New Emirates First Class Suite Is a Game Changer!

New Emirates First Class Fully Flat Bed

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Over the weekend at the Dubai Air Show, Emirates revealed their all-new First Class Suite, presenting it to the world as a “Game Changer.” From a first look, it appears to be one of the most amazing ways to fly.

As you can see in the video above, Emirates has truly gone to the next level when it comes to flying in first class. In addition to upgrading the hard product significantly, they are also adding to the amount of space you will have in your Suite.

On their Boeing 777 aircraft, the new product will be in a 1-1-1 configuration, dropping from 1-2-1 in their current first class. That means 6 seats instead of the current 8, which translates to more room for each passenger to relax.

Total Comfort

New Emirates First Class Zero Gravity Position
The seat’s Zero Gravity position, inspired by NASA technology, provides a feeling of weightlessness and relaxation.

The First Class Suite design is inspired by the Mercedes Benz S-Class, with rich leather seating and the highest level of comfort at every turn. Passengers have full control of lighting, being able to select from several preset options or fine-tune individual lighting levels and colors to find their perfect combination.

In addition, each passenger has their own temperature controls, meaning that your suite will always be the right temperature for you. No more being too hot or too cold when you fly!

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Suites with windows are provided with binoculars so passengers can see the outside world in more detail — a feature that will be especially cool for the moments after takeoff and before landing. Don’t worry though…passengers in interior First Class Suites haven’t been forgotten. Those Suites will have “windows” with HD screens that project a live stream of the outside scene as if you were truly looking out of a window.

Brand new Bowers & Wilkins Active Noise Cancelling E1 headphones created exclusively for Emirates pair with an entertainment system that has over 2,500 channels of on-demand entertainment. Passengers can watch on a 32-inch full HD LCD TV screen, or project content from their own devices.

Each passenger in the First Class Suites will also be provided with an inspiration kit featuring a luxury Byredo skincare collection found only on Emirates, Hydra Active moisturizing pajamas, and Bulgari amenity kits.

Top-Notch Service

New Emirates First Class Dining
First Class dining in the new Suites will be amazing as is expected with Emirates, but sadly there is no option to dine with another passenger.

A selection of the finest cuisine prepared by gourmet chefs will be available on each flight. This will be accompanied by some of the most exclusive wines, champagnes, and spirits in the world. First Class Suites passengers have to option to dine on demand at any time throughout their flight.

To make service even easier, passengers have the option to place orders or request service through their Suite control system, either with video or audio calls to the cabin crew. Emirates cabin crewmembers are some of the best in the air and represent over 135 different nationalities.

Complete Privacy

Emirates New First Class Suite
A floor to ceiling door on every new Emirates First Class Suite provides the highest level of privacy.

The new Emirates First Class Suite is fully enclosed for the ultimate in privacy in the air. The door extends from floor to ceiling, and there is enough room in the Suite to let passengers be comfortable changing into their pajamas without having to head to the bathroom.

Since meal service in First Class Suites can be provided on demand, you are only disturbed when you want to be. If you just need a drink or snack, there is even a service window that will allow you to be served without having to open your door.

Not being disrupted by people walking by or having them mistakenly bump your seat as they pass means better rest for you and the ability to hit the ground running when you reach your destination. This increased privacy will improve your trip from the moment you step into your Suite.

Which Routes Are Flying the New Emirates First Class?

New Emirates First Class Outside
Used throughout the aircraft, the artistic motif of a Ghaf tree is shown here in the entry to the First Class Suites. The Ghaf tree is considered to be the national tree of the UAE and has deep cultural significance.

This amazing new First Class Suite, along with a fully refreshed interior including new business and new economy cabins, can be found on Emirates’ Boeing 777 aircraft. The product will begin service in just a few weeks on December 1 and will debut on flights from Dubai to Brussels and Geneva.

It is interesting that they have decided to launch this amazing product on these 2 routes since both are fairly short, coming in at 7 hours 30 minutes and 7 hours 5 minutes respectively on the outbound. This will definitely not be enough time in the air to enjoy all of the features of these new Suites, especially since Emirates currently only flies daytime flights on these routes. You won’t even have a chance to try out the bed for a good night’s rest!

On the return, Emirates offers 1 overnight flight on each route, but the flights are even shorter: just 6 hours 40 minutes and 6 hours 25 minutes. This may be an overnight flight in practice, but unless you plan to snooze from takeoff to landing, skip all the meals, and miss out on the rest of what the First Class Suite has to offer, you’re still not getting much sleep.

Hopefully after this service launches, Emirates will soon expand the new product to some of their longer routes. If we spend the miles to try this out, we definitely want to have as much time as possible to enjoy the comfort and amenities…but where the new First Class Seats will show up next is a mystery as of now.

Emirates is the largest operator of the Boeing 777, flying to 140 cities with 165 aircraft, but has no plans as of yet to retrofit their current aircraft with this new product.

They will be installing the new First Class Suites on up to 9 of their new 777 planes by the end of 2019, meaning you have a very slim chance of seeing this product on a flight in the next few years. Emirates does have another 164 Boeing 777’s on order, so we can expect to see the new First Class seats on those as they are delivered — unfortunately not starting until 2020.

Emirates has also said that they would like to add similar First Class Suites to their A380 planes, but they have provided no designs for the product on that aircraft — or timelines for when that will happen. We’ll just have to wait and see when we’ll get to experience both the onboard shower and bar of the A380 as well as these new First Class Suites.

Virtual Tour

New Emirates First Class Virtual Tour
The online virtual tour of the new Emirates First Class Suite provides all the details you need to explore the best features of this brand new product.

The online launch of this new product is quite impressive. You can visit the Emirates site to take a virtual tour of the First Class Cabin and an individual Suite. You can use various buttons and keys to enter, move around, and even sit down in the Suite. Every detail is explained; the more you read, the more you will want to book a flight!

If you want to use your miles to fly the new Emirates First Class Suites, you may be surprised to find out that using their own miles is not the best option. Instead, the best ways to book a flight would be with JAL or Alaska miles. JAL charges fewer miles than Alaska for most trips, though much higher cash surcharges. We explain why in our step-by-step guide to booking Emirates First Class. Right now, award space is currently being blocked, but we’re told that they will allow award bookings in the future. We just don’t know exactly when yet.

Final Thoughts

Emirates has really knocked it out of the park with the design on these new First Class Suites.

Although the Emirates Suite doesn’t have a separate bed or the huge amount of space of the newly announced Singapore Suites, the amazing details really make this product stand out. Some features, like the interior cabin window projections and personal temperature controls, are never before seen on a commercial aircraft.

Here at Upgraded Points, we are definitely looking into how we can move points around to fly in this new Emirates First Class Suite as soon as possible. We can’t wait to sink into that luxurious leather seat for a long ride across the sky!

All photos courtesy of Emirates.


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