What Is American Airlines AAdvantage Gold Status Worth in 2021?

American Airlines Flagship First Class

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American has 4 tiers to its AAdvantage frequent flyer program: Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Executive Platinum. The Gold tier is its entry-level tier and is the easiest to attain.

In this piece, we’re going to take a look at how to earn AAdvantage Gold status and what benefits you’ll receive. We’ll evaluate the cost and worth of each of those benefits and see how you may be able to attain similar benefits elsewhere.

How To Earn AAdvantage Gold Status

To earn Gold status in 2021, you must fly 20,000 miles OR 20 segments and spend $2,000 in a year. Major perks include complimentary upgrades, free checked baggage, and complimentary standby.

We’ll pick apart the individual status perks 1 by 1, analyze them, and help you decide how much value could be achieved by holding this status. We want you to maximize every penny, and looking at all the different ways to squeeze value out of your perks will make you an informed frequent flyer.

Hot Tip: Did you know that having the right credit card in your wallet can help you fast-track to elite status? Read more about it in our guide to the best credit cards for airline elite status.

The Benefits of AAdvantage Gold Status

1. Upgrades on All Flights 500 Miles or Less ($250 Value)

As an AAdvantage Gold frequent flyer, you’ll receive upgrades on all flights under 500 miles in length — think routes like Los Angeles (LAX) to San Francisco (SFO) or Washington, D.C. (DCA) to New York (LGA).

Since a Gold frequent flyer travels 25,000 miles a year, we’ll assume that you’re getting upgraded at least 5 times over the course of your status year.

The difference in price to purchase first class seats is often several hundreds of dollars, but these complimentary upgrades will be at the last minute — so our value is lower due to the possibility of poor seat selection or not having your upgrade clear at all.

The reason we value this the way we do is because we assume not all of your upgrades will clear, so we’ll assume you’re able to use half of these upgrades given to you over the course of a year.

Because you’ll be prioritized below all other elites, you’ll be the last to receive these upgrades if available. But, there’s an important caveat to this which we think can provide you a lot more value than you may already be receiving: the schedule and routing of your flight are absolutely essential.

If you’re always flying on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons, your upgrade percentage will be next to nothing. However, if you choose to fly on Wednesdays or Saturdays, your upgrade percentage will be much higher.

As a savvy frequent flyer, you should select your flights based on:

  • Time of Day: The middle of the day is much easier for upgrades
  • Day of Week: Avoid Mondays and Fridays, when most business travelers fly
  • Aircraft: You’re much less likely to receive an upgrade to first class on an A319 (with only 8 seats in the cabin) than you are on a 787 with 20+ seats available (granted, most wide-body aircraft don’t fly these shorter routes)
  • Cities: JFK is a much easier upgrade than LaGuardia, for example, since American is not really using JFK as a connecting hub

Bottom Line: If you choose to be strategic about your upgrades and how you fly, you’ll extract more value from your status.

2. 500-Mile Upgrade “Coupons” To Use on Longer Flights ($250 Value)

American Airlines Main Cabin
While you can request an upgrade as a Gold, you’ll be sitting in Main Cabin a decent percentage of the time. Image Credit: American Airlines

On American, all elites use a 500-mile “coupon” system to upgrade. The top tiers get these upgrades for free, and Gold and Platinum status holders earn a limited quantity of them throughout the year.

As a Gold, you earn 4 of these upgrades for every 12,500 miles flown — since this status requires 25,000 miles flown, you will earn at least 8 upgrade certificates throughout the year. To give you some perspective, upgrading a transcontinental flight from New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX) would require 5 of these upgrade coupons (1 for every 500 miles).

Because of this certificate system, you won’t be competing for the upgrade against every other Gold member — only those who request the upgrade on longer routes. Some status holders won’t want to use their coupons, or they might not have enough.

This means you can clear for an upgrade even on high-traffic routes, like Washington, D.C. (IAD) to Los Angeles (LAX), or Washington, D.C. (DCA) to Chicago (ORD). Don’t just assume you won’t clear — you’re competing against fewer people when you use these valuable certificates.

Hot Tip: If you don’t have enough 500-mile upgrade coupons, you can buy extras at $40 per certificate. See our guide on how to upgrade on American Airlines for more tips!

We value these 4 upgrades at $250 since they can be used for at least 1 transcontinental flight (let’s say of a flight length of 2,000 miles).

Some folks with Gold status try to maximize this benefit by taking only 500-mile segments across the country if they need to go from New York to Los Angeles, for example. By only booking flights under 500 miles, they’ll get upgraded on each one if they use a certificate.

That’s very dedicated, in our opinion (and would waste more than a day of traveling to get from Point A to Point B)… but we suppose for those who truly want to maximize their perks, this is a solution!

3. Minimum Elite Qualifying Mile Guarantee (~$25 Value)

AAdvantage elites, including Gold members, have a minimum elite qualifying mile guarantee of 500 miles, even if the flight is shorter. So if you fly between Philadelphia (PHL) and Washington, D.C. (well under 500 miles), you’ll still receive 500 miles toward your elite status.

We know some Gold flyers who retain their status simply because of cheap segments up and down the Northeast corridor. With airlines having to compete against Amtrak here, fares tend to be very reasonable — and having this minimum mileage guarantee helps travelers who frequent these shorter segments get closer to status.

4. Complimentary Same-Day Standby ($100 Value)

As a Gold member, you can’t confirm onto another flight for free — but you can standby for free. Standby includes flights both earlier and later than your original flight; if you want to standby on a later flight, notify American in advance so your reservation doesn’t cancel. All passengers can standby for an earlier flight for free — the real value is in standing by for a later flight for free, which you can do as a Gold member.

Because going on standby can get you home sooner (or allow you to leave later if a meeting runs long), this is an especially valuable perk. However, Gold members are still listed at the bottom of the pack for any complimentary standby. Here’s how it will display on the PALL (airport priority list):

  • RV1 (ConciergeKey)
  • RV2 (Executive Platinum)
  • RV3 (Platinum Pro)
  • RV4 (Platinum)
  • RV5 (Gold)

If you are trying to standby for a prime-time flight like New York (LGA) to Dallas (DFW), you may not get on (since you’ll have 4 other elite groups ahead of you). But even a Gold member will come before any employee non-revenue passenger standing by for the flight.

Bottom Line: Standing by to a later or earlier flight comes at no fee to AAdvantage Gold elites.

5. 40% Mileage Bonus (~$300 Value)

Non-status flyers earn 5 miles per dollar, but Gold flyers earn 7 miles per dollar. Over the course of a year, this would amount to 14,000 redeemable miles earned if you meet the minimum spending requirement of $2,000 per year.

Considering this is just over the cost of a one-way Main Cabin ticket, we’d value this somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 per year (depending on the flight(s) you choose to redeem for). Of course, if you choose to use these extra miles on a short-haul inexpensive flight, you might value the 40% mileage bonus lower.

6. Complimentary Preferred Seats and Access to Main Cabin Extra Seats ($250 Value)

Gold members have access to preferred seats on a complimentary basis at the time of booking. These are the aisle and window seats in the middle to back quarter of the cabin — ordinary non-elites would have to pay to choose them.

As a Gold member, you don’t get any discount to purchase Main Cabin Extra seats, but you do have free seat selection within 24 hours of the flight. During this time, watch closely for last-minute upgrades of higher elites that may free up prime Main Cabin Extra seats.

You should also monitor for other elites doing same-day changes onto other flights or those shifting flights due to irregular operations so that you can snag these seats last minute. Gold members can select preferred seats and Main Cabin Extra seats for themselves and 8 companions.

Hot Tip: Always monitor last-minute upgrades that may free up prime seats that you can move to within 24 hours of departure!

7. Admirals Club Discount ($25 Value)

AAdvantage Gold members receive a discount on Admirals Club membership. Instead of paying the $650 fee for a new member, Gold members pay $625.

If you decide to keep your membership, you’ll pay $575 for renewal instead of $600. This is a minor discount that doesn’t have a huge value, since you can get your Admirals Club membership in many forms (including via the Citi®/AAdvantage® Executive World Elite Mastercard®).

8. Priority Check-In, Priority Security, and Priority Boarding (~$75 Value)

American Airlines Baggage
AAdvantage Gold members receive priority boarding on all flights. Image Credit: American Airlines

Gold flyers are entitled to use the priority check-in line at airports worldwide. Depending on the airport you’re in, this benefit could be valuable… or useless (we’re looking at you, JFK).

Priority security isn’t super valuable either, since most Gold flyers probably have TSA PreCheck or another expedited security channel. For boarding, Gold flyers will be in Group 4 — before general boarding, but behind all other elites:

  • Pre-boarding — ConciergeKey
  • Group 1 — First Class and Executive Platinum
  • Group 2 — Platinum Pro
  • Group 3 — Platinum
  • Group 4 — Gold

Depending on the route, you may be looking at quite a few people boarding ahead of you (or with you). Flights like New York (LGA) to Dallas (DFW) or Chicago (ORD) to Washington, D.C. (DCA or IAD) can have huge boarding groups with many elite passengers.

9. Priority Phone Reservations (~$25 Value)

As a Gold member, you’ll have access to American’s Gold reservations agents, which gives you a slight priority when calling in compared to other flyers. Since you’re still bottom of the elite totem pole and wait times can exceed several minutes (or hours during a storm), the value of this benefit is debatable.

It’s worth noting that Gold flyers won’t necessarily get any special treatment outside of maybe a shorter wait time to reach an agent. Fee waivers, exceptions, and other perks aren’t normally granted (even if you have Gold status).

If you have to call in a few times during a major storm or irregular operation, we value that time at around $25, since you may be able to rebook before another passenger.

10. Checked Bag Fee Waiver ($150 Value)

American Airlines kiosk check in bag drop
Free checked bags can really add up, especially if you’re traveling with a large group! Image Credit: American Airlines

As a Gold frequent flyer, you’re entitled to a free checked bag on all flights, no matter the destination. This is different from the benefit on the co-branded AA credit cards that only entitles you to checked bags for flights within the U.S. and select “local” international destinations.

If you’re flying 25,000 miles a year and are avoiding a bag fee upwards of $30 per person, you’ve got at least $150 in savings a year here — especially if you travel with a companion or 2 (where you can definitely reap these benefits).

This benefit is good for up to 8 companions on the same reservation, so if you’re traveling with a group of people, you can impress everyone with your free checked bag skills.

Hot Tip: If your companions aren’t booked on the same reservation, you may be able to still check their bags for free. While technically frowned upon, most agents will have no problem providing the companions with complimentary checked bags if you’re on the same flight, and you’ll still be able to get all the value from your Gold perk.

11. Oneworld Ruby Benefits ($100 Value)

AAdvantage Gold members are given Oneworld Ruby status, the lowest of the 3 Oneworld tiers.

Oneworld Ruby members get these benefits:

  • Access to business class and priority check-in
  • Access to preferred or reserve seating options where available on partner carriers
  • Priority on waitlists and standby where offered (depending on the airline)

Let’s take a quick look at each of these for clarity:

  • Access to Priority Check-In: Generally easy to use, since the signage is usually good in airports around the world. Occasionally, staff manning the check-in areas of first class counters will steer you away, so be sure you’re using the priority/business counter when there is one.
  • Preferred Seating: Depends on the airline; many airlines don’t offer special Ruby seating options. Those that do may only include the ability to select a seat. So don’t expect the best seats in the house — it’s just potential access with nothing guaranteed.
  • Priority on Waitlists: Can also depend on the airline, since many will prioritize their own elites ahead of Oneworld elites. In theory, you would carry the same status as the lowest level in the other airline’s frequent flyer program when being placed on any waitlists.

Final Thoughts

Overall, you’re looking at approximately $1,575 of value over the course of 1 year — and that’s if you take advantage of every benefit and maximize the system.

To be fair, we think it’s worth noting what overall values might look like if you don’t maximize your perks as much:

  • Don’t pay attention to elite benefits: ~$500
  • Pay attention to benefits, but usually just book for convenience: ~$700
  • Pay attention to most policies and procedures to maximize upgrades: $1,100+

In the end, the value of elite status is entirely up to you as the traveler. You can operate a few different ways:

  • Mostly ignore your benefits
  • Understand your benefits, but still not work actively to maximize them
  • Understand your benefits fully and work to maximize every single perk to the fullest potential

While Gold is the lowest AAdvantage tier, there’s certainly value to be found in the various benefits. Hopefully, by reading this guide, you now feel empowered to get more value out of this entry-level status!

Frequently asked questions

How do I earn AAdvantage Gold status?

In 2021, to earn AAdvantage Gold status, you must fly 20,000 miles a year or travel 20 segments and spend a minimum of $2,000.

What are the benefits of AAdvantage Gold status?

Here are a few of the benefits of AAdvantage Gold status, to name a few:

  • Complimentary upgrades for flights under 500 miles
  • 4 earned 500-mile upgrade vouchers for every 12,500 miles flown
  • Complimentary same-day standby
  • No fee for booking award reservations
  • Dedicated reservations line
  • Oneworld Ruby status
  • Complimentary preferred seating
  • Access to Main Cabin Extra seats within 24 hours of departure

Do AA Gold members get free checked bags?

Yes! AAdvantage Gold members get 1 checked bag on all American Airlines flights for all of the people on the reservation. This can save a lot of money if you’re with a group.

What is AAdvantage Gold status?

AAdvantage Gold status is the lowest tier status in the American Airlines elite status program. After Gold, there is Platinum status, Platinum Pro status, Executive Platinum status, and invitation-only ConciergeKey status.

Do you lose status if you use miles?

No, redeeming miles will not cause you to lose status. There are 2 types of miles — redeemable miles and elite status qualification miles. By redeeming miles, these can go toward a trip of your choice and will not impact your earning elite status for any given year.

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  1. Michael chesson November 6, 2019

    I saw I now have Gold status. How do I get the certificates?


    • Hi Michael,

      You can access and track your 500-mile certificates in your AAdvantage account wallet on aa.com or the app.

      Thanks for reading!


  2. I have flown enough miles this year to qualify for Gold status starting next year. AA keeps sending me promos to buy Gold Status for $700 for next year when I’ve already earned it. Left hand not talking to the right hand.


    • Hi Michael. If you’ve qualified for Gold status by flying the required miles this year and met the EQD requirement, the status starts immediately, not next year. You probably already know this but wanted to mention it just in case.


  3. Katherine Schoellhorn January 7, 2020

    I am interested in getting a Gold Status card. How do I do this?


    • Hi Katherine,

      In order to earn Gold status, you must fly 25,000 miles OR 30 segments AND spend $3,000 in a year with American Airlines.


  4. Hi, my status has progressed to gold, how do I get quick gold status now?


  5. I am a Gold member with an excess of 200,000 miles to redeem. What do I need to do to be provided with the actual ” AA Gold card ” physically?


    • Hi Vanheusden,

      You will need to contact American Airlines directly to have that send to you. Their customer service number is 1-800-433-7300.


  6. Neville Newman January 16, 2020

    FYI , if you meet the other requirements but are only a few EQD’s short of Gold, call in during the last couple of weeks of the year and ask for a waiver. You will get your status without having to find, book, and fly a trip that you don’t need.

    Now, my question… Why is it desirable to have a physical card? I see some people asking how to get one, but don’t know why it would be helpful.


    • Hi Neville,

      According to American Airlines, they apparently no longer issue physical card, and you’re correct that there is no benefit to having one.

      Thanks for reading!


  7. Hi, I am new Gold Status member. What do you think, in your opinion, is the Number 1 and 2 best benefits that come with Gold status?
    And do I have free check beg with the gold status? Thank you.


    • Hello Stefan and congrats on your Gold status. As mentioned in the article, getting complimentary upgrades on flights 500 miles or less and earning 500 mile upgrade certificates to use on future flights can be quite valuable. The best benefits, however, will be those that you personally use the most. If you fly a lot, receiving those additional bonus miles could be an important benefit. And yes, #10 in the article is a free checked bag.


  8. You can get a digital card in your Apple wallet, I have this for my gold status.


  9. If I have AA gold status which comes with 1 free checked bag AND the AA Citi card which also comes with 1 free checked bag, do I then get 2 Free checked bags?


  10. So, I HAD Gold back in August when I booked my flight to LIR from JAX for this coming weekend, but I no longer have it. Do I still get my checked bag free?? My receipt (my email from when I purhcased the flights) shows that I have a $0.00 first bag fee and a 2nd bag fee of $40. I assumed it was because of my Aviator Red Card, but now I realize the Aviator Red Card doesn’t count for free bags to Costa Rica. My wife and I are taking a lap baby to LIR and we HAVE to check bags, gosh I hope they are still free, so I can at least get two free bags and a stroller. THANKS for the article and the consideration of my question.


    • Hi Mike,

      If your booking is still showing that your first checked bag is free then that should continue to be the case.

      Thanks for reading!


      • It wasn’t. I had a copy of the receipt showing $0 and they said if it’s not in their system, it doesn’t matter what my receipt said. And I quote, “That’s just a piece of paper. Anyone can make one.” So I showed her on my phone in my email. She still charged me.


  11. Albert Bergen October 12, 2020

    I am lifetime Gold. As I continue to fly I can get to the next level.


  12. great article and lots of helpful tips.
    I don’t understand how to get companions checked bags free if they are not on same reservation as me – Your hot tip says “If your companions aren’t booked on the same reservation, you just need to check the bags under your name. While technically frowned upon, most agents will have no problem with this, and you’ll still be able to get all the value from your Gold perk.” I only get one checked bag – so how would this work to put them under my name, wouldn’t that be charged as 2+ bags? Thanks


    • Hi Sue,

      Since the benefit is good for up to 8 traveling companions, as long as the agent doesn’t make a fuss that they’re on a different reservation from yours, then you should still be permitted to check the bags for free.


  13. Do you know if gold members get a 50lbs bag checked for free or can it be 70lbs? My mom was Platinum Pro and she was able to check a 70lbs bag for free.


  14. Andrew Moffett June 7, 2021

    I have Gold status and the ticket I purchased came with one checked bag included. I want to clarify that the free checked bag from Gold status would mean that I and the rest of my family on the reservation will then have two free bags each, correct?


    • Hi Andrew,

      Unfortunately, the Gold baggage benefits do not stack. So if your ticket already includes a piece of checked luggage, you do not receive a 2nd one for free.


  15. Anne Bridges July 13, 2021

    I am a lifetime Gold member. If I fly from the US to say, London, in Basic Economy would the normal $75 fee for one bag in this fare category be $0 for me? If it is $0, would any companions of mine on the same reservation also get a free bag?


    • Hi Anne,

      Yes, as a benefit of your Gold status you and up to 8 companions on the same reservation would receive a free checked bag.


  16. As a gold or platinum member, does the weight limit on your checked bags increase or is it still 50lbs?


    • Hi Anthony,

      Gold and Platinum members can bring extra checked bags on their flights, but the weight limit of each bag is still 50 pounds. Safe travels!


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