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How To Get Late Checkout at a Hotel (And Cards To Get It With)

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We’ve all had those moments where an 11 a.m. hotel checkout feels impossible.

Maybe it’s the day after a destination wedding where you overindulged and got in late. Or maybe you’re on vacation and simply want a little extra time to lounge around and get your suitcase together.

Either way, there are certain things you can do to almost guarantee or at least increase your chances of getting a late checkout. From scoring elite status to paying extra or simply asking politely, we’ll detail the best ways to get a late checkout at a hotel.

What Is Late Checkout?

Late checkout is when you’re able to check out later than the specified checkout time.

Most standard checkout times for hotels are from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. This means you have to vacate your room and leave your room key by this time; otherwise, you risk additional charges. Hotels will usually phone your room if you haven’t checked out by the required time to remind you. Most hotels have a grace period of 30 to 60 minutes after the official checkout time if you’re running late.

How Can You Get Late Checkout?

Hotel Keys
Sometimes, getting a late checkout just means asking for it. Image Credit: Fernando Santander via Unsplash

You can get late checkout in a variety of different ways. Let’s run through some of those options.

Get Late Checkout by Asking for It

One of the easiest ways to get late checkout (for free) is simply to ask for it. Obviously, the answer depends on a number of factors, including the hotel’s policy, how friendly your front desk agent is, the right housekeeping staff, and whether the hotel has enough free rooms to allow for it. Here are tips on asking for late checkout — and getting it:

Be Nice

The nicer you ask, the more likely you are to get late checkout. Being friendly is an easy way to get your checkout extended.

Make Your Request Reasonable

Asking for a short extra period of time may increase your chances of late checkout. For example, if checkout time is usually noon, and you ask for a checkout time of 12:30 p.m. or 1 p.m., it probably isn’t a big deal for you to get it, assuming the hotel isn’t at completely full capacity or short on housekeeping staff. However, asking to stay in the room until 7 p.m. is probably pushing your luck. Reasonable requests are more likely to be granted.

Explain Why

I was once staying at a hotel in Valencia, Spain, with several members of my family, and my elderly aunt came down with a fever. Our train home wasn’t until the evening, and because she was ill (and I’d spoken with a particularly understanding staff member), the hotel allowed her to remain in the room until later that afternoon.

When my son was an infant, a kind hotel staff member at a boutique property in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, allowed us to remain in the room later than planned so he could nap in his crib before we embarked on a long international journey home.

If you have a good reason (and the staff is accommodating and occupancy rates allow for it), you may just get it.

Don’t Ask Too Early

Asking during the check-in process or a few days in advance may not help your case, though you can always do so. In most cases, staff don’t know if you can remain in the room until the day you’re checking out. At the earliest, they may find out the night before you’re scheduled to check out. When it comes to late checkout, last-minute, day-of requests may be more likely to be granted (assuming you don’t hold elite status, which I’ll dig into further below).

If there’s space to do so when you’re booking online, you may want to add a late checkout request there, too, so the hotel can see it on your reservation. You can also mention it upon checking in, but staff may ask you to ask again the morning of checkout.

Ask in Person

If you’re hurriedly tossing items into your suitcase and need an extra 20 minutes, a phone call to the front desk probably isn’t a big deal. But if you’re looking to spend longer in your room, it’s worth a chat at reception live and in person. A staff member is more likely to grant you a late checkout during a face-to-face conversation, especially if it’s a big ask, like remaining in the room for several additional hours. (Again, remember to be nice.)

Hot Tip:

Checking out late is an enjoyable perk, but so is early check-in. Here’s how to check-in early for your next hotel stay.

Get Late Checkout by Paying for It

AluaSoul Costa Malaga elevator late checkout cost
Hotels may offer late checkout for a fee. Image Credit: Ryan Smith

If you wish to remain in your hotel room significantly longer than the usual checkout time, you may have to pay for it.

Some hotels have policies that have specific pricing for late checkout (often based on hours), while some may charge day or half-day rates. If you’re really desperate for a late checkout but the hotel says it’s not possible, ask how much it costs to stay in the room longer. They may change their tune if you’re willing to pay.

Get Late Checkout by Holding Elite Status

This is probably the best and easiest way to get late checkout because, in some cases, you’re entitled to it as an elite status perk. Late checkout is often a perk awarded to brand loyalists, so if you’re after consistent late checkout with a particular brand, obtaining elite status might be worth it.

Just know that in most cases (even with top elite status holders), there are no guarantees, and this benefit is subject to availability unless explicitly guaranteed.

Below are some of the hotel loyalty programs that offer elite checkout for elite loyalty members. Do note that, unlike staying at hotels that don’t have loyalty programs (or for travelers who don’t hold elite status), elite status holders may have to request late checkout when they reserve the hotel or when they check-in. In most cases, checkout time is based on the elite membership tier or level.

Hot Tip:

Check out our guide to the best credit cards for complimentary hotel elite status!

Marriott Bonvoy

  • Marriott Bonvoy Silver Elite: Late checkout is based on availability. Call the front desk the morning of checkout to ask.
  • Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite: Status holders get a 2 p.m. late checkout. Call the front desk the morning of checkout to request.
  • Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite and above: These elite members have until 4 p.m. Request this when making a reservation through central reservations, at check-in, via the mobile app (where available), or at any time during a stay.
  • Not all Marriott locations offer late checkout for elite members. This benefit isn’t available at Marriott Vacation Club; Marriott Grand Residence Club; Sheraton Vacation Club; Westin Vacation Club; The Phoenician Residences, a Luxury Collection Residence Club, Scottsdale; Ritz-Carlton Reserve; or MGM Collection with Marriott Bonvoy.
Hot Tip:

IHG One Rewards

All IHG One Rewards loyalty program members, including Club Members, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, can request a 2 p.m. late checkout, though it is subject to availability. Certain IHG co-branded credit cards offer complimentary elite status, such as the IHG One Rewards Premier Credit Card, which offers Platinum Elite status. However, it only takes being a general Club Member to access the possibility of a 2 p.m. checkout. So when it comes to picking an IHG credit card, complimentary elite status awards you with many other perks but won’t help you further with late checkout.

Hilton Honors

Hilton doesn’t guarantee late checkout requests of any kind. The company website says that Hilton Honors members can request late checkout but that it’s subject to availability. It’s always worth asking at whatever Hilton hotel you’re staying at, as some individual Hilton properties may have their own structures for late checkout for holders of elite status.

World of Hyatt

World of Hyatt elite members have late checkout, subject to availability (and it may not be available at all Hyatt hotel and resort locations). Discoverists and Explorists may request a 2 p.m. checkout, and Globalists may request 4 p.m.

Hot Tip:

The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers cardholders complimentary World of Hyatt Discoverist status for as long as their account is open. Other benefits include elite night credits and a Category 1-4 free night certificate. As noted above, you get late checkout (subject to availability) with Hyatt Discoverist status.

Radisson Rewards

Radisson’s website states that “hotel policies regarding early check-in (generally before 2 p.m.) or late checkout (generally after 12 p.m.) vary by location and by hotel.” If you want to request a late checkout, the company advises that you call the hotel directly prior to your arrival to make any necessary arrangements. Direct hotel phone numbers can be found on your confirmation email or on the hotel information page.

If you hold either Premium or VIP Radisson Rewards elite status (the second and third out of 3 elite status tiers), you can request late checkout, which is subject to availability.

ALL – Accor Live Limitless

ALL has 5 elite status tiers: Classic (as soon as you join), Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members have access to late checkout.

Choice Privileges

Choice’s FAQ section explains the brand’s stance on late checkout:

Late checkout requests are at the hotel’s discretion and based on availability. They also are subject to a surcharge. Special consideration may be made for Elite Choice Privileges members requesting a late checkout time, but it isn’t guaranteed.”

Wyndham Rewards

Wyndham offers late checkout as a perk for its Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tier status members. It’s provided upon request and subject to availability. It’s best to ask for it at check-in.

Get Late Checkout by Having the Right Credit Cards

I already mentioned some credit cards that can indirectly lead to late checkout. Using a credit card to earn hotel elite status means you can benefit from programs that offer late checkout as a status perk. However, certain credit cards also offer access to hotel booking programs and platforms that allow you to book properties that offer late checkout as a benefit.

Amex: American Express Fine Hotels + Resorts

The following credit cards allow you to book hotels part of Fine Hotels + Resorts (FHR) via

Hotels that are part of Amex FHR offer cardholders the following benefits:

  • Room upgrade upon arrival (subject to availability)
  • Daily breakfast for 2 people
  • Noon check-in (subject to availability)
  • Guaranteed 4 p.m. late checkout
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • A unique property amenity valued at $100 (spa or food and beverage credit)

As you can see, this program is one of the few that allows guaranteed 4 p.m. checkout, meaning if you really want a guarantee you’ll be able to stay in your hotel room for longer, getting one of these cards to access FHR hotel bookings is a surefire way to get late checkout.

Chase: The Edit by Chase Travel

This freshly rebranded program offers the following cardholders benefits at hundreds of participating hotels:

These are the benefits cardholders can obtain when booking hotels through The Edit:

  • Daily breakfast for 2
  • $100 property credit (includes dining, spa, or other activities at the property)
  • Room upgrade at check-in, if available
  • Early check-in, late checkout, if available
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

While this program does offer late checkout, it’s subject to availability and doesn’t specify a time, so booking through this program may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a guaranteed late checkout or a specific time.

Capital One: Capital One Premier Collection

Cardholders of the following 2 cards can book Premier Collection hotels and vacation rentals on Capital One Travel:

Here are the benefits these Capital One Venture X cardholders get when booking a Premier Collection hotel:

  • 10X Capital One miles per $1 spent on Premier Collection bookings
  • $100 experience credit (varies by hotel)
  • Complimentary breakfast for 2
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Room upgrade (when available)
  • Early check-in and late checkout (when available)

When booking a Premier Collection vacation rental, Capital One Venture X cardholders get the following:

  • $100 experience credit for amenities, like in-home chef meals, prearrival groceries, mid-stay cleans, and more
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Early check-in and late checkout (when available)

Although late checkout is subject to availability, the fact that cardholders can obtain the benefit through both specific hotels and vacation rentals is great.

How Late Can You Really Check Out?

The latest posted available checkout time we’ve seen from hotel brands is usually 4 p.m. However, if you are paying an additional day rate, have an extenuating circumstance or good reason, or happen to chat with really amenable reception staff, we have heard reports of travelers vacating the room even later.

For example, Juan Ruiz, compliance editor and content contributor for Upgraded Points, was able to check out as late as 7 p.m. on a visit to the Park Hyatt Dubai, thanks to his Hyatt Globalist status.

Chris Hassan, social media and brand manager for Upgraded Points, is also a Hyatt Globalist. He was proactively offered a 7 p.m. checkout at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa because he had a late flight.

And the most generous late checkout we’ve heard of so far is from Upgraded Points contributor and Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite Ryan Smith. He was told, “Stay as long as you want” at the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal, because he had an 11 p.m. flight. (He also got to use his $100 on-property credit for booking through Amex FHR to charge his taxi rides to his room.)

However, in most cases, scoring a checkout time this late is rare, so if you’re planning to rely on late checkout, know that you may only have until 2 p.m. or 4 p.m. Or, you can always aim for Hyatt Globalist status and hope for the best!

Of course, late checkouts can go wrong, too. Upgraded Points contributor Dan Miller was at a London hotel that proactively offered him a 2 p.m. late checkout, only for housekeeping to walk in on him in the room and his key cards to stop working. Know that sometimes when you get a late checkout, you will need to stop at reception for a new key.

What To Do if You Can’t Get Late Checkout

Hotel Lobby
If you can’t score late checkout, you can always hang out in the hotel lobby. Image Credit: Cloris Ying via Unsplash

Almost all hotels offer a safe space for you to store your luggage and go about your day. Many also will allow you to enjoy the hotel’s facilities — things like the pool, lounge, lobby, gym, or other common areas.

You could also consider booking a hotel room for day use only, though you will have to pay for this. Some hotels also have courtesy rooms where you can book a time to return to the hotel and access a room for an allotted period of time where you can have a quick shower or refresh before picking up your bags or heading to the airport.

Final Thoughts

Late checkout is almost never fully guaranteed and is usually subject to availability. If you’re hoping to get a late checkout, you might want to consider applying for some of the credit cards mentioned, obtaining hotel elite status, or even asking nicely so that you’ll be able to stay in your room just a little bit longer.

However, it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B in case you can’t get a late checkout, as you can never fully predict hotel occupancy or other factors that may come into play.

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The information regarding the J.P. Morgan Reserve Card was independently collected by Upgraded Points and not provided nor reviewed by the issuer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a late checkout from a hotel?

Request a late checkout by adding it to your online reservation, calling the hotel ahead of time, asking during check-in, asking the night before checkout, or asking the morning of checkout. You can ask at any time, but your request may not be granted (or declined) until the day of or the night before when the staff knows if the hotel is at full occupancy or not.

How do I get guaranteed late checkout?

The only program that guarantees late checkout is booking via Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts using a credit card such as the Amex Platinum card. Elite status holders, such as Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite members, can usually get late checkout, but it’s not guaranteed.

Is late checkout subject to availability?

Late checkout is almost always subject to availability, except in the case of booking via Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts, which guarantees this perk.

What happens if you check out of a hotel late?

Usually, hotels have a grace period for checkout. If you’re running a bit late, it’s always a courteous plan to call the front desk and explain that you need a few more minutes. Likewise, if you’ve already talked to your hotel and been granted late checkout, you would simply check out of the room at the time the hotel offered to you (or before).

If you’re running extremely late past your allotted checkout time, the hotel may charge you. If you refuse to vacate the room, the hotel has the right to involve the police.

Do hotels allow late checkout?

Late checkout is a benefit that some hotels offer upon request and subject to availability. Late checkout policies may vary by hotel brand or individual property. The best way to understand a hotel’s late checkout policy is to call and ask ahead of time.

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