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The 16 Best Priority Pass Lounges in the U.S. [2024 Guide]

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Priority Pass is one of the most popular lounge networks in the world. With more than 1,500 lounges worldwide, it’s also one of the largest, most prestigious global networks of lounges you can access.

Priority Pass has phenomenal coverage across 148 countries and over 600 cities. While the reputation of domestic U.S. Priority Pass lounges pales in comparison to those abroad, there are still a ton of gems to be found.

U.S. Priority Pass lounges are often in major international gateway airports. After all, the international gateways are where some of the world’s most prestigious and luxurious flights depart!

In this guide, we discuss our picks of the best airport lounges in the U.S. Let’s get started!

What Is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass mobile membership card app
Physical pass versus digital pass. Image Credit: Priority Pass

Priority Pass is a membership service that allows you to access airport lounges and experiences worldwide. The membership fee varies depending on the subscription tier you choose.

New members receive a welcome kit in the mail that includes your Priority Pass membership card. When you enter a lounge, swipe your membership card (or scan your digital QR code), and you’re good to go!

While the quality of these airport lounges varies around the world, many Priority Pass lounges have:

  • Full hot food buffet with various foods
  • Personalized service and check-in experience
  • Complimentary premium alcohol, including cocktails from a staffed bar
  • Business services, including computers, printers, and fax machines
  • Comfortable seating with plenty of social distancing
  • Shower suites and premium designer toiletries

If you pay for this airport lounge membership service, it can cost up to $469 annually in the U.S. That’s surprisingly pricey. However, Priority Pass membership is a complimentary benefit for many premium credit cards!

But wait, it gets better! With certain credit cards, you can access a membership tier that even the $469 per year package can’t give you: Priority Pass Select.

Priority Pass Select is unique because the primary cardholder gets free access for themselves and 2 guests. Normally, with the $469-per-year Priority Pass Prestige membership, you’d still have to pay a $35-per-guest entrance fee!

How To Get Priority Pass Lounge Access With Credit Cards

Amex Platinum Upgraded Points LLC 24 Large
One way to get Priority Pass Select. Image Credit: Upgraded Points

Getting a complimentary Priority Pass Select membership is a fantastic benefit with your credit cards because of those 2 additional guests you can bring into the lounge for no additional charge. This 1 benefit alone could outweigh the cost of the annual fee!

So, what are the best cards to get with Priority Pass Select access?

The Platinum Card® from American Express is our favorite card for several benefits, including lounge access.

Indeed, the Amex Platinum card reigns supreme over other cards when it comes to lounge access worldwide because it includes access to the Global Lounge Collection, a medley of lounges including:

The most extensive network is Priority Pass, but having access to other networks, like Delta Sky Clubs, makes the Amex Platinum card the best for lounge access.

Other great options include The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, Chase Sapphire Reserve®, Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card, and Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card.

Bottom Line:

Our pick for the best card with a Priority Pass Select membership is the Amex Platinum card. This card gives you the best lounge access in the world in addition to Priority Pass lounges. For an in-depth analysis, check out our guide to the best credit cards for Priority Pass lounge access.

The 16 Best Priority Pass Lounges in the U.S.

1. Turkish Airlines Lounge at IAD (Dulles International)

Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD bar
Turkish Airlines Lounge at IAD. Image Credit: Priority Pass

Location: Concourse B, near gate B43
Opening Hours: Daily from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

We love the amenities of our favorite U.S. Priority Pass lounge: the Turkish Airlines Lounge at IAD. This lounge in Washington, D.C.’s Dulles International Airport opened in 2016 and has been a favorite ever since!

The lounge consists of 2 main rooms, 1 with a buffet, armchairs, ottomans, and dining tables, and another with more seats, a cocktail bar, and a padded bench with plants as the centerpiece. The lounge also has around 6 desktop computers, a printer, and many TVs along the far wall.

The food and beverage offerings are extensive, ranging from snacks and sweets such as baklava and pretzels to a buffet with at least 4 hot dishes. The hot buffet is comparable to what you’d find in a Centurion Lounge, which is exceptional.

The cocktail bar is complimentary and has an impressive liquor selection. If you’re not looking for an alcoholic beverage, check out the self-serve drink station, which has an espresso machine, soft drinks, light snacks, and more.

Sitting near the lounge’s windows, you can enjoy excellent tarmac views for planespotting. Once you’ve grabbed a bite, you can freshen up with a warm shower in one of the shower rooms. There are also single-occupancy toilets and a prayer room.

This lounge is genuinely one of the world’s most well-rounded Priority Pass lounges and definitely one of the best in the U.S. However, its amenities draw crowds, so it can get quite busy. Just be aware of that!

2. Turkish Airlines Lounge at MIA (Miami International)

Avianca Boeing 787 Business Class MIA Turkish Airlines Lounge food buffet
Turkish Airlines Lounge at MIA. Image Credit: Priority Pass

Location: South Terminal, between Concourse H and Concourse J; take the elevator to the third floor, keep to the left.
Opening Hours: Daily from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Turkish Airlines Lounge at MIA opened in late 2019. This 10,000-square-foot space can accommodate 420 passengers and is reminiscent of the spectacular Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul.

The bad news is that it’s not as exclusive as you might think. It’s open to Priority Pass cardholders, LoungeKey, United Club, Diners Club International, Maple Leaf Club, and Turkish Airlines Corporate Club members. That means that this lounge can get quite busy!

When you first enter the lounge, you’ll find a circular room with lounge chairs and dining tables encircling a central pillar. You’ll see a kids room with a TV, a business center with 2 desktop computers, a printer, a conference table, a literature rack, and a TV room. Proceeding deeper into the lounge, you’ll enter the main buffet area, which features dining tables, plush leather armchairs, and high-top seats looking out at the apron.

As is the case with almost all Turkish Airlines lounges, this lounge has an exceptional food and drink selection. First, you’ll find an expansive self-serve drink selection, including 4 types of wine, Twinings tea, hard liquor, bottled water, soft drinks, an espresso machine, and Turkish tea and coffee. The food selection then consists of individually portioned finger sandwiches, a bread selection, fruit, yogurt, cheese, salad, hot food like scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast, and Middle Eastern fare like kofta and rice.

The lounge also has 3 marble-adorned, single-use bathroom suites, blazingly fast Wi-Fi, power outlets, 4 shower suites with Pharmacopia amenities, a quiet area with chaise longues, a VIP room, and plenty of natural light from all angles.

Hot Tip:

These Turkish Airlines lounges (at IAD and MIA) made our list of the best Priority Pass lounges in the world!

3. Air France Lounge at JFK (John F. Kennedy International)

Air France Lounge at JFK seating
Air France Lounge at JFK’s seating. Image Credit: Air France

Location: Terminal 1, near gate 1
Opening Hours: Daily from 9:45 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

The Air France Lounge at JFK is an impressive lounge for Priority Pass members. The massive lounge has 2 floors, and the amenities are thoughtfully designed, including literature racks and several seating-area partitions for added privacy.

This lounge is used as a contract lounge and a Priority Pass option, so it tends to be more crowded than more exclusive lounges. However, with its huge footprint, that might not be an issue.

On the second floor is even more seating, ranging from dining tables with chairs to extended bar-style seating along the windows and lounge chairs. The second floor is more open regarding floor plans and seating arrangements than the first floor.

The first floor has a café with a self-serve espresso machine, light food, liquor, finger sandwiches, sushi, and other food options. The second floor has a nearly identical café. This lounge also houses a Nespresso machine with complimentary pods!

Other amenities include 2 shower suites, each with a sink, toilet, and private shower. Wi-Fi is generally pretty fast, and plenty of power and USB outlets are dotted around the lounge.

Overall, this is a very impressive lounge with great amenities offering an escape from the chaos of JFK airport.

Hot Tip:

Check out our guide to all the airport lounges at John F. Kennedy International Airport [JFK], including 6 available to Priority Pass members!

4. The Club at ATL (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International)

The Club ATL bar
The Club at ATL Image Credit: The Club Airport Lounges

Location: International Terminal (Concourse F), mezzanine level
Opening Hours: Daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Famous for being a Delta hub, ATL offers many lounge options, especially if you have a Delta Sky Club membership! But what if you only have Priority Pass?

The Club at ATL is the only true airport lounge member of Priority Pass at ATL, though a Minute Suites is in Terminal B. This lounge is also open to premium-cabin travelers and airline elites.

Once you enter the lounge, you’ll walk past the roped-off area reserved for premium cabin passengers. Then, you’ll enter the main part of the lounge, which is an open-air space with dining tables, high chairs, armchairs, ottomans, and more.

This lounge has a hot food buffet consisting of chicken, soup, salad, and cookies. It also has a drink station with a soda machine, bottled water, a coffee machine, and tea. The cocktail bar is fully staffed and has premium liquor, too. Lastly, there’s an impressive fresh fruit and snack station with jars of snacks and candies!

There are also large windows overlooking the runways and taxiways, a smaller, separated room with a business center consisting of 2 computers and a printer, and personal shower suites!

These shower suites are available by reservation, so let the front desk know if you’d like to be added to the list.

5. Air France Lounge at BOS (Boston Logan International)

The Air France Lounge at BOS
The Air France Lounge at BOS. Image Credit: LoungeBuddy

Location: Terminal E, near gate 4
Opening Hours: Daily from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Air France has daily departures from Boston — its shortest U.S. route! This lounge is open to premium cabin passengers and Priority Pass members.

The lounge has a large room with padded armchairs scattered throughout, with the buffet in the middle. Near the dining area are dining tables and half-booths.

The foods include finger sandwiches, soup, fruit, salad, bread and cheese, noodle cups, waffles, 1 meaty hot food option, charcuterie, and pastries such as croissants and Danishes. A separate drink station offers self-serve premium liquor, soft drinks, beer, juice, an espresso machine, and various tea choices.

This lounge also has a magazine rack and restrooms. Travelers’ biggest complaints are the absence of natural sunlight and the lack of power outlets.

6. British Airways Galleries Lounge at IAD (Dulles International)

British Airways Galleries IAD
British Airways Galleries Lounge at IAD. Image Credit: LoungeBuddy

Location: Concourse B, airside, on the second floor
Opening Hours: Daily from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The British Airways Galleries Lounge at IAD is a petite but noteworthy lounge open to Priority Pass cardholders. This lounge is arranged like a long corridor and offers seating throughout.

The buffet-style food selection includes finger sandwiches, fruit, chips, other small bites, and even a noodle bar! You’ll find a staffed cocktail bar near the back of the lounge with various drinks. Other beverages include soft drinks, juice, coffee from espresso machines, teabags, and bottled water.

This lounge has a business center with 2 workstations, a printer, and 3 seating tables.

7. Primeclass Lounge at JFK (John F. Kennedy International)

Primeclass Lounge at JFK
Primeclass Lounge at JFK. Image Credit: LoungeBuddy

Location: Terminal 1, next to gates 8 and 9
Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

The Primeclass Lounge at JFK is one of the newest entrants to the Priority Pass portfolio, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. JFK is one of the most congested airports in the world, and for travelers, that often means huge waits for lounges.

This lounge is in Terminal 1 and is a tight space occupying approximately 5,000 square feet. It’s mostly underground, and the centerpiece is the cocktail bar.

Each guest 21 and older receives 2 drink vouchers that can be used for any item on the light bar menu. Selections include wine, beer, basic spirits, mimosas, Bloody Marys, and Red Bull. You can also pay for top-shelf alcohol, with 7 wines and 3 beers on tap.

The food selection includes soup, fruit, bread and cheese, salad, and a small hot food section with pasta and a protein such as chicken. A separate drink station consists of espresso machines, snacks, soft drinks, and juice.

The lounge houses a small business center with 3 desktop computers and comfortable seating away from the main part of the lounge. There are 3 restroom stalls, 1 of which is a shower suite. Lastly, there are many outlets throughout the lounge and decent Wi-Fi speeds.

8. Air France-KLM Lounge at IAD (Dulles International)

Air France KLM Lounge at IAD
The Air France-KLM Lounge at IAD. Image Credit: Priority Pass

Location: Concourse A, opposite A22
Opening Hours: Daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Air France-KLM Lounge is a recently renovated, 7,000-square-foot oasis in Dulles’ Concourse A. It can accommodate 155 travelers across 2 levels (including a cordoned-off space for top-tier La Première passengers).

This lounge includes an expansive seating area with high ceilings. The downstairs section adds capacity and has lighting that simulates sunshine without the UV rays! There are also in-wall nooks for privacy and noise reduction.

Plus, its soaring cocktail bar has a bartender at all times so you can quaff cold draft beers. For self-serve, you can use a wine dispenser.

Foods include crudités, soup, bread and cheese, sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, pizza, and roasted vegetables. Aside from the bar, there are espresso machines, tea, and soft drinks.

This lounge has private restrooms and shower suites.

9. KAL Business Class Lounge at JFK (John F. Kennedy International)

Korean Air Business Lounge JFK
Korean Air business lounge at JFK entrance. Image Credit: LoungeBuddy

Location: Terminal 1, near gate 3, up the stairs and elevator on Level 3
Opening Hours: Daily from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. for Priority Pass cardholders

The KAL Business Class Lounge at JFK is a legitimate Priority Pass lounge but can fall short of expectations if you’re a business class passenger.

The lounge has rows of armchairs, in addition to lounge chairs. What’s unique about this lounge is that you can access a few quiet rooms with recliner chairs, privacy, and a basic countertop to put your belongings on.

This lounge’s food selection is unremarkable, though it’s better than nothing. You’ll find instant noodles, finger sandwiches, chips, cookies, crackers, fruit, pastries, and more. The drinks include espresso machines, teabags, sodas, beer, wine, and standard liquor.

There’s also a business center, showers, restrooms, luggage storage areas, and free Wi-Fi.

10. Plumeria Lounge at HNL (Honolulu International)

Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge HNL
The Plumeria Lounge at HNL. Image Credit: Hawaiian Airlines

Location: Inter-Island Terminal, third floor near the Wiki Wiki shuttle pickup area
Opening Hours: Daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Plumeria Lounge at HNL is solid, and its amenities are a step up from the other lounges in Honolulu. Operated by Hawaiian Airlines, this lounge offers a comfortable space to relax in before your flight.

The lounge is essentially a large room with armchairs, dining tables and chairs, and a central food and drink area. The seating isn’t exceptionally comfortable, but the seats are generally spaced out well.

The food includes finger sandwiches, soup, crudites, noodle bowls, bread, and packaged snacks. There’s also a self-serve drink station with wine, tea, coffee, a soft drink dispenser, an espresso machine, and tasty juices (like passion fruit-orange-guava)!

There aren’t any showers, but the lounge has clean restrooms. You can also find charging ports throughout the lounge, including USB-A outlets. The Wi-Fi is fast, even when the lounge gets crowded.

11. KLM Crown Lounge at IAH (George Bush Intercontinental)

KLM Crown Lounge IAH buffet area
KLM Crown Lounge at IAH. Image Credit: Jessica Merritt

Location: Terminal D, near gate D8
Opening Hours: Daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The KLM Crown Lounge is our sole entrant for the best Priority Pass lounge at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. It is a premium cabin and airline elite lounge open to Priority Pass members.

The over-3,600-square-foot space can accommodate up to 98 guests and has all the amenities of a decent airport lounge, especially considering it’s KLM’s only U.S. outstation lounge.

As soon as you enter the lounge, you’ll see bright furniture colors exuding KLM’s vibrant character as the Dutch flag carrier. You’ll also see a lot seating, from no-frills dining tables and chairs to booth seating and comfortable armchairs.

The food’s along a central pillar, including chips, bread, bagels, fruit, snacks, salad, crudites, soup, and antipasti. There’s also an espresso machine and a tea section. The bar houses an array of beverages, including liquor, wine, beer, sodas, juice, and bottled water. Nonalcoholic beverages are self-serve, but alcoholic beverages must be served by staff.

The lounge has free airport Wi-Fi, international newspapers in multiple languages, luggage storage cubbies, and even check-in facilities for customers connecting to a KLM or Air France flight. There’s also a business center with desktop computers, office chairs, and cubicle-like partitions for privacy.

However, there are no showers available — just restrooms.

12. The Club at LAS (Harry Reid International)

The Club LAS seating area
The Club at LAS Terminal 1. Image Credit: The Club Airport Lounges

Location: Terminal 1, level 2 near gate D33
Opening Hours: Daily from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Club at LAS is a very popular lounge for those visiting Sin City. This 7,000-plus-square-foot section of the airport has space for 149 guests, and it’s separated into 5 distinct zones:

  • The Productivity Zone with more private seating
  • The Refresh Zone with showers
  • The Relax Zone with planespotting views
  • The Replenish Zone with the buffet and bar
  • The Rest Zone with recliners and ottomans

The food includes sandwiches, salads, bread, antipasti, soup, and snacks. This lounge also has a full, staffed bar plus an espresso machine, a juice selection, soda, bottled water, infused waters, and other beverages.

The Wi-Fi is typically very fast, which makes it easy to get work done in the lounge. Be sure to snag one of the ergonomic office chairs to work pain-free! Other amenities include wall-mounted magazine racks and some of the best planespotting views in the airport.

Hot Tip:

Priority Pass members have access to 2 locations for The Club in Las Vegas — Terminal 1 and the D Gates. Read more about each of Harry Reid’s 6 lounges in our guide to airport lounges at Harry Reid International Airport [LAS].

13. Lufthansa Business Lounge at DTW (Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County)

Lufthansa Business Lounge at DTW
Lufthansa Business Lounge at DTW. Image Credit: LoungeBuddy

Location: North Terminal, between gates 7 and 8
Opening Hours: Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday: 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The Lufthansa Business Lounge is an excellent Priority Pass lounge in Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

Various forms of seating are available, including high stools, dining tables and chairs, and padded armchairs. There are 5 workstations with ergonomic chairs and privacy dividers, a magazine rack, and a printer.

The highlights of this lounge are the hot food and the unique artwork paying homage to Detroit’s auto industry. The hot food’s along the lines of beef with potatoes, soup, and pasta. Other food includes nuts, pastries, candy, salad, cheese, and antipasti. The self-serve bar has various kinds of alcohol, plus an espresso machine, juice, soda, bottled water, and more.

Sadly, there are no showers or toilets in the lounge.

14. Air France Lounge at SFO (San Francisco International)

Air France SFO lounge
Air France Lounge at SFO. Image Credit: Air France

Location: International Terminal, Concourse A, level 3
Opening Hours: Daily from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

San Francisco International Airport is one of the main U.S. gateways on the West Coast, along with Los Angeles and Seattle. Air France operates at least 1 nonstop flight between San Francisco and Paris daily, and the airline has invested significantly in its SFO outstation lounge.

Despite having good premium demand from SFO, Air France also allows Priority Pass members to access its lounge.

The lounge has circular dining tables and chairs scattered throughout, as well as a counter along the window with stools.

The Air France Lounge at SFO has the usual foods, including snacks, finger sandwiches, soup, grilled vegetables, charcuterie, fruit, various dried fruits, instant noodles, and salad. There’s usually also a small hot food selection. You can choose among wines, various spirits, beer, and soft drinks. There’s also an espresso machine, Stash tea bags, and more.

There are clean restrooms but, unfortunately, no showers.

Hot Tip:

The Priority Pass lounge network offers 4 options at SFO, including access to 2 Priority Pass restaurants (San Francisco Giants Clubhouse and Yankee Pier). Learn more about all 18 SFO lounges in our guide to airport lounges at San Francisco International Airport [SFO].

15. Sapphire Lounge by The Club (LaGuardia Airport)

Chase Sapphire Lounge at LaGuardia LGA
LGA Sapphire Lounge. Image Credit: Katie Seemann

One of the best Priority Pass lounges is also one of the newest. The Sapphire Lounge at LaGuardia debuted with much fanfare at the beginning of 2024 and has established itself as one of the premier lounges at LGA.

The nearly 22,000-square-foot lounge boasts a game and family room, premium food, drinks by Apotheke, wellness rooms, and perhaps the best perk of them all: Reserve Suites. These private suites include a personal bathroom, a suite attendant, a dedicated menu, and more. Reserve Suites aren’t cheap — they cost more than $2,000 — but they’re worth it if you want to splurge ahead of your flight.

The lounge is available to Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders, plus J.P. Morgan Reserve Card and The Ritz-Carlton™ Credit Card holders. It is part of The Club, a Priority Pass lounge network, which means non-Chase premium cardmembers can visit. However, there are restrictions.

Priority Pass members without a Chase Sapphire Reserve card can access this lounge (or other U.S. Sapphire lounges) in the U.S. once per calendar year at no cost. Members are charged a $75 entry fee upon each subsequent visit to any U.S. Sapphire Lounge by The Club location.

16. The Club at SJC (Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International)

The Club SJC
The Club at SJC. Image Credit: Priority Pass

Location: Terminal A, third level, across from gate 15
Opening Hours: Daily from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Club at SJC is the final lounge we’ll discuss, and it’s one of the more underrated. San Jose International Airport is small compared to other international gateways, but its long-haul network continues to grow every year!

This Priority Pass lounge was recently renovated and is best known for its excellent service and staff. The space is large, spanning 4,000 square feet and accommodating 88 guests. It is well-appointed with armchairs, lounge chairs, rolling office chairs, and plenty of tables.

Much like The Club at LAS, there are 5 zones, like the Refresh Zone with showers and the Relax Zone for quiet space. The lounge has a shower suite, private restrooms, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets.

This lounge offers a menu of signature cocktails, including the peace margarita, the seasonal mimosa, and the ultimate vodka soda. The food includes soup, finger sandwiches and wraps, snacks, candy, chocolates, and instant noodles.

Final Thoughts

There are many Priority Pass lounges worldwide. Some are incredible, while others are lackluster. In the U.S., the lounges tend to fall into the meh end of the spectrum, but many are absolute gold. In fact, a select few of them have waiter service with à la carte menu options, luxurious shower suites with bright marble walls, and more.

To be clear, many of these superb lounges are in large, international gateways, but a few are welcome additions for those departing from airports outside of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

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The information regarding The Ritz-Carlton™ Credit Card was independently collected by Upgraded Points and not provided nor reviewed by the issuer.

For rates and fees of The Platinum Card® from American Express, click here.
For rates and fees of The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, click here.
For rates and fees of the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® card, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What lounges are included in Priority Pass?

There are tons of lounges included in Priority Pass. With over 1,300+ lounges around the world, the Priority Pass network includes popular names such as The Club, Air France Lounges, Minute Suites, and so much more.

Does Priority Pass work for Admirals Club?

Sadly, no. Admirals Club is reserved for select American Airlines elites, qualifying Oneworld elites, qualifying military personnel, holders of the Citi®/AAdvantage® Executive World Elite Mastercard®, and a few other groups. Priority Pass isn’t included.

Does Priority Pass give free lounge access?

Yes, you get free access if you have the correct Priority Pass lounge membership, including Priority Pass Select from participating credit cards. With a Priority Pass Select membership, you can get free access to lounges, along with 2 guests!

Which Priority Pass lounge is the best?

We love the Turkish Airlines lounges in IAD and MIA. These lounges offer excellent food choices, beautiful interiors, and plenty of amenities!

We’re also partial to the Air France Lounge at JFK!

Do Priority Pass lounges have free food?

Many of them do. A select few of the top lounges offer full hot food selections and premium cocktails. However, most of the decent Priority Pass lounges offer finger sandwiches, salads, soups, snacks, a standard liquor selection, beers, and wines.

Is a Priority Pass worth it?

Priority Pass can be a really expensive annual membership. But if you have the right credit card, the Priority Pass benefit alone could offset the card’s entire annual fee! This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the abundant perks offered by these cards. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll love how many lounges are under Priority Pass.

How many guests do you get with Priority Pass?

With Priority Pass Select from cards such as the Amex Platinum card, Capital One Venture X card, and Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you’ll be able to bring yourself and 2 guests free of charge.

How do I get a complimentary Priority Pass?

The easiest way to get a complimentary Priority Pass membership is with credit cards. If you have the Amex Platinum card, Chase Sapphire Reserve card, Capital One Venture X card, or Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant card, you can activate the benefit to get your free Priority Pass Select membership!

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