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The 30 Best Beach Accessories for Your Next Vacation [2023]

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Amar Hussain
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A trip to the beach is the highlight of any vacation and the perfect way to spend time with friends and family in the sun.

While nothing feels more laid back than the sand between your toes and the waves lapping at your feet, getting you and all of your beach gear comfortably settled can be a bit of a chore.

To make it easier to hit the beach like an absolute expert, your collection should be made up of items that help to keep you comfortable, give you shade, let you play, eat, drink, and sleep in style on your next visit to the ocean.

The Best Beach Accessories

1. Beach Blanket

These oversized, sand-proof beach blankets are comfortable to sit on and the perfect spot from which to watch the ocean in the sun.

Made from high-quality synthetic materials, a beach blanket can fold up super small for easy transportation, then open wide enough to let you and your crew chat, play, and eat together on the beach.

With a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, you can set up your own little picnic area on the sand, and the lightweight, water-repellent, and sand-proof designs are easy to shake clean before packing away at the end of the day.

2. Waterproof Phone Pouch

A waterproof phone pouch lets you keep your cell phone close, both in and out of the water. Made with a water-resistant, transparent casing, these phone covers offer full touchscreen functionality allowing you to use your phone and camera while you are in the water.

With an extra layer of protection, you no longer need to leave your cell phone on the sand as you take a dip in the water, and with a detachable lanyard, you can safely hang your cell phone around your neck, keeping it visible at all times.

Easy to use and incredibly effective against damage from water, sand, or even snow, a waterproof phone pouch is perfect for use while fishing, swimming, sailing, snorkeling, and many more water-based activities.

3. Sunshade

Stay safe in the sun with your own portable sunshade. With a huge variety of sunshades and parasols to choose from, you and your crew can always enjoy instant access to your own shaded area, even on the sunniest of beach days.

Choose from oversized shades with collapsible poles and umbrella-folding canopies, pop-up shelters weighed down with sand and rocks, or go all out with a pop-up tent that can be zipped up to give you complete privacy, even on busy beaches.

These are all made from materials that offer UPF protection, and with poles, anchors, screws, and other accessories included, these sunshades offer family-size protection.

4. Beach Chair

A folding beach chair is a must-have item for lazy days by the ocean, and with lower-profiles and comfortable high-back designs, you can stretch your legs out for hours at a time.

Made with strong metal frames with tough and durable water-resistant fabric seats, these awesome beach chairs are easy to open and close.

Lightweight and highly portable, your beach chair can be used in the park, at festivals, and even in your own backyard, and with a wealth of colors and designs to choose from, your beach chair will quickly become one of your best-loved beach essentials.

Bottom Line: With cup holders in the armrests, reclining backs, and built-in sunshades, these awesome beach chairs are affordable, easy to use, and come with carry bags for easy transportation.

5. Sand Toys

Let your little ones enjoy spending time by the water with a selection of sandbox toys that are perfect for use on the beach.

Making sandcastles is a rite of passage for all young sun-lovers, and taking your own toys with you will help to keep them entertained for longer. Build magnificent castles or make friendly animal faces in the sand using a set of sand molds, and let your kids dig to their heart’s content with their very own bucket and spade.

For even more awesome adventures, you could even add small boats and floating toys for use in rock pools, and with carry bags included, your little one can pack away their toys at the end of each day.

6. Beach Games

Beach games offer a fun and competitive way to enjoy your time in the sun for older children and young-at-heart adults.

Stay active with easy-to-play games such as bocce ball, cornhole, bucket ball, Jazzminton, and many more ball games that have simple rules and offer many hours of fun in the sun. Designed specifically to be used on the beach, these game sets are resistant to water, easy to wipe free of sand, and come with their very own carry bags for easy transportation.

If you want to play in larger groups, look at bringing your own net and ball for a good beach volleyball or soccer game in the sand, and keep fit while having fun by the ocean.

7. Solar Phone Charger

If you like to stay connected on the go, a solar phone charger will help you to keep your cell phone topped up without the need for any electricity. Perfect for sunny days on the beach, these clever little chargers work by harnessing the power of the sun into Li-polymer batteries that can give you many hours of charge for your cell phone or tablet.

Foldable when not in use, these high-efficiency solar panel chargers come with USB ports for high-speed charging, and the rugged construction has been specifically designed for use in the great outdoors.

Hot Tip: Prefer to have your power ready to go? Check out our guide to the best portable power bank chargers for travel.

8. Foldable Grill

These supercute little BBQ grills fold up nicely and neatly when not in use and can be stored in their own carry cases for easy transportation. Made from premium, heat-resistant materials such as stainless steel, these portable grills offer just enough space to cook up a storm on the beach.

With easy-to-clean removable grills and lids for increased safety, these awesome little beach BBQ stoves can fold up easily and are small enough to be stored in your trunk when not in use.

9. Cooler

No trip to the beach would be complete without a cooler. Whether you bring enough cold beverages to cool down a crowd or just need a little cooler for keeping your water and snacks cold, your beach cooler will quickly become your new best friend.

Choose from hardside heavyweights that have the capacity to keep your stuff cold for hours on end or a lunch box-style cooler that can be carried like a tote bag to keep everything fresh until lunchtime, and enjoy a nice refreshing drink from your very own personal beach bar.

With a wide variety of sizes, capacities, and styles to choose from, you can easily find a cooler to suit every type of beach day.

10. Inflatable Lounger

Lounge like a king with an inflatable lounger. These supercool, raised air beds can be inflated with just a few scoops of air, and once closed and tied shut, they stay inflated all day long.

Available in a wide range of colors and designs, they are easy to set up and fold up small for easy transportation when not in use.

With additional pockets and elastic holders to keep your books, magazines, cell phone, and drink close at hand, these inflatable loungers can be set up and ready to sit on in just a few moments. Some models come with a built-in pillow to let you lay back in style, and all of them are wide enough to sit 2 of you in an upright position.

Hot Tip: You may also want a floating tube for lounging in the water.

11. Sunglasses

Protect your eyes while staying on trend with a pair of super-stylish sunglasses. With so many different sizes, styles, and designs to choose from, you should easily be able to find the perfect pair to suit both the shape of your face and your own personal style, and there are sunglasses available to suit every budget.

If you are planning on enjoying some sporting activities out on the water, look for sunglasses with polarized lenses to help reduce the glare from the water. Even if you just want to lay still and catch some rays on the beach, you should still choose shades that block up to 99% of both UVA and UVB rays to ensure an efficient level of protection.

12. Beach Bag

Throw your swimsuits, towels, and other essentials in an oversized beach bag and make your way down to the ocean.

Made from breathable mesh materials, these beach bags offer lots of useful storage spaces, and the open design lets your wet towels and clothing dry out nicely as you are walking home.

With internal zippered pockets for your most valuable items, and lots of external pockets for your sunscreen, sunglasses, books, magazines, drinks, and so much more, these open beach bags sit nicely over your shoulder, and their casual styling makes them perfect for use on the beach, at the park or anywhere the sun is shining.

13. Beach Towel

These ultra-soft and oversized beach towels are perfect for drying off after a dip in the ocean. Large enough to use as a blanket, dedicated beach towels come with bright and colorful designs that are resistant to fading from the sun, salt water, or chlorine.

As soft as the towels you would use back at home, beach towels are designed to be incredibly absorbent to help soak up excess water after a swim.

Bottom Line: Gorgeous to look at and soft against the skin, your beach towel should be able to repel sand with a good shake and be able to roll or fold up to be carried in your beach bag.

14. Beach Cart

Make light work of moving your sunshades, beach chairs, and other accessories from the car to your campout spot with a dedicated beach cart.

With big chunky wheels that can easily handle deep sand and uneven terrain, these foldable metal carts come with sizable, heavy-duty storage areas, and their durable construction allows them to take an impressive amount of weight.

With adjustable handles that make it easy to maneuver, even when full, these super-useful beach carts can be folded down and stored in your trunk or garage when not in use.

15. Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your skin against the dangers of the sun, and when used regularly and frequently reapplied, it will help to lower the risk of painful sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging.

Available in creams, sprays, oils, mists, and lotions, sunscreens come with an SPF rating that indicates how long the product will keep your skin safe in the sun.

If you are spending hours at a time on the beach, look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, and choose an SPF of between 30 and 50 to keep your skin safe in the sun.

16. Portable Fan

It can feel pretty oppressive and airless during the hottest part of the day, even when you are next to the ocean. If you need a quick cooldown, a portable fan will give you an instant blast of cool air.

Powered up using regular batteries and available with a selection of different settings, portable fans can be held in your hand or attached to your chair, sunshade, or shelter by using a clamp.

A great choice for keeping the air nice and cool inside your pop-up tent, a portable fan also helps make the air more comfortable if you have littles on who needs to take a nap or just want to take some time out of the heat of the sun.

17. Snorkel and Fin Set

Get up close and personal with the fishes in the sea with an easy-to-use snorkel and fin set. Perfect for beginners, these easy-to-use snorkel sets come with wide-eyed, waterproof face masks that let you see brilliantly underwater, and with soft silicone seals, they fit neatly against your face to stop any water from getting in.

With a PVC snorkel tube that extends beyond the top of your head, you can lay face down in the water and marvel at the seascapes beneath you without having to pop up to breathe. Add a pair of fins to increase your speed and power up your swim, and enjoy endless hours of fun just underneath the surface of the water.

18. Foldable Sun Hat

Wearing a hat in the sun will help protect the dedicated skin on your face, neck, and eyes from harmful UV rays and help to shade your eyes from the sun. While you should always wear a good quality sunscreen applied directly to your skin, a sun hat will add extra protection.

With plenty of styles to choose from, most sun hats come with wide brims or rounded bills to offer increased shade, ventilated crowns to keep your head cool, and adjustable drawcords to keep your hat firmly on your head. A sun hat is a must-have for every outdoor adventurer.

19. Water Shoes

These supersoft water shoes are made from breathable synthetic materials that won’t turn to mush in the water. Like a second skin, they are designed to never chafe or cause blisters, and the stretchy fit makes them easy to pop on and take off in an instant.

Designed to protect your feet from sharp rocks and rough sand, these shoes have flexible rubber outsoles for increased comfort, and available in a wide range of sizes and designs, they are perfect for swimming, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, yoga and so much more.

20. Beach Cover-Up

Take a break from the sun with a stylish and comfortable cover-up. Made from soft and breathable fabrics such as lightweight cotton or breezy chiffon, these throw-overs are perfect for wearing over your bikini or bathing suit.

Available in a huge variety of styles and designs, they are usually short in length and come with loose-fitting, cap style sleeves or off-the-shoulder designs for a supercool, laid-back look and feel on the beach.

Suitable for use when you want to cover your skin after a long day in the sun or for wearing as you walk away from the beach to enjoy your lunch, a good cover-up can even be worn with shorts and sandals for casual drinks or romantic walks in the evening.

21. Rash Guard

These slim-fitting t-shirts are great for wearing both in and out of the water. Made from soft and stretchy fabrics such as nylon, spandex, and elastane, rash guards are designed to offer protection against irritants like sand, salt water, and the sun.

In addition, the tightly woven fibers have been constructed to block out up to 98% of the harmful rays of the sun, giving them a UPF 50+ sun protection rating to keep your skin safer while you play.

Available in a huge variety of styles and different sizes to suit all ages, a rash guard shirt is perfect for swimming, sailing, surfing, and a wide range of water-based activities.

22. Portable Lock Box

Keep your most valuable items safe on public beaches with a portable lockbox. These useful little security devices are available in hardshell or soft body designs and are perfect for use on the beach, at your hotel, or while traveling.

With cut-proof steel cables that can be attached to any fixed object, slash-resistant materials, and secure locks, these portable lock boxes have enough space to hold your passport, cell phone, money, watches, and other important possessions to ensure that they stay safely by your side on the beach.

Many lock boxes and bags also feature an RFID lining that helps to protect your cards from data fraud and will keep your ID safe from portable scanners. Easy to use and compact enough to carry around with you, a portable safe would make an excellent addition to your beach day essentials.

23. Pop-Up Tent

Create your own space or instant shade with a pop-up beach tent. Made with quick-fixing fiberglass frames, these compact and lightweight little sunshades can be popped up in an instant. Perfect for providing a shaded space for impromptu picnics, afternoon snoozes, or a play space for little ones, a pop-up beach tent has many uses.

Offering UPF 50+ protection while also being resistant to water and hardy enough to stay upright in the wind, pop-up beach tents come with their own carry bags and don’t require extra stakes, poles, or other accessories, making them highly portable and perfect for all types of outdoor occasions.

24. Picnic Bag

Take some snacks and nice cool drinks with you to enjoy on the beach with an insulated picnic bag. These cute little picnic bags are made from wipe-clean materials and have all the room you need to keep your lunch cool and sand-free on the beach.

Available in a wide choice of designs and sizes, these bags come with shoulder or grab handles that make them easy to carry from the car to the waterfront. Designed to keep things cool with the use of an ice block or cold pack, they have a layer of insulation on the inside that helps to keep your food cooler for longer.

With additional pockets for utensils, cups, plates, and other essentials, some picnic bags are more like traditional hampers, while others simply offer enough space for a sandwich and a drink to keep you well-fed.

25. Folding Table

If you like to dine in style, even on the beach, a folding table offers a stable perch from which to enjoy your alfresco offerings. Made from strong yet lightweight materials, these tables can fold up for easy transportation, and with easy-to-clean surfaces, they are an excellent choice for campouts on the beach.

Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, they come with sturdy legs that stay stable, even in the sand, and some come with built-in cup holders to ensure that your drink stays upright so you can enjoy every last drop.

Bottom Line: With carry-bags included and quick and easy open and close functionality, a folding beach table can also be used for playing games, keeping your belongings up off of the floor, and as a snack and hydration station for kids as they graze.

26. Beach First Aid Kit

A waterproof first aid kit is a must-have for anyone who loves to spend time in and around the water, and if you enjoy long lazy days on the beach, it is always handy to have your own medical kit close at hand.

Look for dedicated first aid pouches or boxes that can handle being in wet and sandy conditions, and either invest in one that comes ready-filled or procure your own items to keep you safe on the sand. Jellyfish stings, cuts on rocks or sharp objects, sunburn, and even sunstroke can all be made better using over-the-counter medications.

If you are making your own kit, consider including calamine lotion for bites and stings, Tylenol, anti-itch cream, bandages, Band-Aids, aloe vera cream, sunscreen, tweezers, and hand sanitizer, all of which are useful for common beach-based accidents and ailments, and even if you never have to use them, it is a great idea to be able to keep all of these things close by.

27. Portable Speaker

Pump up the party with a portable speaker. Powered up using batteries or solar power, a portable beach speaker should come with a waterproof and sand-proof casing.

Designed to offer crystal clear sound and booming bass, these speakers offer excellent waterproof capabilities and are made from durable components that won’t be affected by the sand.

Featuring rechargeable Li-ion batteries, these speakers connect to your cell phone or tablet using Bluetooth to let you enjoy your favorite playlists wherever you are.

Compact and portable, most portable speakers don’t need to be massive to offer a huge amount of sound, and many come with a bungee strap attached that makes it easy to hang them from your beach chair, sunshade, or parasol.

28. Waterproof Camera

Capture every moment with a waterproof sports camera that can be used both in and out of the water. These super-compact and incredibly proficient little cameras can shoot in 4K and offer a wide range of awesome features.

Take pictures or shoot video in the water using a wrist strap or head mount and view your work instantly on the super clear LCD display screens. Offering IPX-rated waterproof protection, these sports cameras come with a secure casing, and with rechargeable batteries, they can offer many hours of incredible images that you can share with your friends using Bluetooth.

Hot Tip: Interested in what are the best GoPro alternatives? We’ve found lots of options in our helpful guide.

29. Water Bottle

Stay hydrated with your very own water bottle, and help to reduce the need for single-use plastics. With so many awesome water bottles to choose from, you should look for ones made from BPA-free, food-grade materials that offer a layer of insulation to help keep your drink cool even in the sun.

Many flasks and canteen-style water bottles come with a straw lid or a wide mouth opening, making it easy to drink from, and if you want to spice it up a little, add some fresh fruit or cold cucumber for a healthy, refreshing drink that you can sip on all day long.

30. Trash Bags and Stands

Keep the environment clean and our beaches beautiful by taking your trash home with you. It can get very busy on the beach during peak season, and trash cans can start to overflow.

However, no matter how full the municipal trash facilities may be, there is no excuse for leaving your empty cans, food wrappers, and other detritus in the sand, so take some trash bags and leave no trace.

There are zillions of different types of trash bags to choose from, and you can take whichever ones you use at home, but if you also invest in a portable trash bag holder, you can set up your very own waste station next to your sunbathing spot.

A great choice for family days out, you can rest easy knowing that you did your bit to keep the beach clean on your big day out.

Final Thoughts

From beach towels and picnic bags to portable tables and 4-wheeled carts, there are a ton of awesome accessories out there that will add value to your beach vacation.

Choose items that suit the needs of you and your family, and get ready to enjoy your most relaxing and comfortable beach day ever!

All information and content provided by Upgraded Points is intended as general information and for educational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as medical advice or legal advice. For more information, see our Medical & Legal Disclaimers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some beach must haves?

There are many essentials that will make your trip to the beach more enjoyable and comfortable. Some of these include beach chairs, games, a beach blanket, sunscreen, beach towels, a sunshade, and a cooler.

How do you carry beach gear?

There are 2 ways to carry beach gear, and it depends on how much you have. For simple trips with only a few items, the best way to carry your gear is with a dedicated beach bag that has a small cooler compartment and mesh lining that allows sand to pass through easily. The other way is to use a beach cart that can hold bigger items such as coolers, shades, and games and makes light work of getting over sand.

What do I need in my beach bag?

Essentials that you should have in your beach bag include sunscreen, a water bottle, a beach towel, a sun hat, sunglasses, some entertainment, and a swim shirt or cover-up.

Are mesh bags good for the beach?

Mesh bags are great for the beach as they are more breathable and easier to clean than other bags. They also make finding your belongings easy and are lightweight.

Amar Hussain's image

About Amar Hussain

Amar is an avid traveler and tester of products. He has spent the last 13 years traveling all 7 continents and has put the products to the test on each of them. He has contributed to publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post, and more.


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