WOW Air Baggage Fees & How to Avoid Paying Them!

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WOW Air is following the trend of many airlines by offering reduced baggage fees when you book your trip online.

However, there’s a caveat: baggage costs increase if you wait to purchase a bag allowance until after making your reservation!

Your baggage fees will also depend greatly on the type of WOW air ticket/fare you purchase.

It’s important to note that with the basic fare, WOW charges a non-refundable, non-transferable fee for carry-on bags. The maximum weight for a checked bag is also lower than average at 44 lbs (instead of the usual 50 lbs).

So consider your packing strategy and how many bags you want/need to take with you before booking to save the most money!

Baggage Allowance Per WOW Air Fare Types

WOW air provides 4 fare options, each with their own specific baggage allowance:

WOW basicWOW plusWOW comfyWOW premium
1 Personal Item1 Personal Item
1 Carry-on
1 Checked Bag
1 Personal Item
1 Carry-on
1 Checked Bag
1 Personal Item
1 Carry-on
2 Checked Bags

WOW Carry-On Allowance

Personal item: FREE (regardless of fare type)

Carry-On item: Prices vary depending on fare purchased and route.

Here is the general range you’re likely to see; for your specific route, please use WOW’s official calculator here.

  • Online price during booking: $44.99 – $54.99
  • Online price after booking: $54.99 – $64.99
  • Price at check-in desk: $59.99 – $69.99
  • Price at the gate: $99.99*

*Carry-on bag change fee: If your carry-on exceeds the maximum size allowed for the cabin, you can change it to a checked bag at the counter for $30. If you wait until you get to the gate to find out it’s too large to carry-on, you’ll be in bigger trouble!

In addition to the above items, you can also board the aircraft with 1 duty-free shopping bag.

Hot Tip: If you’re paying at the check-in counter, be aware of WOW’s no cash policy: “Cash is not accepted as a form of payment for baggage allowance and other services at the check-in counter.”

Size Restrictions: 

  • Personal item: 17 x 13 x 10 in (22 lbs)
  • Carry-on item: 22 x 18 x 10 in (26 lbs)

Lap Infant Carry-On Policy:

  • Infants have baggage allowance for 1 small bag/item (42 x 32 x 25 cm)

Stroller Check Policy: 

  • Strollers are carried free of charge for children. However, WOW has a restriction of only 1 free item per ticket. If you need to take more items with you, charges for special equipment will apply.

WOW Checked Baggage Allowance

All checked bags can have a maximum weight of 44lbs and maximum linear dimensions of 158cm combined (suitcases exceeding 158cm will not be accepted).

The prices for a checked bag vary depending on the fare you purchased (see table above), and your route.

We’ve listed the general range of prices you’re most likely to find, but again: for exact pricing on your specific route, please use WOW’s official calculator here.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd bags each (non-refundable, non-transferable):

  • Online price during booking: $54.99 – $69.99
  • Online price after booking: $62.99 – $79.99*
  • Price at check-in desk: $69.99 – $89.99
  • Price at gate: $99.99

*If baggage is added via the call center after initial booking, an added service fee of $17.99 per guest, per flight, per leg will apply.

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Additional/Excess Baggage Fees

Additional Bags: Max of 3 bags; additional baggage over 3 pieces is not allowed

Overweight: $19.99 per kg (up to 70lbs/32kg)

Oversized: Normal suitcases over 158cm will not be accepted. Per WOW’s policy, “odd-size” and not “normal” baggage can be carried for an additional fee per leg of the journey. This fee will depend on the item, size, and route.

For baggage fees related to special luggage (sporting equipment, musical instruments, etc.) please refer to WOW’s policy here.

Exclusions & Waivers

WOW Air does not have a frequent flyer program, so there’s no opportunity to get around baggage fees that way. Additionally, WOW air does not currently offer an exclusion or waiver for active duty military.

For more information on WOW air, including fare breakdowns, amenities, seat specs, customer satisfaction, safety, and more — hop on over to our Wow airline review.


Does WOW air include baggage?

Whether or not baggage is included on WOW air depends on which fare type you have purchased. WOW provides 4 (yes, FOUR) different types of fares for customers to choose from when booking a ticket.

WOW basic: no baggage included (not even a carry-on)
WOW plus: 1 carry-on, 1 checked bag included
WOW comfy: 1 carry-on, 1 checked bag included
WOW premium: 1 carry-on, 2 checked bags included

How much does WOW charge for baggage?

The answer is highly dependent on the fare you purchased, your route, when you purchase your allowance (at initial booking vs. at the airport), and what type of bag you’re asking about (carry-on or checked).

If your bags are not included in your ticketed fare, you can expect to pay anywhere from $45-$100 for a carry-on bag, and $55-$100 for a checked bag that’s within their regulations. Expect to pay additional fees for overweight or oversized/odd-shaped luggage.


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