showered with treasure, like Halloween candy, all night.

Your Next Costume Is Just Around the Riverbend

Pocahontas Costume for Kids
Image Credit: Disney

Pocahontas Costume for Kids

Blaze a trail of adventure and discovery in this authentic Pocahontas costume this Halloween.

The simulated suede is imprinted with a foil leaf pattern that will shimmer all the colors of the wind as your little one does their trick-or-treating.

From the Bayou to the Ball

Tiana Costume for Kids The Princess and the Frog
Image Credit: Disney

Tiana Costume for Kids – The Princess and the Frog

Tiana is known for working hard to reach her dream, but it will be effortless for your little one to look like a princess in this authentic dress from “The Princess and the Frog.”

The stunning costume is covered in mesh petals that shimmer with metallic flecks and is adorned with a golden lotus brooch. The sequin trim “lends a kiss of enchantment” to the frog-inspired costume.

The Cutest Vampire in Town

Vampirina Costume for Kids
Image Credit: Disney

Vampirina Costume for Kids

Most vampires are scary, but not this one! Vampirina is the cutest, smartest, and kindest vampire around — and your little one can dress just like her!

The outfit comes with a dress, a singing skull brooch, a headband, and gloves. The skull plays the “Vampirina” theme song at the push of a button, so your trick-or-treater will feel like the star of the show all Halloween.

Baby Disney Halloween Costumes

The Cute Is Strong With This One

The Child Costume Bodysuit for Baby Yoda Star Wars The Mandalorian
Image Credit: Disney

The Child Costume Bodysuit for Baby – Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda stole the show when “The Mandalorian” debuted on Disney+ earlier this year, so you can guarantee your baby will do the same this Halloween with this costume of The Child.

This soft cotton bodysuit has a furry fleece trim that will keep your little one comfortable and it comes with a Baby Yoda beanie to keep their head warm. The single row of inseam snaps will make sure that diaper changes are easy so you won’t need to force anything — no extra charge for the jokes.

The Return of the Cuddles

Ewok Costume for Baby from Star Wars
Image Credit: Disney

Ewok Costume for Baby – Star Wars

Ewoks have long been some of the cuddliest characters from the original “Star Wars” saga, and now you can create your own version this Halloween.

This full, furry costume comes with a cowl with ears so your little one will quickly become the cutest trick-or-treater in the galaxy.

Your Mini Mouseketeer Is Ready

Mickey Mouse Costume for Baby
Image Credit: Disney

Mickey Mouse Costume for Baby

You can’t go wrong with a classic Mickey Mouse costume!

This authentic costume is made with the softest padded plush and comes with a Mickey head hood, corduroy shorts, a little mouse tail, and the iconic Mickey mitten! Just note that tights and shoes are not included with the outfit.

If the costume itself didn’t bring a smile to your face, just squeeze the nose on Mickey’s hood for a cute little squeak!

Just Can’t Wait To Be King

Simba Costume Romper for Baby from The Lion King
Image Credit: Disney

Simba Costume Romper for Baby

Can you feel the love for this adorable Simba costume romper? Your future king will be a comfortable little cub in this velour bodysuit and cozy beanie.

Inspired by “The Lion King,” your baby can dress up like Simba and crawl around your kingdom as your beam with pride this Halloween.

The Belle of the Ball

Belle Costume for Baby from Beauty and the Beast
Image Credit: Disney

Belle Costume for Baby – Beauty and the Beast

Your baby will instantly become the Belle of the ball in this stunning dress from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Whether you want to use it for Halloween or a wedding, this satin dress will steal the show thanks to its tulle underskirt, golden filigree, organza peplum and sleeve, and glittering cameo brooch.

The stretch back and bodysuit help make this costume easy to put on and take off while also keeping it as comfortable as possible for your little princess.

Family Disney Halloween Costumes

Show Off Your Incredible Family

Incredibles Family Costume
Image Credit: Disney

Incredibles Family Costume Collection

Your superfamily deserves to show off a little with this Incredibles Family Costume Collection.

You can create the whole team, including Violet, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Jack-Jack, Dash, and Edna. And if anyone on your team uses a wheelchair, they can provide transportation in their own Incredibmobile!

This costume collection is sure to bring smiles to all the heroes in your house.

The Perfect Costume for a Large Family

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Family Costume Collection
Image Credit: Disney

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Family Costume

A classic film has the perfect group costume for large families. Costumes inspired by “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” can accommodate almost everyone in your family — just order the dwarf costumes as necessary!

With Snow White costume options for everyone from a baby to adult and plenty of accessories to complete the look, your family will be Disney stars this Halloween.

Take Your Family to Never Land

Peter Pan Family Costume Collection
Image Credit: Disney

Peter Pan Family Costume Collection

Share your Halloween candy or your kid (dressed as the cutest pirate ever) may make you walk the plank this year.

Dress up the family in this Disney classic with costumes of Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and Tinker Bell for all ages — even your dog!

With plenty of accessories and outfits for a group, you will be sure to have fun while trick-or-treating.

The Royal Family of Arendelle

Frozen Family Costume Collection
Image Credit: Disney

Frozen Family Costume Collection

The Queen and Princess of Arendelle are ready to step out of their castle to do some trick-or-treating this Halloween.

Your little princess can dress up as Anna and you can get the Elsa costume, or switch, as there are options for both kids and adults. Complete the look with boots and a wig, and if you have a dog, be sure to grab an Olaf pet costume!

Little fans of “Frozen 2” can even dress up as Bruni, the fiery little salamander who scurries through the forest.

Dog Disney Halloween Costumes

Experiment 626

Stitch Costume for Pets
Image Credit: Disney

Stitch Costume for Pets

In the movie “Lilo & Stitch,” Stitch was an alien mistaken for a dog. This Halloween, your dog (or cat) can be mistaken for an alien with this fun Stitch costume.

The lightweight fabric is easy to put on and has self-stick fastening to make removal fast, in case your furry friend isn’t a fan.

The cute Stitch face features 3D teeth, a raised nose, and 3D ears.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Olaf Pet Costume by Rubies Frozen
Image Credit: Disney

Olaf Pet Costume by Rubie’s – Frozen

“Do you want to build a snowdog?” might be a more appropriate question with this adorable Olaf costume.

Now your best friend can dress up as everyone’s favorite character from the “Frozen” films. The costume comes with a step-in suit with attached arms and a headpiece with 3D twigs, a carrot nose, and a self-stick fabric closure.

Mistress of All Cuteness

Maleficent Costume for Pets by Rubies
Image Credit: Disney

Maleficent Costume for Pets by Rubie’s

Your pet will be getting lots of extra treats in this costume.

Maleficent is known as the mistress of all evil, but your furry friend will probably just stick to being cute in this black satin robe.

If your dog will leave it on, the outfit comes with the iconic horned headpiece.

Disney Home Decorations for Halloween

Your New Favorite Jack-O’-Lantern

Mickey Mouse Halloween Candy Bowl
Image Credit: Disney

Mickey Mouse Halloween Candy Bowl

Trick-or-treating at home just got a magical upgrade with this Mickey Mouse-themed ceramic jack-o’-lantern.

Reach into the jaws and hope to come out with something sweet from this pumpkin with the iconic Mickey ears.

Cute and Clean

Minnie Mouse Halloween Kitchen Towel Set
Image Credit: Disney

Minnie Mouse Halloween Kitchen Towel Set

If you are looking for something easy and functional to add a little Halloween charm to your home, these fun Minnie Mouse kitchen towels might do the trick.

This set of 2 dish towels features waffle-weave and embroidered Minnie Witch appliqué. The retro style is sure to bring smiles to anyone who uses them.

Candy Countdown

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown Calendar
Image Credit: Disney

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown Calendar

The countdown is officially on.

This sparkling candy corn castle featuring Mickey and Minnie will help your family keep track of how many more sleeps until it is Halloween.

The 4 numbered blocks can be rearranged daily on this fun holiday centerpiece.

Bewitch Your Décor

Sanderson Sisters Q Fig Max by QMx Hocus Pocus
Image Credit: Disney

Hocus Pocus Figurine

The Sanderson Sisters are back — on their vacuum — ready to bring some laughs to your Halloween décor.

This collectible figurine features Sarah, Winifred, and Mary Sanderson atop a flying vacuum cleaner. If you are fans of the film, you won’t want to miss out on this piece.

Disney Toys for Halloween

Un Poco Loco

Miguel from Coco Action Figure Pixar Halloween Dia De Los Muertos
Image Credit: Disney

Miguel Action Figure – Pixar Toybox

We couldn’t talk about Disney and Halloween without featuring Miguel from “Coco” that was based on Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Fans of the film will love to have this figurine in their house and will likely start singing the soundtrack when they see Miguel’s iconic guitar. This is a fully articulated action figure and is only 6 inches tall, so it can go anywhere.

Bubble the Fun

Mickey Mouse Halloween Light Up Bubble Wand
Image Credit: Disney

Mickey Mouse Halloween Light-Up Bubble Wand

An instant favorite for the kids, this toy has it all. It has a Mickey Mouse design with a Halloween theme and it lights up and blows bubbles — it’s perfect!

This cute Mickey jack-o’-lantern bubble wand has an automated blower so your little ones don’t need to worry about trying to blow bubbles all night. It is sure to be a hit from Halloween and beyond.

Life Is Scary

The Game of Life The Haunted Mansion Disney Theme Park Edition
Image Credit: Disney

The Game of Life Haunted Mansion Disney Theme Park Edition

One of the most iconic board games has taken on one of the most iconic attractions at Disney with The Game of Life Haunted Mansion Disney Theme Park Edition.

Your favorite board game has some very spooky upgrades that Disney fans will love. With glow-in-the-dark elements and fun features throughout, your trip through Life will be a little different from the original version!

Time to Defend Justice

Captain America Shield Marvels Avengers Infinity War
Image Credit: Disney

Captain America Shield – Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

This star-spangled shield is sure to call attention this Halloween. With impact-activated lights and over 15 sound effects, trick-or-treaters will be in awe of Captain America’s shield.

At only 13 inches in diameter, this fun accessory can be used by kids 3 and up.

Worthy of Thor’s Hammer

Thor Sound Effects Hammer
Image Credit: Disney

Thor Sound Effects Hammer

One of the most famous Marvel accessories can be yours. The Thor Hammer is loaded with sounds and vibrations to bring the feel of the film to life.

With 10 phrases built-in, this is the perfect addition to a Thor costume.

Disney Accessories for Halloween

Disney Face Masks for Halloween and Beyond

PIXAR Monsters Inc Cloth Face Mask Mike Wazowski
Image Credit: Disney

Cloth Face Masks Sets

Masks used to be a Halloween-exclusive item, but lately thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) they have become a part of our daily outfits. For Disney fans, there is no shortage of character-inspired face masks to help bring some magic into our socially-distanced lives.

Whether you are looking for a classic Mickey and Minnie pattern, Baby Yoda from “The Mandalorian,” or something from Pixar or Marvel, you can be sure to find it on the Disney website.

Mickey and Minnie Ears for the Whole Family

Minnie Mouse Halloween Witch Sequined Ear Headband
Image Credit: Disney

Minnie Mouse Halloween Witch Sequined Ear Headband

One of the most classic Disney accessories is the famous mouse ears. Perfect for boys or girls, Mickey and Minnie each have their own line of specialty ears.

This Halloween version is inspired by candy corn and covered in glittery foam to help bring some sparkle to your spooky celebration, but there are literally hundreds of other options.

You are sure to find something for everyone in your family here.

Light up Your Look with a Necklace

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Light Up Necklace
Image Credit: Disney

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Light-Up Necklace

Sometimes you just need something easy and fun to complete your Halloween outfit. What could be more perfect than a light-up pumpkin in the shape of Mickey’s face?

This fun necklace has Mickey Mouse featured as a jack-o’-lantern alongside some delicious looking Halloween candy. Just flip the switch and it lights up to create a festive glow.

Trick-or-Treat in Style

Mickey Mouse Light Up Halloween Candy Bag
Image Credit: Disney

Mickey Mouse Light-Up Halloween Candy Bag

Whether you plan on trick-or-treating or not this year, this fun candy bag is sure to earn some smiles from everyone who sees it.

The perfect addition to any costume, or even to just spook up your next grocery shopping trip, this reusable bag features a classic old school Mickey design and even has LED lights around the jack-o’-lantern to call some extra attention.

Made of felt with convenient top handles, you may find yourself using this bag year-round.

A Must-Have for Haunted Mansion Fans

Hatbox Ghost Satchel by Loungefly – The Haunted Mansion
Image Credit: Disney

Hatbox Ghost Satchel by Loungefly – The Haunted Mansion

If you are a fan of The Haunted Mansion and want to step up your candy collecting game, look no further than this Hatbox Ghost Satchel made by the good people at Loungefly.

Loungefly is responsible for some of our favorite Disney creations with everything from Funko Pops to cosplay outfits, and they have created something really fun with this satchel. The zip-around top makes it easy to use and the holographic Hatbox Ghost will be sure to spook passersby.

Haunted Travels Into the Next World

The Haunted Mansion Glow in the Dark Luggage Tag
Image Credit: Disney

Haunted Mansion Luggage Tag

Halloween, Disney, and travel all in one? Now you have our attention!

This glow-in-the-dark luggage tag is a fun way to bring some spooky magic on your next trip. The simulated leather features an embossed The Haunted Mansion logo with a lamp that glows green in the dark.

On the back, you can remove the “Foolish Mortal” I.D. card and add your own… if you dare!

Star Wars Fans, Take Your Place in the First Order

Stormtrooper Voice Changing Mask from Star Wars
Image Credit: Disney

Stormtrooper Voice Changing Mask – Star Wars

An instant classic that can be used as part of a costume or even as a centerpiece as a really cool decoration, this stormtrooper mask is not only visually stunning but it also features a voice changer.

The mask includes 5pre-recorded stormtrooper phrases, but with the flick of a switch you can talk and the voice-changing mechanism will be activated and anything you say will sound like a stormtrooper — very cool!

Power Direct From Stark Labs

Iron Man Repulsor Gloves Marvels Avengers Infinity War
Image Credit: Disney

Iron Man Repulsor Gloves – Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

These gloves are the perfect addition to your Iron Man costume or just a fun toy that will bring smiles and excitement year-round.

The Repulsor Gloves from the Marvel film “Avengers: Infinity War” come with 6 projectiles and a press of a button will activate lights and sounds. The articulating wrists move to activate the repulsor on the palm, just like Tony Stark in the movie.

A Wickedly Cute Minnie Hat

Minnie Mouse Witch Hat for Kids
Image Credit: Disney

Minnie Mouse Witch Hat for Kids

If you were planning on dressing up as a witch this year, or just need something quick and easy to get into the spirit, look no further than this fun Minnie Mouse Witch Hat.

The classic pointed satin hat with Minnie’s trademark sparkling ears poking out of the side makes this an instantly-recognizable and beloved Halloween add-on.

Tempted by This Rose Gold Apple

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Apple Necklace by CRISLU
Image Credit: Disney

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Apple Necklace by CRISLU

If getting all dressed up for Halloween isn’t your thing, or if you just prefer something a little more subtle to add some Disney magic into your outfit, you may be tempted by this Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Apple Necklace by CRISLU.

The spellbinding fruit is crafted in sterling silver and encrusted with red cubic zirconia with stunning rose gold detailing to create a charm necklace like no other. Finished in black rhodium, the Disney Parks Jewelry Collection comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can plan on using this pendant for years to come.

Final Thoughts

No matter your plans this Halloween, we’ve got you covered with the best Disney Halloween products available.

If you are staying home, there are enough Mickey and Minnie decorations to make your house look like The Haunted Mansion from Walt Disney World in Orlando. If you are headed out to do some socially-distanced trick-or-treating, the selection of costumes for everyone in the family, including pets, is nothing short of impressive.

Or, if you are like us and just need some extra Disney magic in your life right now, there is a Mickey Mouse jack-o’-lantern just a click away.

Happy Halloween!

Frequently asked questions

Are there Disney Halloween costumes for couples?

Yes, couples have some great options for Disney costumes this Halloween! From the classic Cinderella and Prince Charming to cosplay from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas,” you and your significant other will have fun choosing between all of the options.

What Disney costume options are there for families?

Families big and small will be happy to know that there are plenty of Disney Halloween costumes available. With everything from Frozen to The Incredibles, there is sure to be something for everyone in the family.

Is there a Baby Yoda costume?

Yes, The Child has an official costume from Disney and will likely be a quite popular option this year. The cute “Baby Yoda” costume is a great option for parents with a cute baby of their own who want to do some Star Wars DisneyBounding.

What is it called when adults dress like Disney characters?

Costumes may not be worn at Disney parks by guests over the age of 13. Though adult costumes may be banned, fans have taken to wearing everyday fashion inspired by their favorite Disney characters, known as DisneyBounding.

Outside of the parks, adults may dress in any costume they like, and our article features plenty of options to sport your favorite characters.

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