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How to Get and Use the Delta Companion Certificate

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What’s better than getting a great deal on a plane ticket? Getting 2 plane tickets for the price of 1! Getting a 2-for-1 deal on a plane ticket is possible with a companion ticket.

Southwest Airline’s Companion Pass is probably the most well-known companion ticket perk, but did you know that Delta also offers a companion ticket? It’s not quite the same as the Southwest Companion Pass, but still has a lot of value.

Here’s how to get a Delta Companion Certificate and use it for maximum value!

What is the Delta Companion Certificate?

The Delta Companion Certificate is a great perk that comes with select Delta credit cards. This perk allows you to essentially get a 2-for-1 deal on a plane ticket.

So, when you purchase 1 ticket, you can use the Delta Companion Certificate to purchase a second ticket and you only have to pay the taxes and fees on that second ticket.

Image Credit: Delta

Here are a few rules from Delta to keep in mind when using your Delta Companion Certificate:

  • The ticket is good for travel within the continental U.S.; however, if you’re a resident of Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, your ticket can originate from one of those destinations. You still must travel to one of the 48 contiguous states, and the address in your Delta account must be from one of those areas.
  • Companion tickets can be transferred, so you can book for someone else, but once the ticket is issued, it’s not transferable.
  • Companion tickets can’t be applied to fares that have already been purchased.
  • If you cancel your reservation, your companion ticket won’t be re-issued.
  • The companion ticket must be for the exact same flight as the original paid ticket. You can’t use the companion ticket to purchase a fare for a friend on a different flight.
  • The paid ticket and companion ticket are both eligible for upgrades as long as both passengers are either a Delta SkyMiles member, Medallion member, or SkyTeam Alliance partner airline elite member. Any upgrades will be processed according to the passenger with the highest Delta status.
  • Companion ticket fares may require an advance purchase of up to 14 days, a 3-night minimum stay, and a 30-day maximum stay.
  • Some flights may be excluded, and stopovers and open jaws aren’t eligible for companion flights.
  • The primary, paid ticket on the itinerary will earn Delta SkyMiles, but the companion ticket will not.

Bottom Line: A Delta Companion Certificate allows you to purchase a second ticket on select domestic flights for only the price of the taxes and fees on the second ticket.

How to Get a Delta Companion Certificate

You can earn a Delta Companion Certificate simply by having the right credit card in your wallet.

Image Credit: American Express

American Express offers 4 co-branded personal Delta credit cards and 4 co-branded Delta business credit cards in total, but not all of them come with the companion pass perk.

The Delta Companion Certificate is only available on the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® and Delta Reserve credit cards:

  • Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Card

The companion pass varies slightly depending on what credit card you hold.

Delta Platinum Credit Cards [Personal and Business]

Both the Delta Platinum card and Delta Platinum Business card come with the companion ticket benefit. This perk offers 1 round-trip, Main Cabin companion ticket per year after you pay your annual fee.

You’re responsible for paying the taxes and fees on the companion ticket. The companion ticket is valid for L, U, T, X, and V classes of service only (these letters refer to different levels of economy fares). Both the first ticket and the fees for the second ticket must be charged to your Delta SkyMiles card.

Delta Reserve Credit Cards [Personal and Business]

If you have either of the Delta Reserve card or the Delta Reserve Business card, you’re eligible for 1 round-trip, Main Cabin, Comfort+, or First Class companion ticket per year after you pay your annual fee.

You’re responsible for paying the taxes and fees on the companion ticket. The companion ticket is valid for L, U, T, X, and V classes of service (economy), I and Z classes of service (first class), and W class (Delta Comfort+ ).

Both the first ticket and the fees for the second ticket must be charged to your Delta Reserve American Express card.

Bottom Line: A Delta Companion Certificate is a perk that comes with the personal and business versions of the Delta Platinum card and Delta Reserve card. If you aren’t sure which of these credit cards is right for you, check out this guide to the best credit cards for Delta flyers.

How to Use the Delta Companion Certificate

Your Delta Companion Certificate can only be used on; it can’t be used on Delta flights that are purchased on any other website.

Once you’re logged in to your account, you’ll be able to see your companion ticket in the My Wallet section.

Image Credit: Delta

From there, you can select your companion pass then search for flights as you normally would. The system should automatically filter out the flights that aren’t eligible for a companion pass ticket.

There isn’t a price limit to the ticket you can purchase with your Delta companion certificate. So, the higher the price of the ticket, the more value you get from this perk.

Let’s say you and a friend want to travel from New York to Los Angeles for a long weekend, but the tickets are $500 each. While you might not want to spend $1,000 for this trip, with the Delta Companion Certificate, you can purchase both tickets for just $500 (plus the taxes and fees on the second ticket).

You can easily get hundreds of dollars of value from this 1 perk!

Hot Tip: On any itinerary, the primary, paid ticket is eligible to earn Delta SkyMiles, but the companion ticket is not.

Final Thoughts

The Delta Companion Certificate is a great deal. This perk allows you to buy a second seat on a Delta flight for the price of the taxes and fees. That means you and your companion can fly for essentially the price of just 1 ticket!

The companion ticket is available as a perk on 4 Delta Amex credit cards: the Delta Platinum card, Delta Platinum Business card, Delta Reserve card, and Delta Reserve Business card.

For rates and fees of the Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card, click here.
For rates and fees of the Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business American Express Card, click here.
For rates and fees of Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card, click here.
For rates and fees for the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Card, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Delta Companion Certificate is a perk offered on select Delta American Express credit cards that allows you to purchase a companion ticket for just the cost of the taxes and fees for that ticket. It essentially gives you a 2-for-1 deal on Delta flights.

Yes, you can use your companion ticket for a first class ticket if you purchase the primary first class ticket with your Delta Reserve® Credit Card from American Express.

Companion tickets purchased with the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® credit card are only good for economy fares.

Yes, you can book for someone else using your Delta Companion Certificate. However, once the ticket has been issued, it’s no longer transferable.

Yes, a Delta Companion Certificate can be upgraded as long as the companion traveler is also a Delta SkyMiles, Medallion member, or partner airline elite member. All of the regular Delta upgrade rules will apply.

No, a Delta Companion Certificate will not earn Delta SkyMiles. The primary, paid ticket on the itinerary will still be eligible to earn SkyMiles.

About Katie Seemann

Katie has been in the points and miles game since 2015 and started her own blog in 2016. She’s been freelance writing since then and her work has been featured in publications like Travel + Leisure and Forbes Advisor.


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September 17, 2019

Does the delta ticket have to be paid for with cash to use the companion ticket? Or can I purchase an award ticket using SkyMiles to get the first ticket and then use the companion ticket?

Christine Krzyszton

September 17, 2019

Hi Jason. The first ticket cannot be an award ticket secured with SkyMiles. It must be a purchased ticket with cash (credit).


April 11, 2020

Can you upgrade with miles after purchasing?

Christine Krzyszton

April 11, 2020

The tickets qualify for complimentary upgrades or you can use Global or Regional upgrade certificates, however, companion tickets not eligible for mileage upgrades.


October 27, 2019

Do you get the companion ticket during your first year having the card? Or only after your first renewal, technically in your second year having the card?

Jarrod West

October 27, 2019

Hi Stephanie,

You will receive the companion pass when you renew your card and pay the annual fee.

Thanks for reading!


November 07, 2019


My hubby is 6’6″, and we always have to go for extra legroom seats.

Is it possible to upgrade to extra legroom seats when trying to take advantage of the companion ticket benefit?

Do I have to pay the additional extra legroom fee with the companion ticket or is that waived?

Thank you!

Katie Seemann

November 11, 2019

Hi Janine,

First off, my husband is 6’6″ too so we are also always in search of extra legroom!

The type of ticket you can get with your Companion Certificate will depend on the credit card you have.

With Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, you’ll receive a domestic Main Cabin Companion Certificate each year upon renewal.
With the Delta Reserve Credit Card, you’ll receive a domestic First Class, Delta Comfort+® or Main Cabin Companion Certificate each year upon renewal.

Once purchased both tickets are eligible for upgrades as long as both passengers are either a Delta SkyMiles member, Medallion member, or SkyTeam Alliance partner airline elite member. Any upgrades will be processed according to the passenger with the highest Delta status.


January 05, 2020

It’s basically impossible to redeem though. Every flight to every destination says sold out when you try to use the companion certificate. Delta platinum Amex is a scam.


January 13, 2020

I have the same issue with Delta Platinum. Should I upgrade to the Delta Reserve? I am afraid I will pay more and will not be able to redeem.

Christine Krzyszton

January 14, 2020

Hi Adrian. I would not upgrade to the Delta Reserve card just for the companion cert. I have used my companion certificate for 5 years in a row now with no issues but routes are subject to availability. If you can use the worldwide lounge access and other benefits that come with the card, it may be worth it to you. Here’s our article on the benefits of the Delta Reserve card: /amex-delta-reserve-credit-card-benefits


January 21, 2020

Christine, can you give some examples of dates and itineraries where you were successful using the companion pass? How many times does it work for you for dates you want to travel vs. times it doesn’t work out?

I’ve been invited to upgrade my Gold Amex Delta card to Platinum and was interested in the companion pass for my wife, though my understanding is we wouldn’t be able to use it until renewing the card next year, anyway.

Christine Krzyszton

January 21, 2020

Hi Edward. I personally haven’t had any problem using the certificate, ever, but I can’t predict what your experience might be. I can share that I have used the companion certificate for a trip from TVC to New Orleans via DTW in January 2019, TVC via DTW to Buffalo, New York in October 2018, and TVC to Las Vegas October 2017. In previous years I have used it to position to cities where there was an inexpensive European fare and the fare price to that positioning city was especially high so I still received good value.


January 22, 2020

My wife and I are going to FLA. I have a coworker that has a companion certificate he is willing to give us. Will I be able to book my flight with my credit card and use the companion ticket for my wife?

Christine Krzyszton

January 22, 2020

Hi Ken. According to the terms and conditions on Delta’s web site, the certificate is transferable but the tickets must be purchased using the Delta SkyMiles card. Here is the exact wording: “The Companion Certificate is transferable, Primary ticket and Companion ticket are not transferable once issued. Companion Certificate may not be bartered or sold. Primary Ticket and Companion ticket must be purchased with your Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express.” Here is the number to call for further information on the certificate: 1-855-551-2113.


January 30, 2020

So I can only redeem my companion ticket 14 days before my planned trip? Am I reading that right?

Katie Seemann

January 31, 2020

Hi Toby,
No, you’ll need to book your companion ticket at least 14 days ahead of time. Thanks for reading!

Breezy Covington

February 23, 2020

I’ve tried to use my companion certificate 8 times in the last two months. Every time they say the routes are sold out. If I try to book and not use my companion certificate there are plenty of seats. I’ve tried calling delta and they say only certain seats on certain flights are available for the companion certificate but they can’t tell me what those are. It’s a total scam. I’ve tried from SLC (a delta hub) to New York – dates flexible. SLC to Atlanta. SLC to Portland. It’s a joke

Ron Brinsk

September 23, 2021

I agree. Every time I try to use mine, same story. It’s a scam.


February 01, 2022

I followed instructions and checked the box to use my companion certificate. I booked our two seats and it appeared to work, based on the fee I saw when I charged it to my AMEX. BUT on my AMEX statement (viewed on my computer) the amount that is “pending” is the FULL cost of tickets, twice what I thought I was paying. Is there a waiting period for the other ticket to be deducted? If that’s how this works, shouldn’t Delta put on a statement that says: don’t panic when you view your credit card statement on line?


February 16, 2022

Hi Julie– how did this resolve for you? Mine is doing the exact same thing. I’m freaking out but fortunately, I’m still within the 1st 24 hours of booking, in case I need to cancel. I’d love to know if the pending charge fixed itself. Thanks so much!

Teresa Williams

March 13, 2020

My friend and I were planning a trip in a few weeks to DC for Cherry Blossom Festival. I purchased the tickets and one was of them was my redeemed companion ticket. However, due to the Corona Virus most museums, tours and such are closed. In reviewing Delta’s website, I know under normal circumstances if you cancelled a trip you would lose the companion certificate. However, because the Corona Virus does anyone know if exceptions are being made for the companion certificates

Jarrod West

March 15, 2020

Hi Teresa,

No, you should not lose your companion certificate for canceling.


May 17, 2020

I was hoping when I first read about the reward perk, I could use the companion certificate for my Chihuahua I regularly fly with. I pay a whopping $125 each flight for her. That’s 250.00 bucks round trip! I hope American Express and Delta see my remark and reconsider the terms regarding using the certificate for pets. For many people, their pets are the only companions they fly with.


May 18, 2020

So my first certificate last year got extended till end of 2020, got my second certificate that wont expire until may of next year.

If I cancel my Delta Plat card, am I going to loose my certificates?

Jarrod West

May 19, 2020

Hi Eli,

No, if the certificates have already been credited to your Delta account then you will not lose them if you cancel your Delta Platinum card.

Thanks for reading!

Sri Cheruk

February 02, 2021

He will. Because he won’t have delta Amex card to pay for the primary ticket.


June 14, 2020

I’m looking ahead about 10 months to plan a trip and I cannot find any flights to Los Angeles that include any of those fare classes. Does Delta open up those fare classes as the dates get closer or is it possible they do not have any to some places? Is there a way to contact Delta for help in finding flights to use the certificates? I actually want to plan the trip for May 2021 (not a holiday), but as of June 2020, I can only look in April. I don’t think there is any issue with days I’m looking at (flying there on a Thursday and back on a Sunday).

Jarrod West

June 17, 2020

Hi Erik,

The correct fare types that are eligible for Delta Companion Certificates can be notoriously difficult to find sometimes. If you contact a Delta representative they might be able to assist you, otherwise you really just have to keep checking back for different flight options as their schedules change.

I hope you find something that works for your schedule! Thanks for reading!

Maria Gamez

June 15, 2020

What does it mean that the companion certificate is transferrable? I mean, can I fully transfer, like primary and companion ticket to someone else? As in I do not need to travel? and 2 other people can use it? Because I read you need to use your AMEX card to book it.

Jarrod West

June 15, 2020

Hi Maria,

You can use your companion ticket to book on behalf of someone else, as well as including the booking details for a companion that will be traveling with that person. So you do not need to travel. If you contact a Delta customer service representative they can help arrange this for you.

Thanks for reading!


September 08, 2020

My companion ticket expires this month but because of Covid and travel being limited I have not been able to used it the last 6 months. Can the ticket expiration date be extended?

Jarrod West

September 08, 2020

Hi Kathy,

You might be able to get it extended if you contact the Delta customer service team and ask.

Thanks for reading!


November 14, 2020

I now have 2 companion tickets in my wallet due to covid, will I be able to redeem them for 2 companions traveling on my same flight?

Jarrod West

November 14, 2020

Hi MK,

Do you mean it’d be you, plus two companions traveling? If that is the case you would not be able to use two, as each companion certificate requires one purchased ticket.

j johnson

June 01, 2021

What if the companion isn’t able to travel on one leg of the trip?

Jarrod West

June 01, 2021

Hi J,

Which leg of the trip would it be?


June 08, 2021

Will I be penalized if we skip/cancel the return leg of the ticket after already flying the initial leg of the trip? The round trip ticket (split in 2) is cheaper than us buying one way tickets and we will already be at the destination by other means which is why I’d want to skip the return to begin with.


Jarrod West

June 08, 2021

Hi Matt,

No, you should not be penalized if you skip the return leg of the trip.

Pamela Raitt

July 11, 2021

I have two companion certificates in My Wallet. When I checked it said they were closed and I can’t book a flight. Both certificates do not expire until next year 2022. I don’t understand why it is closed. I still have and use my Delta Platinum AMEX credit card.

Marilyn and Phil Ricker

August 10, 2021

I have the same situation, 2 Companion tickets that say CLOSED. What does this mean?

Jarrod West

August 10, 2021

Hi Marilyn,

Have you already contacted Delta to ask why the status of your Companion tickets state they are closed?


September 28, 2021

I am trying to book for my family on Delta (wife and daughters 5 and 9). When I choose one of my companion tickets it drops two of my family members and limits me to booking two people only. Any way to book 4 people at once and use a companion ticket for one of those bookings? It makes it easy to have all the tickets on my Delta app for Digital check-in, etc. thx.

Jarrod West

October 03, 2021

Hi Craig,

If there is such an option then I am not aware of it. I recommend you contact the Delta customer service team for assistance with this, either through their phone line or via their Twitter.


October 12, 2021

I had the Amex personal platinum card, the Amex business platinum card, and the delta reserve card. I canceled them all a month ago. I just looked at my delta wallet and I have 6 companion certificates available (4 platinum, 2 reserve). How am I supposed to use them if I have to use my Amex card to pay for them? Can I give the codes to a friend or family member and they can just use it without me having to get involved?

Jarrod West

October 22, 2021

Hi Jamie,

In your case, since you canceled all of your cards, unfortunately, you will not be able to use the companion certificates since you need to purchase the first fare with the credit card that the certificate was issued to.


September 01, 2022

Can you use your Amex Skymiles Gold card if you downgraded from the platinum?

Jarrod West

September 01, 2022

Hi Joy,

Are you asking if you can still use the companion certificate? If so the answer is no I’m afraid, as the main fare must be purchased using the Delta Platinum card.

Bob "Fuzzy" Dagosta

October 21, 2021

I booked my companion ticket for a trip to Las Vegas in comfort +, and asked for an upgrade to first class. How likely is it that we will receive the upgrade to first class? I am Gold, American Express Reserve.

Christine Krzyszton

October 21, 2021

Hi Bob. It’s difficult to say what your chances are. It will be based on how full the flight is, how many Delta elite members who are higher than Gold will be on the flight, and the type of plane (how many first-class seats are available overall). Additionally, since the reservation is for 2, there need to be 2 seats available before it will clear. However, there is a chance and I hope you get it.


November 01, 2021

Could you tell me if or when companion tickets expire? For example, I still have a ticket from 2020 which I haven’t used, and also one for 2021. Thanks very much!

Christine Krzyszton

November 03, 2021

Hi Dana. To view the expiration dates, just log in to your Delta SkyMiles account, and under your profile you will see “certificates, eCredits, and vouchers”. You will find all of your available companion tickets and the expiration dates. I logged in and my 2020 and 2021 companion certs are set to expire 12/31/2022. Yours may be the same as Delta did extend expiration dates.


November 10, 2021

If we have a gold card, next year if we decided to upgrade to platinum, would we automatically be eligible for the companion certificate? Or would we have to wait to be eligible until we renew the platinum card?

Jarrod West

November 11, 2021

Hi Chantel,

Yes, you would have to wait until you renew your card in order to receive the companion certificate.

Tram Welborn

December 08, 2021

Can I use my companion ticket for booking for my parents? For example, buying dad’s ticket and use companion ticket to buy mom’s.

Jarrod West

December 13, 2021

Hi Tram,

You would have to be on the reservation in order to use your companion ticket.

baby rubella

January 13, 2022

Are the value of companion tickets covered by trip insurance? For example, if frequent flyer miles are used to purchase a flight, some insurance policies will reimburse you for the cost to reinstate your miles to your account. Does the same apply to companion tickets?

Christine Krzyszton

January 14, 2022

Travel insurance normally reimburses you for the amount of your loss. The cost of the companion ticket is the amount of the taxes you paid for it so that would be the amount reimbursed should you have a covered loss. Thanks for the question.


March 01, 2022

So, there are currently no change fees, right? But companion fares are more limited. Let’s say I book a trip to LA on days when the certificates are available and the trip costs me 300 dollars round trip. But those days don’t really work for me. Am I able to then change the dates of the trip to more convenient days. Would the new days have to be companion certificate eligible? Or does that not matter anymore? What difference in fare would I then pay? Originally I paid for 1 ticket but got two. If I changed my dates would I have to pay the difference for two tickets? Does that make sense?
Thank you!

Jarrod West

March 16, 2022

Hi Mike,

Correct, there are no change fees, but the date you change to must have a flight that is companion certificate eligible. As far as pricing, if the flight you’re changing to is more expensive, you would only owe the difference in fare for 1 ticket, since the other is free as a companion benefit.

john sais

April 07, 2022

I have a platinum business card. 1) If I decide to get a reserve card and cancel the platinum card, will my medallion points transfer
to the Reserve? 2) Will I be eligible for the promo points for the reserve?

Jarrod West

April 08, 2022

Hi John,

Yes, your redeemable Delta Sky Miles, along with any qualifying miles you have will automatically stay in your Delta account no matter what card you open or close. And yes, you will be eligible for the welcome bonus on the Reserve card if you apply for it.


April 22, 2022

My mom has a companion certificate that we are looking to use for an upcoming trip together. Since she doesn’t care about earning MQM’s and I do, she was going to transfer the certificate to me so I could book as the primary and her as my free companion. The question is, if the certificate was originally in her name/SkyMiles account, would her transferring it somehow void her from being able to be the companion used on the certificate?

Jarrod West

April 25, 2022

Hi Paige,

Delta companion certificates are not transaferable.


May 30, 2022

Are the companion certificates deleted from your account at booking or when you actually take the trip?

Hi Debbie. Normally, the certificates are marked CLOSED once they have been applied to your reservation. However, I have had a situation where the certificates weren’t marked closed until several days later.


October 04, 2022

I have companion flights booked this week. Can 1 person go same day standby earlier in the day and the companion stays on the original flight?

Jarrod West

October 06, 2022

Hi Jack,

Unfortunately not, the companion must travel on the same flight as the primary member.

Zhander P'ng

May 01, 2023

If I am the primary Delta Reserve Credit Card holder and my spouse has an additional card, can we both each bring a companion when we travel together since we paid for two card membership?

Katie Seemann

May 02, 2023

Hi Zhander,
No, the companion ticket benefit is limited to the primary card holder. Authorized users don’t get an additional certificate.

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