20 Benefits of the Capital One® Platinum Credit Card

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You’re probably accustomed to us providing advice on which travel rewards cards we recommend or how you can maximize the rewards you’re earning on those cards. However, we realize that not everyone has a strong credit history, an excellent credit score, and access to the best travel rewards cards.

In fact, we’re asked frequently how to get started with less-than-perfect credit or no credit history at all. While there can be a multitude of answers to that question, one card we’ve found that serves this purpose well is the Capital One® Platinum Credit Card.

Simple in structure but packed with tools to help you build or rebuild your credit, the CapOne Platinum card is a no-annual-fee card that could help you get started down the path to improving your credit history.

The card has more depth and value than just building credit, however. You’ll find it offers easy account management, has plenty of travel and shopping benefits, and doesn’t charge an annual fee.

Here’s a breakdown on everything this otherwise basic credit-building card has going for it.

Getting Started

1. You Don’t Need Excellent Credit or High Income to Be Approved

Capital One states that the Platinum card is designed for those with average credit. However, reports exist of consumers getting approved with fair credit (as low as 580). The card is also a good choice for those with lower income.

2. You Can Find Out if You’re Pre-qualified

Capital One offers a pre-qualification tool that does not affect your credit score. They also participate in the CardMatch tool, which helps find the best credit card offers specifically for you.

3. No Annual Fee

One factor that affects your credit score is the length of your credit history. You can keep the Capital One Platinum card indefinitely, even once you’ve secured a great travel rewards card later, because there is never an annual fee.

4. No Security Deposit Needed

While the CapOne Platinum card is designed for average credit, it is not a secured credit card. You do not need to come up with a security deposit to be approved for the card.

5. Reports to All 3 Credit Bureaus

In order to build or re-build credit, your on-time payments need to be reported to the 3 credit bureaus so your credit report accurately reflects the responsible management of your account.

The CapOne Platinum card serves this need, reporting to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Capital One Mobile App
Easily manage your account online or via the mobile app. Image Credit: Capital One

Easy Account Management

Building or rebuilding your credit takes focus. You want to make sure your payments are on time, you know your credit limit, and you keep track of your transactions. The tools provided by Capital One make it easy to manage your Platinum card account responsibly.

6. Earn a Higher Credit Limit

When you’re approved for the CapOne Platinum card, you’ll receive a credit limit of at least $300. After you make your payments on time for at least 5 consecutive statement periods, you’ll have access to a higher credit limit.

7. No Penalty APR for Late Payments

Many credit cards impose a penalty APR when a payment is late. For example, the interest rate on a credit card may be 16%, but a higher interest rate may apply if you make a late payment.

However, the CapOne Platinum card does not impose a higher penalty interest rate applied to your balance, even if you’re late with your payment. You will still be charged a late fee, however, and the current APR is already high at 26.99% variable.

8. Convenient and Simple Online Account Access

Use the customer-friendly Capital One mobile app to set up payment reminders, keep track of transactions, and monitor your account 24/7. You can also manage your account online.

9. Pick Your Own Due Date

Select a payment due date that works for you and pay your account balance by check, online, or at a local branch.

10. Free Credit Monitoring

When you’re on the road to excellent credit, you’ll want to keep an eye on your progress. With CreditWise from Capital One, you’ll enjoy unlimited free access to your credit score and other tools to help you monitor your credit.

Even if you close your Capital One card, you can still continue to use CreditWise.

Hertz car rental
Receive complimentary car rental coverage with your Capital One Platinum card. Image Credit: Hertz

Travel Protections and Benefits

While the CapOne Platinum card is not a travel rewards card, it still comes with benefits you can use during your travels.

11. Car Rental Insurance

Pay for your entire rental with your card and decline the rental car agency’s collision loss damage waiver coverage (commonly known as CDW or LDW) to activate the complimentary MasterRental car rental insurance on your card.

Damage, theft, and loss of use of the rental car are covered for up to a 15-day rental period. Rentals that exceed 15 days are not covered. This rental car insurance is secondary, which means you must file a claim with your own insurance company first.

If you have no other car insurance or your car insurance does not cover you outside of the United States, the car rental insurance on your card becomes primary insurance. Vehicles that exceed an MSRP of $50,000 are excluded.

Hot Tip: If you rent cars often, see our article on the best credit cards for rental insurance.

12. Travel Accident Insurance

Should a severe injury or death occur involving a common carrier, you could receive a benefit of up to $100,000. You and immediate family members are covered when you pay for your entire passenger fare with your card.

13. Travel Assistance

When a travel emergency occurs, it’s important to have access to someone who can help. The CapOne Platinum card provides a complimentary referral service when you’re 50 miles from home or more.

Perhaps you don’t speak the language and need medical assistance, a legal referral, or assistance arranging emergency medical transportation. The referral service can even help arrange for you to receive emergency cash.

Cardholders are responsible for the cost of any professional services provided.

14. Roadside Assistance

Master RoadAssist Service, which comes complimentary with your card, provides roadside assistance anytime you break down on the road when traveling within the United States.

Jump starts, towing, fuel delivery, lockout services, and flat tire changes are some of the services provided for a flat pre-negotiated service fee.

Woman Using Credit Card on Laptop
Receive extended warranty and price protection on eligible items paid for with your Capital One Platinum card. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Shopping Protections and Benefits

15. Extended Warranty

Pay for an eligible item with your CapOne Platinum card, and the manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months or less will be doubled. For example, if your item comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months, that warranty would be extended to 24 months.

Items with manufacturer’s warranties of more than 12 months do not qualify for coverage. This coverage pays up to a maximum of $10,000 or the amount charged to your card (whichever is less) to repair or replace the item.

16. Price Protection

When you purchase a qualifying item entirely with your card and the price goes down within 60 days of the purchase date, you could receive the difference between what you paid and the current price. You can learn more about credit card price protection policies here.

The maximum coverage amount is $250 per claim, and no more than 4 claims are allowed per 12-month period.

17. No Foreign Transaction Fees

Carry the card when you travel, as there are no foreign transaction fees.

18. Worldwide Acceptance

Use your card anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Additional Benefits

19. Identity Theft Resolution Services

Should you become the victim of identity theft, help is just a call away 24/7. The complimentary coverage that comes with your card includes:

  • Assistance completing a formal Identity Theft Affidavit
  • Notification to credit bureaus
  • Placing an alert on your account
  • Providing the cardholder with an Identity Theft Resolution Kit, which includes sample form letters for contacting other creditors, financial institutions, and possible affected accounts

20. No Balance Transfer Fees

While the card doesn’t charge a fee for transferring balances from other credit cards, you’ll want to compare interest rates to make sure you’ll actually be saving money by doing so.

This card charges a high current APR of 26.99% variable.

Everything Else You Need to Know

Don’t Carry a Balance

Chances are your credit limit will start out low, which can be a good thing — remember that the primary reason to secure this card is to build or re-build credit.

That said, you should plan on spending only what you can comfortably pay off each statement period. You definitely do not want to be paying a nearly 26.99% variable APR (current rate) on any balance!

Don’t Expect Miles or Points

The CapOne Platinum card is a starting point on the road to securing a more lucrative travel rewards card. It does not earn miles or points, but you are also not paying an annual fee.

Plus, if you’ve got a small credit limit on this card, you’re not going to want to spend a lot on it anyway.

Another reason to keep your spending low is so you can keep your credit utilization rate low, which will ultimately help improve your credit score. For example, if you charged $150 and have a credit limit of $300, you’d have a credit utilization rate of  50%, which is considered high.

Final Thoughts

If you have an excellent credit score, there are better cards out there for you. The CapOne Platinum card serves the purpose of building or re-building credit, so choose another card if you want to earn rewards.

You also shouldn’t consider this card if you plan to carry a balance. The high APR on this card makes carrying a balance from month to month an expensive proposition.

However, if you’re having trouble securing a credit card due to inadequate credit history or a fair to average credit score, the CapOne Platinum card is an economical and efficient consideration.

Plus, Capital One offers a wide variety of rewards-earning credit cards. If you manage your Platinum card well, you may receive an upgrade to a rewards-earning card.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Capital One Platinum card worth it?

The Capital One Platinum card is worth it for individuals with no credit history or less than perfect credit.

The fact that it does not charge an annual fee, offers customer-friendly online account management, and comes with shopping and travel benefits adds to the value of the card.

It’s APR is high, however, so carrying a balance should be avoided.

What is the interest rate on the Capital One Platinum card?

The interest rate (APR) on the Capital One Platinum card is variable. It is currently at a variable 26.99%, but it can fluctuate.

You can check the interest rate in the pricing section when applying for the card.

Does the Capital One Platinum card earn miles or points?

The Capital One Platinum card is designed to help consumers build or re-build credit. It is not a rewards-earning card and does not earn miles or points.

How can I qualify for a higher credit limit with the Capital One Platinum card?

Initially, when you are approved for the Capital One Platinum card, you can count on a credit limit of at least $300. You could even receive a higher initial credit limit.

Your initial credit limit will be assigned per Capital One’s discretion based on your credit history and credit score.

After making 5 consecutive on-time payments on your new card, however, you could be eligible for a higher credit limit. Over time, you could even be upgraded to a rewards-earning Capital One card.

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