Lufthansa Baggage Fees & Tips To Cover The Expenses

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Lufthansa actually has a pretty standard baggage fee policy, you just have to tediously sift through all the differences in fares and routes. They offer Economy Light fares on certain routes including to and from North America if you’re looking to travel light with only hand luggage.

We should note that excess fees on Lufthansa are pretty standard as well.

Lufthansa Carry-On Allowance

1 personal item: FREE
Standard carry-on bags:

  • Economy & Premium Economy: 1 FREE (up to 8kg)
  • Business & First: 2 FREE (up to 8kg)

Size Restrictions

  • Personal: 30cm x 40cm x 10cm
  • Standard: 55cm x 40cm x 23cm
  • (for foldable garment bags: 57cm x 54cm x 15cm)

Lap Infant Carry-On Policy

  • With Lufthansa children under two have a free baggage allowance of one piece up to 23 kg.
  • This does not apply to the Light fare in Economy Class on European flights. In this case, only the accompanying adult can add one piece of baggage for a fee of €15 per direction. Additional pieces of baggage must be checked in as excess baggage.
  • A car seat or folding buggy or pram or a baby carrier may be carried as carry-on baggage free of charge.

Stroller Check Policy:

  • Strollers are allowed to be used throughout the airport and will be checked before the flight and handed back immediately after arrival to your destination.

Lufthansa Checked Baggage Allowance

All checked bags must adhere to a max weight of 23kg (50lb) for Economy & Premium Economy fares and 32kg (70lb) for Business & First Class fares; must adhere to max linear dimensions per bag up to 158cm

Economy Class: 1 FREE (23 kg)
Premium Economy Class: 2 FREE (23 kg)
Business Class: 2 FREE (32 kg)
First Class: 3 FREE (32 kg)

Free baggage allowances for European fares:

  • Economy Light: 0 FREE*
  • Economy Classic: 1 FREE (23kg)
  • Economy Flex: 1 FREE (23kg)
  • Business Class: 2 FREE (32kg)

Additional / Excess Baggage Fees

Adding a bag to your Economy Light Fare ticket

Per one way route (max 23kg)Domestic routes (within Germany)Within EuropeIntercontinental
Booking online (up to 2 hours before departure)€15 / $16€25 / $27€50 / $60
At check-in€30 / $35€40 / $44€50 / $60
At gate€55 / $60€55 / $60€50 / $60

Light Fare passengers are permitted to book one item of hold baggage with the exception of flights to and from the USA or Canada where a 2nd piece of luggage may be booked for a fee of €90 / $100 per way.

Additional luggage to free baggage allowance, per one way routeEconomy & Premium Economy Class

Business & First Class 

 Max 23kg and smaller than 158cm24-32kg and smaller than 158cm24-32kg and larger than 158cmMax 23kg24-32kg and larger than 158cm
Domestic (within Germany)€70 / $80€110 / $126€150 / $172€70 / $80€110 / $126
Within Europe€80 / $92€130 / $149€180 / $206€80/ $92€130 / $149
to/from North Africa, central Asia and eastern Mediterranean coast€100 / $115€175 / $201€250 / $287€100 / $115€175 / $201
Short intercontinental routes€150 / $172€250 / $287€350 / $402€150 / $172€250 / $287
Medium intercontinental routes€200 / $230€320 / $368€440 / $506€200 / $230€320 / $368
Long intercontinental routes€250 / $287€400 / $460€550 / $633€250 / $287€400 / $460
to / from Japan€150 / $200Heavier: €250 / $350
Larger: €350 / $500
€450 / $650€150 / $200€350 / $500

For additional details, please see Lufthansa’s official fees here. Click the headings above to view the list of applicable destinations.

Overweight / Oversized

Fees in excess of free baggage allowance, per one way routeEconomy & Premium Economy Fares
Larger or heavier (24kg to 32kg or 159cm)
Economy & Premium Economy Fares
Larger and heavier (24kg to 32kg and 159cm)
Business & First Class Fares
Larger than 159cm
Domestic (within Germany)€40 / $46€80 / $92€40 / $46
Within Europe€50 / $57€100 / $114€50 / $57
to/from North Africa, central Asia and eastern Mediterranean coast€75 / $86€150 / $172€75 / $86
Short intercontinental routes€100 / $115€200 / $230€100 / $115
Medium intercontinental routes€120 / $138€240 / $276€120 / $138
Long intercontinental routes€150 / $173€300 / $346€150 / $173
to / from JapanHeavier: €100 / $150
Larger: €200 / $300
€300 / $400€200 / $300

Bags won’t be accepted weighing more than 32kg.

For baggage fees related to Sporting Goods, please refer to Lufthansa’s policy here. 

For fees related to other special baggage, please refer to Lufthansa’s policy here.

Can I Pre-pay for Baggage?

Lufthansa does allow passengers the ability to pre-pay for luggage online or by contacting their call centre.

Here are the ways you can pre-pay:

  • Log in to your booking from the ‘My Bookings’ tab on the Lufthansa website
  • Contact the Lufthansa Service Center on +1 800 – 645 38 80

Avoid Paying Baggage Fees by Using These Credit Cards

If you need to cover some (or all) checked bag fees on Lufthansa, give the cards below a look.

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Exclusions & Waivers

Free baggage allowances for Frequent Travellers, Senators / HON Circle Members / Star Alliance Gold Members and SWISS Golf Traveller members*

First Class:
Frequent Travellers: 3 pieces (32kg)
Senators, HON Circle Members, Star Alliance Gold Card Members: 4 pieces (32kg)
SWISS Golf Traveller: 3 pieces (32kg)

Business Class:
Frequent Travellers: 2 pieces (32kg) each
Senators, HON Circle Members, Star Alliance Gold Card Members: 3 pieces (32kg)
SWISS Golf Traveller: 2 pieces (32kg)

Premium Economy Class:
Frequent Travellers: 2 pieces (23kg)
Senators, HON Circle Members, Star Alliance Gold Card Members: 3 pieces(23kg)
SWISS Golf Traveller: 2 pieces (23kg)

Economy Class:
Frequent Travellers: 2 pieces (23kg)
Senators, HON Circle Members, Star Alliance Gold Card Members: 2 pieces(23kg)
SWISS Golf Traveller: 1 piece (23kg)

Special baggage regulations for Economy LIGHT on selected routes.

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Featured Image: Courtesy of Shutterstock; Logo courtesy of Lufthansa


Can I take a handbag as well as hand luggage on Lufthansa?

Yes, Lufthansa has a carry-on baggage policy of 1 personal item such as a handbag or briefcase and a standard carry-on piece.

How many bags can I carry on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa allows passengers to bring 1 personal item that must not exceed 30cm x 40cm x 10cm. Economy and Premium Economy travelers are permitted to also bring 1 piece of standard carry-on up to a maximum weight of 8kg and 55cm x 40cm x 23cm. Business and First Class passengers can bring 2 carry-on bags.

Does Lufthansa charge for baggage?

Lufthansa only charges for Economy Light fares on European flights as no checked baggage is included. Booking online (up to 2 hours before departure) fees are $16 for domestic flights and $27 within Europe. Prices at the airport are significantly more.

How much baggage is allowed on Lufthansa international flights?

For international flights, Lufthansa’s baggage allowance is 1 bag (23kg) for Economy, 2 bags (23kg) for Premium Economy, 2 bags (32kg) for Business Class and 3 bags (32kg) for First Class. All bags must not exceed max linear dimensions of 158cm.

Is a backpack considered a personal item on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa would consider a backpack a personal item if it does not exceed maximum dimensions of 30cm x 40cm x 10cm. If it is larger than this allowance then there is a chance you could be asked to check your carry-on piece or backpack.

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  1. I am traveling to Delhi from fort lauderdale in business class…how much will i have to pay if i book a third bag? Also how many carry on bags are allowed??

    • Hi Avnit – you’re allowed to take 2 carry-on’s with you but I cannot confirm with 100% accuracy how much you’d pay for the third bag, but I believe that it would be an extra $200 USD.

  2. i am travelling in economy how much should i pay for the third baggage

    • Saif, that depends on where you’re flying to/from and which fare type you purchased (there are multiple types of economy fares). If you can clarify we can attempt to let you know what you should expect to pay.

      However, keep in mind that we are not Lufthansa Airline so for the most official answer to your question your best bet would be to contact them at 1 (800) 645-3880 if you are in the U.S. If not, you can find the applicable phone number here.

  3. quick question will i be able to pay CASH at DFW airport for an extra check-inn bag?

    • Stephen Au · October 14, 2018 · Reply

      Hey Joanna,

      You likely won’t be able to pay cash at the DFW airport.

      • Keerthana · October 27, 2019 · Reply

        I am traveling to India from USA. How many checked bags can I carry?

        • Assuming you’re flying on Lufthansa, it depends on your route. You should read this article to get an idea as to your baggage allowance. Thanks!

  4. How can I know price for second additional bag for lufthansa flight from usa to europa? I know that first one additional is 100 usd…

    • Hi Jovan, to be clear are you talking about checking three bags? The answer to this question also depends on what cabin class you are flying.

      If you are flying USA>Europe in Economy, the first checked bag (up to 23kg) is free, the second checked bag should be $100.

      In terms of a third checked bag, Lufthansa does not make it easy to find this information online. So, I contacted their member services team to inquire and they reported this is dependent on your route and can cost anywhere from $230 to $287 USD.

      If you’re wanting an exact price for a third checked bag on your route in question, I would suggest calling them at 1-800-645-3880 or see this page for the appropriate phone number based on the country you’re calling from. Hope this helps!

  5. What is the maximum number of luggage a business class flyer can check in from USA to Angola? The traveler is Gold on Star Alliance.

    • Christine Krzyszton · October 25, 2018 · Reply

      Hi Ronan! Generally, a Star Alliance Gold member flying in business class will be able to check 3 bags. However, maximums are dependent on the route so if you want to be certain, I would suggest calling Lufthansa at 1-800-645-3880 (if calling from the U.S.) to verify the exact number of bags for the particular route you’re flying.

    • ELIZABETH REILLY · September 10, 2019 · Reply

      Our tickets are economy. It just says Economy. We are flying from Dublin to Toronto. Are our bags included in the price of the tickets.

  6. Hi there. I am planing to travel to Romania (Europe) from Canada in May 2019, economy class, do I have to pay for the first check in bag? Thank you.

    • Hi Irma, if you have purchased a true Economy ticket you should be allowed one carry-on bag up to 8kg and one checked bag up to 23kg free of charge. However, if you have purchased economy-light, you will receive a carry-on allowance free of charge but you will have to pay for any checked bags.

      Alternatively, if you purchased Premium Economy, you should be allowed one carry-on bag up to 8kg and two checked bags up to 23kg free of charge.

      Your permitted free baggage allowance should be clearly shown/stated on your ticket/passenger receipt.

  7. Alecco Bellini · November 19, 2018 · Reply

    To whom it may concern. A family member is travelling to Beirut, Lebanon from Philadelphia (US) with Lufthansa and she has two check-in luggages, as always. She may end up having one luggage weigh anywhere overweight (between 23 and 32lbs). How much will she end up paying for that one overweight luggage at the PHL airport?

    • Hi Alecco, this depends on which type of fare your family member has purchased. Can you tell us if they have purchased Economy Light, Economy or Premium?

  8. Hello. Travelling from US to EU with two bags, economy. Second checked in – should be 100 USD?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Geaf – this technically depends on how you read Lufthansa’s website where at the “Flat rates for additional piece of baggage” section it states first that if you’re in the US, flying to/from “East” states have a different cost than “West” states…

      Head to this link here and scroll down to “Economy and Premium Economy – Additional Piece of Baggage”: Additionally, they clarify what East & West states are at the bottom of this page here:

      Between US East & Europe, looks like it would be a Medium Intercontinental route& cost $230 each way. Between USWest & Europe looks like it would be a Long Intercontinental route & cost $287 each way.

      Lufthansa’s website makes this extremely difficult to discern by also stating next, a “Flat rates for second piece of checked baggage” (which would be the $100 per flight). We assume this is an additional piece of checked baggage after your first additional piece (i.e. bag #3 if you have one included in your fare) however cannot be certain.

      We suggest you call Lufthansa’s customer service line at 1-800-645-3880 to clarify. If you get any clarification from them we would love to know what they say so we can adjust our information above. Thank you!

  9. Victor Seino Seino · December 19, 2018 · Reply

    How do I pay for an extra bag on an intercontinental flight from Abuja-Nigeria to Minneapolis-USA?

    • Christine Krzyszton · December 21, 2018 · Reply

      Hello Victor. Additional baggage, over and above your free allowance, can be paid for during check in at the airport. The cost will depend on the size/weight of the bag and the class of service you are flying.

  10. Maggie Davis · December 31, 2018 · Reply

    Does Lufthansa waive the fee for a second bag for active duty military flying overseas?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Maggie, we can’t find any information on Lufthasna’s website about any perks for active duty military members. What we can tell you is that waiving baggage fees for active duty military is much more standard for American based airlines vs. international airlines.

      We suggest calling Lufthansa’s customer service at 1 (800) 645-3880 to inquire with them directly. Sorry to not be of more help!

      • Hi,
        My friend is traveling between Vancouver and Tehran.
        She has 2 baggage of 23 Kg. How much will she have to pay for the third one (that’s carry on) that is 17 kg? Or is it possible she take it to the airplane?

        • Catherine Luther · September 14, 2019 · Reply

          Hi Nazanin,

          Economy passengers are permitted 1 piece of standard carry-on weighing up to 7 kg, so the additional bag will not be allowed in the cabin. Your friend will be able to check this for €250 / $287.

  11. Hi, I have to travel from NY To Moldova with Lufthansa (economy), how much would my 2nd checked bag cost?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Eugenia, this route should be classified as a “Medium Intercontinental Route” as you’re going from US East Coast to/from Europe. This means if you’ve booked a true economy fare (and not economy light), it will likely cost you $230 each way for your second checked bag, for a total of $460. However, we cannot confirm with 100% certainty since we are not Lufthansa Airlines – we suggest contacting their customer service line at: 1-800-645-3880. Hope this helps!

  12. Christine Windebank · January 8, 2019 · Reply

    Hello, I have a question. I will be travelling Lufthansa premium economy from Hong Kong to Munich (with connecting flight to London) in July. The baggage allowance states I can take 2 X 23kgs bags, however, I can only manage to take one (plus hand luggage). I presume that one bag of 32kg will be permissible? I’m confused because I’ve been caught like this a few years ago. I’d really appreciate an answer, if possible. Many thanks.

    • Stephen Au · January 11, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for reading. You will need to bring luggage that fits their weight restrictions. It is advisable for you to split the luggage into 2 bags, otherwise you will be subject to overweight baggage fees.

    • Yannick ILLE · November 9, 2019 · Reply

      I booked a flight from Bali to Luxemburg in 3 weeks. What is the bag allowance on my flight? Class S. It is not clear if 1 bag is allowed or not. Thanks.

      • Catherine Luther · November 9, 2019 · Reply

        Hi Yannick,

        Please be aware that we are not Lufthansa, we are You’ll need to contact Lufthansa to query class codes. Unless you booked an economy basic fare you should have 1 piece of checked luggage (23kg) but the airline would be able to confirm this for you.

  13. Hi, I have to travel from Bengaluru > Frankfurt > SFO (Economy).
    What would be 2nd/Extra baggage fees for this?

  14. Boyko Hadjiyski · January 12, 2019 · Reply

    Hello, I have Frequent Traveler status. Now flying from Washington to Munich to Sofia with Eco Light ticket. I have one luggage up to 23 kg and one cabin baggage. Do I need to pay for the piece of luggage up to 23 kg ?

  15. I am seaman and have a booked flight to disembark a ship from Miami to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Sofia and Sofia – Varna. I will carry 2pcs 23kg luggage. Please advise if I will be charged for the second 23kg luggage and if “YES” what will be the amount. Usually seaman have 2pcs of luggage allowance. Thank you!

  16. I have some employees that are travelling back from Baku, a week later than arranged, on the flight out they payed for extra baggage and for the return flight, with the receipt would this be able to transfer to this new flight?.

    • Jeff Brownson · January 29, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Gary. Sorry for the delayed reply. The answer to this would depend on how the return tickets were changed. If you just skipped or canceled the return and booked a new set of tickets a week later, the previously paid baggage would not transfer. If you changed the flights through Lufthansa and are still on the same tickets, I would think that Lufthansa would be able to transfer the extra baggage as well. You would need to contact them directly to take care of this.

  17. I have one carry on bag and 23 kg bag on lufthansa I have my daughter stroller but she is not travelling with me what shall I do?

    • Katie Seemann · March 11, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Doha,
      Usually strollers are free when kids are traveling, but I am not sure about the policy if the child is not traveling. In that case, the stroller might be viewed as excess baggage and subject to a fee. I would suggest calling the airlines before your flight to see how they will handle it.

  18. I will travel back from DFW to Denmark (but stop at Frankfurt). I need an assistant service since I’m 59 years old. My ticket allows for 1 baggage 23kg and 1 carry on. However, I have another bag (23kg). Do I have to pay for this 2nd luggage? How much should I have to pay?

    • Hi Loan, since we aren’t Lufthansa Airlines, we can’t help with the assistant service part – if you mean that you will need assistance to travel within the DFW airport, simply let someone know at the check-in counter.

      As you can find in the “Additional / Excess Baggage Fees” section above, your extra bag should cost $60 USD.

  19. ZIAD DAGHER · March 14, 2019 · Reply

    Hey, if i am traveling from Poland to the Middle East on economy class, what are the fees to be paid for an extra 23Kg baggage? And lets say the extra baggage weighs 10kg ,will it be same as 23kg?
    Thank you.

    • Catherine Luther · March 15, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Ziad,

      Poland to the Middle East would fall under Lufthansa’s ‘Short Intercontinental route’ category, so if you’re flying Economy, a 2nd piece of checked baggage would cost EUR150/USD172 per one way route. They don’t offer varying weight categories for additional baggage so the cost would be the same for an additional 10kg bag as it would be for a 23kg bag.

      The other option would be to pay excess weight for the checked bag within your free baggage allowance. For a bag weighing from 24kg – 32kg you would pay EUR100/USD115 per one way route so a little cheaper than the additional bag but you would only have 8kg additional weight rather than up to 23kg when paying for the additional bag.

      Hope that helps!

  20. Hi,
    I will be traveling from Sofia to Tunis through Frankfurt in economy class, i know that I have 23kg bag allowance but I want to know the price of a second 23kg bag, also is it possible to add and pay it in my online account or it should be only over phone or in the airport.
    thanks in advance.

    • Catherine Luther · March 25, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Talel,

      Sofia to Tunis with Lufthansa would be price zone 2, so if you’re traveling in Economy, then the cost of an extra bag (up to 23kg and 158 cm) would be EUR 80/USD 92 per way. This is providing that you booked the flight through Frankfurt as a combined fare and not as two separate flights.

      You can pre-pay luggage online on the Lufthansa website under the ‘My Booking’section or you can contact their Call Centre using one of these phone numbers that best suits your country or region.

      Hope this helps!

  21. Hi
    I have bought a ticket to Istanbul and have no idea about the differences between the kind of Economy fares. Therefore, I’m going to have trouble with the luggage weight.
    To make the story short, if my flight going to Istanbul is Economy Lite, should i pay for the luggage up to 23 kg? And another more important question is about the fee i should pay: should it be continental(25 Euros) or international (50 Euros)?
    Thank you for attending

  22. Bhavani · April 2, 2019 · Reply

    I have to travel from Detroit > Frankfurt > Chennai (Economy Class).
    What would be 2nd/extra baggage fees for this? My flight is on this Thursday(04/4/2019). If anybody knows the new fare details, pls let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Bhavani! Since you are flying through multiple zones, it’s a bit tough to determine this fee based on the information Lufthansa gives on their website. We assume this would be considered a “long international route” so the fee would likely be $287 per extra bag above your allowance.

      HOWEVER, seeing as we are not Lufthansa, we are unable to answer here with 100% accuracy. We suggest calling Lufthansa’s customer service line and inquiring with them directly — 1 (800) 645-3880 from the U.S.

  23. oladokun · April 19, 2019 · Reply

    What is the cost for a piece of extra baggage on Lufthansa economy flight from Lagos, Nigeria to NYC? . Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Oladokun, we would need some extra information to help you out here. What fare type did you purchase? And are you asking about one-way or round trip?

  24. Mihaela · April 29, 2019 · Reply

    Hi, I would like to know what “coach” means… do I pay for my check-in luggage or not?

    • Hi Mihaela, we need a bit more information to help you here. Where are you seeing this word “coach”? As you can see above, we don’t use this terminology and the airlines usually don’t either. Most of the time, they refer to fare types as economy, business, first, etc. Usually when someone says “coach” they’re referring to economy but these days, sometimes even the economy fare is split into two different tiers.

      Have you purchased a ticket? Are you considering purchasing a ticket? Which fare type are you looking at?

  25. Furwa Sherpa · May 5, 2019 · Reply

    Halo, I just want to know how many pieces of baggage we are allowed to take on Oman and Lufthansa airways from Nuremberg (Germany) to Nepal. On the ticket, it’s written 2 pieces of baggage but I want to know the exact kilogram because the ticket is on two airways. It would be helpful if I could get some suggestions from you all.

    • Hi Furwa – did you purchase these tickets separately? Or did you purchase the flights in one transaction via one airline?

      Also, it would be helpful to know what fare type you purchased (economy, business, first). In general, the rule is that you are always restricted to the lowest amount of baggage allowed by any airline you’re flying on, regardless if the other airlines allow you more.

      For example, we often fly a First Class segment with one airline AND an adjoining economy segment with another airline (booked separately). While we’re allowed a larger amount of baggage for the first class fare, we’re required to adhere to the baggage allowance for the economy fare we purchased… I don’t know if this advice helps, but I hope so!

  26. Steph · May 12, 2019 · Reply

    I have booked an economy light fare which says I can only take the one carry on item of no more than 8kg. I am getting conflicting answers everywhere – am I able to take a personal item (my purse) in addition to this one carry on?

    • Catherine Luther · May 13, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Steph,

      We agree it’s not very clear on Lufthansa’s website whether a personal item is included. However, it is on their baggage page – it just seems to have not been translated into English! It’s near the bottom of the page under the dropdown “Zusätzliche kostenfreie Gepäckstücke in der Kabine”. One of the sections under this dropdown translates to “Another small piece of luggage (max x = 30 cm y = 40 cm z = 10 cm, eg handbag, laptop bag)” so you could refer to this if you did have any issues at the airport.

  27. Hi, I’m traveling from Denmark to Jakarta and I will have 2 Lufthansa connecting flight, one from Billund to Frankfurt Germany and Frankfurt to Singapore Changi Airport, and the last one is from Singapore to Jakarta. As we are only given 1 checked baggage of 23kg, I plan to buy more baggage. The question is how much should I pay for 1 more baggage of 23 kg? And as I have connecting flights, should I pay 2 times or I just need to pay once as it’s a connecting flight? And how to buy an extra baggage? Thank you very much.

    • Catherine Luther · May 18, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Dian,

      If you booked your journey as one ticket, then usually the longest route would apply to determine excess baggage fees. This would be Frankfurt to Singapore and Singapore is classed as “Long intercontinental routes – price zone 6” according to Lufthansa’s destinations and price zones. This would be USD287 for an additional 23kg bag.

      Lufthansa’s conditions of carriage rules state that “excess baggage charges will be levied by the first flight-operating carrier according to their own rules.” In your case this is Lufthansa, so the USD287 should be the cost for the entire journey (even though the final leg will be operated by a codeshare partner.)

      To pre-pay excess luggage, you can log in to your booking from the ‘My Bookings’ tab on the Lufthansa website or contact the Lufthansa Service Center on +1 800 – 645 38 80.

      Hope this helps!

  28. Kaz Garay · May 20, 2019 · Reply

    Would you please tell me, can I carry my artworks paged 120 x 120 x 40. C.M. for a total of 30kg?

    • Hi Kaz, please be advised we are not Lufthansa, so we cannot answer your question with 100% confidence. When it comes to special/fragile luggage, we always suggest you call the airline in question and inquite directly with their customer service in order to get the most accurate answer. Sorry to not be of more help!

  29. Pooneh · May 23, 2019 · Reply

    My sister is traveling from Tehran to Vancouver in Economy and one of her bags is more than 23 kg. How is the overweight calculated in check-in? Is there a fixed charge or is it per kg?

    • Hi Pooneh! As you can see in the tables above, this will be a fixed charge. The exact price will depend on if she has purchased a standard economy ticket or an “economy light” ticket and whether or not her luggage is within the alotted 158cm max linear dimensions.

      Lufthansas chart makes things a bit complicated to parse out but from our research, it appears that Tehran is considered Price Zone 3 (North Africa, Central Asia and countries on the eastern Mediterranean coast) and Vancouver would be considered Price Zone 6 (Long intercontinental routes).

      Lufthansa states “For journeys where the destination is in a different zone from the point of origin, the charges of the higher zone apply.” Therefore, we would expect her to be charged €150 for this excess weight (for a standard economy ticket) as it appears they charge the fee of the higher zone.

      However, as we are not Lufthansa, we cannot be 100% confident that this answer is correct. If you want the most accurate answer it’s safest to call Lufthansa’s customer service line and inquire directly with them. This should be the phone number in Tehran: 98 21 83388

  30. Basia · May 27, 2019 · Reply

    If I’m traveling from Europe to Shanghai (China) is it okay to have a small luggage on my side and small backpack as a carry-on? If I fit everything in 8kgs?

    • Stephen Au · May 27, 2019 · Reply

      Hey Basia,

      Since you’re flying on a long intercontinental flight, your “small luggage” is your carry-on bag and your small backpack is your “personal item”. The 8 kg weight limit is for the “small luggage”. The small backpack doesn’t count towards the 8 kg. Thanks for reading.

  31. Wolfgang · June 8, 2019 · Reply

    Getting conflicting info, so here is the question. I purchased a normal economy fare that included 1 check bag from Miami to Frankfurt, now I upgraded this flight to Business class, but on the ticket the outline shows “Business/Economy Basic (P). This is my headache since I originally booked Economy Basic and upgraded to Business class does my baggage limit stay at 1 checked bag? I have read forums that stated one gentleman did the same as I did 3 years ago and ended up paying an extra fee for the 2nd bag he checked in on the upgraded ticket.

    • Catherine Luther · June 9, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Wolfgang,

      These FAQs that relate to Lufthansa’s upgrade offers state that “The fare conditions of your original ticket continue to apply, including terms of cancellation, rebooking charges and baggage regulations.” So the baggage allowance from your original economy booking would stand.

  32. I just want to know how big the luggage should be. I just bought 3 pieces of luggage, 75 inches tall. Is the size important or just the weight?

    • Hi Ella, as you can see in the first paragraph of the ‘Lufthansa Checked Baggage Allowance’ section above, Lufthansa reports all checked bags “must adhere to max linear dimensions per bag up to 158cm.” (This is ~62 inches)

      Linear dimensions are defined as the sum total of your bag’s length, width, and depth. Hope this helps!

  33. Ekta Singh · June 19, 2019 · Reply

    I am going to travel from Mumbai to Frankfurt on economy class. Can you please help me to know the capacity of free baggage and carry on baggage?

    • Catherine Luther · June 20, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Ekta,

      Lufthansa allows economy passengers to bring 1 x 23 kg free checked luggage that cannot exceed maximum linear dimensions of 158 cm. For carry-on luggage, passengers can bring 1 x 8 kg carry-on bag not exceeding 55 x 40 x 23 cm and a smaller personal item no larger than 30 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm.

      Hope this helps!

  34. Priyal Raj · June 20, 2019 · Reply

    Hi this is Priyal, I have my flight from JFK (New Nork) to New Delhi, India via Munich. I have an allowance of two 23kgs for checked in bags. How much will it cost for one extra check-in bag?
    Please help.

    • Hi Priyal, which fare type did you purchase? Is your trip one ticketed flight with a layover or did you purchase two separate flights? Let us know and we can try to help estimate these fees for you!

      • Priyal raj · June 20, 2019 · Reply

        It is one ticketed flight which has a layover at Munich.

        • Hi Priyal, thanks for that but again, can you please clarify which fare type you have purchased??? I’m unable to help answer your question without it!

  35. Adaweya JADOUA · June 24, 2019 · Reply

    I’m traveling from Geneva to Baku through Frankfort and I have extra baggage (about 20Kg) how much do I have to pay? Where and when do I have to pay?

    Thanks in advance…

    • Hi Adaweya, this all depends on which fare type you have purchased (economy, biz, first, etc). As you can see in our “Can I Pre-pay for Baggage?” section above, you can prepay for your baggage online prior to departure. Or, you can always pay at the ticketing counter at the airport when you check in.

  36. I booked a round trip from Sweden to South Korea and would like to know how much the price for ONE extra checked bag would be.
    I already have one checked bag for free but would like to know the price for one more checked bag (2 in total) but only for the way back.

    • Catherine Luther · June 27, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Emily,

      An additional bag (23kg ) for this route would be €250 / $287.

  37. Kristyna · July 22, 2019 · Reply


    I am traveling from Australia to Czech Republic and was wondering how much would a second checked baggage was… €250 for 23kg? Is that right?

    Thank you.

    • Stephen Au · July 23, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Kristyna,

      Yes you’re correct. However, please double check with Lufthansa themselves as the policy may change at any time without notice. Thanks for reading.

  38. mayssaa · July 26, 2019 · Reply

    Hi, why the cost for extra luggage very expensive with Lufthansa? For extra luggage $287!

    • Catherine Luther · July 26, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Mayssaa,

      We agree this is a little excessive. Usually airlines allow passengers to purchase 1 additional bag for a reasonable price and then increase the price for 2+ bags. Sadly this not the case for Lufthansa and you seem to also be opting for the heavier bag category (24-32 kg). If you are able to pack 23 kg or less then you would be charged $172 for your extra piece.

      • mayssaa · July 27, 2019 · Reply

        Hi Catherine Luther,
        Thank you for your response, what about up to 32 Kg how about the cost

        • Catherine Luther · July 28, 2019 · Reply

          Hi Mayssaa,

          For up to 32kg, the cost is what you referenced in your previous question – $287.

        • Mandeep kaur sohi · September 9, 2019 · Reply

          Hi, I booked a flight from Munich to Berlin and then Berlin to Toronto, Canada. We are allowed only one 8 kg and one 23 kg, but I want one extra 23 kg. Can I pay at the airport for my extra 23 kg or is there any other way to book extra baggage?

          • Hi there! Yes, with Lufthansa you can book extra baggage prior to getting to the airport. Please see the “Can I Pre-Pay for Baggage?” section above for more details on how to do so!

  39. Hi Catherine, I booked Economy Light Fare but upgraded to Premium Economy. Do I still have to pay for checked baggage (23 kg) even if Premium Economy normally includes 2 bags (23kg) for no charge? Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Andrew Kunesh · August 6, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Pat, unfortunately, your baggage allowance will not be upgraded. In this case, you still need to purchase baggage despite having a Premium Economy seat.

  40. MANOJ JOSHI · August 11, 2019 · Reply

    I am travelling to Canada from India via Munich and London by Lufthansa in economy. As per my ticket I am allowed to carry 02 bag 23 kg each. One of my bag is 162cm and 25 kg . How much will I be required to pay?

    • Catherine Luther · August 13, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Manoj,

      Just to clarify – the 2 x 23 kg bags would be your checked baggage allowance. You would then have a separate carry-on allowance of a personal item and 1 carry-on (8 kg).

      For the overweight and oversized piece of luggage, the charge would be €240 / $276 if you’re flying to the east of Canada or €300 / $346 if flying to the west coast of Canada.

  41. Hi,

    I am traveling from Ashgabat to the USA through Lufthansa and my stops will be in Frankfurt, Germany and then Chicago, USA. I have 2 bags each 23kg and also one carry on bag + backpack. Should I pay $100 for the second baggage each stop? And as far as I understood only 1 carry on is allowed. Will my backpack will be counted too as the second carry on and how much would it cost?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Yulduz,

      You will not have to pay extra for your backpack as it will count as your personal item. Each passenger can bring one carry-on and one personal item for no charge.

      Thanks for reading!

  42. Hello! I have a quick question about the total number of luggages I can bring with me. I am looking to book an economy class flight from Charlotte to Istanbul through Munich with Lufthansa. I know I have 2 free luggage, but I have 4 more. I will pay for those 4 extra luggages but can I bring them? In short, is there any limit to the total number of luggages one can pay for? I am planning to take 6 check-in bags in weight limits.

    • Catherine Luther · August 26, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Brett,

      Lufthansa does not state a limit to the number of additional bags a passenger can check so it is likely there is no maximum. However, as we’re not Lufthansa we can’t confirm this for you so it is best you contact the airline to query this.

  43. Asish Mohapatra · August 24, 2019 · Reply

    I am traveling from Banglore (India)to Tallinn Estonia via Frankfurt In premium economy. I have one baggage with 31 kg and another being of 26 kg. What is the expected baggage charge?

    • Hi Asish,

      For this route, you will need to pay $86 for the first bag being overweight and $172 in the second bag, for a total of $248.

      Thanks for reading!

  44. Susan Swinke · September 16, 2019 · Reply

    Hello, I am traveling to Uganda with Brussels Airlines, how much do I have to pay for an extra 23kg luggage?

  45. Leslie Sandoval · September 17, 2019 · Reply

    We are flying from Washington DC to Barcelona. Do they weigh personal items? Because the last airline I flew did and I just want to make sure the personal Item is not weighted with the carry-on luggage.

  46. Thi Thu Huong Nguyen · September 17, 2019 · Reply

    I bought 2 tickets with 2 checked luggages, I want to buy 1 more checked luggage but i don’t know how to process it online. I log in the website with my booking number but there is no place on website that i can find add luggage.
    Please help.
    Many thanks

  47. My wife and daughter are traveling from Canada to Nigeria. I know that they have 4 pieces with 23kg altogether but if they are to add extra 23kg, how much are they supposed to pay?

    • Hi Abel,

      For an extra suitcase, they will have to pay $230 for the first leg of their trip from Canada to Europe, and a further $172 for their flight from Europe to Nigeria. For a total of $402.

      Thanks for reading!

  48. Does Lufthansa accept Etihad Airways baggage allowance?
    On Etihad (staff tkt) I can take 35kg in economy cabin

    • Catherine Luther · October 21, 2019 · Reply

      Hi Adri,

      I believe Lufthansa would have their own baggage allowance for staff tickets.

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