Sam’s Club Mastercard & Sam’s Club Store Credit Card Review – Everything You Need to Know

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Wholesale clubs can help shoppers save money on groceries and other necessities. But do their store-branded credit cards offer savings? What benefits do they offer, and are they worth it?

This in-depth review examines the Sam’s Club® Mastercard® and Sam’s Club® Store Credit Card, considering rewards, fees, APR, features, and more.

Sam’s Club Credit Cards at a Glance

Sam’s Club CardSam’s Club Store Card
  • 5% cash-back* on gas for the first $6,000 annually, then 1%
  • 3% cash-back* on dining and travel
  • 1% cash-back* on all other purchases
  • Use wherever Mastercard is accepted
  • No rewards
  • Use ONLY at Sam’s Club or Walmart
Annual fee$0$0
APR14.90% variable (account type 1)
22.90% variable (account type 2)
14.90% variable (account type 1)
22.90% variable (account type 2)
Late FeeUp to $40Up to $40

* For this program, “cash-back” comes in the form of Cash-Back Rewards, not true cash-back. 

There are 2 Sam’s Club branded credit cards: the Sam’s Club card and the Sam’s Club Store card (or personal credit card). Both cards are issued by Synchrony Bank.

While there is no annual fee for these cards, cardholders must be a Sam’s Club member to apply. It costs $45 for an annual Sam’s Club membership.

The BIG difference between these cards is that you can earn rewards with the Mastercard, but you don’t have an option for rewards with the store card.

Sign-Up Bonus Offer

Both Sam’s Club credit cards typically offer a sign-up bonus.

An example of a bonus is that if you open a Sam’s Club card or Sam’s Club Store card and use your new account to make Sam’s Club purchases totaling $45 or more (excluding cash advances, gift card sales, alcohol, tobacco, and pharmacy purchases) within 30 days of the date of account opening, you will receive a one time$45 credit within 90 days after the qualifying purchases are made.

Benefits of the Sam’s Club Credit Cards

Sam’s Club CardSam’s Club Store Card
Earn 5% cash-back on gas anywhere Mastercard is accepted (on first $6,000 per year, then 1%)X
Earn 3% cash-back on dining and travelX
Earn 1% cash-back on purchases at Sam’s Club and wherever Mastercard is acceptedX
Acceptance at all Sam’s Club and Walmart locations nationwideXX
No annual feeXX
Online account access at
Doubles as your membership cardXX

Sam’s Club Card

Sam's Club Mastercard
Image Credit: Sam’s Club

With the Sam’s Club card, cardholders can earn several rewards.

  • 5% cash-back on gas*
  • 3% cash-back on dining
  • 3% cash-back on travel
  • 1% cash-back on all other purchases

*Cash-back on gas applies for the first $6,000 spent per year, then cardholders receive 1% cash-back on all subsequent gas purchases. The 5% cash-back rewards exclude purchases made at fuel stations of wholesale clubs other than Sam’s Club, certain supercenters, and supermarkets.

Cash-back on dining, travel, and all other purchases excludes purchases made at any wholesale clubs other than Sam’s Club.

Cardholders only earn 1% cash-back on all in-store purchases at Sam’s Club and Walmart. With minimal in-store rewards value, there are better credit cards available to maximize rewards for in-store purchases (see the Alternative Rewards Credit Cards section below).

Also notable: the maximum cash-back amount you can earn per calendar year is $5,000

Hot Tip: Cash-back rewards are issued starting in February of the following year and are automatically loaded onto the primary Sam’s Club member’s membership account.

Cash-back rewards that aren’t redeemed will expire as of the date listed on the reward notification. Additionally, rewards are forfeited if the member’s account is not in “good standing,” if the member is more than 2 months delinquent on the minimum payment, or if the Sam’s Club membership has lapsed or terminated.

Sam’s Club Store Card

Sam's Club Store Card
Image Credit: Sam’s Club

The Sam’s Club Store card earns no rewards and can only be used on purchases made at Sam’s Club or Walmart stores (excluding and Walmart gas stations). If you want to earn rewards on purchases at Walmart, check out our Walmart credit card review.

Additional Sam’s Club Card Features

The Sam’s Club card and Sam’s Club Store card offer special features including:

  • 1-card convenience since your credit card is your membership card
  • Special financing/promotional offers
  • $0 fraud liability
  • Enhanced security via smart chip technology
  • Online account management
  • Mastercard ID theft protection services (*Sam’s Club card only)

A Note About Special Financing

Both the Sam’s Club card and Sam’s Club Store card have specific terms and conditions related to special financing. As a cardholder, if you’re going to utilize this benefit you want to pay close attention to the terminology used.

There is a significant difference between “no interest for 6 months” and “no interest if paid in full within 6 months.”

No interest for 6/12/18/24/36/48 months:

  • When you make a qualifying purchase, no interest applies to the purchase during the promotional period, but minimum monthly payments are still required
  • After the promotional period ends, regular account terms will apply to the promotional purchases
  • Purchases made outside of the promotional offer are subject to regular account terms

No interest if paid in full within 6/12/18/24/36/48 months:

  • IF PAID IN FULL is the key phrase here — this is called deferred interest and it can mean hefty fees if you’re not careful
  • When you make a qualifying purchase, no interest will be applied IF you pay your promotional balance IN FULL within the promotional period; if you DO NOT pay the balance in full, the interest will be applied to the balance all the way back to the date of purchase
  • Minimum monthly payments are required
  • After the promotional period ends, regular account terms will apply to the promotional purchases
  • Purchases made outside of the promotional offer are subject to regular account terms

Fees and Drawbacks of the Sam’s Club Credit Cards

While there are many benefits to the Sam’s Club card, including the lofty cash-back rewards offers, it’s important to remember all credit cards come with fees and drawbacks.

The easiest way to avoid these is to be a consistently responsible cardholder. You should pay your balance in full every month. If you can’t pay it in full, the next best option is to pay as much as you can, leaving as small a balance as possible. You should always make at least the minimum payment.

Sam’s Club CardSam’s Club Store Card
Annual fee$0$0
Purchase and quick cash advance APR14.90% variable (account type 1)
22.90% variable (account type 2)
14.90% variable (account type 1)
22.90% variable (account type 2)
Cash advance APR19.9% variable (account type 1)
25.9% variable (account type 2)
Cash advance fee$5 or 3% of the amount of each cash advance (whichever is greater) N/A
 Late feeUp to $40 Up to $40

With Sam’s Club credit cards, your given APR percentage depends on which account type you receive. Account type 1 is generally reserved for applicants with better credit scores. Account type 2 is generally for applicants with lower credit scores that still meet the minimum score required for issuance.

The APRs range from pretty average for a rewards card (for account type 1) to high (for account type 2). However, the APRs can add up, especially if you often carry a balance.

As mentioned previously, the cash-back rewards from the Sam’s Club card are not true cash-back. The rewards come in the form of an automatic credit to the member’s account and can only be used for Sam’s Club purchases — both in-store and online.

Alternatively, other cash-back credit cards typically give you your cash-back every month.

And there is a massive drawback to the Sam’s Club Store card: it only works at Sam’s Club or Walmart, and it isn’t valid at Walmart gas stations or

Alternative Rewards Credit Cards (Our Recommendations)

You can maximize your cash-back by using the Sam’s Club card for gas, dining, and travel purchases to earn bonus cash-back, and select a different credit card that offers a cash-back earning rate higher than 1% for in-store purchases.

Alternatively, if you love to travel (or would like to travel more!) you could sign up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card which is arguably the best travel rewards card on the market.

The current sign up bonus is worth $1,000 when the points are used for travel expenses (flights, hotels, etc.) through Chase’s travel portal.

You will earn 1 point per $1 spent on everyday purchases as well as 2 points per $1 spent on ALL dining and travel purchases.

Remember, the points you’ll be earning with this card are extremely valuable, but only when used correctly!

Bottom Line: If you’d like some other suggestions, check out our list of the best credit card to use at Sam’s Club.

Applying for a Sam’s Club Credit Card

There are 2 ways to apply for a Sam’s Club credit card. Members can either apply online or in-store at their local club. Members must sign in or create an online account with their Sam’s Club membership to apply online.

Some applicants may be approved instantly (there are many other instant approval cards as well). However, other applications may require further review, resulting in a waiting period of 7 to 10 days.

Generally, a “good” credit score is necessary to secure a Sam’s Club credit card. Some individuals have reported approval with scores in the upper “fair” range.

Sam’s Club Log-in and Online Account Management

Sams Club Online Account
Image Credit: Sam’s Club

Cardholders have the option to manage their credit card account online by logging in at the Sam’s Club online account portal.

Once logged in, members have the opportunity to:

  • Access account information
  • View electronic statements
  • Sign up for paperless statements
  • Make statement payments
  • Sign up for account alerts
  • Request a credit line increase

Final Thoughts

The Sam’s Club card provides generous cash-back benefits. With 5% on gas, 3% on dining and travel, and 1% on most other purchases, it could be a decent option for your wallet if you’re going the cash-back route.

However, keep in mind that you must be a Sam’s Club member (with a $45 annual membership fee) to apply for a card and retain your benefits.

You can only get your cash-back rewards once per calendar year, and the program doesn’t offer true cash-back. This is a big drawback for those who want to take advantage of their rewards quickly or utilize their cash-back in any way they choose.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a travel rewards credit card or a card to help you earn more points and miles, this is not the card for you.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Sam's Club credit card a good card?

That depends on which card you’re referring to and which rewards strategy you prefer.

The Sam’s Club card is generally considered a good card for earning cash-back rewards, with higher than average reward percentages in certain categories. Cardholders earn 5% cash-back on gas (up to $6,000 per year then 1%), 3% on dining and travel, and 1% on all other purchases.

It’s important to note these cash-back rewards are only issued once per year for the previous calendar year and can only be redeemed in a Sam’s Club store.

Is the Sam's Club credit card easy to get?

In general, reports state applicants need a “good” credit score (700+) in order to be approved for a Sam’s Club credit card. However, while not the norm, some individuals have reported approval with scores in the top of the “fair” range.

To learn more about what makes a “good” or “bad” credit score and it’s important, check out our in-depth guide here.

Who issues the Sam's Club credit card?

Both the Sam’s Club card and Sam’s Club Store card are issued by Synchrony Bank.

Can my Sam's Club credit card be used at Walmart?

Your Sam’s Club card can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted.

The Sam’s Club Store card can be used at Walmart, but it CANNOT be used at or Walmart gas stations.

Where can I pay my Sam's Club credit card?

You can pay your Sam’s Club credit card in a number of ways:

  • in the online account portal
  • in person at your local Sam’s Club Member Services desk or at any Sam’s Club/Walmart register
  • by phone by calling the number on the back of your card
  • by mail to the payment address shown on your billing statement

How do I cancel my Sam's Club credit card?

The most efficient way to cancel your Sam’s Club credit card is to call the customer service phone number listed on the back of your card.

What is the Sam's Club credit card phone number?

For the Sam’s Club card, the contact phone numbers are as follows:
Website Help: 866-221-1126; Credit Services: 866-220-0254

For the Sam’s Club Store card, the contact phone numbers are as follows:
Website Help: 800-417-8321; Credit Services: 800-964-1917

You can find additional Sam’s Club related contact information here.

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  1. I want to get an app so that I can check my balance on both my Synchrony accounts. Could you please tell me which app that would be. I can check it online, but the app I downloaded kept tell me it can’t find me. I entered my account number and the same password that I use online. Can you assist me?


  2. I do not recommend the Sam’s Club MasterCard. I know that Sam’s Club (or Walmart) does not own the card, but is in a licensing agreement with the bank to issue the card. My issue is that you are at the mercy of the bank and their policies. Example is that I currently have a card (and not for very long into the future). My due date is the 3rd of the month. I made a payment using my bank’s bill pay (an EFT). The bank did not post my payment until the 4th of the next month and hit me with a late fee. Because of this, I will be cancelling the Sam’s Club MasterCard, cancelling my membership at Sam’s Club, joining Costco. I might even report the bank’s actions to the CFPB…


  3. I have a Sams Club card and enjoy it…. but think twice about the Costco credit card – they are always changing credit card companies. First, they had Citibank then Amex and they’re thinking of changing to BofA or Chase. Also, remember the fees they charge for membership plus late store openings and early closings of Costco.


  4. This review is outdated – you no longer receive a check for “cash back.” In fact, cash back no longer exists. You can only redeem your reward for merchandise in Sam’s Club and only at the register by the primary cardholder.


    • Thanks so much for the heads up, Vann – we’ll amend this article with the most up to date info ASAP!


      • Jeff Jordan March 9, 2019

        I just redeemed my rewards at Sam’s club for cash. The only change this year is they don’t send you a check but apply your rewards balance to your card.


        • Hi Jeff, just to clarify, which credit card do you have and was your cash-back applied as a rewards balance to your Sam’s Club account or to your credit card? Thanks!


          • Jeff Jordan March 9, 2019

            I have the Sam’s Club MasterCard and was able to redeem my rewards for cash the same as cashing the check there last year.

          • “redeem for cash” meaning the cash came through as a statement credit on your Mastercard? Or cash that you can only use at Sam’s Club? Just want to get this straight so we’re giving people the optimal info here! Thanks so much for your time! 🙂

          • Jeff Jordan March 9, 2019

            What I meant was I received real cash in hand just like cashing a check at the bank. I had the option to apply it to my account or use on future Sam’s Club purchases according to the letter I received.

          • Thanks so much Jeff! Really appreciate the info — we’ll get the piece updated accordingly! 🙂

          • Hello Erin. Every year I go into the nearest store and redeem my rewards for cash. After reading this comment earlier this year I was going to correct the statement made by Vann Jones. However, I decided to wait for this years reward to make sure that I was providing accurate information. Last week I went in to my nearest store and redeemed my statement rewards for cash. To be clear, I walked out of the store with dollars to spend anywhere and anyway I wanted. The only downside to the reward redemption is having to wait to do it once a year.

          • Thanks for the confirmation Chuck! We’re hearing this from a couple of readers and are working on getting the content here updated accordingly! 🙂

          • Thanks for this Todd – we appreciate the extra confirmation and are working to update the piece as we speak!

      • All of this is outdated. You show your membership at the end of the year, they look up your earned cash back (mine was $650) and hand you dollar bills to equal that amount and use as you choose. This has been the case as long as I’ve had the card. I wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise. But it pays more cash back than any other card cash back card I’ve had.


    • Katherine Channing February 28, 2019

      I’m wondering who investigates the cash back rewards balance? Curious.


      • Each credit card statement reports your starting reward balance and the amount you earned during the month in the 5%, 3%, and 1% categories. You are provided enough information to monitor your own balance for inaccuracies. I have never had to dispute an inaccurate reward balance.


    • Cynthia williams January 15, 2020

      They still do cash back you just have to go into the store and tell desk that you want cash. I got over $300 in cash last February.


    • Actually you can apply the cash back to your credit card balance but that payment won’t satisfy your monthly payment. Still a nice perk. Use cash back to negate interest on card or purchase items in club with cash back.make purchase on card elsewhere and use cash back to pay for purchase. You do have to go to club to redeem to card or use cash back in club. Or you can take the cash and put it in your pocket. Just figure by the end of February it will be available.


  5. Hector Calderon February 12, 2019

    When do I receive my cash back this year?


    • Hi Hector – the only information Sam’s Cash Back Rewards terms & conditions give is that rewards are “issued each February for the Cash Back earned during the previous calendar year”. They do not specify a date.

      We suggest you call Sam’s Club Member Customer Service number at 1-888-746-7726 or ask at your Membership Service Desk at your local club.


  6. Sams Club stores are having problems reflecting the funds transferred by Synchrony Bank in Sams Club members accounts. No one knows when it will be fixed (in Sams Club or Synchrony) only apologies. Probably no adequate testing was made prior to implementation. Checks were better in this instance.


    • We have had the Sam’s MasterCard for 5 years. We were always happy with the card and cash back rewards until this year. Previously, Synchrony Bank would mail a check once a year with our rewards. I could take the check into Sam’s Club and then applied it to our account. In 2019, they changed it up and applied the rewards directly to our membership. Except – when I went to get my rewards (over $500) they can’t seem to match the card to our Sam’s membership account. They said they would have to issue a new card with a new number. That didn’t help! So, after 4 trips to Sam’s, 6 phone calls to Synchrony Bank, I still don’t have our rewards. I’m still waiting for their promised call from a supervisor. I’m now looking for a new rewards card.


      • Same thing with me, they dont pay rewards and have an excuse every time you call.


        • McBride Rose April 14, 2019

          Same thing with me. I am still waiting for it to be resolved and am considering a complaint with the BBB on May 10, 2019


  7. You can use the Sams club store card at and with Walmart Pay. Please update.


    • Hi Justin – could you please provide a link to information where I can find confirmation of this change? I’d really appreciate it! 🙂

      I see in the Synchrony Bank terms and conditions for the Mastercard version that yes, it can be used at but can’t find it anywhere in the terms for the basic Sam’s Club card. Additionally,’s Help page on payment specifically states they do not accept the Sam’s Club Advantage Credit Card as a form of payment.


  8. Harriett Ritter March 20, 2019

    Why do you make soooooo difficult to sign in to pay a bill?


    • Hello Harriett and sorry you are having trouble. Please be advised that we are not Synchrony Bank or affiliated with Sam’s Club MasterCard. We are Upgraded Points, a blog specializing in providing resources for maximizing credit card rewards and travel-related information. Just wanted you to know that your comment is not reaching the right audience but we appreciate you stopping by.


  9. Be careful with the Sam’s Club card from Synchrony Bank. For the FOURTH time, they’ve invalidated my card and made charges fail because they arbitrarily decided to update the Expiration Date and code on the back of the card WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME. Cox is charging me $30 due to the payment failing and Synchrony says they won’t pay the fee even after invalidating the card. No, I haven’t been late even once on payments.


  10. Do not use this credit card, they will not pay the rewards.


  11. Arnold Isaac April 7, 2019

    Not sure what everyone is complaining about. I’ve been using this card for a few years and have never had a problem. This year, instead of sending a paper check they sent a notification of what my annual cash reward was, so instead of endorsing a check and presenting it at the store, I simply presented my card and they gave me the cash I was entitled to. I know of no other card that offers 5% on gas, and the 3% on dining & travel is also the most I have seen so I use my Sam’s Club MC for those three categories and other cards for other types of purchases.


    • Lucky you! You received your rewards without any issues. My local store told me HUNDREDS of their customers have had problems getting their rewards!


  12. Got cold hard cash by the 100’s put in my hand @ my store. Best card ever if you don’t carry a balance.


  13. Cecile Burandt April 18, 2019

    The Sam’s Club Mastercard is a total ripoff in my book! Online, I was hit with a promo offer that ONLY said get $45 off your statement if you apply for Sam’s Club Mastercard. I applied and received an email saying my card was in the mail. I could NOT make an immediate purchase on this card, because I did not receive any kind of temporary card number. So, I assumed that when I got my card, I would see a $45 credit towards my first purchase. Just got off live chat with customer service, who insists I got a temporary card number and says I can get my $45 credit if I now make a purchase and then call them back….otherwise no credit. This is far too complicated and is deceptive advertising. I have destroyed my card and may stop my Sam’s membership because I can no longer trust a company that uses this kind of deception to get consumers to apply for a very high interest rate card.


    • The same thing happened to me in February 2020. I went into my local store the next day and Sams gave me the credit without any problems.


  14. Beware! Check your balance. I got charged twice for the membership fee. I had already made a payment in Feb and another bill came with due date in May for same thing. I was able to catch it only because I had zero outstanding balance, otherwise, I could have paid it. It’s a headache calling customer service to remove the charge. My call was transferred from Sam’s club store, to Synchrony Bank, then to the credit card billing service. I have been a customer for many years and I don’t understand what is going on now. Glitch in communication? In the end, I was told the store might have trouble with my card when I go in to purchase something. Another headache? We’l see.


  15. Don’t bother getting this card. Not once but twice my limit was reduced on this card. I’ve never had a late payment and out of the blue they just lower it without notice. I’m now canceling all of my synchrony cards because of this and will take my business else where.


    • Can a Sam’s store credit card be used at a Sam’s in Mexico?


      • Hi Fernando,

        If you have the Sam’s Club Mastercard then yes it can be used overseas. If you have the Sam’s Club Store Credit Card then it cannot be used overseas.


  16. Don’t get this card. Their customer service is terrible. They blocked my card because I’m abroad in Europe, and when I tried to renew the travel notice on my account, their solution was to send me a code, in the mail, to my US address. Plenty of logic right there. The agents refused to tell me a code over email, to send one to my phone, or to email me one, so my card is still blocked. Will be canceling ASAP.


  17. The ‘SAM’S SAVINGS’ credit card (referenced here as the “Sam’s Club Store Credit Card”) has been passed around through several credit companies over the years – SAMS latest is Synchrony Bank. Every firm that ‘offered’ credit to SAMS customers were eager to loan and quick to bite. SAMS latest credit company, Synchrony Bank, has had several class law suits filed against them, with others pending, for illegal credit card practices. Although the BBB gives Synchrony Bank an A+ rating, it is difficult to understand, given the fact that BBB customer complaints are legion and readily answered with the same Synchrony Bank script:

    “Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention and the opportunity for customer outreach. We have mailed a written response to the customer via USPS which they should receive within the next 7 to 10 days. We are unable to provide you with the resolution to ensure customer confidentiality. Our contact information was provided in the response mailed directly to the customer if there are further questions.”

    One would think the BBB would pay attention to the quality of the customer response – not ‘how quick’ the business responds – especially a ‘canned’ response. Ironically this affects the BBB’s rating more than customer complaints and lack of resolution. What is even more disturbing is the customer (per their testimony) may not even receive the Synchrony Bank “written response ….. via USPS”.

    Other Synchrony Bank store-branded credit card bill issues include no information on customer’s bill regarding either the date the bill was printed (store-branded bill conveniently missing the date the bill was printed) OR any post office marked mailing date (store-branded bill’s envelope using presorted first-class mail). Has your billed arrived late? You are tagged with a very hefty late-fee sans any courtesy or heaven-forbid, an apology – You’re just guaranteed guilty. Rudeness abounds, and certainly is beyond the reach of their corporate clients (NOTE: Synchrony Bank provides tons of store-branded credit cards, such as Amazon, eBay, SAMS, Walmart, PayPal, et Al.). My suggestion? Cut up all your credit cards and follow Dave Ramsey’s plan for financial independence. Even then it’s difficult if you want access to a big box store, and are forced into a credit card membership.


  18. Thomas ABRAHAM July 21, 2019

    I signed up for the Sam’s Club Master Card a month ago. I was told that my card will arrive in two weeks. I haven’t received yet. I’d like to know the status.


    • Hi Thomas,

      We are not affiliated with Sams Club. So, unfortunately, we cannot answer that question for you. I suggest you contact their customer service team at (866) 220-0254 to receive an update on your card.


  19. When did the annual membership go to automatic renewal on Sam’s Club Synchrony Bank Credit Card? I did not sign up for this.


    • Hi Lisa. Please be advised that we are not Synchrony Bank or affiliated with the Sam’s Club MasterCard. We are Upgraded Points, a blog specializing in providing resources for maximizing credit card rewards and travel-related information. Please contact the number on the back of your card to inquire about the annual renewal.


  20. Arthur Seaman September 8, 2019

    I would like to have the latest copy of my sam’s account mailed to me. How is that possible?


    • Hi Arthur,

      Please be advised that we have no affiliation with Sam’s Club or Synchrony bank. To request a copy of your Sam’s account statement you will need to contact the customer service number on the back of your Sam’s credit card.

      Thanks for reading!


  21. James Barcley October 8, 2019

    I will like to know if its possible and How possible I can add an authorized user on my synchrony sams club master card. What’s the processing of adding my wife as the authorized user?


    • Hi James,

      You can contact the Synchrony customer service team directly by calling the number on the back of your card. They would be happy to help you add your wife as an authorized user.

      Thanks for reading!


  22. This information is incorrect. The rewards are truly cash back. Does not have to be spent in store. Only catch is that you have to “redeem” your cash back in store once per year. You go to the customer service desk, swipe your card, and they hand you cold hard cash. Not a store credit. I received about $500 this year and have been using this card for 10+ years.


    • Hi James,

      This post breaks down the two different card options available with Sam’s Club. The Sam’s Club Mastercard, which does offer cash-back, and the Sam’s Club store card, which can only be used in-store. Which card are you referring to?


  23. Matthew Plemmons November 21, 2019

    Don’t switch if you want to keep your credit history on your credit score report that you have built with the original Sams’s credit card. I had the original Sams Credit Card for 14 years and I thought it was just upgrading the card since it was the same company. They closed the old account and opened a new one with a new start date of 1 month, dropping my overall credit history on my credit report. So I lost that 14 years of credit history that has a medium impact on my credit score. I called to see if they could transfer the history or go back to the way things were but they said no it’s gone. I can close the new card but I would have to reapply for the new Sam’s credit card to go back. That’s something that would have been nice to know before upgrading.


  24. The Sams Club Credit Card does not play well with technology. It can’t be added to the Apple Wallet for Apple Pay. It doesn’t interface well with Quicken direct connect. When downloading into Quicken it will send pending transactions one day and then again send it as finalized transactions the next day. You will duplicate entries in Quicken and mess up your balance. Your register will have balance adjustments all over the place. No other account or card does this in Quicken.


  25. Kathleen Koziol December 16, 2019

    I applied for a credit card over a month ago and was approved, but I haven’t received my card in the mail.


    • Hey Kathleen, while we’re not Sam’s Club or Synchrony Bank — we’re Upgraded Points, a travel and credit card blog — we recommend reaching out to Synchrony Bank for more info on your card. There’s a chance that it’s lost in the mail or experienced another mishap. Thanks for reading!


  26. The Samsclub-Synchrony Mastercard does not provide most of the “mastercard benefits” touted by Mastercard such as lost baggage, trip interruption, 60-day price guarantee, or warranty extension. I was half expecting them to decline my claim because the reason for my trip interruption might not be covered, but I was shocked to learn that no such coverage exists! Mastercard’s mycardbenefits website does not even recognize the Samsclub card number when attempting to file a claim for travel interruption. Synchrony’s customer service directs you to Mastercard, and Mastercard representatives state that your issuer (Synchrony) does not provide these benefits.


  27. David Huffman February 12, 2020

    In a Sams credit car promotion, if we pay our Verizon bill by our Sams cars then our IPhones will be insured against damage or loss. I do not see that repeated at this website. Is this true?


  28. If your approved for a same club Mastercard can you also get the store card also?


    • Hi Michael,

      You are only permitted to have one card or the other. If you were approved for the Mastercard you should be permitted to downgrade it to the store card if you would like.


  29. Valerie Lundstrom February 23, 2020

    I am VERY disappointed with the entire operation of Sam’s Club rebates and Synchrony Bank. Two years in a row I have had big issues trying to use my rewards at two different Sam’s clubs. Each year we received a notice telling us that our rewards were posted to our account and to GO SHOP!! Last year we shopped, after we spent an hour shopping and waiting in line, they couldn’t “find” our rewards. So then we waited another hour talking to the manager (who could see our rewards online but there was a “glitch”) So the manager called Synchrony Bank and we talked them. They were very sorry because they could see the rewards but they would have to look we could not redeem our rewards that night. In the meantime, it is our responsibility to come up with the cash because it takes 2-3 billing cycles to get the rewards posted to our account, really? They see we earned it but we can’t access them for 2-3 billing cycles? With today’s technology, it should take 1-2 DAYS. So fast forward to 2020, the same thing happens. The notice comes and says “We have posted your rewards to your credit card…GO SHOP”. Trying to avoid the same problem, we called to make sure the membership card was linked properly to the credit card and that the rewards were showing on our card to be available to use. Great! Spend an hour shopping, waiting in line to hear the same shenanigans. The cashier, the customer service rep, the manager all scouring our notice we received, credit card info, membership issue. Everybody sees all the information is correct and matching, but NOBODY can find a problem so they call Synchrony bank. We were told again your rewards are showing, but we can’t issue the credit on account for two billing cycles. AGAIN? But they want to issue a credit in two billing cycles so that we pay for all of this stuff we just purchased cash and then they issue $300 worth of credit so that I can go back and spend MORE money in their store. After much discussion, we finally got them to agree to cut us a check. The bottom line, we still have to pay for the items we bought when the bill comes due and it will be about 21+ days for them to issue a check. WHAT A SCAM! You earn the rewards but you can’t get them to use them. They want you to come back and spend more money, basically spending twice the amount of the rewards money! It’s time Sam’s Club finds a new bank to finance the credit cards if this is the best Synchrony can do. It all sounds like a setup! I know we are not alone because the employees told us that they were having problems both years. We are fortunate that we can come up with the extra $300 but what if we did not have that type of cash flow? They said we could not “short pay” our credit card in the amount of the rewards without paying late fees and finance charges. So in other words, they intend to make money on us one way or the other. Their error but they do not take responsibility. So the only other option was to return all the items we spent over an hour shopping for. Very, Very Disappointed with Sam’s Club and Synchrony Bank.


  30. Carol Dilione March 14, 2020

    I’ve had the Sam’s Club Mastercard several years and both times they ripped me off with my rewards. First time it was $25.00, I made many calls they did an investigation and still said I already used the rewards when I didn’t. Just gave up. Received notice of new rewards, went to club to make purchase and clerk said I had no rewards. Called credit card, Sam’s club I went to and long story short they said I used my points on a day I wasn’t in the store. Again doing an investigation. This is bull!!! If they don’t get it resolved I’m cutting the stupid card up and use my Discover, at least I know I’m getting cash back. Not worth the trouble.


  31. I’ve had a Sam’s credit card since 2015. I’ve been working on paying down/paying off credit card debt to raise my credit score/ to get out of debt. Just recently I paid my balance off, and two weeks later I found that they canceled my card because the said my credit score was too low. 100% on time payments for over 5 years! WTH?!
    Some of my other creditors have lowered my credit limit as I’ve been paying down. All of this has caused my score to drastically go down bc of my credit card utilization. I have been trying so hard, but the harder I try, the worse my score gets. I just don’t get it.


  32. Can a coapplicant be added with trying to apply for a credit card?


    • Hi Erika,

      Are you looking to have someone co-sign for your credit card application? Or do you want to add someone as an authorized user to your card?


      • Hey, can I add an authorized user to my regular Sams Club Credit Card? If so what steps do I need to take?


        • Hi Jamal,

          Yes, you should have no problem doing that. Give the customer service line a call via the phone number on the back of your card and they can assist you with setting up an authorized user.

          Thanks for reading!


  33. faisal iqbal June 27, 2020

    I am not happy with the Sam’s Club MasterCard. They charged me a fee without informing me (no text message, no email). They also didn’t give me my reward money.


  34. We have had a Sam’s Club Mastercard for many years. Our current card has the word “world” on the front upper right hand corner. Not sure if they all do, or if we have a specific type of Mastercard from Sam’s/Synchrony. One benefit that we have seen is that this card does not charge a currency exchange fee when we use the card to make purchases in a foreign currency, as we sometimes do on eBay. The credit card issued by our bank does charge a fee for transactions in a foreign currency, so we make sure to use the Sam’s Mastercard for any such purchases.

    Also, with regard to the cash back/rewards, in previous years, we have gone to our local club and used the rewards toward our purchases that day. We have never had any problems, but we never go right away as soon as the rewards are issued either. Due to the coronavirus, we did not want to shop in club this year. We found out that we could use our rewards by ordering online and picking up our order using Sam’s pickup (where the employee shops for your items and brings them out to the car). I was able to use the Rewards and then pay the remaining balance on our Sam’s Mastercard during the online ordering and checkout process. That worked out great for us, as all of the other options involved going into the club and interacting with a Service Desk employee.


  35. Appala Naidu Arnipalli September 2, 2020

    I have had a terrible experience with my Sams Master Card from Synchrony Bank. I had some unidentified transactions on my account and was told by the Customer rep to close and get a different card. By closing the account, we lost all of our Cash Back Rewards amounting to more than $300. When I called the Sams Club Master Card Customer Service they said that, if the card is closed, all the Cash Back Rewards will be lost. I was not told this by the customer service rep during our call. This is a big fraud concerning the Cash Back Rewards and I’m exploring further legal options.


  36. My wife added me to her account as an authorized user. Now we’re separating. Is there anything I can do to remove myself from the account?


    • Hi Mike,

      Yes, you can contact Synchrony Bank (who issue the Sam’s Club Credit Card) and ask them to remove you as an authorized user from the account.


Any thoughts or questions? Comment below!

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