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Moxy NYC East Village [In-depth Review]

Daniel Ross's image
Daniel Ross
Daniel Ross's image

Daniel Ross

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Daniel has loved aviation and travel his entire life. He earned a Master of Science in Air Transport Management and has written about travel and aviation in publications like Simple Flying, The Points...
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Accommodation prices in New York are not for the faint of heart — especially for people like my dad.

Despite that, you can stay in Manhattan without having to take out a loan or sell your car (or give your dad a heart attack).

The trick is to be open and flexible when doing your search.

So, when my first long-haul international trip after travel opened up again earlier in 2022 would take me to New York, I was determined to stay in a points hotel that wasn’t going to break the bank.

I knew I wanted to be somewhere around the East Village to have more of an authentic New York experience rather than being slap bang in the middle of tourist bedlam.

That’s when I came across Moxy NYC East Village and stopped my search.

Hotel Location

If you’ve been there and done that in New York, then the Moxy is the hotel for you.

Just 3 blocks southeast of Union Square, the hotel is perfectly located to be able to enjoy both the local neighborhood as well as some of the sites should you want to get a couple of classic New York selfies.

Hot Tip: For the best of the best, check out our ultimate travel guide to New York City, featuring the best things to do, see, and enjoy!


It’s no secret that a trip to the Big Apple doesn’t come cheap, no matter whether you’re visiting from the U.S. or abroad.

Despite what you might think, Manhattan does indeed have a well-located, high-quality, hotel for all budgets: Moxy East Village.

For 3 nights on a room-only rate in one of the hotel’s Queen Guest Rooms — the hotel’s main room type — it cost me $699 (~$233 per night).

I was certain that I’d gotten an excellent value for my money even before my stay. This was confirmed by the experience I had during my 3 nights at the hotel. Additionally, check out our guide on the best credit cards for Marriott Bonvoy loyalists to see which card would be best for you.

Checking In

I arrived at the hotel around 10 p.m. on a cold February night after an amazing flight with JetBlue from London Heathrow (LHR).

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café hotel entry
Stairs down to reception.

Check-in was quick and smooth and I was on my way to my room within a few minutes.

One thing to note if you’re a Marriott Bonvoy elite is that there are no room upgrades available at Moxy East Village, as each of the 173 rooms is exactly the same room type.

Moxy East Village hotel reception
The hotel check-in and reception.

Guests also had the option of using the self-check-in desks.

Moxy East Village self check in
Self-check-in desks.


The Gym

If you’ve read any of my previous hotel reviews, then you’ll know that I’m often disappointed by hotel gyms. Unfortunately, Moxy East Village has been added to that growing list.

The stack of weights and single bench in the corner were the only pieces of resistance and weight lifting equipment.

Moxy East Village gym
Cardio and weights equipment.

As for cardio, there were 3 treadmills and 2 cross-trainers. You’ll also spot the signature Moxy bike in pink.

Moxy East Village gym cardio machines
More cardio equipment and workout mats.

To keep hydrated while working out, there was an ice and water machine just outside the door.

Moxy East Village gym ice machine and towels
Ice and a water machine were available, along with towels.

Opposite the ice machine was the “Oh shit, I forgot something” machine, which would come in handy for last-minute packers like me.

Moxy East Village forgot something vending machine
The “Oh shit, I forgot something” vending machine.

The gym at the Moxy was average at best … I’ll give it a 4/10.

The Room

The dazzling lights and mirrors of the elevator up to my 10th-floor room were just the attack on the senses I needed to help me through the jetlag that was setting in hard.

Moxy East Village inside elevator
Bright lights, big elevator.

I liked that the corridor to the rooms felt more like an apartment block than a hotel.

Moxy East Village corridor
The corridor on the 10th floor.


Small hotel rooms (and apartments for that matter) in New York are commonplace, so I wasn’t shocked when I opened the door and saw pretty much the entire room at first glance.

Moxy East Village bedroom
Welcome to a room at the Moxy East Village.

The Moxy East Village is no exception to New York’s tiny living space rule. However, the way that every nook and cranny of the space was used for functionality and practicality made the small size insignificant.

One such example is that instead of lots of cupboard and drawer space, hooks were strategically placed along a wall for hanging up items like jackets, bags, or clothes on hangers.

Moxy East Village bedroom sink and wall hangings
Hooks for extra storage.

On the last hook was a clipboard announcing the weekly events taking place at each of the hotel’s hospitality venues.

Moxy East Village bedroom upcoming events
Keeping you in the know.

The bed was tucked up flush against the window and right-hand wall with just enough room at the foot of the bed for the TV unit. Some might say too small … I say cozy.

Moxy East Village bedroom bed
The bed with a nighttime view.

I was barely even in my room, but it would have been a nice place to snuggle up and watch a film on a cold winter’s night. Though, thinking about it, that’s not at all what anyone comes to New York for.

The only semblance of a wardrobe was a narrow section to the left of the TV. I’ll hold my hands up and say that I did not unpack for this 3-night stay.

For those who like to work from or eat in bed, there was a handy fold-away mini table for doing exactly so.

Moxy East Village bedroom bed and tv
TV, small wardrobe space, and fold-away table.

When looking out the window during the day, there’s absolutely no mistaking where you are.

Hot Tip: It’s always worth sending an email to the hotel after you’ve made your reservation to make extra requests for high or low floors, and the specific view you’d like (so long as it’s not a higher category room).

Moxy East Village bedroom bed view by day
The view from the bed by day.

Directly opposite my room was a United States Postal Service depot that produced enough early morning noise to wake me up. Thankfully, the windows drowned the sound out enough when closed that I was able to get back to sleep with no problem.

I realize I could have used the air conditioner, but I prefer fresh air rather than using A.C., if possible.

Next door you’ll also find Webster Hall, making Moxy East Village an ideal hotel to stay in if you’re heading to a show.

Moxy East Village bedroom view
United States Postal Service and Webster Hall.

I found the large armchair and swivel desk to be another great use of the small space in the room — especially given that remote working is taking over.

Moxy East Village bedroom workspace and graffiti wall
From bed to office in 1 step.

This is definitely a staged photo, but as you can see, the space works well as a make-shift office. Oh, and that phone you see on the wall will play you a bedtime story if you struggle to get to sleep. Cool, right?

Moxy East Village bedroom workspace
Remote working made easy.

Another space-saving technique was putting the sink inside the bedroom where you’d typically find the built-in wardrobe in similar-sized hotel rooms.

Moxy East Village bedroom sink
The bedroom (not bathroom) sink.

Under the sink were more towels, a clothes steamer, and a hairdryer.

Moxy East Village bedroom undersink storage
Under-sink amenities.


The bathroom was small and simple, but perfectly practical.

The shower unit featured the ever-popular matte black finish shower head and soap dish.

In true space-saving style, the towels were tucked neatly into a matte black towel rail above the toilet.

Moxy East Village bathroom
The compact and practical bathroom.

As per every Moxy I’ve stayed in (and that’s a few), both the hair and body wash and conditioner are by Muk.

Moxy East Village bathroom shower amenities
Muk amenities.

One thing’s for sure, while Moxy isn’t by any means classed as a luxury Marriott brand, nothing about the room felt cheap. In fact, I caught up with Leo Glazer — the hotel’s manager — who spoke proudly of the high-quality materials they used and that lessons from the 2 other NYC Moxys (Moxy NYC Times Square and Moxy NYC Downtown) are what gives Moxy East Village its edge.

Food and Beverage

Moxy East Village prides itself on the quality of its hospitality outlets — and with good reason. I was impressed by each: Alphabet Bar & Café, Cathédrale Bar & Restaurant, and The Ready. So much so, that I’ve since recommended them to East Village and New York locals who’ve been equally impressed as I was.

Alphabet Bar & Café

Opening Hours

  • Sunday to Monday: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Tuesday to Saturday: 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.

The space is wrapped around the entire main ground floor level of the hotel and is split into café, lounge, bar, and outside sections.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café entrance
Café entrance to Alphabet Bar & Café

I rated the quality of the Alphabet Café’s coffee that I started my day with each morning.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café
Alphabet Café.

I somehow resisted the temptation of the sweet treats that were on display.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café cookies and pastires
Sugary temptations.

I did try the Cafe d’Avignon drip coffee that was free for hotel guests, but it didn’t get the thumbs up from my very particular taste buds.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café self serve drip coffee
Free drip coffee for hotel guests.

Following around from the café was a large room with an abundance of comfy sofas and armchairs.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café cosy seating
Lounging zone.

As an avid would-like-to-read-more reader, I was happy to see this mini library of books, curated by The Strand, available for guests to borrow.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café book trolley
Bookworms rejoice.

In true Moxy style, guests could make use of this old-school record player.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café vinyl
Spin that vinyl.

In a corner of the lounge was an arcade game and a photo booth — another fun Moxy touch.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café seating and games
Arcade machine and photo booth.

Following through past the arcade machine to the left (and past my favorite swing seats), you get to the main hotel bar.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café more seating
Seating by the bar.

The lobby and bar area is a cozy place to sit in the evening with the lights down low and the music up high.

If you’re old and grumpy like me, then you might find the music a bit intense if you need to get work done during the day.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café bar
The bar at Alphabet Bar & Café.

Back around by the café was also a dedicated meeting area that could be made more private by pulling across the curtains.

Moxy East Village Alphabet Bar Café meeting space
Meeting space.

Cathédrale Bar & Restaurant

Opening Hours

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday to Friday: 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Saturday: 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Sunday: 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Downstairs in the basement of the hotel is Cathédrale Bar & Restaurant.

Moxy East Village Cathédrale entrance
Entrance to Cathédrale.

To get to the main dining area, you walk through the bar, which has classic bar-style seating, as well as booths.

Moxy East Village Cathédrale bar seating
Cathédrale Bar.

I pitched up here early one evening to round off some work with a side of happy hour Champagne.

My worry that $8 per glass of Champagne, $4 for “bites,” and $2 for oysters was too good to be true was confirmed when I noticed my server pouring Prosecco into my glass.

After politely pointing out that this wasn’t the advertised Champagne before she poured my second glass, she winked at me and didn’t make the same mistake again.

Moxy East Village Cathédrale working at the bar
WFB: Working from the bar.

Fun fact: The super-high 30-foot ceilings were a purpose-made design feature of the building. Given that regulations stopped the planners from building up, they dug down into the ground instead.

Moxy East Village Cathédrale
A ceiling so high you can’t even see it.

I imagine the cozy surroundings and atmosphere of Cathédrale would make an ideal place for a date. Any takers for next time I’m in town?

Moxy East Village Cathédrale booth seating
Cathédrale booth seating.

Later when I came back for dinner, the restaurant was jam-packed — clearly a hit with locals and guests of the Moxy alike.

Moxy East Village Cathédrale full of diners
It’s always a good sign when the restaurant is full on a weekday night.

As you’d expect from a restaurant named Cathédrale (pronounced in my best French accent), the menu had a distinct French theme. However, if you know your French, you’ll know that while “entrée” in American English means main course, in French it means “starter.”

Moxy East Village Cathédrale menu
The menu at Cathédrale

I dined with fellow Upgraded Points writer Jarrod West, and we both decided we wanted to eat the exact same thing. We went for the Faroe Island Salmon with a side of broccoli and wild mushrooms and washed it down with a gin and tonic (or two).

Moxy East Village Cathédrale salmon
One of the most delicious salmon filets I’ve ever eaten.

While the food wasn’t cheap, the excellent quality, quantity, and flavor of our meals meant that it was certainly value for money.

There was another dining area at the opposite end of the restaurant with a glass ceiling.

Moxy East Village Cathédrale outside/inside seating
Dining under the stars is also possible.

If you’re celebrating an occasion or simply have a couple dozen friends, you can also rent out this private dining area.

Moxy East Village Cathédrale private dining
Cathédrale private dining.

Little Sister Lounge

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday, and Thursday through Saturday: 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.

The ground beneath the hotel is also home to Little Sister — an exclusive bar and lounge.

While it’s in the same building, Little Sister is independently owned by Tao Group and entry is not automatically granted just because you’re a guest of the hotel.

I know this because I was politely informed by a hotel staffer before finding out the hard way and getting rejected for not being East Village cool enough to get in.

If anyone can get me in next time I’m in Manhattan, then drinks (a drink) are on me.

The Ready

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Saturday to Sunday: 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Head from the bottom all the way up to the top, and you’ll find The Ready — the hotel’s rooftop bar.

When I say it’s a vibe, I mean it’s a vibe. Even in the cold of winter, the bar was a bustling social hive of activity on the evening I visited. The picture below was taken when I was being shown around the property by Leo.

Moxy East Village The Ready entrance
It’s a strict no-work zone at The Ready.

When the sun is shining, the roof opens up to turn the space into a proper open-air rooftop. I’ll look forward to making it back here in the warmer months.

Moxy East Village The Ready Empire State views
No New York rooftop is complete without views of the Empire State Build.

When hunger strikes after one-too-many margs, the food stand is on hand.

Moxy East Village The Ready food stand
For when you need something to soak up the drinks.

The vibrant colors, slightly wacky design, and the flamboyance of flamingos make for a New York rooftop hangout like no other.

Moxy East Village The Ready Rooftop
Flamingos take first prize for their collective noun.


I value staff interactions and service so much so that they can be a deal-breaker for how good my experience was all together.

My stay at the Moxy was a rare exception to that rule in that other than with Leo, the hotel’s General Manager, I had so few interactions with other staffers that I didn’t get anyone else’s name, which is unusual for me.

That said, this is in no way a criticism of the hotel and its staff. It was more owing to the fact that New York is not a city where I tend to spend much time in a hotel — stays here are far more transactional and function as a place to get some sleep at night.

Final Thoughts

As always, the question I pose myself at the end of a hotel stay: Would I stay here again?

Yes, absolutely. Having stayed at several Moxys around the world, New York’s Moxy East Village property has made its way to the number 1 spot.

Marriott’s Moxy brand can often get pooh-poohed by the luxury-loving points and miles aficionados out there. However, if all you need is a modern, clean, and relatively well-priced place to spend the night, then a stay at a Moxy is really all you need.

The clever use of space in the bedroom meant that it didn’t feel cramped, even though it was small, the food and beverage options were exceptional for a New York hotel, and the location meant I was only a few minutes’ walk from the many cafés, bars, and restaurants of the East Village.

If you want a value-for-money stay in Manhattan, look no further than Moxy East Village.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Moxy East Village open?

Moxy East Village opened in September 2019 but still feels so new given most of its time open was during the worst of the pandemic.

Who owns Moxy East Village?

Moxy East Village is a Marriott-owned hotel.

What time is checkout at Moxy East Village?

Checkout is at 12 p.m.

Does Moxy East Village have a restaurant onsite?

Yes. There are excellent onsite food and beverage outlets: Alphabet Bar & Café, Cathédrale, and The Ready Rooftop Bar.

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About Daniel Ross

Daniel has loved aviation and travel his entire life. He earned a Master of Science in Air Transport Management and has written about travel and aviation in publications like Simple Flying, The Points Guy, and more.


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