23 Benefits & Perks of the Amex Platinum Card [$4,900+ Value]

American Express Platinum Card Close Up

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The Platinum Card® from American Express is arguably the most premium travel rewards card on the market. It grants you access to thousands of airport lounges worldwide, gives you $1,400+ in statement credits annually, and earns a whopping 5 points per dollar spent on flights! But on the flip side, the card has a fee that’s nothing to scoff at.

However, even despite the large annual fee, the card still ranks at the top of our writers’ favorite cards. This is largely because the card’s amazing benefits more than outweigh the card’s fee. The benefits aren’t given an exact value by American Express, so it may be hard to gauge if the card actually gives you more than the annual fee in value.

Fear not! We’ve done the hard work and looked through all of the card’s benefits, researched their respective value, and assigned each benefit a price tag. Then, we added it all up and assigned the entire card a value which we’ll reveal at the end of the article.

We’ve split the article into 2 parts: Amex Platinum card-specific benefits and more general American Express benefits like purchase protection and extended warranty.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the value of the Amex Platinum card’s benefits!

Amex Platinum Card Benefits

Let’s start with the fun stuff first: Amex Platinum card-specific benefits. These include all of the awesome travel perks that are included with the card and is where the card’s real value is seen. Think things like lounge access, hotel status, and more.

Here’s a look:

1. A Huge Welcome Bonus (First Year) — [$1,200 – $2,200]

Amex Platinum cards have historically offered amazing welcome bonuses.

We value Membership Rewards points at 2.2 cents apiece. This means that your welcome bonus could be worth up to $2,200, covering your annual fee for over 3 years, if you take advantage of the 100,000-point welcome bonus.

See below for the current welcome bonus and our valuation:

2. Worldwide Airport Lounge Access — [$1,000+]

Airport lounge access is one of the main selling points of the Amex Platinum card. Cardholders have access to 8 different types of airport lounges including:

However, each of these lounges has different rules around entry which affects how we value said lounge access. We’ve outlined each of these access rules as well as some general info about each of these lounges below and assigned a value to each type of lounge.

Note that the values we’ve assigned to each lounge network are based on moderate usage. Obviously, you’ll get more value out of Delta Sky Clubs if you fly Delta frequently, but you may get little-to-no value if you only fly the airline once a year. With this in mind, you may want to assign your own subjective value to each lounge network.

Overall, we value the Amex Platinum card’s lounge access at $1,000 given our valuations. Here’s the breakdown:

Airspace Lounges ($50)

Airspace is a small lounge network with 1 location — San Diego (SAN). This lounge provides limited amenities but has free Wi-Fi, house beverages, and basic snacks. Premium alcoholic beverages and food can be purchased for a fee, but you will receive a small gift card upon entry that can be used to purchase these.

We value this benefit at $50. You can bring up to 2 guests with you to the lounge, but with such a limited number of lounges, you’ll be hard-pressed to use this benefit more than once or twice per year. However, those that live near or frequently travel to an airport with an Airspace Lounge will get significantly more value from the benefit.

The Centurion Lounge Network ($250)

Amex Centurion Lounge
The Centurion Lounge goes above and beyond with full meals, high-end cocktails, and more. Image Credit: American Express

American Express has added Centurion Lounges to a variety of airports around the world, with a strong focus on the U.S. These lounges are meant to be a step above offerings from domestic airlines, offering chef-curated food, high-end cocktails, and posh furniture and aesthetics.

Each of these lounges curates its food and drink offerings around the city it’s located in. For example, you might find local craft beers at the bar and a dish that the town is known for (think BBQ in Dallas) in the kitchen. This gives each Centurion Lounge a unique feel, so you’ll undoubtedly want to see them all.

You’re required to present your Amex Platinum card, government-issued ID, and valid boarding pass when entering a Centurion Lounge. You can arrive at the lounge up to 3 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart, or whenever you’d like if you’re on a layover. Through February 2023, Amex Platinum cardholders can bring up to 2 guests with them into the lounge.

We value Centurion Lounge access at $250 for anyone with moderate travel habits. Many U.S. hubs already have Centurion Lounges, and more are in the process of being built, so you’ll have many opportunities to check them out during your travels. Plus, if you have a Centurion Lounge at your home airport, you may value this perk even more highly.

Delta Sky Club ($200)

Amex Platinum cardholders can access all Delta Sky Club locations when flying on a Delta-operated flight. There are more than 50 Sky Club locations worldwide, with international locations in Santiago (SCL) and Tokyo-Narita (NRT). At this time, cardholders cannot bring guests into the lounge for free; all guests are charged at a rate of $29 per person.

Hot Tip: Often fly with the same guest? Make them an authorized user on your Amex Platinum card — they can use the authorized user card to access the Delta Sky Club for free, too!

Each of these lounges offers complimentary food, beverages, alcohol, and Wi-Fi. Some even have showers, rooftop lounges, and premium drinks for purchase. These are great places to catch up on work before a long flight or grab a snack before you jet off to a meeting or vacation.

The value of this benefit largely depends on how often you fly Delta Air Lines. However, frequent Delta flyers will get lots of value from this perk — especially if flying solo for business. For moderate Delta flyers, though, we value this lounge access at a conservative $200.

Escape Lounges ($50)

Escape Lounges can be found in a variety of airports in the U.S. and U.K. and will soon be rebranded as Escape Lounges – The Centurion Studio Partner.

Amex Platinum cardholders receive unlimited access to all U.S. locations, which are generally found in smaller airports like Oakland (OAK), Ontario (ONT), and Providence (PVD). These lounges are pretty standard and offer free snacks, drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

Hot Tip:Amex Platinum cardholders can bring up to 2 guests with them to Escape Lounges. Consider using the Escape Lounge as an alternative to Delta Sky Clubs at Minneapolis (MSP) when traveling with a companion to avoid the $29 Sky Club companion fee.

We value this benefit at $50, but it can obviously be significantly more valuable if you live near an airport with an Escape Lounge. However, for the majority of travelers, having access to lounges at smaller airports is not of significant value.

Note that you’ll need your Amex Platinum card, boarding pass for any carrier, and a government-issued ID to access Escape Lounges in the U.S.

The International American Express Lounges ($50)

Aside from the premier Centurion Lounges, American Express operates another set of in-house lounges called International American Express Lounges (soon to be rebranded as Centurion Lounges). You can find these lounges in the following countries:

  • Argentina (1)
  • Australia (2)
  • India (2)
  • Mexico (6)

These lounges have many of the same features as Centurion Lounges, but are generally a bit less posh and have more basic food and drink offerings. You can access these lounges during open hours with a valid boarding pass, government-issued ID, and Amex Platinum card. According to American Express, guest access varies by lounge location.

We value this lounge access at a modest $50 per year, but it could be more or less depending on how often you use the lounges. Obviously, those frequently flying to the listed countries will get the most use from these International American Express Lounges.

Lufthansa Lounges ($50)

Amex Platinum cardholders receive complimentary access to select Lufthansa Business Class lounges. If the cardholder is flying business class, they’ll have access to the more premium Lufthansa Senator Lounges.

Like Sky Club access, you can only access these lounges if you’re flying on a Lufthansa group flight. This includes flights on Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, and SWISS. Further, since this perk only applies to a limited number of Lufthansa lounges and only “select locations” allow guest entry, we give it a valuation of $50 per year.

Plaza Premium Lounges ($100)

Plaza Premium Lounges is a Hong Kong-based lounge network with dozens of worldwide locations. These lounges are similar to the Centurion Lounges in that they have upgraded food and drink offerings, but stop short of having chef-curated food. However, these lounges are still an excellent place to stop before a long flight and grab a snack or full meal.

You can access any Plaza Premium Lounge with a boarding pass and your Amex Platinum card. Plus, you can bring up to 1 guest with you, letting you share the pre-departure experience with a friend or family member.

With all of this in mind, we value access at $100 per year — while the lack of U.S. locations makes it hard to use, you’ll undoubtedly find value in the Plaza Premium Lounge when traveling abroad.

Priority Pass Select ($250)

Priority Pass is the world’s largest airport lounge network with over 1,300 lounges in operation worldwide. This vast network of lounges has locations in the U.S. and abroad, with lounges in some of America’s busiest airports like Atlanta (ATL), Los Angeles (LAX), and New York (JFK).

Amex Platinum cardholders have unlimited access to all of these lounges and can bring 1 guest with them at any time. Like accessing American Express’ in-house lounges, you don’t need to fly a specific airline to access these lounges, but you do need a same-day boarding pass.

Note that you need to manually enroll in Priority Pass Select before you can access these lounges. You can do this on the Benefits page of your Amex Platinum card’s page on the American Express website. You’ll be mailed a Priority Pass card after enrollment.

We value this Priority Pass Select membership at $250 for moderate use. When traveling abroad, you’ll find Priority Pass lounges at most airports, so you’ll almost always have a nice place to relax before a long flight.

Note: The Amex Platinum card’s Priority Pass memberships no longer include Priority Pass restaurant access (“non-lounge airport experiences”).

3. Airline Incidental Fee Credit — [$200]

Amex Platinum card includes a $200 airline incidental fee credit towards fees incurred on an airline of your choice. This can be things like seat selection fees, lounge passes, and checked bag fees — but there are some other interesting uses, too.

Just select an airline on your card’s Benefits page and charge the eligible purchase to your Amex Platinum card. Then, the charge will be credited back to your card in 4 weeks.

Because of the wide array of ways that you can use this fee credit, most frequent travelers shouldn’t have an issue spending it down. Because of this, we value the benefit at its face value of $200 for most travelers.

4. Prepaid Hotel Credit — [$200]

Amex Platinum cardholders will receive up to a $200 statement credit that is valid for select prepaid bookings at Amex’s Fine Hotels & Resorts and The Hotel Collection made via Amex Travel.

Bookings through The Hotel Collection receive premium benefits on stays of at least 2 nights at select properties across the globe.  When booking through Fine Hotels & Resorts, you’ll receive elite benefits and perks at over 1,000 luxury hotels worldwide, but with no minimum stay requirement.

Your reservation must be paid for with an American Express card, and the cardholder must travel on the booked itinerary to receive the stated benefits.

5. Saks Fifth Avenue Credit — [$100]

American Express also includes a $100 annual Saks Fifth Avenue credit. $50 of this credit can be used January to June, and the other $50 can be used during the second half of the year.

Once you enroll in the benefit on the Benefits section of your Amex Platinum card’s page on the American Express website, you can simply charge a Saks purchase to your Amex Platinum card and you’ll be credited up to $50 back on your purchase.

Hot Tip: Use an airline or bank shopping portal (even Rakuten!) to earn extra points on your Saks Fifth Avenue purchases.

Like the airline incidental fee credit, we value this benefit at face value ($100). Saks Fifth Avenue sells a range of clothing and home goods, so you’d be hard-pressed to not find something that you’ll already purchase on its online store. It can also be helpful when purchasing holiday and birthday gifts.

6. Monthly Uber Credit — [$200]

Continuing down the line of credits, the Amex Platinum card includes up to $200 of annual Uber credit to all of its cardholders. These credits are dispersed at a rate of up to $15 per month, with up to $35 in credit being issued in December. This is added directly to your Uber account in the form of Uber Cash after you’ve linked your Amex Platinum card to your Uber account as a payment method.

You can use your monthly Uber credit towards any type of Uber ride or towards Uber Eats meal delivery. Because of this, we also value this benefit at its face value of $200. Uber is available in every major U.S. city, so you’ll be able to use it as you travel for a discounted ride to your hotel, the airport, or home from a long trip.

7. Monthly Equinox Credits — [$300]

Cardholders will receive an annual statement credit (credited as $25 per month) when they buy select Equinox Fitness Club monthly memberships or subscribe to the on-demand fitness app Equinox+. Note that you need to enroll through your American Express account to activate the credit.

8. Monthly Digital Entertainment Credits — [$240]

If you love to watch TV, listen to audiobooks or satellite radio, or read online, your purchases may now be eligible for a new statement credit!

Your eligible purchase or subscription to Peacock, Audible, SiriusXM, and/or The New York Times could have you earn up to $240 in annual statement credits ($20 per month). Similar to the Equinox credits, make sure you enroll so this benefit is active.

9. Uber Eats Pass — [$120]

Receive a 12-month complimentary Eats Pass subscription when you enroll by December 31, 2021. Note that Uber Eats Pass will auto-bill starting 12 months from the initial enrollment of this offer, at the then-current monthly rate.

10. Earns 5 Points per Dollar on Flights — [$100+]

The Amex Platinum card earns a whopping 5 Membership Rewards points per dollar on airfare purchases made directly with the airline, up to $500,000 per year.

If you purchase a $500 flight, you’ll earn 2,500 points. Based on our Membership Rewards valuation of 2.2 cents per point, you’d earn $55 in points back on your flight, for a total return of 11% back.

The value of this benefit solely depends on how much you spend on airfare every year. Those that travel frequently for work may get thousands of dollars worth of points from this benefit, while those that just spend a few hundred dollars a year on flights will see less value.

As a result, we’re giving the 5x points benefit a conservative $100 valuation.

11. Annual Marriott and Hilton Status — [$200+]

The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort
You’ll receive complimentary Hilton and Marriott status with your Amex Platinum card. The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort. Image Credit: Marriott

You get 2 mid-tier hotel statuses with your Amex Platinum card: Hilton Honors Gold and Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite. Both of these statuses include premier benefits like upgrade eligibility and bonus points — here’s a look at exactly what both of these hotel statuses include:

Hilton Honors Gold Benefits

  • 80% points bonus
  • Room upgrades (subject to availability)
  • Continental breakfast at most full-service properties

Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite Benefits

  • 25% points bonus
  • Welcome gift at check-in
  • Room upgrades (subject to availability)
  • Complimentary in-room internet, even when not booking directly with Marriott
  • Priority 2 p.m. late checkout

These benefits can make a real difference when you stay at Hilton and Marriott properties, especially if you’re lucky enough to score a room upgrade. It also removes the stress of you having to meet stay requirements to gain status, so you can spread your loyalty between Hilton and Marriott and not lose any status perks.

We value this Amex Platinum card benefit at $200 for moderate use. However, if you stay at Hilton or Marriott properties more than a few times per year, you’ll see even more benefit from these status perks.

12. American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts Access — [$150+]

American Express operates an in-house hotel program called Fine Hotels and Resorts. This program gives you special benefits when booking luxury hotel rooms around the world. These benefits are often Amex-exclusive or are similar to what you’d receive with top-tier hotel elite status.

You’re entitled to the following when booking hotels through Fine Hotels and Resorts:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Daily breakfast for 2 people
  • Guaranteed 4 p.m. late checkout
  • Noon check-in (subject to availability)
  • Room upgrade upon arrival (subject to availability)
  • A unique property amenity valued at $100

Additionally, you’ll earn 5 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent when you book through Fine Hotels and Resorts. However, in most cases, you won’t be eligible to use your hotel elite status perks on these stays or earn hotel points, so be sure to compare your elite benefits side-by-side with this program.

The real value of this benefit depends on how often you book Fine Hotels and Resorts rooms, but even using it once will yield a value of at least $150 when you consider the welcome amenity, free breakfast, and possible room upgrades.

Hot Tip: Wondering how the Amex Platinum card stacks up against The Business Platinum Card® from American Express? Look at our head-to-head comparison: Amex Business Platinum card vs. the Amex Platinum card

13. Rental Car Status (Avis, Hertz, National) — [$200+]

Car on Road
Amex Platinum card comes with a variety of rental car benefits like upgrades, discounts, extended grace periods, and more. Image Credit: Alex Mares via Unsplash

Amex Platinum cardholders are entitled to rental car benefits with Avis, Hertz, and National. Avis and Hertz offer special perks and pricing, while National will give you full-blown status with your membership. We’ve outlined each of these benefits below and broken down its value.

National Emerald Club Executive Status

  • Executive Area Access — You can choose any car class (full-size and above) and only pay the mid-size rate.
  • Guaranteed Upgrades — You’re guaranteed upgrades on mid-sized vehicle rentals in the U.S. and Canada.
  • No Second Driver Fees — Add a second driver for no additional charge.
  • Upgrades in Europe — Free 1-class upgrades at participating National locations in the U.K., Ireland, France, Spain, and Germany.
  • Special Pricing on Premier Selection Cars — Special pricing on upgrades to the Premier Selection cars at the rental lot.
  • Faster Free Rentals — Earn a free rental credit after 6 car rentals.

Avis Preferred American Express Benefits

  • Complimentary 1-Car Class Upgrade — Use coupon code #UUNA007 when making a reservation and you’ll receive a 1-class upgrade when available. Unfortunately, though, this is not a guaranteed benefit.
  • 25% Off Base Rates — Book directly with Avis and use Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) code #756900 for the discount.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Benefits

  • 20% Off Standard Rates — You must use code 633306 to take advantage of this discount and other benefits.
  • 25% off Premier Rentals When a Saturday Night Is Included — Available for U.S., Canada, and European Hertz Premier rentals.
  • 4-Hour Grace No-Charge Period — You can return a rental up to 4 hours late with no penalty in most countries; select countries — like UAE and China — offer a 2 hour grace period.
  • 1-Car Class Upgrade — This benefit is based on availability, but it’s not guaranteed.

These benefits can be extremely valuable if you frequently rent cars when you travel. To us, the most valuable is the National Emerald Club Executive status perk as it lets you rent any car on the lot for the price of a standard vehicle. This can be a life (and wallet) saver if you need to rent a mini-van, pickup truck, or another more premium vehicle for a specific use.

All in all, we value these rental car perks at $200. You may be able to reap this value in a single rental, too, especially when you consider the fact that you get more than 20% off standard rental rates at Avis and Hertz.

14. TSA PreCheck/Global Entry Reimbursement (Every 5 Years) — [$100]

Like many premium credit cards, Amex Platinum card comes with Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application fee reimbursements every 5 years. Simply charge your application fee to your Amex Platinum card and it will be automatically reimbursed in the form of a statement credit to your account.

If you don’t already have Global Entry, this perk is worth $100 every 5 years.

Hot Tip: We highly recommend applying for Global Entry over TSA PreCheck — this is because you’ll receive both TSA PreCheck and expedited Global Entry border access with your membership.

15. Annual CLEAR Credit — [$179]

CLEAR is an expedited security program available at select U.S. airports and stadiums. Amex Platinum cardholders now receive an annual statement credit for a CLEAR membership.

16. Access the International Airline Program — [Wild Card]

Amex Platinum cardholders can access American Express’ International Airline Program. This little-known program lets cardholders access special discount fares when booking international premium economy, business, and first class tickets on select carriers through Amex Travel.

Booking With The International Airline Program
The International Airline Program can save you serious money on premium tickets. Image Credit: American Express

The discount you’ll receive depends on the type of ticket you book. For our example search, we looked for a round-trip premium economy ticket from New York (JFK) to Madrid (MAD).

The non-stop option on Iberia costs $1,903 when booked through Google Flights, or just $857 when booked through the International Airline Program. This means the program saves Amex Platinum cardholders nearly 55% on their ticket, which is an absolutely incredible deal.

This is the most extreme example we were able to find though. We also looked for tickets from Newark (EWR) to London (LHR) in business class on the same dates. A nonstop flight on British Airways cost $5,215, while the International Airline Program had tickets for $4,227. This resulted in an $898 (17.5%) discount on the trip, which is still a very good deal.

The International Airline Program currently partners with the following airlines:

The value of the International Airline Program benefit really boils down to how often you use it. If you frequently pay for premium tickets, then you could get thousands of dollars in value per year.

However, if you never pay for premium airfare, you’ll get no value. So with that in mind, we’ll leave it up to you to assign your own value to this benefit.

17. Global Dining Access by Resy — [Wild Card]

Add your card to your Resy profile to unlock access to special dining experiences (like access to premium events), exclusive reservations at top restaurants across the globe, and access to benefits like priority notify and VIP status.

18. Wheels Up (Premium Private Jet Program) — [Wild Card]

Enjoy a discount on your Wheels Up membership — 20% off for Wheels Up Connect and 40% off for Wheels Up Core.

Additionally, you can receive a $500 or $2,000 credit towards your initial flight within your first year (depending on membership).

Amex Platinum Card Purchase Benefits

Beyond travel benefits, holding an Amex Platinum card entitles you to an array of purchase and travel protection benefits. All of the benefits we’ve outlined below apply to all of the purchases you make on your Amex Platinum card (unless specifically excluded in the terms and conditions).

Here’s a look:

19. Extended Warranty — [$100+]

All purchases you make with your Amex Platinum card are eligible for an extended warranty from American Express. If the product you purchase has a standard warranty of 5 years or less, American Express will add a year of coverage on top of the standard warranty.

This warranty will cover up to $10,000 per item with a maximum of $50,000 in claims annually. This benefit can be extremely beneficial for big-ticket purchases like computers and TVs, so make sure that you charge these items to your Amex Platinum card to protect your purchase.

We’ll value this benefit conservatively at $100 for the purpose of this article. This is because you’re not super likely to actually have to use this benefit, but it can be a huge help when you do need it.

20. Return Protection — [$100+]

All purchases made with your Amex Platinum card are eligible for return within 90 days of purchase. If the store you make a purchase from won’t accept your return, American Express will cover up to $300 per item for a total of $1,000 in reimbursements per calendar year. We value this benefit at $100 if used at least once.

21. Purchase Protection — [$100+]

We’ve all done it: you bought a new cell phone and dropped it 2 weeks after you took it out of the box. Now, you’re liable for a $250 replacement screen. That is, if you didn’t charge the purchase to your Amex Platinum card.

The Amex Platinum card protects eligible purchases from theft and accidental damage for 90 days from your original purchase date. This covers up to $10,000 per incident and up to $50,000 per calendar year, so it’s perfect for portable electronics, music equipment, and sporting goods.

We value this purchase protection benefit at $100 because — like the extended warranty — you’re not likely to have to use it often. But if you do, it can quickly become a very valuable benefit.

22. Amex Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance — [$50]

American Express provides secondary rental car insurance on all rentals charged to your Amex Platinum card. Eligible rentals are covered for theft and damage up to $75,000 without increasing the cost of your car rental — just make sure to decline the damage waiver from the rental car company.

However — unlike the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card that provides primary insurance — this card only provides secondary coverage, which means it kicks in after your own insurance. This means that you’ll still have to pay your deductible, so consider using another credit card that offers primary insurance for your rentals instead. Because of the secondary coverage, we only value the benefit at $50.

23. Cell Phone Protection — [$100+]

Amex Platinum cardholders now receive up to $1,600 in cell phone protection (2 claims per year with up to $800 for each claim) against theft and damage, including cosmetic damage (like a cracked phone screen). Each claim has a $50 deductible and your monthly phone bill should be paid with your Amex Platinum card to receive coverage.

Final Thoughts

While it’s no secret that the Amex Platinum card isn’t for everybody, we do think it’s worth it for those that travel with moderate frequency. If you utilize the benefits, we believe that you’ll be able to get over $4,500 in value out of the card. And if you consider the welcome bonus, you’ll come out even further ahead of the fee during your first year.

Sold on the Amex Platinum card? We’ve covered the requirements necessary to apply for the card, and then you can check out our full article on what to do when you first receive your Amex Platinum card. This guide will show you how to properly utilize all of the benefits included with your card, ensuring that you’re not missing any vital steps.

Frequently asked questions

How many airport lounges can I access with the Amex Platinum card?

The Amex Platinum card is perhaps the best card for airport lounge access. You can get into 1,300+ lounges worldwide with this card including Priority Pass lounges, Amex Centurion Lounges, and more.

How many Uber credits do I get with the Amex Platinum card?

Cardmembers will receive $15 per month of Uber credits and $35 in December. Credits do not rollover so you want to be sure to use them all up each month!

How many points does the Amex Platinum card earn on purchases?

The Amex Platinum card earns points at the following rates:

  • 5 points per dollar on airfare purchased directly from the airline
  • 5 points per dollar on prepaid hotels and flights booked on AmexTravel.com
  • 1 point per dollar on all other purchases

What is the annual fee of the Amex Platinum card?

$695 per year.

Can I transfer Membership Rewards points to different airlines?

Yes, points you earn on the Amex Platinum card can be transferred to many different airline and hotel partners. Alternatively, you can also use your Membership Rewards Points at a fixed redemption rate to purchase flights on any airline through Amex Travel.

Do Amex Platinum card authorized users get lounge access?

Yes! Authorized users receive all of the lounge benefits as the primary cardholder. In fact, all authorized users even receive their own Priority Pass card once enrolled on the American Express website.

For a full look at authorized user benefits, check out our complete guide to Amex Platinum card authorized users.

How much do Amex Platinum card authorized users cost?

You can add up to 3 authorized users to your Amex Platinum card for $175 total. Then, each additional authorized user costs $175.

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  1. Dean R Chirieleison April 25, 2018

    Doesn’t the platinum card also include emergency airlift for the cardholder and or spouse in a foreign country if needed for a medical emergency? I thought I read somewhere that it does.


    • Thanks for the question, Dean. I found information in the cardholder agreement confirming that it can be covered for the cardholder and covered family. It states that the “Premium Global Assist Hotline may provide emergency medical transportation assistance at no cost if approved and coordinated by Premium Global Assist Hotline.”


    • Does it provide medical insurance and airlifting from countries outside of USA?


  2. Any tips on how to utilized the $200 airline credit on United Airlines, if you already have 1k status?


    • Hey Jonathan. United is one of the toughest airlines to use that credit up on since they don’t sell gift cards and the Gift Registry and Travel Bank that used to work seems to be indefinitely suspended. Since you are already a 1k, most of the things you would pay to upgrade or pay for in-flight are already given to you. Unless the Travel Bank makes a return before the end of the year, you are pretty much stuck with spending in the specific categories that Amex outlines as acceptable.


  3. Is there a benefit in using my Platinum card when making an airline reservation regarding their standard cancellation policy of 24 hours following the booking without a cancellation fee? Does the Platinum card provide additional time to cancel without cost?


    • Hello Lew and thanks for your question. Unfortunately, the airline’s hold policy is not extended when using your Platinum Card. You will, however, be earning lots of Membership Rewards Points and that’s always a positive.


  4. Is it better to use Chase Reserve or Amex Platinum for travel? I always tend to use Chase Reserve when booking a roundtrip flight and hotels because I believe it covers cancellation if you can’t make your trip. Even though it is 3x rather than 5x points with AMEX Plat, I always tend to use Chase Reserve just to feel protected. Thoughts?


    • Hey Jay,

      Yes, the cancellation insurance might be enough to give you peace of mind.

      The Chase Sapphire Reserve offers trip delay/interruption/cancellation coverage when the delay exceed 6 hours or an overnight stay is required. The benefit is up to $500 per reservation. The American Express Platinum card does not offer this coverage, though you may purchase travel insurance on American Express’s website.

      Let’s talk about an example. If you routinely fly on a route that seldom has delays, either because of the operational excellence of the airline or because there’s never any bad weather, then it might be worth it to get the extra points with your Platinum card.

      If you often fly from Newark to Chicago on United for example, it might be prudent to use the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, seeing as how terrible weather and ungodly delays will be a reality.

      It all depends on your risk tolerance and exact circumstances.


  5. Do you earn reward points on EVERYTHING or just the American Express perks? For example: do you earn on fuel, and/or everyday purchases?


  6. It’s worth mentioning that they offer discounts on international business class (and premium economy) travel as well. You have to call a designated number and there is a $35/per person ticketing fee, but it was well worth it for me. I had tracked my ideal flight for months using Google Flights, so I had an idea of what the list price should be. The AE travel agent was able to discount the flights by about $600 each. Then they applied the 100K sign-up bonus miles, for a total savings of $2200.00. The cool thing is you get the 5x miles on the cost of the ticket(s) before the value of the 100K miles is lopped off (they do this by having you charge the full price & then immediately issuing the credit).


  7. Does the additional card holder of a Platinum Business American Express card get free breakfast at the Hilton hotels?


    • Hello Bhavna and thanks for your question. Authorized users on the Business Platinum American Express card receive Hilton Honors Gold elite status which includes complimentary breakfast. To activate their Hilton Honors Gold status the authorized user must call the number on the back of their card.


  8. Does the additional card holder of a Platinum American Express card get the same lounge access as the primary card holder?


    • Hi Ross,
      Yes, any authorized users of your Platinum Card will have full access to the Global Lounge Collection (including Centurion lounges and Priority Pass lounges).


  9. Harsha parekh March 15, 2019

    Can the Platinum Card be used for Clear, TSA Precheck, or Global Entry for free?


    • Hello Harsha. When you apply for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry and pay with your Platinum Card, you receive reimbursement in the form of a statement credit for up to $100.


      • But what about CLEAR?


        • Hi Jema. If you’re asking if the cost of CLEAR membership would be reimbursed under the $200 airline incidental credit, unfortunately the answer is no. It is not purchased from the airline and not an incidental airline fee. It is also not reimbursable under the Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. Thank you for the question.


  10. Derrick White April 1, 2019

    I have an American Express Gold Card for me and my wife. Do I have to pay the same price to get her a card even if we are under the same account? I am not sure what I pay for our AM Gold Cards.


    • Hi Derrick. The annual fee for the American Express® Gold Card is $250. There is no charge (annual fee) for up to 5 additional cards on the same account. I hope this answers your question.


  11. Christine April 2, 2019

    How does an authorized cardholder of the Platinum American Express card book a hotel room at Fine Hotels and Resorts using points from the primary cardholder account if the primary cardholder is not traveling? There is not an option to put in contact information other than the primary cardholder under the American Express travel website. Thanks.


    • Hi Christine, we have a couple of possible options for you but can’t 100% guarantee they’ll work… one possibility is to call up the Amex concierge and see what they can do, it likely needs to be the primary cardholder to call.

      Another idea is for the primary cardholder to set up “account manager authority” for the authorized cardholder which should give them their own login and most authority levels that we think can be set to include rewards.

      Or, as some do when straightforward options don’t work, book for 2 people and add the additional guest’s name to the reservation… this works best in the US, however, not in some countries that want passports for everyone on the reservation at check-in.

      Lastly, have you tried calling Amex Platinum’s customer service line? Amex states “Anywhere in the world, you will always be able to communicate with the exclusive Platinum Service unit, where a highly qualified team of representatives will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in all your needs, both in English and Spanish. You can communicate toll-free calling 1-800-801-6564.”

      Let us know what ends up working out for you!


      • Ksren Kay Solomon December 27, 2019

        I am currently onboard a cruise ship with no way to e-mail AMEX Platinum about a problem with online hotel booking in Auckland NZ —need serious help. Thanks.

        The 800# advised us to deal with it after the fact, but the hotel is threatening to cancel for double booking. The Hotel said I used Expedia but I used Amex Platinum travel online site?


        • Hi Karen,

          Just to clarify, the issue is that the hotel is threating to cancel your reservation because they claim the booking was made twice? Are they threatening to cancel both reservations or just the duplicate? Also, have you called the hotel and explained the situation to them?


  12. Does the $200 airline credit cover Early Bird on Southwest?


    • Hi Tiffany. Although the Early Bird fee isn’t specifically covered in the list of covered purchases, it has been known to trigger the credit. You must first select Southwest as your designated airline on your Platinum Card before making the purchase so be sure you’ll have $200 worth of purchases with Southwest over the calendar year. Southwest e-gift cards have been known to trigger the credit as well but this could change at any time.


  13. Does American Express waive the annual fee for military?


  14. Is the Free breakfast at Hilton available even if you don’t stay at the Hotel ?


    • Hi Ross. Unfortunately, it is not. Hilton Honors’ terms and conditions state that “benefits are provided on every stay when you book directly through Hilton”. So you must book through Hilton and stay at the property to receive benefits, which would include breakfast.


  15. Does Amex Travel still offer free ticket for every one purchased?


  16. Can someone confirm that these benefits are only for US cardholders or if AMEX Platinum cardholders in other countries, such as Brazil in my case, have the same benefits?


  17. If you have 2 Amex cards that each come with an airline credit, i.e. the Platinum and Gold cards, or a premium co-branded card, can you assign each one to a different airline, or do you have to set one airline for all of your Amex cards?


  18. Jim Young March 9, 2020

    Is travel insurance available?


  19. Elias Boser May 16, 2020

    Hi there, do you know if there’s a difference on travel medical coverage between the American and Canadian AMEX Platinum cards?

    This article for the USA version doesn’t mention great medical insurance, but it looks like the medical coverage is available on the Canadian version.

    Reference: https://creditcarrots.com/american-express-platinum-review/


    • Hi Elias,

      Yes, the American and Candian versions of the Amex Platinum card offer different benefits, rewards, and annual fees. Thanks for reading!


  20. If I have both the Amex Platinum and CSR so I have Gold elite status at both Marriott and Hilton. If I book directly with the hotel and pay with the CSR because it’s 3x, does it matter if I do that even though the Platinum is the card giving me the benefits? Only if booking directly with the hotel though.


  21. Priority pass is less than worthless. Most lounges now turn away “priority” pass members because they’re at capacity with the members they prioritize.


Any thoughts or questions? Comment below!

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