How To Earn 100k+ Chase Ultimate Rewards Points [in 90 Days]

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

If you use Chase travel rewards credit cards on a regular basis, you can soon be on your way to earning loads of reward points in the Chase Ultimate Rewards loyalty program.

Once you complete the simple sign-up process, you will automatically earn rewards every time you use your Chase credit cards to make a purchase. Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be redeemed for travel, shopping, and even cash-back!

Why Would You Want to Earn 100k Chase Points?

Earning 100,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points is very possible, and we’re going to show you the simple steps to do it. But why would you want that many to begin with?

Maybe you want to fund a trip by using points to book your airfare, hotel, and car rental. Perhaps you’d like to make a big purchase, and a gift card would come in handy.

No matter your dream, you’re sure to find a way to make it come true when you have tons of Ultimate Rewards points. So, let’s check out how you can earn 100,000 of them in 90 days!

Chase Ultimate Rewards hotel redemption
With 100k+ Chase UR points, it’s possible to redeem a first-class vacation, including a stay at a luxury partner hotel.

1. Sign up for Chase Credit Cards

While Chase offers a wide variety of credit cards, just 6 of them participate in the Ultimate Rewards (UR) loyalty program. They are listed in the table below.

When you sign up for UR credit cards and reach the minimum spend in 3 months, you may earn 15,000-100,000 sign-up bonus points (depending on the card). If you qualify, the reward points should arrive in your account within 6 to 8 weeks.

Each card also earns between 1.5x to 5x bonus points per $1 spent when you make purchases in certain categories!

Personal Chase Credit Cards

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

(Our #1 rewards card).
  • 50,000 bonus points.
  • That's $625 toward travel when you redeem through
    Chase Ultimate Rewards.
  • 2X points on travel and dining at restaurants worldwide.
  • $0 Foreign Transaction Fees.
  • Annual Fee: $0 the first year, then $95
  • Our Review
Chase Sapphire Reserve℠ Card
  • 50,000 bonus points
  • 3X points on travel and dining at restaurants worldwide
  • Annual Fee: $450
  • Our Review
Chase Freedom®
  • Earn 5% cash back in bonus categories
  • No annual fee
  • Our Review
Chase Freedom Unlimited℠

Business Chase Credit Cards

Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card
  • Earn 3 points per $1 in select categories
  • Annual Fee: $95
  • Our Review
Chase Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card
  • Earn 5% cash back in select business categories
  • No Annual Fee
  • Our Review

Though some cards come with an annual fee, the value of their sign-up bonus and other benefits usually outweighs this cost by far.

2. Book a Getaway

The travel credit card in your wallet can make a big difference in how fast you earn rewards for your vacations.

3 of the Chase rewards cards offer travel bonus categories: Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card (3x pts), Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card (2x pts), and Chase Sapphire Reserve℠ Card (3x pts).

The same bonuses also apply when you get a car through the Uber or Lyft apps, or book a stay with Airbnb!

That means taking just one $1,000 vacation in a year could earn you 2,000-3,000 bonus points (and also serve as spending toward earning your sign-up bonus!).

3. Go Shopping…and Get Points!

Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal
Shop online at the Ultimate Rewards Mall and earn up to 7x points for purchases from major retailers.

The Ultimate Rewards Mall is the perfect place for people who love to shop! With more than 240 stores offering up to 6x points, shoppers can rack up points in no time. 

Plus, using a Chase rewards credit card to pay means more points! Let’s see how it works with an example.

Perhaps you made a purchase from one of the partners offering 6x points in the UR shopping portal (Neiman Marcus, Rite Aid, or Sally Beauty just to name a few). By using one of your Chase UR credit cards, you’d also earn the standard points for any card purchase, for a total of 7 points per $1 spent!

Most cards only earn 1x points for general purchases, but if you use the Chase Freedom Unlimited you’ll earn 1.5% cash-back!

4. Refer a Friend and Receive Bonus Points

Did you know you can earn UR points just for referring friends to Chase rewards credit cards? In fact, you can earn up to a whopping 50,000 points per year this way: 5,000-10,000 for each referral.

You’ll need a referral link to do this. You can enter your Chase card(s) and get your link by going to 

Using Those 100k+ Chase Points

Once you get those 100k+ points, don’t just let them burn a hole in your pocket! You can find tons of suggestions for maximizing your points in our guide. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Design the perfect getaway: Using the Chase Travel Portal, you can transfer rewards to book an exciting vacation, like a first-class trip from LA to Tokyo for 75,000 British Airways Avios!

Transferring points to a frequent flyer program is the best way to get high value for your rewards.

Attend a Chase Exclusive Event: With the Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, or Chase Sapphire Reserve℠ Card you have access to exclusive redemptions like the opportunity to drive a Maserati or go on-field with the Arizona Diamondbacks!

Make a large purchase: Redeem for a big gift card to Target, Lowe’s, or another participating retailer and get enough credit to buy something you’ve always wanted – like new patio furniture or upgraded appliances.


We hope you’ve found that earning 100k+ UR points is easier than you thought! For further strategies, check out more ideas for racking up Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Think about what you could do with so many points and get started on your path to earning! You don’t have to stop with Chase…there are plenty of other loyalty programs out there you can use to earn rewards.

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Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card


What is the Chase Ultimate Rewards program?
Ultimate Rewards is Chase’s points program. Once enrolled, you earn points for every purchase you make with a Chase UR credit card.

Points can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, or cash-back.

Which cards earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points?
6 Chase credit cards earn Ultimate Rewards points:

What airlines partner with Chase Ultimate Rewards?
The Chase Ultimate Rewards program partners with the following airlines:

Korean Air SKYPASS

British Airways Executive Club

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

Air France/KLM Flying Blue

United Airlines MileagePlus

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

What are Chase Ultimate Rewards points worth?
Depending on which redemption you pick, Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be worth anywhere from $0.01-$0.07 per point.

The most valuable redemptions are those made through UR partners such as airline and hotel loyalty programs.

When do Chase Ultimate Rewards points post to your account?
Look for the Ultimate Rewards points you’ve earned to appear in your account at the end of the monthly billing cycle.

Do Chase Ultimate Rewards points ever expire?
No, one of the great things about Chase Ultimate Rewards is that if you keep your account open, they never expire!

Can I transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to my spouse?
Yes you can! Just add your spouse (or another household member) to your account as an authorized user. You can then transfer points from your Ultimate Rewards account.