Etihad Baggage Fees & Tips To Cover The Expenses

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Etihad has a very straightforward baggage policy in terms of included allowance.

The cost of additional pieces and overweight/oversized luggage is more complex, with a more in-depth table presented on their website.

Etihad Carry-On Allowance

1 personal item: FREE (5kg)
# of Standard carry-on items:

  • Economy: 1 bag up to 7kg FREE
  • Business, First Class, The Residence: 2 bags with a combined weight of 12kg FREE

Size Restrictions

  • Personal: 40cm x 30cm x 15cm
  • Standard: 50cm x 40cm  x 25 cm

Lap Infant Carry-On Policy

  • Allowed 1 bag, up to 5kg FREE

Stroller Check Policy

  • Etihad will place luggage tags on strollers at the check-in process. These strollers are permitted to be used within the airport, and will be checked in at the gate free of charge.
  • Strollers are also allowed to be checked at the ticket counter, as Etihad provides complimentary strollers that are available in the terminal.

Etihad Checked Baggage Allowance

General policy for weight allowance (excluding routes detailed in the table below)

  • Economy: 23kg (50lb)
  • Economy Saver and Classic: 30kg (66lb)
  • Economy Flex: 35kg (77lb)
  • Business Class: 40kg (88lb)
  • First Class: 50kg (110lb)
  • The Residence: 4 x 32 kg bags

All checked bags must adhere to max linear dimensions of:

  • To / from Canada and the US: 158cm (70cm x 50cm x 38cm)
  • To / from all other destinations: 207cm (90cm x 72cm x 45cm)

The following routes have specific baggage allowances, with an individual item not exceeding 32kg:

To/From US and Canada2 bags, up to 23kg ea.2 bags, up to 32kg ea.2 bags, up to 32kg ea.
Africa to/from Most Destinations (excl US/Canada)40kg40kg50kg
GCC, Lebanon & Jordan to/from Africa40kg40kg50kg
GCC to/from Bangladesh, Indonesia & Philippines40kg40kg50kg
From India to UK40kg50kg60kg
RouteEconomy Deals & Economy Saver and ClassicEconomy FlexBusiness
India, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong to/from Africa30kg35kg40kg50kg
Australia to Europe30kg35kg40kg50kg
Asia to/from Europe & GCC30kg35kg40kg50kg
Philippines, India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh to/from Europe30kg35kg40kg50kg
GCC to/from Indian Subcontinent (excluding Bangladesh)30kg35kg40kg50kg
To/from India and Europe (excluding UK)30kg35kg40kg50kg
From India & Pakistan to Australia30kg35kg40kg50kg
Italy to China30kg35kg40kg50kg
UK to India30kg35kg40kg50kg
RouteEconomy DealEconomy Saver & ClassicEconomy FlexBusiness ClassFirst Class
China to/from JapanHand luggage only30kg35kg40kg50kg
UAE to/from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Jordan and LebanonHand luggage only30kg35kg40kg50kg
Egypt to/from UAEHand luggage only40kg40kg40kg50kg

The same baggage allowance applies to your outbound and return flights unless two separate tickets have been booked.

Lap Infant Checked Bag Policy

  • To / from USA and Canada
    • 1 bag, up to 23kg
  • To / from all other destinations
    • 1 bag, up to 10kg

For baggage fees related to special luggage (sporting equipment, musical instruments, etc.) please refer to Etihad’s policy here.

Additional / Excess Baggage Fees

Etihad does not disclose excess baggage fees on their website anymore and encourage passengers to use their baggage calculator. We found the below fees by running some basic searches through the calculator.

Additional fees for hand baggage only fare (prices below are inclusive of the 20% discount when booking online up to 48 hours before departure:)

UAEBahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt$32$48$120$192$264
Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Jordan and LebanonUAE$32$48$120$192$264
China to / from Japan$32$48$120$192$264

Fees for U.S. and Canada (prices are inclusive of the 20% discount when booking online up to 48 hours before departure:)

From/ToTo/FromAdditional 1 x 23kg bag
Americas (U.S. or Canada)UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia$307
Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan$256
Indian Subcontinent$256

For other fare types and destinations, additional/excess luggage can be purchased in 5/10kg increments – price dependent on route/zone & amount of weight required.

Prices are inclusive of the 20% discount when booking online up to 48 hours before departure:

UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi ArabiaUAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia$37$55$138$221$304
Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt
Indian Subcontinent, Sudan$83$166$212$258$304$331$359
Japan and Korea
  • During booking, customers can purchase excess baggage on the website and secure a 20% discount on the excess baggage airport rates.
  • Customers can also call the Contact Centre or visit the local Etihad Airwars offices to secure a 10% discount on the airport rates.
  • Etihad Guest members can redeem miles for excess baggage here.
  • To Note:
    • Discounts are available up to 48 hours prior to flight departure.
    • All excess baggage payments (fully or partially used) are non-refundable.
    • Debit cards are not accepted via our Contact Centres.

Oversized baggage fees:

  • Flights within Middle East, between the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent, or flights between Beijing and Nagoya: $40
  • Other destination, including U.S. and Canada: $60

Can I Pre-pay for Baggage?

Etihad Airways does allow passengers the ability to pre-pay for luggage online or via the mobile app.

Here are the ways you can pre-pay:

Credit Cards That Reimburse You For Checked Bag Fees

If you expect to have overweight or oversized checked bags, you have a few card options that will reimburse you for the fees.

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card - This no annual fee card comes with a 20,000 mile welcome bonus (worth $200) once you spend $1,000 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening. When you use your card for travel purchases (e.g. baggage fees), use your miles to pay off all, or part of, your statement! This is why we like this card.
Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card - The "big brother" card to the VentureOne® with a larger 50,000 welcome bonus (worth $500) once you spend $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening.

Exclusions & Waivers

Journeys on “The Residence”:  Each guest is entitled to 4 pieces, up to 32kg each.

Etihad Guest members receive an additional 23kg bag or 32kg checked bag (dependent on fare/ class) at no extra cost.

Passengers may bring a set of golf clubs weighing up to 15kg in addition to standard baggage allowance free of charge.

To see more airline baggage fees and policies, click here.


What is the baggage allowance for Etihad?

Flying Economy with Etihad, passengers have a baggage allowance of 2 bags (23kg each) to/from US and Canada. Business and First Class passengers can bring 2 bags (32kg each). Other routes work on a weight concept with Economy allowed 23-35kg, Business 40kg and First Class 50kg (each piece must not exceed 32kg).

How many bags can I carry on Etihad?

All Etihad passengers are allowed to carry on a personal item (5kg) plus 1 standard carry-on piece for Economy (7kg) and 2 standard carry-on bags for Business and First (12kg combined total).

How much do Etihad charge for extra baggage?

Etihad’s extra baggage charges depend on your specific route. A 23kg extra bag for flights to/from Canada and the US ranges from $256 – $307. Other routes charge by 5/10kg units starting at $37. All prices here are based on purchasing extra baggage up to 48 hours before departure.

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  1. Estelita Antonino · April 26, 2019 · Reply

    How many pieces of luggage are allowed for 40 kg? Are 3 pieces allowed?

    • Hi Estelita, it depends on your route and whether Etihad considers it a piece or weight concept route. If you can elaborate we can try to help…

  2. Kathrin · April 26, 2019 · Reply

    How many pieces of luggage are allowed for 40kgs? Are 3 pieces allowed? Economy/Philippines

    • Hi Kathrin – this depends on the other airport in question which will determine your route; this will also determine whether you’re allowed 40kg in economy or not. Etihad reports your weight allowance may be split over multiple pieces of luggage but they do not state what the max number of bags can be. You can see more info here:

      Since we are not Etihad, the best way to get the most accurate information will be to inquire with them directly at their customer service line. I would provide this phone number for you but I’m not sure where you reside so don’t’ want to give you the wrong number.

    • Lauryn · July 25, 2019 · Reply

      Hi. I’m travelling to Australia. I’m in economy and have an allowance of 30kg. Does this mean I can take 2 bags that add up to 30? Or can it only be 1 checked in?

      • Catherine Luther · July 25, 2019 · Reply

        Hi Lauryn, yes you can take 2 checked bags as long as the combined weight does not exceed 30 kg and each bag must not be larger than 207cm (90cm x 72cm x 45cm).

  3. Going from korea to saudi how many kgs are allowed?

    • Hi Kim, this completely depends on which fare type you purchase…

      • Waheed · May 4, 2019 · Reply

        Can you tell me how many pieces of baggage will be allowed?
        My route will be from Abu Dhabi to Pakistan.
        Flight No. Ey5417
        Class. Economy

        • Hi Waheed, if you’ve purchased Economy (Deal, Saver, or Classic) you would be allowed 30kg of luggage. If you purchased Economy Flex, you would be allowed 35kg.

          You can find this information here under the “Journeys from GCC to Indian Subcontinent (excluding Bangladesh)” drop down menu.

          • Elufidipe Olalekan · November 12, 2019

            How many kgs of luggage are free for my trip from Nigeria to UAE in economy?

          • Hi Elufidipe,

            You should be able to check a 1 bag weighing up to 40 kgs, along with one carry-on bag up to 7 kgs.

      • How many kilos are allowed if I only check in one piece of luggage?

        • Catherine Luther · September 30, 2019 · Reply

          Hi Dhave,

          This depends on the route you’re traveling and the cabin/ticket type. If you can provide more information then we can try to assist with your query.

  4. Mani · May 4, 2019 · Reply

    Hello all,

    I am planning to travel to India(Hyderabad) from Germany(Frankfurt). I have seen that the allowed luggage will be 30kgs and 7kgs(cabin). My question is, if I bring my laptop bag is the weight also considered as my cabin weight or is it like 7kgs cabin+laptop bag.
    Many thanks in advance for your responses.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Mani, I’m not sure what fare class you’ve purchased but here’s what Etihad has to say:

      Economy: “1 x cabin bag with a maximum weight of 7kg and maximum dimensions of (50cm x 40cm x 25cm) including wheels and handles.
      1 x personal item which must fit under the seat in front of you, with a maximum weight of 5kg. For example, a handbag, a laptop bag or Duty Free purchase.”

      Biz/First: “2 x cabin bags with a maximum combined weight of 12kg and maximum dimensions per bag of (50cm x 40cm x 25cm) including wheels and handles.
      1 x personal item with a maximum weight of 5kg. For example, a handbag, a laptop bag or Duty Free purchase.”

      • Mani · May 5, 2019 · Reply

        Thank you so much, Erin. Here I am talking about Economy class and I got the answer from you (my laptop bag is not included in cab bag of 7kgs).

      • Hello There, am travelling from New Zealand To Rome. My question is I have purchased an economy class ticket which allows me of 30kg check in luggage and 7kg carry on Luggage.. so my question can I check in 2 separate bags 15kg x2 =30kg? Instead of one big 30kg bag?


        • Hi Ama,

          You should be able to bring two bags as long as the combined weight is under 30kg. Keep in mind that we are not Etihad through, so feel free to reach out to them directly to verify.

          Thanks for reading!

  5. ADAM · May 4, 2019 · Reply

    Hi, is a 60 x 47 x 41 box carton allowed? I have 40kg in baggage going to the Philippines.

    • Hi Adam, unfortunately, we could not find any information about checking in a “Box Carton” on Etihad’s website no matter how hard we looked. Since we are not Etihad Airways, we suggest you call their reservations/customer service line and inquire with them directly for the most accurate information. Sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance!

  6. Divya · May 8, 2019 · Reply

    Hai, I am travelling with my 20-month-old baby from Chennai to Amsterdam in Economic class. Will they provide food for my baby?

    • Hi Divya, this is a question better suited for Etihad’s customer service as this is simply an article on baggage fees. As we are not Etihad, we cannot confirm with 100% accuracy so we suggest you call them and inquire directly with the airline… sorry to not be of more assistance!

    • Hey, I’m traveling from Australia to India in economy how many bags can i check in and what is the maximum luggage allowance?

      • Hi Krupa,

        You should be able to bring 1 personal item, 1 carry-on item, and 1 checked bag that should not exceed 30kgs.

        Thanks for reading!

  7. prili · May 14, 2019 · Reply

    I am planning to travel to India from Toronto, Canada. What about 65 inch TV fees? If I am carrying it with me, any extra charges or duty?

    Thank You

    • Christine Krzyszton · May 14, 2019 · Reply

      Hello Prili. I think you will find that the maximum size and weight limits will be an issue for a 65 inch TV. Even if you were to meet those with another TV, you will find the import duties for bringing a TV into India quite high. The Indian government charges a duty of 36% of the assessed value. This is not how much you paid for the TV necessarily but what the custom’s agent determines is the value based on the price in India, which can be much higher. Hope this helps.

  8. Aruna · May 15, 2019 · Reply

    I am travelling from London to India, would like to know the baggage weight for economy class and how many bags.


    • Hi Aruna, as you can see in the table above, this depends on which fare type you have purchased (there are multiple Economy fares). Economy Deal, Saver and Classic would allow 30kg, Economy Flex would allow 35kg. This is for UK to India only.

      If you have a return route and you purchased after Jan 10, 2019 (again, as shown in the table above) you are allowed 40kg. If you purchased the fare before Jan 10, 2019, the fees apply as previously stated.

  9. Traveling from India to the US in Economy. Are bags of the following size permitted?
    1. 76.5 x 38 x 38
    2. 75 x 30 x 51
    The total dimensions (152.5,156) are less than the 158 mentioned but are there restrictions on individual dimensions?

    • Hi Yash, as you can see above, we list the max linear dimensions for flights to/from Canada & the US: 158cm (70cm x 50cm x 38cm). The numbers in the parentheses should be the max dimensions for each measurement.

      Technically, Etihad’s “oversized baggage policy” would apply to any bags that exceed these limits, which they report is an added fee of $60 per oversized bag, per flight.

      • Basil alias · July 7, 2019 · Reply

        It the maximum allovable baggage sixe (70*50*38) including wheels ?

        • Catherine Luther · July 7, 2019 · Reply

          Hi Basil,

          Etihad doesn’t state on their website whether the checked size dimensions includes wheels so you could argue your case at the airport if challenged. Especially as they do state that the size restrictions include wheels on carry-on luggage.

  10. Siddikpawar · June 7, 2019 · Reply

    How many pieces of luggage are allowed for 30kgs? Are 2 pieces allowed?
    Jeddah to Ahmedabad.

    • Hi Siddikpawar, Etihad simply states on their website: “Your baggage allowance can be split over multiple items”… they don’t distinguish how many this is. But you can rest assured with this statement that at least two will be allowed.

  11. Prabhu · June 8, 2019 · Reply


    I’m traveling from the UK to India. My baby is 2.5 years old, am I allowed to carry the stroller? Any age limitations to carry the stroller? Appreciate your inputs, please.


    • Catherine Luther · June 9, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Prabhu,

      Etihad permits passengers to use strollers up to the gate where it will be checked into the hold. On arrival at your destination your stroller will be available to collect at the baggage carousel.

  12. Stephanie Chesang · June 25, 2019 · Reply

    How much is the charge for excess 30kg luggage from Abu Dhabi to Nairobi in economy class?

    • Catherine Luther · June 25, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Stephanie,

      For that particular route the excess baggage charges are:

      5kg: $115
      10kg: $230
      15kg: $345
      20kg: $460
      25kg: $575
      30kg: $690

      These prices are inclusive of a 20% discount applicable when purchasing excess luggage online up to 48 hours before the flight. If you wait until the airport you will pay a higher rate.

  13. Hi, maybe someone can help me..i’m travelling tomorrow jeddah – abu dhabi – phillippines. Is it allowed to carry hand carry baggage for economy fair.. please.. hope you can answer. I have already 2 pcs 20kg and 1 pc 7kl, then a backpack..thank you

    • Catherine Luther · June 27, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Tet,

      As you are flying today, I hope you got in touch with the airline directly with your query (we are not Etihad Airways). In any case, Etihad allows passengers to carry 1 standard carry-on (7 kg) and 1 personal item (5 kg) so as long as your backpack does not exceed 40cm x 30cm x 15cm or 5 kg then this should be fine.

  14. Branka Petkovic · July 1, 2019 · Reply

    My ticket is showing 30kg for check in luggage, does it need to be one case or can I have 2 smaller cases with weight together less then 30kg?
    I am flying from Australia to Europe

    • Catherine Luther · July 1, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Branka, your 30 kg allowance can be split across multiple bags.

  15. Rose Marie Rayla Ebarat · July 10, 2019 · Reply

    Hi there! I want to ask if 2 boxes at 20 each are allowed for 40kg?

  16. Hi there,
    I am going to India from UK through Abu Dhabi.
    Can any one please confirm how many bottles of liquor I can carry and whats the process?

    • Stephen Au · July 17, 2019 · Reply

      Hey Raja,

      We are not any sort of customs or airport authority. Please check with your customs authority to find out how much alcohol you can take.

      • My cousins are flying via etihad in economy. How many kgs can they put in their checked suitcase and carry-on suitcase?

  17. ASHOK KUMAR MANRAL · July 17, 2019 · Reply

    I’m travelling on July 20, 2019 in Etihad from Delhi to London via Abu Dhabi in economy class. Can I have two pieces of checked bags and one hand bag for cabin? How much weight is allowed for two pieces of baggage and carry hand bag in cabin?

    • Stephen Au · July 17, 2019 · Reply

      Hey Ashok,

      As we discuss in the article, you can have 30 kg worth of checked baggage in economy deals, economy saver, and economy classic tickets. You can have 40 kg worth of checked baggage in economy flex. You can also take one carry on up to 7 kg in the cabin and 1 personal item up to 5 kg. Thanks for reading.

      • Shankar Ganesh · July 21, 2019 · Reply

        I am traveling with Ethiad Airways from Canada to India. My checked baggage is 77 cms x 56 cms x 31 cms and cabin baggage is 55 cms x 40 cms x 23 cms. Is this baggage size OK?

        • Catherine Luther · July 22, 2019 · Reply

          Hi Shankar,

          Your carry-on baggage exceeds Etihad’s maximum size allowance, so you will need to consider whether you are happy taking the risk of having to check the item if rejected at the airport. Your checked luggage also exceeds Etihad’s maximum size allowance so excess baggage charges of $60 could be imposed.

  18. Hi!,
    I’m traveling economy class from Abu Dhabi to Philippines and am confused with my check in allowance. Can I only bring 23kg worth of luggages or 40kg? I have booked my ticket online and it does not show my luggage limit. Any advice? Thanks.

    Best Regards.

    • Stephen Au · July 23, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Ella,

      The route you’re talking about should be eligible for 40kg worth of luggage because you’re traveling from Abu Dhabi (a Gulf Coast Country, or GCC) to The Philippines. Please note that we aren’t Etihad Airways and you should double-check directly with them to confirm.

    • Mark jay visto · September 2, 2019 · Reply

      Travelling Oman to the Philippines economy. If i bring 55″ or 40″led tv, how many baggage allowed?

      • Catherine Luther · September 4, 2019 · Reply

        Hi Mark,

        Your checked weight allowance depends on the type of ticket you’ve purchased:

        Economy: 23kg (50lb)
        Economy Saver and Classic: 30kg (66lb)
        Economy Flex: 35kg (77lb)

        Etihad does not disclose the policy for transporting a TV on its website so you will need to give them a call to confirm this.

        • Anna Marie · September 7, 2019 · Reply

          Hi, I’m traveling from Jeddah to Abu Dhabi to Manilla next week. Are boxes allowed to be checked in?

          • Catherine Luther · September 8, 2019

            Hi Anna,

            There shouldn’t be a problem checking a box, providing it adheres to the maximum size limit of 207cm (90cm x 72cm x 45cm). However, as we’re not Etihad Airways we can’t confirm this for you 100% so you should contact the airline with your query.

  19. Karthik · August 3, 2019 · Reply

    I am travelling from San Antonio to Chennai. I am planning to take a moving box (cardboard box) as one of the check-in luggage for my travel in Ethiad. Will the airline accept ( 24 X 18 X 18 ) size for check-in?

    • Catherine Luther · August 5, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Karthik,

      As we’re not Etihad Airways we can’t confirm this 100% for you; however, the measurements you have stated are less than their maximum check-in allowance which is 158cm (70cm x 50cm x 38cm).

    • Hi
      I have 30kg for my economy saver class from Kuala Lumpur to Switzerland. Can I use just one big luggage for 30kg with dimension 207cm maximum or one big luggage more then 23kg (25kg + 5kg) and one small luggage less then 7kg.. because some flight rules state only 23kg maximum for one luggage. Thanks

      • Catherine Luther · September 14, 2019 · Reply

        Hi Raden,

        An individual item can weigh up to 32kg so you could bring one bag 30 kg that measures no more than 207 cm.

  20. surabhi · August 4, 2019 · Reply

    Can you please clarify any additional baggage allowance for students, apart from the 2 pcs of 23 kgs in Economy (for Etihad).

    • Catherine Luther · August 5, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Surabhi,

      Please be aware that we are not Etihad Airways so you would need to contact the airline to confirm this information 100%. Having looked on Etihad’s website, we can’t see information relating to increased baggage allowance for students, but there does seem to be an offer with a third party – Yatra – and depending on the destination, students flying from India receive either an additional bag or 10 kgs of extra weight. You would need to contact Yatra for more information.

  21. Vishnu Dev · August 8, 2019 · Reply

    What is the maximum size of television allowed from Abu Dhabi to Cochin as checked baggage? Is there any charges apply for 55 inch LED TV? Which airline allows above 55 inches.. Please advise.

    • Catherine Luther · August 9, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Vishnu,

      For international journeys, Etihad’s maximum size allowance for checked luggage is 207cm max linear dimensions so providing your TV does not exceed these measurements (and does not exceed your weight allowance) then this should be fine to check. But as we’re not Etihad Airways, we advise 100% so you should call Etihad directly to confirm. Airlines don’t tend to publish their policies on TV transportation so you would need contact any airlines directly.

    • Arbind kumar Singh · September 15, 2019 · Reply

      Etihad air baggage economy class Saudi to India.

  22. Prakash · August 9, 2019 · Reply

    Hi, my bag size is (100×46×35)cm should i pay oversize cost with Etihad Airways?

    • Catherine Luther · August 9, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Prakash,

      If you’re flying to/from Canada and the US then the maximum size restriction is 158cm (70cm x 50cm x 38cm) and to/from all other destinations it’s 207cm (90cm x 72cm x 45cm). So if you’re flying to/from Canada or the US then your bag would be subject to oversized costs; however, if you’re flying from anywhere else then it would be fine.

  23. Vinny Kukreja · August 20, 2019 · Reply

    Hey! I am traveling from India to the U.K. for my studies. Do we include cabin bag in the luggage requirement? Or can I carry 40kgs in two luggage bags and 7kg in my cabin bag and one handbag with Etihad without paying any extra charges?

    • Hi Vinny,

      Etihad does not include your carry-on or personal item towards the 40kg allowance for your checked bag.

      Thanks for reading!

  24. Hi! I’m traveling back to the Philippines a few days from now… I’m worried my baggage will exceed the weight limit like maybe 5 – 10 kgs… can you help me to have an idea of how much I need to pay for that excess weight? By the way I’m here now in Munich, Germany.

    • Catherine Luther · September 2, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Brian,

      Munich is zone 3 and the Philippines is zone 5, so the cost per kilogram for excess weight is $27.

  25. Hi,
    Can I carry 32″ TV Without any charge? Etihad economy class.

    • Catherine Luther · September 5, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Temba,

      This depends on the total size of the TV. You’ll need to measure it to see whether it complies with Etihad’s maximum linear dimensions of either 158cm (flights to/from the U.S.) or 207cm for other destinations. If it exceeds this then it is likely you will incur excess baggage charges.

  26. Radhika Keluskar · September 6, 2019 · Reply


    I am travelling from Manchester to India via Abu Dhabi.
    My tickets mentions a 45kg baggage allowance.
    Can you please let me know the number of bags I am allowed for checked-in luggage?

  27. Dasigi Narasimha Sharma · September 10, 2019 · Reply

    I booked tickets for two persons to travel on 16th Sept. From Hyderabad, India to Abu Dhabi by Boeing No. 0275 (RESERVATION CODE xxxxx, and AIRLINE RESERVATION CODE xxxxx (EY)) and from Abu Dhabi to Washington DC, US by flight No.0131 in Economy class. Please provide details viz. weight and dimensions of both cabin luggage and checked-in luggage.

    • Catherine Luther · September 10, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Dasigi,

      Please be aware that we are not Etihad Airways, we are We have removed the reservation codes you posted above for your privacy. Be sure to check the baggage details on your ticket, but economy passengers on flights to/from the U.S. have a baggage allowance of 2 x 23 kg bags. These can measure up to 158cm (max linear).

      The cabin bag allowance is 1 bag up to 7kg (50cm x 40cm x 25 cm) and 1 personal item 5 kg (40cm x 30cm x 15cm).

  28. What if my one baggage weighs more than 23 kg? How much will I have to pay for that?

  29. Chudamani Pandey · September 25, 2019 · Reply

    Hi, I am going to travel from Aberdeen to Nepal with Ethihad airlines in economy. Would you please give me details of the luggage allowance? Your help will be much appreciated.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Chudamani,

      You may bring a personal item that weighs no more than 5kg, a carry-on bag that weighs no more than 7kg, and a checked bag that weighs no more than 23 kg.

      Thanks for reading!

  30. I am traveling economy from Manchester to Dubai, to Bangkok. Is the luggage limit 23 kg or 30 kg? The site is confusing with economy classic and flex.

  31. Nishanth · October 9, 2019 · Reply

    Hi, I’m traveling to India (Hyderabad) via Etihad airways. I’m planning to carry an extra TV with my 2 checked bags. I have a few questions:
    How much they are going to charge?
    Is it based on dimensions or due to weight?
    What are the maximum dimensions/weight the airlines allowed?

  32. MJ Gurung · October 10, 2019 · Reply


    I would like to take a Golf Set with me. I was wondering if you could let me know the criteria such as any weight allowance for sports items please?

    • Hi MJ,

      Per the Etihad website, you can carry one set of clubs for free, weighing up to 15kg. This is in addition to your baggage allowance.

      Thanks for reading!

  33. Cris Agustin · October 29, 2019 · Reply

    How many pieces of luggage are allowed for 40 kg? Travel from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines.

    • Catherine Luther · October 30, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Cris,

      There would be no limit to the number of pieces you could spread your 40kg across, but a single item must not exceed 32 kg.

  34. Abdul Kader · November 11, 2019 · Reply

    I’m going to travel from Dammam (Saudi) to Chennai (India).
    How many liters can I take of Zam-Zam water as free checked-in luggage?

    • Hi there, since we are not Etihad Airways and this is a very specific baggage question, I would suggest you contact Etihad directly! They will certainly be able to assist you… sorry to not be of more help!

  35. I’m traveling from Oman back to the Philippines on Saturday. My check in baggage weighs more than 20kg each..just want to ask how much will i pay for the excess (around 5kg) and do i need to remove the excess and transfer it to another bag? Traveling with economy fare.

    • Catherine Luther · November 17, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Cheska,

      Unless your ticket states otherwise that route would be allocated 23kg in checked weight. If you need 5 kg of excess weight then the fee would be $115 from Oman to a destination in Asia.

  36. Hello,
    I booked a flight for Europe to Australia from a travel agent and I need an extra 23kg bag but they won’t allow it because I did not book the tickets through Etihad first. This might mean that I’ll have to purchase at the airport. Do you know how much that will be? Or any other suggestion?

    • Catherine Luther · December 5, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Allie,

      Excess luggage for that route can only be purchased in increments of 5kg so you would need to reduce your luggage to 20kg or purchase 25kg. The fees Etihad feature are inclusive of a 20% discount when booking prior to the flight so would be 20% higher at the airport. Get your flight booking reference from the travel agent and give Etihad a call to see if you can pre-pay luggage.

  37. Can I hand carry a 21.5 inch iMac computer? My destination is from Oman to the Philippines.

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