35 Benefits of the American Express® Business Gold Card

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The American Express® Business Gold Card isn’t one of those showy new credit cards with a giant sign-up bonus, hotel elite status, and airport lounge access (Priority Pass, Amex Centurion etc) — you’ll have to dig deeper to find the real value your business can use with this card.

Fortunately, for the right business, the value is definitely there. In fact, if your business can use the offered benefits, you can save thousands of dollars during your first year of card membership.

With that said, this card isn’t going to be valuable to all businesses.

Just like any business credit card, spending categories need to align, the benefits offered need to be those you will actually use, and you have to find enough value to offset the annual fee.

But with up to 4X earnings, free recruiting and online services, rebates on airfare, and the ability to transfer points to travel partners, the card does offer plenty.

Could this card offer enough to make it a valued asset to your business?

Let’s take a look at all of benefits offered by the American Express® Business Gold Card and see if it delivers enough value for your particular business to justify applying.

Earning Valuable Membership Rewards Points

Earning rewards may not be the most important reason to acquire a business credit card, but it’s always near the top of the list of card benefits.

That’s because rewards can help offset bottom line costs such as travel expenses, or even fund an annual vacation you’d otherwise be paying cash for.

Membership Rewards points earned on this card are some of the most flexible and valuable points you can earn — and there are plenty of ways to earn them.

Accelerated Earnings in Business Spending Categories

There are 6 business expense categories that are eligible to earn 4 Membership Rewards Points per dollar spent:

  • Airfare purchased from airlines directly
  • Online, TV, and radio advertising purchased from U.S. media
  • Select technology purchases of computer hardware, software, and cloud solutions from U.S. providers
  • Purchases at U.S. gas stations
  • Purchases at U.S. restaurants
  • Purchases for U.S. shipping

Customized Business Spending Categories

Cardholders receive bonus earnings on 2 business spending categories from the above list that will receive 4 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent.

You do not have to pre-select your bonus categories as each month your actual spending determines where the bonus is applied. This ensures your greatest expenses earn the greatest rewards.

$150,000 Bonus Spending Limit

The card comes with a generous $150,000 yearly limit on purchases for combined 4 points/$1 categories. This means you can select 2 bonus rewards-earning business spending categories and earn 4 points/$1 spent on up to $150,000 in total purchases per calendar year.

Elevated Earning on Amex Travel Purchases

Qualifying purchases made on Amex Travel using the card receive 2 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent.

Unlimited Earnings on Every Purchase

All purchases earn at least 1 Membership Reward point per $1 spent, including bonus category spending that exceeds the annual $150,000 limit. There is no limit to how many points you can earn.

Video Conference
Receive statement credits for using G Suite video conferencing. Image courtesy of G Suite Video Conferencing.

Free G Suite Services

If your business uses video conferencing, online cloud storage, or file sharing, the $200 in reimbursements that come with this card might just help with that expense!

You’ll receive statement credits when using the card to pay for monthly G Suite services (up to $200 total in the first 12 months after card approval).

Free ZipRecruiter Subscription

I frequently utilized online recruiting technology when operating my small business, so I know recruiting can be expensive.

The American Express® Business Gold Card reimburses up to $249/month for a ZipRecruiter subscription, for a maximum of $2,988 in the first 12 months of card membership.

Bottom Line: If your business has hiring needs and could benefit from online recruiting, perhaps $2,988 in statement credits could offset that expense and help your bottom line.

25% Airline Redemption Bonus

Receive 2.5 extra Membership Rewards points for every 10 points you redeem for a first or business class flight on any airline.

Or select 1 qualifying airline, use the Membership Rewards “Pay with Points” option, and get back a 25%-point bonus (up to 250,000 points per year).

Transfer Membership Rewards to Travel Partners

One of the best features of Membership Rewards points is that you can transfer your points to airline and hotel partners.

Transfer to Airline Partners

Amex Airline Transfer PartnerMin TransferTransfer Ratio
(Amex > Partner)
Transfer Time
2,0001:1.62-12 days
Air Canada2,0001:1Almost Instant
Alitalia2,0001:1Almost Instant
Aer Lingus2,0001:1Newly launched, collecting data
ANA1,0001:13 days
Avianca LifeMiles2,0001:1Almost instant
British Airways
2,0001:1Almost Instant
Cathay Pacific2,0001:1Up to 1 Week
Delta Air Lines2,0001:1Almost Instant
EL AL2,00050:1Almost Instant
Emirates2,0001:1Almost Instant
Etihad Airways1,0001:1Almost Instant
FlyingBlue AirFrance/KLM2,0001:1Almost Instant
Hawaiian2,0001:1Almost Instant
Iberia2,0001.25:11-3 days
JetBlue2,0001:1Almost Instant
Singapore Airlines2,0001:11-2 days
Virgin Atlantic2,0001:11-2 days

Transfer to Hotel Partners

Amex Hotel Transfer PartnerMin TransferTransfer Ratio
(Amex > Partner)
Transfer Time
Choice Privileges1,0001:1Almost Instant
Hilton Honors1,0001:2Almost Instant
Starwood Preferred Guest1,0001:2Almost Instant

Transferring Membership Rewards points to airline partners can yield the best redemption value for your Amex points.

While you have the ability to transfer your Membership Rewards points to hotel partners, it’s not the best value for your points. Having the option is a positive however, especially to top off your hotel rewards account for a specific redemption.

Hot Tip: For dozens of creative ways to redeem your Membership Rewards Points for the best value possible, you’ll want to check out this article!


Amex Offers
Amex Offers provide additional savings for cardholders. Image courtesy of American Express.

Amex Offers

Too big of a deal to fall under “shopping benefits,” Amex Offers deserve their own heading. You can literally save thousands a year with the Amex Offers that are featured on your online account home page.

Just add the offer to your card and follow the purchasing terms/conditions to receive statement credits or additional Membership Rewards points.

The Hotel Collection

Book a prepaid hotel stay of 2 nights or more through qualifying American Express Travel Providers, pay with your American Express® Business Gold Card, and receive room upgrades, amenities and a credit at checkout for qualifying charges. (Read more about Amex’s Hotel Collection here)

  • Receive an upgraded room and other amenities based on availability
  • $75 check-out credit —  Receive $1 credit for every dollar spent on qualifying expenses. (Taxes, gratuities, fees, and the cost of room are excluded.)
  • Bookings made on Amextravel.com receive 2 Membership Rewards points per $1 spent, or the stay can be paid for with the “Pay with Points” option

The Travel Collection

You would normally have to pay $295 for an annual membership with The Travel Collection by Travel Leaders Group. Fortunately, you’ll enjoy complimentary membership for as long as you have your American Express® Business Gold Card.

  • Airfare discounts — Enjoy airfare discounts on several international airlines and on United Airlines. Ticketing fees are currently waived for cardholders.
  • Hotel benefits — Room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and a room credit (2 night stay required).
  • Travel discounts — Receive discounted pricing on car rentals, vacation packages, cruises, and escorted tours.
  • Personalized travel planning — Receive professional assistance before, during, and after your travels.

You must call 877-485-8053 to register, and you’ll get access to The Travel Collection members-only website.

Business Expense Management Tools

  • Connect to Quickbooks — Transfer data from your Amex account to your Quickbooks
  • Free employee cards — Earn rewards faster and manage every expense with extra cards for your employees
  • Online spend manager tool — Add receipts and notes to your transaction via desktop or mobile device
  • Online and year-end statements — View you spending history and access reports to help at tax time
  • Mobile account management — Access your account from anywhere
  • Account alerts — Set up account alerts for unusual spending, payment reminders, or to monitor employee spending
Amex event access
Get VIP event access to the hottest tickets in town with your American Express® Business Gold Card. Image courtesy of American Express.

Additional Travel, Entertainment, and Transportation Perks

  • Event and entertainment access — Ticket pre-sale privileges, VIP event access, and preferred seating
  • No foreign transaction fees — Use your card anywhere in the world with no transaction fees added
  • Global assist hotline — General travel, legal, medical, and financial assistance if things go wrong while you’re traveling
  • Baggage insurance plan — Coverage for loss, theft, or damaged luggage up to $1,250 per covered person
  • Premium roadside assistance — No-cost U.S. roadside assistance up to 4 times/year, plus towing up to 10 times/year
  • Travel accident insurance — Covers injury or loss of life due to accident up to $100,000
  • Car rental loss and damage insurance — Secondary coverage on eligible rental vehicles for collision damage (up to 30 days)

Additional Shopping Benefits

  • Extended warranty — On qualifying items, the manufacturer’s warranty of 2-5 years is extended by 2 years
  • Purchase protection — Coverage for eligible items purchased with the card for damage, theft, or loss up to 120 days (90 days for New York residents); up to $1,000/item and $50,000/year
  • Return protection — Eligible items that cannot be returned to the original merchant are covered up to 90 days from purchase (maximum $300 per item/$1,000 year)

Cash Flow and Finance Benefits

  • Pay Over Time — When this option is on, purchases of $100 or more automatically qualify; interest charges apply
  • No pre-set spending limit — Your spending power adjusts as you use your card
  • Vendor payment — Have American Express pay your vendors even if they don’t take credit cards, then repay American Express over 30, 60, or 90 days

Terms and conditions apply to all protections/benefits. You can access full descriptions and links to terms/conditions for each protection/benefit mentioned here.

Final Thoughts

The American Express® Business Gold Card is not a card you’ll jump to apply for — but review its benefits and earning potential carefully to determine if it can make a positive impact on your bottom line.

If you’re in need of recruiting technology or have use for free video conferencing, the card is a wise choice. You’ll realize over $3,000 in annual value from those benefits alone.

However, if you won’t find value in these benefits, you’re left with elevated earnings of 4x on select bonus categories, Amex offers, business management tools, and some ancillary travel benefits.

If you’ll spend more than $7,500/year in 4X categories, take advantage of a couple Amex offers, and receive a discount on airfare through The Travel Collection, you will have realized plenty of value from the card.

To check out other business credit cards for comparison, we’ve put together a full line up of the Best Small Business Credit Cards for Maximum Rewards and Cash-Back.


Is the American Express® Business Gold Card worth it?

The American Express® Business Gold Card is worth it if the value you receive for your business more than offsets the annual fee.

For example, if you’re hiring and paying to use an online recruiting site, this card can save you thousands of dollars in the first year. If you’re paying for G Suite services, you’ll benefit from another $200 in statement credits.

If your business cannot utilize either of these benefits, you would need to earn rewards with a value great enough to offset the annual fee.

For example, if your business spends $20,000/year for advertising and gas, or other 4X earning categories, then you’ll earn at least $800 in rewards value using a very conservative 1 cent per Membership Rewards points value.

How do I redeem Membership Rewards points?

Start by signing in to your American Express® Business Gold Card online credit card account.

As soon as your Membership Rewards points show up in your account there, they are ready to use.

At the top of the page you will see options such as account services, benefits, and rewards. Click on “Rewards.”

On the next page you will see the total number of points in your account, and below the total is a drop-down menu with several options.

You will be able to select an option to redeem your points for travel, go shopping, redeem your points for gift cards, and much more.

This is also where you can select “transfer your points” if you decide to transfer your Membership Rewards points to an airline or hotel travel partner.

How do Amex Offers work?

You will find Amex Offers listed when you log in to your online credit card account. Offers are added frequently, so it’s good to check back often.

The offers are located below your account information under “Amex Offers and Benefits.” Click on “Select all” to view the complete list of offers.

Once you find an offer that you like, you should read the terms and conditions, then add the offer to your card by clicking on the “Add to card” button.

Be sure to review the offer carefully to ensure you’re making the purchase correctly. For example, an offer can be good at Sam’s Club.com but not at the physical store, or at Walmart.com but not the Walmart store.

Do I have to pay off the card every month?

The American Express® Business Gold Card is a charge card that must be paid off each statement period.

There are provisions to pay over time for charges that are $100 or more. These charges will be flagged on your statement, and you can select the ones you want to be enrolled in the option.

You can also receive short-term loans from American Express and have them pay your vendors.

Both of these options do incur applicable interest charges.


American Express® Business Gold Card

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