24 Best Ways to Redeem Aeromexico Club Premier Points for Maximum Value

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Aeromexico is the state-owned flag carrier of Mexico. Based in Mexico City, it operates a variety of flights to 5 continents and is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, which includes Delta Air Lines.

Though Aeromexico doesn’t receive a lot of press coverage, this reputation isn’t quite deserved. While most of the attention in the frequent flyer world goes to Air France/KLM Flying Blue or Delta SkyMiles, Aeromexico is a valuable program that has flown under the radar.

The problem with Flying Blue and SkyMiles is that the programs have changed their award pricing to one that is variable, also known as dynamic pricing. This can often result in ridiculously priced awards – upwards of 500,000 SkyMiles for one-way Delta One Suites, or 300,000 Flying Blue miles for Air France business class, for example.

Points travel is all about assessing your options and using the most cost-effective redemption possible. These can change frequently and vary depending on routing rules, fuel surcharges, routes, and more.

This guide will give you yet another option to consider as we analyze Aeromexico’s frequent traveler program, known as Club Premier. We’ll find the best redemptions you can make and walk you through some interesting nuances of the loyalty program.

Table of contents

Table of Contents

Pros and Cons of Aeromexico Club Premier Points (Quick Overview)

Aeromexico Club Premier isn’t the easiest program to use, but in some cases, it’s the best option. If you fly on SkyTeam partners a lot, Aeromexico Club Premier Points are easy to earn.

However, Aeromexico Club Premier has confusing transfer ratios, which can be a nuisance — but it has a good number of transfer partners, which we’ll discuss in the later sections.

There’s a lot of flexibility with Aeromexico miles, and it’s one of the few airlines that still offers a round-the-world award ticket.

Aeromexico has differing award charts for its own flights vs. partner flights, but it has decent routing rules. You’re allowed 1 stopover on round-trip flights only, which we’ll use to our advantage in the following redemption options.

In essence, we can summarize the pros of Aeromexico as follows:

  1. 1 of 2 SkyTeam carriers that offer round-the-world award tickets
  2. Decent redemption values for SkyTeam awards to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa
  3. One-way awards are bookable
  4. No close-in booking fees
  5. No variable award prices

Here are the main issues that travelers have with Aeromexico:

  1. You have to call to book all awards, even on Aeromexico’s own flights
  2. Fuel surcharges are passed on for all flights
  3. Moderately expensive change/cancellation fees
  4. Convoluted transfer ratios
  5. Customer service agents can be a pain to deal with

All in all, there are definitely considerations you’ll have to think about before committing to Aeromexico. Yes, the opportunity exists to book a stellar round-the-world award ticket for way less than normal, but it’ll take more work to find award availability and call Aeromexico to book your trip.

First, let’s take a look at how to use your Club Premier points.

Using Your Aeromexico Club Premier Points

Even though there’s some great value to be had by using Aeromexico Club Premier Points, we’ll first need to talk about how to use them. Unlike other frequent flyer programs like United MileagePlus or Delta SkyMiles, it’s impossible to book partner awards with Aeromexico Club Premier online.

You will need to contact them at 855-412-2650 or +55-1519-4040 to make award reservations. If you have questions that can be addressed over email, you can reach them at [email protected].

Remember that Aeromexico is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, which includes partners such as Delta Air Lines, Korean Air, and Air France. As such, you can use your Aeromexico miles on business or economy travel with any of its partners.

SkyTeam Alliance Airline Partners

Here are the SkyTeam partners affiliated with Aeromexico:

AeroflotGaruda Indonesia
Aerolineas ArgentinasKenya Airways
Air EuropaKorean Air
Air FranceMiddle East Airlines
AlitaliaSaudia Airlines
Delta Air LinesTarom
China AirlinesVietnam Airlines
China EasternXiamen Airlines
Czech Airlines

Non-Alliance Airline Partners

Aeromexico is also partners with the following non-alliance airlines:

SkyTeam Plus Award Charts

Aeromexico has 2 award charts: 1 for Aeromexico-operated flights and 1 for SkyTeam partner flights.

The Aeromexico award chart looks like this:

Aeromexico Award Chart
Aeromexico award chart. Image Credit: Aeromexico

The partner award chart for Aeromexico is split up into many regions.

First, below is the award chart for SkyTeam airlines departing from/returning to the U.S.:

Aeromexico SkyTeam Award Chart from United States
Aeromexico SkyTeam award chart from U.S. Image Credit: Aeromexico

You might be wondering what countries are lumped into which zones, so check out this list that shows the split of countries and territories:

Aeromexico Zones
Aeromexico zones. Image Credit: Aeromexico

And here is the admittedly simplistic SkyTeam round-the-world award ticket chart:

Aeromexico RTW Award Chart
Aeromexico RTW award chart. Image Credit: Aeromexico

These award prices may seem expensive, but as we’ll see in the section on How to Boost Your Aeromexico Club Premier Points, American Express partners with Aeromexico at a 1:1.6 transfer ratio, which is 60% greater than its usual transfer ratios.

Awards Bookable Online vs. Phone

There are no awards bookable online from the U.S. with Aeromexico. For all award travel, you’ll need to first find award availability, and then call Aeromexico at 855-412-2650 or +55-1519-4040.

Hot Tip: If you need help searching for award space, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to searching for SkyTeam award availability.

Award Redemption Rules

As you saw above, there are 2 types of redemption prices: high season and low season.

Here is how Aeromexico defines these:

  • High season
    • Holy Week: Starts the Monday before Holy Week (the week before Easter) and ends the Sunday following it
    • Summer season: From June 1 to August 18
    • Christmas period: December 8 to January 16
  • Low season: Rest of the year

It is always in your best interest to book travel during low season; if you don’t, you will pay a significant premium for your award tickets.

There are a few routing rules that you’ll want to keep in mind when redeeming Aeromexico Club Premier Points, as indicated in their Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page:

  • You’re allowed 1 stopover per round-trip award.
  • You may not have more than 2 connections between the origin and destination, including any connection made to/from the stopover.
  • The stopover city should be located within a valid route (can’t exceed Maximum Permitted Mileage and other common airline rules).
  • Award reservations must be made at least 24 hours before departure on Aeromexico flights, and at least 7 days before departure on SkyTeam and partner airlines.
  • On domestic award flights, you’ll be charged Mex$1,070 (~$56) for changes and Mex$1,930 (~$100) for cancellations.
  • On international award flights, you’ll be charged Mex$1,930 (~$100) for changes and Mex$2,900 (~$150) for cancellations.
  • A phone booking fee of Mex$580 (~$30) will apply for award reservations. Those located in Mexico who make bookings online will pay a fee of Mex$290 (~$16).

There is a completely different set of terms and conditions that Aeromexico indicates for the SkyTeam Go Round the World Pass, also known as SkyTeam RTW award tickets. Here they are:

  • Your award travel must be in the same direction, namely eastwards or westwards.
  • SkyTeam Go Round the World Pass applies only to SkyTeam airlines, not other Aeromexico partners such as Avianca Vuela.
  • The travel must begin and return to the same country. The cities don’t have to be the same.
  • You must have a minimum of 3 stopovers and a maximum of 15 stopovers, with a maximum of 5 stopovers per continent.
  • The origin and final destination cities don’t count as stopovers.i
  • Flights between stopovers must either be scheduled for direct or immediate connections (it’s unclear what qualifies as an “immediate connection”).
  • Passengers may remain at each stopover as long as they wish, provided the tickets are still valid. Tickets are valid for 1 year after the issuance date.
  • All flights must be booked in the same class: economy or business.

How to Boost Your Aeromexico Club Premier Points

Aeromexico Club Premier has 3 transfer partners:

  1. American Express Membership Rewards
    • Transfer ratio = 1:1.6
    • Transfer time = 2-12 days
    • Minimum transfer amount = 1,000 points
  2. Capital One Rewards
    • Transfer ratio = 2:1.5
    • Transfer time = Almost instant
    • Minimum transfer amount = 1,000 points
  3. Marriott Bonvoy
    • Transfer ratio = 3:1, with 5,000 bonus Aeromexico points for every 60,000 Marriott points transferred
    • Transfer time = 2 days
    • Minimum transfer amount = 3,000 points

As you can see, the transfer ratio for American Express Membership Rewards is way better than the transfer ratios for either Capital One or Marriott Bonvoy. As a result, you’ll want to prioritize transferring from American Express over any other program.

Furthermore, American Express has at times offered additional transfer bonuses of 25% to Aeromexico, bringing up the ordinary 1:1.6 ratio to 1:2, which is awesome. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to proactively transfer points since American Express transfer times take up to 12 business days.

Hot Tip: If you want to learn more about racking up American Express points, check out our guide on how to earn lots of American Express Membership Rewards points.

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You can also apply for the U.S. Bank Aeromexico credit cards, which we don’t suggest since earning American Express points is much quicker than earning Aeromexico Club Premier points directly.

The 24 Best Ways to Use Your Aeromexico Club Premier Points

Aeromexico has a wide variety of redemption options, and some of them don’t even involve flying. Unfortunately, many of these redemptions provide limited value to points enthusiasts. But by leveraging routing rules and analyzing award charts, we’ve determined the best ways to use your Aeromexico Club Premier points.

The sticker price may look expensive for flights, but keep in mind that American Express transfers at a 1:1.6 ratio, which will bring redemption prices down. As we’ll find out, you can actually get some great bargains on award travel.

Once you have decided on your trip, begin your search for award availability immediately and be prepared to spend time on the phone to book your award itinerary.

Let’s talk about the best ways to redeem Aeromexico miles, beginning with epic round-the-world award trips.

1. Plan a Round-the-World Award Trip With SkyTeam Airlines

This particular redemption is for uber-flexible travelers who like going on prolonged vacations (sometimes up to a year!). If you want to visit multiple countries or continents and see the world on 1 ticket, look no further than the SkyTeam Go Round the World Pass.

For 224,000 Aeromexico Premier Points in economy or 352,000 points in business class, you can book one of these epic trips. Transferred from American Express, you’ll pay only 140,000 points in economy and 220,000 in business. 

Paying 220,000 Amex points is a pretty amazing deal for up to 15 stopovers on a single itinerary, so let’s see how we can extract maximum value from our flights. Really, the only thing that limits this ticket is your imagination, so let’s focus on optimizing points.

Here’s an example of a 15-stop itinerary that is sure to illicit jaw-dropping reactions:

  1. New York City (JFK) – Seoul-Incheon (ICN) on Korean Air business class
  2. Seoul-Incheon (ICN) – Shanghai (PVG) on China Eastern business class
  3. Shanghai (PVG) – Taipei (TPE) on China Airlines business class
  4. Taipei (TPE) – Jakarta (CGK) on Garuda Indonesia business class
  5. Jakarta (CGK) – New Delhi (DEL) on Garuda Indonesia business class
  6. New Delhi (DEL) – Moscow (SVO) on Aeroflot business class
  7. Moscow (SVO) – Tel Aviv (TLV) on Aeroflot business class
  8. Tel Aviv (TLV) – St. Petersburg (LED) on Aeroflot business class
  9. St. Petersburg (LED) – Cairo (CAI) on Aeroflot business class
  10. Cairo (CAI) – Nairobi (NBO) on Kenya Airways business class
  11. Nairobi (NBO) – Johannesburg (JNB) on Kenya Airways business class
  12. Johannesburg (JNB) – Rome (FCO) on Alitalia business class
  13. Rome (FCO) – Amsterdam (AMS) on KLM business class
  14. Amsterdam (AMS) – Paris (CDG) on KLM business class
  15. Paris (CDG) – London-Heathrow (LHR) on Air France business class
  16. London-Heathrow (LHR) – Salt Lake City (SLC) on Delta One

This RTW itinerary features 14 countries, ~36,500 miles of airplane travel, and ~90-100 hours of flight time. If booked in business class, the value you’d receive would be truly incredible!

Aeromexico RTW Trip Example
Aeromexico RTW trip example. Image Credit: Great Circle Mapper

Let’s see how we can build another round-the-world award ticket:

  1. Los Angeles (LAX) – Sydney (SYD) on Delta One Suites
  2. Sydney (SYD) – Seoul-Incheon (ICN) on Korean Air business class
  3. Seoul-Incheon (ICN) – Taipei (TPE) on China Airlines business class
  4. Taipei (TPE) – Bali-Denpasar (DPS) on China Airlines business class
  5. Bali-Denpasar (DPS) – Xi’An (XIY) on Garuda Indonesia business class
  6. Xi’an (XIY) – Singapore (SIN) on China Eastern business class
  7. Singapore (SIN) – Jeddah (JED) on Saudi Arabian Airlines business class
  8. Jeddah (JED) – Addis Ababa (ADD) on Saudi Arabian Airlines business class
  9. Addis Ababa (ADD) – Nairobi (NBO) on Kenya Airways business class
  10. Nairobi (NBO) – Cairo (CAI) on Kenya Airways business class
  11. Cairo (CAI) – Prague (PRG) on Czech Airlines business class
  12. Prague (PRG) – Rome (FCO) on Alitalia business class
  13. Rome (FCO) – Frankfurt (FRA) on Alitalia business class
  14. Frankfurt (FRA) – Amsterdam (AMS) on KLM business class
  15. Amsterdam (AMS) – Madrid (MAD) on KLM business class
  16. Madrid (MAD) – Miami (MIA) on Air Europa business class
Aeromexico RTW Trip Example 2
Aeromexico RTW trip second example. Image Credit: Great Circle Mapper

All in all, there’s simply so much value to be had when planning RTW trips with Aeromexico. The redemption cost is very reasonable, and it’s possible to get tens of thousands of dollars in value.

Hot Tip: In practice, you may be limited by the restriction on backtracking — but you can find even better value by zigzagging up and down the globe to fly longer and farther without backtracking!

2. Fly From the U.S. to Singapore in Korean Air Business Class (128,000 Premier Points)

Korean Air Business Class Bed
With direct aisle access and a lie-flat bed, you can rest peacefully when flying business class on Korean Air. Image Credit: Korean Air

One of the biggest sweet spot areas of Aeromexico is booking award travel in business class to Southeast Asia. For one-way tickets, you’ll pay 128,000 Premier points, which is equivalent to 80,000 American Express Membership Rewards points.

If you’re willing, you can also book a round-trip for double the price and include a stopover.

Here’s a great example route of how you can get to Singapore in business class on Korean Air:

  • Washington, D.C. (IAD) – Seoul-Incheon (ICN) – Singapore (SIN)

3. Fly From the U.S. to Cambodia in China Airlines Business Class (128,000 Premier Points)

China Airlines Business Class
China Airlines business class. Image Credit: China Airlines

Cambodia is one of the hottest tourist destinations around right now. With such a unique and rich culture, it’s no wonder people flock there by the millions every year. You can pay 128,000 Premier Points converted from 80,000 American Express Membership Points for one-way travel to Cambodia.

One example is by flying on China Airlines’ business class, which is known for providing an excellent product.

Here’s a great route you can take that transits through Taipei:

  • New York City (JFK) – Taipei (TPE) – Phnom Penh (PNH)

Hot Tip: Remember that if you decide to book round-trip travel, you can add a stopover in Taiwan for free.

4. Fly From the U.S. to Bali in China Eastern Business Class (128,000 Premier Points)

china eastern business
China Eastern business class. Image Credit: China Eastern

If you want to fly to Bali, 1 great option is via Shanghai in China Eastern business class. It has made significant improvements to its business class soft product, and its hard product is industry-leading.

Without a doubt, it’s definitely worth using 128,000 Premier points to fly to Southeast Asia on China Eastern Airlines in business class. Here’s an example route you can take:

  • San Francisco (SFO) – Shanghai (PVG) – Bali-Denpasar (DPS)

5. Fly From the U.S. to Thailand in Xiamen Airlines Business Class (128,000 Premier Points)

Xiamen 787-9 Business Class
Try Xiamen’s reverse herringbone seats on the newest 787-9 Dreamliners. Image Credit: Xiamen Air

Thailand is simply a mesmerizing country. As a result of never being colonized in the past, they have retained their native culture, and it’s simply a marvel to spend time there.

One of the best ways to fly to Thailand is on Xiamen Airlines in business class. Its seats are beautifully decorated, and it has one of the best business class seats in the world. Xiamen is #20 in our ranking of the best international business class airlines, so it definitely is worth considering.

Here’s the exact route:

  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Xiamen (XMN) – Bangkok (BKK)

Even better, if you want to stopover in China, you can choose to pay double the price for a round-trip award ticket, which includes a complimentary stopover in Xiamen.

6. Fly From the U.S. to Indonesia in Delta One and Garuda Indonesia Business Class (128,000 Premier Points)

Delta One Seat
On international long-haul flights, every Delta One seat is lie-flat and has direct aisle access. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

If you want to visit the fourth most populated country in the world, home to extraordinary food and diverse cultures, then look no further than Indonesia. And if you’re open to taking the long route across the Atlantic as you sip Champagne, here’s a great example route to consider:

  • Salt Lake City (SLC) – Amsterdam (AMS) – Jakarta (CGK)

This ticket can be had for 128,000 Premier points one-way or 256,000 Premier points round-trip with a free stopover in Amsterdam (or the connecting country of your choice). American Express transfers at a 1:1.6 ratio, bringing down your costs to 80,000 one-way or 160,000 round-trip.

7. Fly From the U.S. to Vietnam in Air France and Vietnam Airlines Business Class (128,000 Premier Points)

Vietnam Airlines 787-9 business class seat
Vietnam Airlines 787-9 business class. Image Credit: Stephen Au

You’re definitely in for a treat if you visit Vietnam. The country has close ties with France, having been a French colony for a long time. One great way to experience the intersection between the West and the East is to fly to France and then onward to Vietnam.

  • Chicago (ORD) – Paris (CDG) – Hanoi (HAN)

If this interests you, a flight in business class will cost 128,000 Premier points one-way or 256,000 Premier points round-trip (you are eligible to include a free stopover in Paris if you book round-trip!). Remember that this is equivalent to 80,000 Amex points one-way or 160,000 Amex points round-trip if you’re transferring points.

8. Fly From the U.S. to Athens in KLM Business Class (110,000 Premier Points)

KLM 787-9 Business Class
KLM’s 787-9 business class. Image Credit: Leadership via YouTube

Greece is not as easy to access as you might think; most travelers will likely be flying on a one-stop itinerary to get there.

Here’s an example route you can take:

  • Washington, D.C. (IAD) – Amsterdam (AMS) – Athens (ATH)

This particular redemption costs only 110,000 Premier points one-way, which is equivalent to 68,750 Amex points transferred to Aeromexico. A round-trip itinerary will cost double, or 137,500 Amex points (220,000 Premier points).

9. Fly From the U.S. to Ukraine in Alitalia Business Class (110,000 Premier Points)

Alitalia Business Class
Alitalia Business Class. Image Credit: PoltronaFrau

Alitalia’s business class consistently gets great marks for offering a solid product. Award availability is tough to find but can be rewarding for those who are flexible.

If this is something that suits you, you’ll pay 110,000 Premier points for a one-way flight from the U.S. to Europe. You can transit through Rome and onto a fantastic city, such as Kyiv in Ukraine.

Here’s the exact route:

  • Miami (MIA) – Rome (FCO) – Kyiv (IEV)

10. Fly From the U.S. to Portugal on Delta One and Czech Airlines Business Class (110,000 Premier Points)

czech airlines business class
Czech Airlines business class. Image Credit: Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines is a lesser-known partner in SkyTeam, and flying its business class can be difficult due to its small route network. If you find yourself wanting to fly on Czech Airlines business class, you can do so en route to Portugal. Here’s an example:

  • New York City (JFK) – Prague (PRG) – Porto (OPO)

The mileage cost will be 110,000 Premier Points one-way and 220,000 Premier Points round-trip. If you book round-trip, you’ll be entitled to a free stopover in Prague!

11. Fly From the U.S. to Romania in Air Europa and TAROM Business Class (110,000 Premier Points)

Air Europa Business Class
Try Air Europa’s long-haul, lie-flat business class product! Image Credit: Air Europa

Air Europa is another airline that is not well-known. Headquartered in Spain, it is a direct competitor to Oneworld airline Iberia. Air Europa offers nonstop flights to Spain from the U.S., and it has recently unveiled a new business class product.

If trying a unique business class product interests you, you can fly to Romania via Spain in business class for only 110,000 Premier points one-way and 220,000 Premier points round-trip.

  • Miami (MIA) – Madrid (MAD) – Bucharest (OTP)

This means that for 160,000 Amex points transferred to AeroMexico, you can visit both Spain and Romania at once.

12. Fly From the U.S. to Poland in Air France Business Class (110,000 Premier Points)

air france business class
Access Air France’s best seats in business class on most 777s! Image Credit: Air France

Air France is perhaps the most well-known carrier in the SkyTeam Alliance besides Delta Airlines. The flag carrier of France, this airline offers a stellar business class product and a phenomenal first class product.

Although you can’t book the first class product easily with points and miles, the business class product typically has plentiful award space. Try out Air France en route to your final destination in Europe.

If you want to visit Poland, for example, check out this example route:

  • Houston (IAH) – Paris (CDG) – Warsaw (WAW)

The whole itinerary will cost 110,000 Premier points one-way and 220,000 Premier points round-trip in business class.

13. Fly From the U.S. to Finland in Delta One Suites and KLM Business Class (110,000 Premier Points)

Delta One Suites A350-900
Delta One Suites is available on select routes. Image Credit: Stephen Au

Trying Delta One Suites is an excellent way to experience business class. The sliding doors, brand-new hard product, and consistent business class service mean it should be at the top of every travelers’ list.

Luckily, you can fly to Amsterdam in Delta One Suites, continuing on to your final destination in KLM business class.

Here’s a great example route, which will cost 110,000 Premier points one-way and 220,000 Premier points round-trip:

  • Detroit (DTW) – Amsterdam (AMS) – Helsinki (HEL)

14. Fly From the U.S. to Northern South America in Business Class (74,000 Premier Points)

delta one business class
Check out the Delta One flying experience. Image Credit: Delta

Pivoting over to another region, we’ll quickly look at a redemption in Northern South America. The redemption chart for Southern South America is rather unreasonable, but flying to Northern South America can be a good deal.

As we saw in the zones definition chart at the beginning of the guide, Peru is included as part of Northern South America. If you’re willing to pay 74,000 Premier points one-way or 148,000 Premier points round-trip, you can book Delta One business class on this example route:

  • Atlanta (ATL) – Lima (LIM)

The one-way price of 74,000 Premier Points is equivalent to 46,250 Amex points, while round-trip 148,000 Premier Points is equal to 92,500 Amex points.

15. Fly From the U.S. to Lebanon in Delta One and Middle East Airlines Business Class (128,500 Premier Points)

Delta One
Flying on Delta One can involve reverse herringbone, fully lie-flat seats! Image Credit: Delta

Middle East Airlines is yet another SkyTeam partner. Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, you can fly there via Europe in business class for 128,500 Premier Points one-way and 257,000 Premier Points round-trip.

This is roughly equal to 80,313 Amex points one-way and 160,625 Amex points round-trip. Here’s a great example route you can take on Delta and Middle East Airlines:

  • Minneapolis (MSP) – London-Heathrow (LHR) – Beirut (BEY)

Remember that booking a round-trip award flight will entitle you to a stopover.

16. Fly From the U.S. to Saudi Arabia Nonstop in Saudi Arabian Airlines Business Class (128,500 Premier Points)

Saudia Business Class
Saudia business class. Image Credit: Saudia

Saudi Arabian Airlines is most known for being a “dry” airline, or one that doesn’t serve alcohol. If you can overlook this or you don’t necessarily enjoy alcohol, you might be in for a treat as they operate an ultra-long-haul flight to Los Angeles (LAX).

You can fly for 15+ hours in business class one-way for 128,500 Premier points, or 257,000 Premier points round-trip.

Here’s the route:

  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Jeddah (JED)

17. Fly From the U.S. to Dubai in Air France Business Class (128,500 Premier Points)

Air France Business Class Reverse Herringbone
Air France reverse herringbone business class. Image Credit: thenational.ae

When flying to Dubai, most people think about flying Emirates, since it operates the most nonstop flights there and is regarded to have some of the best premium cabin products available.

However, most people don’t think about taking connecting flights on equally good airlines. For example, you can pay as little as 128,500 Premier points to fly one-way to Dubai via Paris in business class.

Here’s an example route:

  • San Francisco (SFO) – Paris (CDG) – Dubai (DXB)

18. Fly From the U.S. to Egypt in Alitalia Business Class (128,500 Premier Points)

Alitalia Business Class
Alitalia Business Class Image Credit: PoltronaFrau

As we discussed above, Alitalia is known for offering a great business class product. Even though it has been plagued with financial issues, it is still operating flights.

One great route you can take is the point-to-point route to Milan from New York, and then onward to Cairo to check out Egypt. Here’s how it looks:

  • New York City (JFK) – Milan (MXP) – Cairo (CAI)

If this is something that interests you, expect to pay 128,500 Premier points one-way and 257,000 Premier points round-trip. If you book a round-trip ticket, you can stopover in Milan on the way to Egypt!

19. Fly From the U.S. to Nigeria in Delta One (128,500 Premier Points)

Delta One Suites A350-900 side view
Delta One Suites A350-900 side view. Image Credit: Stephen Au

Many people don’t know that Delta operates several nonstop routes to Africa. For example, you can fly to Lagos, Nigeria from New York City (JFK) or Atlanta (ATL).

These flights do not offer the Delta One Suites, but they do have a solid Delta One product. You’ll pay 128,500 Premier points for a one-way award ticket and double that for a round-trip ticket.

  • Atlanta (ATL) – Lagos (LOS)
  • New York City (JFK) – Lagos (LOS)

20. Fly From the U.S. to Ghana in Delta One (128,500 Premier Points)

Baby 767 Delta One
Delta One 767 business class. Image Credit: Chris Hassan

Yet another intriguing Delta route to Africa is the following:

  • New York City (JFK) – Accra (ACC)

This is a 10-hour long-haul flight aboard the 767. It’s one of the few ways to fly to Ghana directly from the U.S., and it should definitely be a consideration for Africa-focused travelers.

The award ticket will run you 128,500 Premier points one-way or 257,000 Premier points round-trip. This is equivalent to ~80,313 Amex points and 160,625 Amex points, respectively.

21. Fly From the U.S. to South Africa Nonstop in Delta One (202,000 Premier Points)

Delta One 777 herringbone business class
Image Credit: Airlines Fleet

One of the coolest Delta flights you can take is the ultra-long-haul flight from Atlanta (ATL) to Johannesburg (JNB) in South Africa. This flight is over 15 hours in length on a 777 that offers herringbone seats.

This particular flight runs quite expensive, at 202,000 Premier points one-way or 404,000 Premier points round-trip. All in all, you’ll transfer 126,250 Amex points or 252,500 Amex points for a one-way or round-trip, respectively.

22. Fly From the U.S. to Kenya Nonstop in Kenya Airways Business Class (202,000 Premier Points)

Kenya Airways 787 Business Class
Kenya Airways 787 Business Class. Image Credit: Kenya Airways

Yet another long-haul flight to Africa is aboard Kenya Airways, one of the largest African airlines alongside South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

Kenya Airways offers flights to its hub in Nairobi, like this example route:

  • New York City (JFK) – Nairobi (NBO)

If you fly on this long-haul route, expect around ~14.5 hours in business class on lie-flat seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. While not the best hard product out there, it’s a unique choice and definitely the fastest way to get to Kenya.

23. Fly From the U.S. to the Seychelles Islands in Kenya Airways Business Class (202,000 Premier Points)

Kenya Airways Business Class meal
Image Credit: Kenya Airways

If flying to Kenya doesn’t get you excited, don’t fret. The Seychelles, which is located off the coast of East Africa, is an extremely popular beach destination. When people discuss the best beaches in the world, they often lump the Seychelles in with the likes of the Maldives and Bora Bora.

You can fly there via Kenya from New York on Kenya Airways in business class for 202,000 Premier Points one-way or 404,000 Premier Points round-trip.

Here’s the route:

  • New York City (JFK) – Nairobi (NBO) – Seychelles (SEZ)

Hot Tip:  Would you love to visit this idyllic destination but don’t have the Club Premier Points? Don’t worry — many different mileage programs can get you to the Seychelles.

24. Fly From the U.S. to Australia Nonstop in Delta One Suites (202,000 Premier Points)

Delta Air Delta One
Delta One Suites. Image Credit: Delta

Our very last redemption is an exciting one. For most people in the world, flying to Australia is somewhat of an ordeal. Direct flights are excruciatingly long and often uncomfortable, but this doesn’t have to be the case for points travelers.

If you’ve looked up flights to Australia before, you’ll find that most choices depart from Los Angeles (LAX). Delta operates the Delta One Suites aboard its 777-200, which was retrofitted to remove the old herringbone seats and include the new enclosed Delta One Suites.

Here’s the route:

  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Sydney (SYD) 

Booking this will cost 202,000 Premier points one-way and 404,000 Premier points round-trip. This is equal to 126,250 Amex points or 252,500 Amex points transferred to Aeromexico.

Final Thoughts

Aeromexico runs a slightly confusing frequent flyer program. With perplexing transfer ratios, somewhat difficult customer service agents, and moderately high cancellation fees, there’s quite a bit that Aeromexico can do to improve — but it also does quite a few things well.

This program offers one of the last options for round-the-world award tickets along with decent redemption rates (especially for flights to Southeast Asia and smaller European countries). Now, you have an idea of the best ways to redeem Aeromexico Premier Points.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I earn miles on Aeromexico Club Premier?

One of the best ways to earn points and miles with Aeromexico is to earn American Express Membership Rewards points, Capital One miles, and Marriott Bonvoy points. You can then transfer the points into Aeromexico to get the points necessary to make a redemption.

If you travel frequently on SkyTeam or Delta Air Lines, you’ll be pleased to know that you can credit your flights to Aeromexico Club Premier by providing your frequent flyer information on any SkyTeam reservations.

There are also 3 U.S. Bank co-branded Aeromexico credit cards, though they aren’t recommended, as the earning structure is much worse than American Express cards.

Is it possible to earn Aeromexico Club Premier Points by using credit cards?

Yes! You can transfer Amex points at a 1:1.6 ratio, Capital One miles at a 2:1.5 ratio, and Marriott Bonvoy points at a 3:1 ratio (with a 5,000-mile transfer bonus after every 60,000 Marriott points transferred).

What are Aeromexico Club Premier Points worth?

Aeromexico Club Premier points are worth around 1.5 cents per point for economy redemptions, and up to 14 cents per point if booking a round-the-world award!

Are Aeromexico Club Premier Points refundable?

Yes, but if you cancel an award reservation, you will be assessed a fee of around ~$100 for domestic award tickets and ~$150 for international award tickets.

When do Aeromexico Club Premier Points expire?

Aeromexico Club Premier points expire after 2 years of inactivity. In order to extend the points and reset the timer, you must have accrued points with Aeromexico Club Premier. See this link for more information.

Is Aeromexico Club Premier part of Delta Air Lines?

Aeromexico is not a part of Delta Air Lines. They are independently owned companies that have agreed to be in an airline alliance together. Delta Air Lines is a U.S.-based carrier, while Aeromexico is the flag carrier of Mexico.

You can earn points on Aeromexico and use them for travel on Delta. Similarly, you can earn Delta miles and use them for travel on Aeromexico. This is thanks to the SkyTeam alliance, which they share with many other airlines.

Can I buy Aeromexico Club Premier Points?

Yes, but you need to have your Club Premier account opened for a month before purchasing points.

Visit the Aeromexico website for more information.

How do I join Aeromexico Club Premier?

Joining Aeromexico Club Premier is made easy: just visit their user-friendly website.

Do I need to be an Aeromexico Club Premier member to search for awards?

No, you need not need to be an Aeromexico Club Premier member to search for award space on their website. For partner awards, you’ll want to save your time and search on either Air France/KLM Flying Blue, Delta SkyMiles, or ExpertFlyer (the best option).

How many Aeromexico Club Premier Points do I have?

You can visit the member login page and enter your Aeromexico Club Premier information to figure out how many points you have.

How many Aeromexico Club Premier points are required for a trip reward?

It can cost as few as 28,000 Aeromexico miles for domestic awards in Mexico.

Which credit cards can I use to earn Aeromexico Club Premier Points?

How do I contact Aeromexico Club Premier?

The general customer service phone number of Aeromexico is +1-800-237-6639. If you want to reach the award booking department, you can call the U.S. phone number: +1-855-412-2650.

If you prefer to reach their Mexico customer service phone number, the number is: +55-1519-4040.

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