13 Best Ways to Earn Lots of Free Spirit Miles

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Spirit Airlines offers low-cost airfare without extra frills. Spirit cuts out many standard parts of the flying experience like free checked bags and in-flight snacks, in order to get you and a personal item from point A to B for cheap.

As a result, Spirit receives some of the most complaints in the industry. People tend to purchase a seat on Spirit expecting the same experience as they would have on a major carrier.

In reality, you paid a lower price because you gave up much of what is standard on carriers such as Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

With a low-cost airline like Spirit, you may wonder if it’s worth your time to earn miles. Spirit is a great option for people who fly frequently and simply. There are certainly quite a few ways to earn Spirit miles.

While most avenues to earn miles are pretty typical, some are actually quite creative. Have you ever heard of a program giving bonus miles to customers who complain about the airline? Well, Spirit has one.

With the help of a few of the strategies offered, you’ll have plenty of Spirit miles to spend.

The Free Spirit Program

free spirit member
Join the Free Spirit loyalty program for free by signing up online.

Spirit’s miles-earning program is called “Free Spirit.” Membership to start earning Free Spirit miles begins immediately upon registration and you do not need a Spirit Airlines credit card in order to start earning.

You can sign up for an account for free on Spirit’s website.

Remember to keep your email address and account number handy since you’ll enter these numbers frequently to earn miles when you fly with Spirit or when you make purchases with a Spirit Arline’s partner.

Spirit will send you deal alerts via email but check their Deals page often to see additional special offers.

Hot Tip: For more in-depth information on the Free Spirit Program, see our article here

Using Spirit Airlines Credit Cards

1. Spirit Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses

Bank of America is the only bank offering co-branded cards with Spirit Airlines. Currently, there is only one personal card, the Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card, and one business card, Bank of America Spirit Airlines World MasterCard for Business Credit Card.

Loyalty ProgramCard Name
Spirit Airlines Free Spirit Frequent Flyer ProgramBank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card
Bank of America Spirit Airlines World MasterCard for Business Credit Card

Unfortunately, you won’t receive any bonus miles for adding authorized users on either of these cards, but you will be charged with an additional $20 fee for each additional employee card issued for the business card.

Both cards have the same sign-up bonus miles offer and annual fees of $59.

2. Everyday Spending Categories

While there are no category point bonuses, you can shop online through the Spirit Airlines shopping portal or do business through their other partners in order to earn miles.

Both Spirit Airlines credit cards earn the same number of miles on every purchase, 2 miles per dollar. Unlike other miles-earning credit cards, there are no specific category bonuses with either the personal or business card.Where the cards differ is the annual spending bonus.

While the Spirit cards do not have bonus categories, you can earn miles by using Spirit’s Online Shopping Mall or shopping with Spirit’s partnering retailers – we’ll discuss this shortly.

3. Big Spend Bonus

You can earn an additional 5,000 miles annually for spending at least $10,000 on purchases made with the Spirit Airlines Business Card within a year.

Unfortunately, the personal Spirit Airlines Card does not offer this spending bonus.

Free Spirit Shopping and Dining Bonuses

If you’re shopping or dining out anyway, you might as well earn some extra points for your effort.

4. The Free Spirit Online Mall

Online shopping portals are an excellent way to earn extra points on everyday purchases you make online.

With Spirit, you simply log into their Free Spirit Online Mall and start shopping using the links to their participating retailers.

There are over 750 participating retailers within the Free Spirit Online Mall. Each participating retailers offer miles for each purchase.

free spirit shopping mall offers
Some examples of the shopping partners available in the Free Spirit online shopping portal. Notice that some partners earn as much as 10 miles per dollar!

The portal is very easy to use. To utilize these offers:

  1. Go to the Free Sprit Online Mall site
  2. Sign into your Free Spirit account
  3. Search for a product or store
  4. Click on the store’s bonus miles offer (e.g. 4 miles = $1)
  5. Select “Shop Now” and a pop-up will notify you that you’ll be taken to the retailer’s page. Pay attention to the details in the pop-up window on limitations to rewards earnings on certain purchases:


  1. After you select “Continue,” you’ll be able to shop directly from the retailer’s website
  2. Before you make a purchase through the store, go back to the Free Spirit Online Mall site to ensure you are still signed in and that you receive your mileage bonus.

Miles earned through the Free Spirit Online Mall can take up to 60 days to post, sometimes even longer. Plan accordingly if you are trying to meet a miles goal.

Look at the “Bonus Offers” page to find companies offering more bonus miles than usual for a limited time. Select “Sort by Amount” on the full list of retailers to check out huge miles bonuses from specific companies.

Past offers have included: 1,800 miles earned from purchasing a Verizon Wireless Pre-Pay Service Plan, Family Share Plan or Additional Phone Line, as well as 45 miles per dollar with certain retail partners by sorting the list by amount.

5. Sign Up for the Spirit Dining Program

Did you know that whenever you eat out at a restaurant, bar, or club, you could be earning Spirit Airlines miles?

You can earn as many as 5 miles per dollar if the establishment participates in Spirit’s Dining program.

Sign up is free to start earning immediately:

  1. Go to Free Spirit Dining
  2. Register/log in with your Spirit Account number
  3. Add a credit card to your account.
  4. Search for participating restaurants near you
  5. Use the registered credit card when you visit to earn miles.
The Spirit Airlines Dining Program website. You can earn miles for simply eating at restaurants around town, and you will earn these miles on top of other points you are earning!

Once you’ve used your registered card at a participating location, you will be earning miles. Find more offers under Bonuses.

Hot Tip: Have a group outing coming up? Offer to pay for the restaurant bill on your registered credit card and accept repayment in cash or via Venmo or PayPal.

6. Other Purchases

Play Mahjong online to earn Free Spirit Miles in the Free Spirit Play portal. You can earn points for a number of games in the portal!

Earn even more miles with retail partners and online spending options:

CompanyProduct or serviceBonus miles
Free Spirit PlayOnline games2,500 miles for playing 350 grand prize games
MyPoints.comShop online with partners including eBay, Groupon, Walmart, and more250 at sign up, 500 for shopping online (redeem for award miles)
SwagbucksShop online, take surveys, watch videos, and more250 miles when create a free account, 500 miles when earn 500 points shopping and more
Vinesse WineShop for wine1,500 miles on first shipment, then 5 miles/$1

Earn Free Spirit Points With Travel Bonuses

Don’t forget to earn miles when flying Spirit Airlines. No matter how short the flight, every little bit helps.

7. Earn Miles When Flying

There’s no more traditional way to earn miles than by flying, which means you can earn the most number of miles when you fly Spirit.

Use one of the Spirit Airlines Cards to make your flight purchase. Both cards will earn you 2 miles per dollar on your purchase.

Since Spirit does not have any partner airlines, you can only fly with Spirit to earn Free Spirit miles.

The miles you earn are a percentage of the number of miles you actually fly. The percentage is based on your tier level.

Tier Level% Earnings of Miles FlownRequirement
Somebody50%Sign up to be a Free Spirit member (free)
Elite100%Have a Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card and make 1 purchase per month, earn 12,000 Free Spirit miles in the previous 6 months, OR spend at least $1,200 on base fares in the previous 6 months
VIP100%Earn 24,000 Free Spirit miles in the previous 6 months OR spend at least $2,400 on base fare in the previous 6 months

If you are an “Elite” or “VIP” tiered status member, you will earn one mile for every mile flown. As a “Somebody” member, you will earn one mile for every two miles flown.

Based on the tier requirements using a Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card is the easiest way to earn all of the miles you fly on Spirit flights.

spirit airlines earn free spirit miles
Only expect to buckle up on a Spirit aircraft if you want to earn Free Spirit miles: they have no other airline codeshare partners and therefore are the only choice for actual flights.

8. Car Rental Partners

Unlike many of the larger airlines, Spirit only partners with three rental car companies. However, if you rent from Avis, Budget, or Hertz, you will be able to earn extra miles with each qualifying rental.

Rental CompanyMiles
Avis750 miles for rental
Budget750 miles for rental of 2 or more days
Hertz200 miles on 1-4 day rental, 2,000 per rental on 5+ day rental

9. Book With Partnered Hotels

Spirit has two partners to earn you miles when booking accommodations. Luckily, each partner offers numerous hotel options.

Using, PointsHound, you can earn up to 6,000 miles per night. PointsHound has a selection of over 150,000 hotels around the world.

Additionally, you can earn 250 miles for each stay at Choice Hotels in the United States, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, and Mexico.

Hot Tip:  Earn additional points for Free Spirit by using the Barclays Choice Privileges® Visa Signature® Card. You can earn a sign up bonus and transfer points over, or you can utilize the card for your day purchases and transfer over points.

10. Book a Cruise with Partners

book cruises earn spirit miles
Like most other airlines, the Spirit Airlines frequent flyer program allows you to earn miles for booking cruises on the airline’s partners.

Another fun way to travel is by ship!

Spirit Cruises travel all around the coasts of the USA, Europe, the Caribbean, South America, South Pacific, and more.

The Free Spirit miles you earn depend on the length of your cruise and the type of room you book. The longer your trip and better your room, the more miles you will earn.

Trip LengthMiles Earned
Interior / Ocean View
Bonus Miles Earned
Balcony / Suite
1-5 Nights1,5003,000
6-8 Nights3,0006,000
9-12 Nights5,00010,000
13+ Nights10,00020,000

Free Spirit miles earnings are not as much of a bonus as other airlines’ partnerships. In comparison, United Airlines offers between 25,000 and 50,000 miles on one cruise package.

But bonus miles are bonus miles, especially if you’re an avid Spirit flier and looking to plan a cruise vacation.

Hot Tip: If you’ve chosen to earn your miles aboard a cruise ship, don’t miss this ultimate cruise packing list (it’s printable!) and guide for tons of tips and advice. 

Earn Free Spirit Points With Special Bonuses

Spirit has partnered with a few companies to help you earn miles in other ways. Some make more sense than others, but there are more ways to earn miles depending on what suits you best.

11. Complete Surveys for Miles

There are two data collection companies, Miles for Thoughts and Swagbucks, that have teamed up with Spirit to give you miles for your opinion. This is a great way to earn miles slowly with little investment.

If you remember from above, you can earn miles through shopping on Swagbucks. They also offer miles for taking surveys and watching videos.

12. The Bare Fare Questionnaire

spirit airlines bare questionnaire
In the past, you could have earned miles on Spirit for playing their quiz that helped you understand their fare model. Things got a bit more risque as the questions went on!

In an effort to get customers to understand how Spirit’s “bare fare” works, they started a campaign that earned participants 1,500 Free Spirit Miles for taking three separate quizzes; each survey being worth 500 miles.

All in all, these surveys were an easy way to play a fun game and learn about Spirit’s “Bare Fare” philosophy.

Other Methods

13. Buy Spirit Miles

If you really need to boost your Spirit Miles balance (and fast), then there’s always the option of buying Spirit Miles. This is not our recommended method, but if you need some additional miles for a specific redemption (and especially if there’s a bonus being run on purchasing points) then it might be worth doing.

Final Thoughts

Spirit is definitely an unusual airline compared to others in the industry. They offer low-cost airfare by cutting things you take for granted on other flights.

They also offer some very creative ways for you to earn and maintain miles on top of some of the usual ways.

Now that you’ve padded your account, check out the best ways to redeem your Free Spirit Miles!

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Best Ways to Earn Free Spirit Miles

Frequently asked questions

When do Spirit miles expire?

Miles older than three months will expire. Your Spirit miles will always remain so long as you have earned any amount of Spirit miles within the last three months.

You’ll also prevent your miles from expiring if you have a Spirit Airlines Credit Card and make at least one purchase per month.

How can I contact Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines representatives are available for assistance by dialing 801-211-222 in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

Alternatively, you may complete this form to submit an inquiry and receive a response via email.

Are Spirit Airlines tickets refundable?

Spirit does not offer refunds on any fares in order to keep prices low for all customers. Use the Manage Travel tab on the Spirit website to change or cancel a reservation at any time.

How many Spirit miles do you need for a free flight?

You will need as low as 2,500 Free Spirit miles to cover the cost of a one-way, off-peak ticket if you are a Spirit Airlines Card and Spirit Airlines Business Card holder.

Non-cardholders need at least 10,000 Free Spirit miles (sometimes even more) to cover the cost of the same ticket. That’s a huge difference in savings!

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  1. You fail to mention how challenging it is to use your miles effectively. It’s extremely rare to find any flight for 2,500 miles. Most flights require so many miles that you’re better off paying upfront or going with another airline. I’ve had the Spirit credit card for years and I’m a member of the $9 fare club. I regret these decisions because the annual fee for both of these is just not worth it.


    • Robert I totally agree with you. I have ran into the same issue. I have so many miles that should equal free flights but spirit wants me to use so many miles. There are never direct flights either. I am so over spirit!!!


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