Business Green Rewards Card from American Express — Full Review [2021]

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Business Green Rewards Card from American Express — Full Review [2021]

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"Earn Rewards for Your Business Spending"

This entry-level business card earns points for your business spending, which you can redeem in a simple-to-use rewards program. Business owners will appreciate the suite of tools designed to simplify finances.

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Most people recognize the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express by sight due to its classic green design. Many of you have probably carried that card yourself at one time.

But did you know the familiar Green Card is available for your small business too?

The Amex Business Green card gives you the same great benefits of the personal card with added benefits for business owners!

Amex Business Green Card — Snapshot

The Ideal Cardholder

Business Green Rewards Card Amex Sign Up
The Amex Business Green card was designed with the small business owner in mind. Image Credit: Have a nice day Photo via Shutterstock

Welcome Bonus, Earning Categories, and Points

The Amex Business Green card usually has a decent welcome bonus (see table above), and a $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95

You’ll also earn 1x points for each dollar you spend on eligible purchases.

Bottom Line: Earn 1x points for all purchases, but 2x when using the Amex Business Green card through the Amex Travel Portal. The card costs $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95.

Benefits of the Amex Business Green Card

A nice feature of the card is that rather than having a set limit, you have a flexible spending limit.

Your limit will adjust based on your use of the card, payment history, and other factors to better meet the changing needs of your small business.

Membership Rewards points earned with the card can be redeemed for hundreds of rewards from airlines, hotels, restaurants, retailers, and other brands.

In fact, you can use Membership Rewards points to pay for part of a flight or hotel with American Express Travel through the Pay with Points program.

Bottom Line: There is no set credit limit on the Amex Business Green card; you have flexible spending power. You can also combine your points with other Membership Rewards cards to earn travel rewards!

Small Business Benefits

Small business owners will appreciate the fact that Amex Business Green card has a lower annual fee than other Amex business cards, and offers free employee cards.

The business credit card also comes with the many benefits offered by American Express to help run your business smoothly.

Take, for example, your account’s ability to connect to QuickBooks and ReceiptMatch, 2 tools that work together to help you manage your business expenses.

ReceiptMatch allows you to attach receipts, tags, and notes to your American Express card transactions, which can then be uploaded straight to QuickBooks.

Stay abreast of payment due dates, employee spending, and any suspicious activity on your card by setting up account alerts from your online account. You can always access your account through the online statements at the mobile and tablet apps.

If you don’t have time to review your statements and make payments, you can select a partner or employee to manage these tasks for you through the account manager feature.

Bottom Line: Small business owners will appreciate the many different Amex benefits that come from being a cardholder of the Amex Business Green card.

Perks With the Card

American Express has a reputation for offering some of the best credit card perks and insurances, from shopping and fraud protection to travel assistance.

For instance, with purchase protection, your purchases are protected against accidental damage and theft for up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

In addition, you can add up to 1 year to the original U.S. manufacturer’s warranty on items purchased with the card through the extended warranty feature.

Car rental loss and damage insurance can be invaluable if you and your team rent vehicles on a regular basis while traveling. This protects rental cars from theft or damage when you decline the collision damage waiver and pay with your card.

Speaking of traveling, the roadside assistance hotline can give you peace of mind when on the road. Just call the number on the back of your card to get help recharging a battery, changing a flat tire, or something else.

These are just some of the credit card insurances available when you use the card or other participating American Express credit cards.

Bottom Line: The Amex Business Green card comes with many different types of insurance and protections, including purchase protection, extended warranty, car rental insurance, and more!

Great Card If

  • You and your employees travel frequently
  • You will use the suite of tools available for small businesses
  • You want a card that earns Membership Rewards points

Don't Get If

  • You want the option to spread out your monthly payments (with interest)
  • You prefer to earn cash-back rewards
  • You travel outside the U.S. regularly and will incur foreign transaction fees

Amex Business Green Card — Fees

  • Annual Fee
    • $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95
  • Foreign Transaction Fees
    2.7% of each transaction after conversion to U.S. dollars

Best Way to Maximize Amex Points

OK, so you can earn 2x points for booking through American Express Travel and 1x points for your other purchases. But how can you rack up as many points as possible with the Amex Business Green card?

Here are some tips to get you on your way:

Tip #1: Make your first purchase to get your bonus points. You have 3 months to do it and qualify for the welcome offer to receive the Membership Rewards points!

Tip #2: Get cards for your employees. The more people in your business earning points, the more points in your Membership Rewards. Plus, there’s no annual fee for the cards.

You’ll be happy to know you have control over employee spending limits. Set them online or by calling the number on the back of the card.

Tip #3: This is one of the American Express business credit cards that requires you to pay your balance in full each month.

Be sure to make your payment on time to ensure you don’t forfeit your Membership Rewards points and incur costly fees.

Tip #4: Do you have an American Express personal card that earns Membership Rewards? Link it to your business credit card and accumulate tons of Membership Rewards points!

Business Green Rewards Card link Amex Cards
Combine points earned with multiple American Express Membership Rewards cards and qualify for bigger points redemptions! Image Credit: Billion Photos via Shutterstock

Best Way to Redeem Amex Points

When it comes to redeeming Amex points, there are plenty of options, ranging in value from $0.006 per point to more than $0.02 per point.

Option #1: Statement Credit

Pay your Amex Business Green card statement balance with Membership Rewards points. Points are valued at $0.006 each when redeemed for a statement credit.

Option #2: Shopping

Gift Cards

Choose from a wide selection of Membership Rewards gift cards in a wide range of categories like dining, entertainment, and much more. The points value will vary depending on the gift card, but ranges between $0.006 and $0.01 per point.


Use points to pay for all of your purchase, or combine them with cash when you shop through the American Express Membership Rewards portal.

You’ll find hundreds of technology, office, beauty, and other products in the online mall. You can even redeem for events. Redemptions in the shopping portal are valued at $0.005 per point. and

Want to pay for your and shopping cart with Membership Rewards points? Points are valued at $0.007 per point when used directly with these 2 online retailers.

Option #3: Event Tickets

Tickets through Ticketmaster, Telecharge, and AXS

If you’re looking for tickets to an upcoming concert or event through, Ticketmaster, or AXS, you can pay with Membership Rewards points. These points are valued at $0.005 each.

Option #4: Donate to Charity

For those who want to give back, donating to charity using Membership Rewards points can be a terrific opportunity. The first 500,000 points donated each calendar year are valued at $0.01 each. Make a donation starting at 1,000 points.

Option #5: Travel

Transfer to a Loyalty Program Partner

When you have an Amex card that can transfer points to partners, you open up the most valuable way to use your points.

Currently, 4 hotel loyalty programs and 16 airline loyalty programs participate (see below). Transfer your points to most partners at a 1:1 ratio and redeem for as much as $0.02 per point!

You will have to pay a transfer fee of $0.0006 per point (up to $99), but when you consider the potential of piggybacking on the loyalty program redemption rate, it can the most valuable redemption option.

Redeem Points Through American Express Travel

Use your points to pay for all or part of your rewards travel, starting with 5,000 Membership Rewards points. Points for flights are valued at $0.01 per point, and other options are valued between $0.007-$0.005 per point.

There are no blackout dates, and you get a flexible seat selection!

Car Rentals  and Amtrak

Redeem points toward rental cars and Amtrak starting at 5,000 points.

As a cardholder, you have access to 20 airline and hotel loyalty program partners.

Amex Airline Transfer PartnerMin TransferTransfer Ratio
(Amex > Partner)
Transfer Time
AeroMexico1,0001:1.62-12 days
Air Canada1,0001:1Almost Instant
Alitalia1,0001:1Almost Instant
Aer Lingus1,0001:1Almost Instant
ANA1,0001:13 days
Avianca LifeMiles1,0001:1Almost instant
British Airways
1,0001:1Almost Instant
Cathay Pacific1,0001:1Up to 1 Week
Delta Air Lines1,0001:1Almost Instant
Emirates1,0001:1Almost Instant
Etihad Airways1,0001:1Almost Instant
Flying Blue Air France/KLM1,0001:1Almost Instant
Hawaiian1,0001:1Almost Instant
Iberia1,0001:11-3 days
JetBlue2501:0.8Almost Instant
Qantas5001:1Almost Instant
Singapore Airlines1,0001:11-2 days
Virgin Atlantic1,0001:11-2 days
Amex Hotel Transfer PartnerMin TransferTransfer Ratio
(Amex > Partner)
Transfer Time
Choice Privileges1,0001:1Almost Instant
Hilton Honors1,0001:2Almost Instant
Marriott Bonvoy1,0001:1Almost Instant

Alternatives to the Amex Business Green Card

As with any credit card offer, there are a couple of drawbacks to the Amex Business Green card.

First, you must make your payments in full every month. This is different from with The Blue Business℠ Plus Credit Card from American Express, which allows you to spread payments over time (with interest).

Another caveat is the lack of bonus earnings categories. Basically, you earn 1 point per $1 spent with the card with no extra points for purchases at office supply stores, restaurants, or other select categories.

If you would like to earn more for your spending in certain categories, you may prefer The American Express® Business Gold Card.

The Amex Business Gold card offers 5 bonus categories related to business spending: airfare, select U.S. advertising, U.S. gas stations, U.S. shipping, and select U.S. computer services. Earn 3x points for the category you choose and 2x points for the rest.

The Blue Business Plus card has also updated its earning rate, and now earns 2x points on all purchases on the first $50,000 each year, after which it will earn 1x points.

Fees are another drawback of the card. There is a 2.7% foreign transaction fee on any purchases made while abroad.

If you and your employees regularly travel outside the country, you may find more value in a credit card without foreign transaction fees, such as The Plum Card® from American Express.

Not only does it free you from foreign transaction fees, but this card also gives you a 1.5% discount when you pay your bill early. However, the annual fee is $250 after the first year.

Bottom Line: You must make payments in full each month with the Business Green Cardsand unlike other business cards there aren’t any special bonus categories. It also has a 2.7% foreign transaction fee.

See below for some of our card comparisons with the Business Green Rewards Card:

The Gritty Details: Everything Else You Need to Know

As with any credit card, there are several things to keep in mind if you decide to use the Amex Business Green card.

First, unlike some Amex cards (such as The Blue Business℠ Plus Credit Card from American Express), you must pay your balance in full each month. Failing to do so will mean having to pay costly penalty fees and risk losing your earned points.

Also, although most purchases through Amex Travel earn 2x points, there are some exclusions. You can’t earn double points on purchases for car rentals or Fine Hotels & Resorts.

Expect it to take 10-12 weeks for points to be applied to your Membership Rewards account after payment.

In addition, American Express does not allow you to combine promotions. For instance, if you already have an American Express card, you can’t earn another welcome bonus.

The best way to ensure you understand the rules of using the card is to read the terms and conditions.

Other Unique Features

As a cardholder, you have access to certain travel and shopping benefits:

Travel Accident Insurance – When you book your trip using the card, you receive coverage that can protect you in case of accidental death or dismemberment during your travels.

Baggage Insurance Plan – You and your employees will enjoy peace of mind knowing your bags are insured against being lost, damaged, or stolen. Carry-on bags are covered up to $1,250 and checked bags up to $500.

Global Assist Hotline – With all the risks associated with travel (lost passport, illness, etc.), it’s nice to know you can call a number for help when more than 100 miles from home.

Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance – Receive coverage in case your rental car is lost or stolen when you use the Business Green Rewards Card.

Roadside Assistance Hotline – Don’t waste time worrying about what can happen on the road! Roadside assistance provides services such as recharging your battery, changing a flat tire, and more.

Return Protection – You may receive a refund if you are unable to return an item to the merchant you purchased it from within 90 days. Refunds are limited to $300 per item and $1,000 per year.

Extended Warranty – Add up to a year on the original manufacturer’s warranty for an item purchased with the card.

Purchase Protection – If an item you purchased is stolen or accidentally damaged within 90 days, you may be covered.

American Express business cards also provide the following business-related benefits:

ReceiptMatch – Take a photo of a receipt with the app and it will be added to the transaction on your online statement. You can also add tags and notes. This benefit is only available with business cards from American Express.

Online Statements – Stay on top of your credit card account with online statements. You can budget expenses, prepare reports, and view your purchase history.

Account Alerts – No more late payments when you set up account alerts to notify you when due dates are approaching! You can also set up alerts to monitor employee card use and notify you of irregular card activity.

Dispute Resolution – American Express will resolve issues of fraudulent activity or incorrect statement charges.

Account Manager – Assign an account manager to take care of tasks like managing employee cards, making payments, managing disputes, and reviewing statements.

Mobile and Tablet Apps– Use the mobile and tablet apps to manage your account no matter where you are through your smartphone or tablet. View benefits, pay your monthly bill or check your current balance.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Amex Business Green card? Should I get it?

The card can be well worth it for small business owners who travel domestically and use it to pay for monthly expenses.

While the card has a $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95, it has the potential to earn plenty of points (2x for travel through American Express Travel, 1x everything else).

In addition to coming with a suite of tools designed for the small business owner, the card offers travel and shopping insurances.

Which card is better, The Blue Business℠ Plus Credit Card from American Express or the Amex Business Green card?

The Blue Business Plus Card earns 2x reward points on all purchases for the first $50,000 in a year, after which it earns 1x points.

The 2x bonus also applies to the Amex Travel portal and Amex partners, even after the $50k limit. Additionally, it typically comes with an intro APR on purchases and has no annual fee.

While it has the potential to earn more points than the Amex Business Green card, there is a caveat.

You can’t transfer points to the 20 travel partners in the Membership Rewards program unless you have another American Express card that allows it, such as The Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card from American Express.

If you do have a card in the program, you can pool the points you’ve earned with both cards and transfer them together.

Another big difference between the cards is that purchases made with The Blue Business Plus Card do not need to be paid in full each month. You can spread payments over time, though interest will apply.

What is the annual fee for the Amex Business Green card? Is there an annual fee for employee cards?

The annual fee is $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95. That gives you a chance to try out the card for 12 months before having to pay for it.

No, there is no annual fee for employee cards.

Does the Amex Business Green card have a 0% intro APR offer?

No, there is no APR associated with the card because your balance must be paid in full each month.

Is the Amex Business Green card a Membership Rewards card?

Yes, earn 1-2 Membership Rewards points per $1 for using the card.

How much are points worth with the Amex Business Green card worth when making redemptions?

It depends on the reward. Redemptions range from $.006 (statement credit) as high as $0.02 (airline and hotel transfer partners).

When do Membership Rewards points earned with the Amex Business Green card expire?

The only way your Membership Rewards points will expire is if you cancel all of your American Express rewards cards. Just keep at least one card open that earns Amex Membership Rewards, and you won’t lose your points.

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